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Laundry room design ideas

10 laundry room ideas to update your space

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Written by Zack Reeves

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    washer and dryer in a light colored laundry room

    The laundry room is one of the most overlooked rooms of the home, but you likely spend a fair amount of time using it. Sheets, clothes and towels all go through the laundry room. But if it’s a hassle to get into, or a pain to navigate, doing laundry can feel like an unbearable inconvenience.

    Should I redesign my laundry room?

    Reasons to update a laundry room:

    • It’s too small
      The great woe of many laundry rooms is size; it’s often one of the smallest rooms in the house. If you have trouble turning around in your laundry room without knocking something over, you probably don’t have the space to do what you need to.
    • It’s too crowded
      As the house’s one room for cleaning your essentials, it’s easy to get carried away and cram your laundry room full of smelly towels, muddy socks and underused cleaning tools. If you can’t maneuver past all the clutter, how are you going to effectively wash or dry anything?
    • It’s too ugly
      Chances are, if your laundry room is small and crowded, it’s also not exactly pleasant to look at. A grimy and dirty laundry room can be an easy case for not getting anything done.

    How to design a laundry room

    Follow these ten steps for a beautiful and functional laundry room:

    1. Choose a bright paint color
      When you’re doing laundry, you want to be in a light, happy place, not a dark, dank dungeon. Paint your laundry room a lighter shade of blue or yellow to brighten the space and the mood.
    2. Install shelving or cabinetry
      Shelving and cabinets can turn a room from a disaster to a masterpiece. If you have unused wall space in your laundry room, install a few units of wooden shelving or cabinets to give your misplaced laundry soaps and dryer sheets a place to rest
    3. Stack your washer and dryer
      A stackable washer and dryer can dramatically increase the available space in your laundry room, giving you more room for shelves, ironing boards and tabletops for folding clean laundry.
    4. Add extra counter space
      Alternatively, if you have a front-loading washer and dryer set that doesn’t stack, you could set them side-by-side and install either a marble or wood countertop over them. This will give you extra space to fold laundry or keep decorations.
    5. Redo your laundry room floors
      While it’s a big undertaking, a new floor can make a big difference for your laundry room. Materials like carpet or laminate can be easily ruined if your washer springs a leak, while ceramic, vinyl or stone resist water and stains, making them ideal choices for your laundry room flooring.
    6. Add in a sink
      A sink in the laundry room can be used to treat stains, prewash, hand-wash delicates and clean up tough messes that you don’t want to treat in your kitchen sink. With some adjustments to the PVC pipes that service your washer, you can install a sink to do your dirty work.
    7. Install a built-in ironing board
      To make your laundry room even more efficient, see if you have the space to install a built-in ironing board. Many companies offer stand-alone units which can be installed directly into the wall, or, if you have a cabinet that’s high enough, you could install an ironing board onto the inside of the cabinet’s door. This prevents you from having to set up and store bulky ironing boards.
    8. Update to built-in hampers
      If you have space underneath a folding table or a set of cabinets, consider installing rolling hampers there. These can be used to sort your dirty laundry by color or type. These smart storage solutions save space and save you from having to throw all of your dirty clothing into one big heap. Check out closet organization companies; many of them offer laundry room organization and built-in hampers.
    9. Hide your cleaning supplies
      Tools like brooms, mops, dusters and irons/ironing boards don’t need to be piled in the corner when not in use. you can find inexpensive hanging racks in the homeware section of most major retailers. Install one in a closet or on one of the walls of your laundry room to create a sense of neatness and functionality. It’s also a much more sanitary way to store a damp mop.
    10. Decanter you detergent
      Boxes and bottles of detergent, borax and baking soda come in different sizes, shapes and colors, many of which don’t look great in a laundry room. If you’re trying to give this room a neater, nicer feel, consider decanting your various laundry substances into separate glass containers and decoratively labeling them yourself. These containers can be bought at most homeware stores and come in various sizes. This is particularly desirable if your laundry room doesn’t have cabinets and you store your cleaning agents on an open shelf. Use a label maker or fancy paper with glue to label your new decorative storage containers.
    washer and dryer in a gray colored laundry room

    Bottom line

    Laundry rooms are essential to your home’s functionality and quality of life, so there are many reasons to give yours a good sprucing up. Don’t let a sad laundry room stop you from getting work done. Liven up the room with new decorations and functional designs.

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