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Lisa MontgomeryHome Automation Systems Contributing Editor

Lisa Montgomery is a seasoned journalist who has covered and reported on a variety of topics in the home automation industry for more than 15 years. Knowledgeable about the technology behind and the major players of home automation systems, residential security systems, smart thermostats and more, she is able to translate technical terms into language that consumers can understand and will find informative and useful.    More about Lisa→

Leviton Security & Automation hails from the home security business and continues to focus on security as a core component of its automation systems. Leviton has been in the home technology business for more than 29 years.

  • Wide range of connected products: If you just want a simple lighting control product, Leviton has it; the same goes for a whole-house audio system, security system and more. These products can all be connected and controlled by a Leviton home automation system, enabling homeowners to integrate a wide range of smart home products.
  • Committed to innovation: Leviton home automation systems continually evolve and improve to offer new features and functionality. For example, the company has developed its eighth generation controller. Advancements like this enable Leviton to offer products that are relevant and on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Industry awards: Leviton has received more than 100 industry awards for its exceptional home automation products and services.
  • Best for Homeowners of residences of any size who want first and foremost a quality home protection system, with the added perk of practical home automation features.

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Leviton Home Automation Company Profile

Company Name:
Leviton Home Automation
Year Founded:
4330 Michoud Blvd.
New Orleans
Postal Code:
United States