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Christmas of 2014, my husband got me a present I had been wanting for years. I finally got a KitchenAid Stand Mixer and was thrilled! When I went to use it I discovered that it wasn't working properly; the speed wasn't working. It started fast and stayed fast. Finally a year and a half later I called the KitchenAid customer service and got a well-spoken gentleman who informed me that they would NOT be fixing my mixer (which is 6 months over the warranty) but that they WILL be REPLACING IT (and with an UPGRADED model no less). I was just hoping they would fix it, but to go above and beyond like this makes me a customer for life.

Received KitchenAid Red Utility Knife set from my children. The set was beautiful at first, but now I am ready to give it away and that is almost unfair to the person who receives it. All of my knives have huge chips of paint missing. Never put in dishwasher and wash by hand and dry immediately. Also, they have discolored marks on the knife. What to do with my ugly knife set?

There are areas of rust inside the pan and it is fairly new.

Part of the end of the knife chipped off in my sweet potato. I felt it in my mouth and spit it out. I was sharing the potato with my dogs. I have posted a picture to the Kitchenaid Facebook page. I am reporting this just in case we ingested any of it and something happens. Seriously, someone could die! I threw the knives away immediately! Just garbage!

I purchased my first one pink from Lowe's. It lasted about 2 years. There was a lifetime warranty so I called and did in fact receive a 2nd hand held can opener red in color. Friendly service and great timing, but that has been about 2 years ago and now this one has messed up... I cannot turn it either way to open a can, I have to click it around which scares me that I may be putting shavings of metal in my food.

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I purchased a 2 speed food chopper (kfc3511qc) - doesn't work. I tried to make breadcrumbs with one slice of dried bread, broken into small pieces. The blade just stops rotating; the motor router gets extremely hot after a 5 seconds. This model did not work. I tried a second model, same results. Terrible product. Wish I would have read this site before purchase.

I purchased a new Kitchenaid spatula. After it went through the dishwasher, I put it into the jar I hold all my utensils in. When I went to cook some chicken in a frying pan with hot oil in it, I grabbed the spatula and went to flip the chicken. All of a sudden the oil started to splatter all over the place and I noticed a bunch of water leaking out of the handle. I was very quick to move away from the pan as to not get burnt from the spattering oil. I was amazed that this handle could hold water. And this was at least 1-2 days after it came out of the dishwasher. I am so glad it wasn't one of my kids who were cooking. I don't think it would have turned out so well for them. I have tried to contact Kitchenaid. I have not had any emails returned.

Kitchen Aid Artisan Counter top mixer and can opener - I purchased this combination at Sears in Decatur Alabama. After seven months the can opener attachment stopped working. I called Sears and they referred me to KitchenAid as they had not more of the can openers and did not carry them any longer as I was advised. I called KitchenAid and was told they discontinued the can opener attachment and due to the fact that I did not have a receipt they could do nothing about the defective can opener. I went back to Sears and they could find no record of my purchase as I paid cash for it. Called KitchenAid again and offered to ship the can opener back to them and they advised me that they could do nothing to help me. So much for customer service and goodwill. I threw the can opener away and wrote it up to a life lesson. No more KitchenAid appliances for me.

I purchased the 5-piece pasta set early October. Everything fit except the ravioli maker (the pin, which could not fit into the mixer slot, had a metal cap on it (???) that could not be hand removed). I called KitchenAid Customer Service and they agreed to replace the ravioli maker. They said that it would take 6-14 days. I called two weeks later to find out where the replacement machine was. They said (I kid you not) that they do nothing until the customer calls again to confirm they really need the replacement (Incredible!). KitchenAid Customer Service said that they would send it out 3-day FedEx.

After 4 days I called again. I was told by KitchenAid Customer Service that the ravioli maker was waiting on the shipping dock for FedEx to pick up. I asked to speak with a Supervisor. She called me back and told me the truth... Nothing was done. No packing, no shipping, no nothing! Just lies and more lies from KitchenAid Customer DIS-Service... It is now early November and I still haven't got the replacement ravioli maker. When my next AMEX bill comes you can bet one line item will be disputed and not paid. KitchenAid, a Division of Whirlpool, is a disgrace and obviously doesn't care about the concerns of its customers.

Bought a KA pasta attachment in Nov 11, 2013 at London Drugs in Edmonton. I was using it today June 8, 2014, when all of a sudden, it stop working! I decided to open it and take a look inside. What I found is that the hex groove inside is made of copper!

My husband purchased a set of your Kitchen Knives in the butcher block at Target during Christmas 2013. It hasn't been 6 months, the paring knife broke and chipped. All the knives are turning rusty and all the red paint is chipping off. We paid $109 for this set of knives. They haven't been used on a daily basis, just for special occasions. I am ashamed to use them with my guests. They do not hold up. I'm very concerned about the paint chipping off into our food. This is unacceptable for KITCHEN AID. I have several of your products. This is very upsetting and I'm concerned my grandchildren have consumed the red paint. Can you help me resolve this issue? I'm considering reporting theses chipped red painted handles to FDA due to recent kidney mass I have. Could it possibly be from red paint used in these knives??

I have a knife set and I have been using it regularly and today I was cutting chicken and the tip of the knife's blade fell off in the middle of the chicken I was cutting. I almost didn't see it because it was so small! If I didn't see it, it could have ended up in someone's mouth or stomach!

Within the last 6 months, I purchased a simple set of measuring cups staggered from 1/4 cup to full cup at Kitchen Kaboodle in Portland, OR. I went home, used your new stainless steel set of cups and made a cake. While cleaning up my kitchen, I noticed that I had an old Pyrex brand 8 oz cup, so I measured your cup into the Pyrex cup and your 8 oz is 2 ounces short of 8 oz. Needless to say, my cake was not a success. Baking is an expensive hobby and butter costs money. The KitchenAid cups were made in China, not sure how this item made it through quality control. I will not be interested buying any more KitchenAid products until they can add some integrity to their product. What are your thoughts?

I purchased a blender through QVC a few years ago based on the product being touted as durable and of superior quality. The blender jar broke in light usage (in a sink, not in a fall). Whirlpool (the manufacturer of KitchenAid) does not stock replacement jars and its other models don't fit. I paid a higher price for an inferior product. Also, more generally, I wonder whether brand name manufacturers use TV shopping channels to offload lines they are about to discontinue without warning consumers that the models will not be supported in the future. A blender without a jar is useless and the KitchenAid name apparently means nothing!

I absolutely love my KitchenAid Hand mixer. However, the cord is horrible. It is so stiff and does not unbend. It even gets in the way. I cannot understand why you would put such an unwieldy cord on an otherwise great mixer. Thanks for listening.

After being disconnected while on hold waiting to speak a representative in the KitchenAid gadgets department for 20 minutes, I called again to wait another 20 minutes before finally speaking with a representative. My call was regarding a wide yellow Turner/Spatula with a stainless steel handle with the distinctive KitchenAid lettering/logo in black that is transferring shredded nylon particles into the food of my daughter’s family.

This representative stated (without seeing the item):

1. This product was made by Lifetime Brands as licensed by KitchenAid and still in production.
2. This is the "ONLY" nylon turner/spatula with a stainless steel handle made.

3. Nylon material shredding from the edges and ending up in the food is not an issue or health problem.

I do have a photo.

I purchased a KitchenAid roasting pan with rack. The first time I used it, the non-stick surface began peeling off. I tried it one more time and the entire bottom non-stick coating peeled off in big chunks. I no longer had the receipt, but I found the warranty terms for KitchenAid cookware online. It promised that if the product was defective, it would be replaced. I sent the roaster to Meyer Corp. as instructed with a note about the product defect. Today, I received the pan back with a letter from Meyer Corp. stating that the pan was not covered under their warranty. I called the 800 number and was told that, despite the KitchenAid name stamped into the metal handles of the pan, it was not manufactured by KitchenAid. Therefore, it is not covered by the lifetime warranty.

I purchased a 4 slice toaster (model KMTT400SS) in March of 2010 and 4 months later when the plastic knob on the lifter snapped in two I first tried going back to the retailer who informed me that they only covered products for 90 days and told me I'd have to call kitchen aid directly. So I call them and they inform me that they need a serial number, I call them back the next day with the serial number and now they need the receipt. They "transfer" me to the parts department and the line gets disconnected.

Surprise, Surprise. So I call back, speak with someone new who insists on the receipt. Now I'm calling the retailer to ask them for a reprint. In short, easily a day of life wasted because of a cheap 5cent part. I understand having a certain protocol in place for processing customer complaints, but I'd like for someone to actually be able to see the big picture here - you've got someone who pd $170 for a toaster, on which a cheap part broke after 4 months and no one will do anything about it. Send me a 5 cent part and stop [upsetting] your customers for nothing. I'm furious and will never buy another Kitchen Aid product again.

I purchased Proline Series Chefs Blender. Within a year, black dust appeared between the base and blender jar. I was told this is normal and would diminish with time. I continued to call every year with same issue and was given the same response. When the warranty period expired, I was not told that I should discontinue use immediately and take it to a repair shop. They, basically, defrauded me with refusing to pursue warranty service and when they felt they were no longer on the hook, they acknowledged that it is hazardous and I should discontinue use. This is a $250.00 blender!

I recently purchased a KitchenAid non-stick spatula from a local Stop & Shop supermarket. The very first time I used it, I was frying an egg. The black non-stick coating began to peel off the spatula. I didn't notice this until I was washing the spatula in warm soap and water. Pieces of the coating material wound up in my food. I can no longer use the product. I am concerned that others, including myself, may have unknowingly ingested this material.

Product #4ka1pb16tn Kitchen Aid 16 Piece Cutlery Set Retails for about $150 CDN My girlfriend and I received this product as a shower gift on July 26th, 2008. The box describes this product as Strong, durable blades made from High-Carbon Stainless Steel. Less than 3 days after using the knives we began to see rust spots. We wash the knives by hand and place them in a drying rack to dry. About an hour later we return to put the clean dishes away and this is when the rust was noticed. We did nothing to cause the rust other than normal kitchen use.

I called the customer service number on the side of the box and was told that I would need to mail the knife set to them along with a money order so they can ship me a new set. What? Are you kidding me? You want me to send you money so that you don't have to pay for shipping to send me a new set? How does getting the exact set help me? I am sure the steel is all made at the same place and the new set would just rust too. This was a gift so we can't even take it back to the store and get another brand. The last set we had lasted 10 years and it was a cheaper set.

All in all, I am frustrated that the product has misleading representations but hey, this is Corporate America right?

My partner put a pot of water on to boil. There was approx. 3.5" of water in it. 5 minutes after turning the element on, she went to move the pot to an element that was off. When she picked up the pot the copper base fell of, liquid aluminum dripped and spewed all over the stove. I was referred to Suzy I. with Meyer Canada (Kitchenaid's owner company) after speaking with a CSR via the Kitchenaid call in number. After reviewing the photo's and reading the statement my partner wrote up, they accused us of having let the pot boil dry.

I received a call from their insurance company today and the woman Giovanna got extrememly huffy with me, raised her voice to a shrill scream at times and said she agreed with Suzie. Because of the heat tint on the inside, it's not possible for it to have reached that high of a temperatute for the aluminum to melt.

I have a pricey 5-speed Ultra Power KitchenAid blender bought in 1997 and used minimally. The driver coupling is rubber and the rubber teeth disintegrated and have mostly broken off. They have to drive a metal gear. Upon calling the 800#, I was told that the blender and part were redesigned in 1999 because of the bad design and that they no longer carry the part. They can offer me an inferior plastic jar model for $93 or an even lower line for $64.

At my request, I was transferred to a supervisor, Mary, who proceeded to try to brainwash me into believing that they had gone above and beyond the requirements by keeping the parts available for 7 years. I expressed that I considered that unacceptable for a supposedly quality appliance. They should be able to provide parts forever as far as I'm concerned OR be willing to provide a replacement model at NO cost (minus perhaps the projected part cost).

An expensive appliance should be a purchase that one can keep for many, many years without having to replace it for a $10 part. I shared this expectation with Mary and she gave me more excuses and patted her own back for their great offer of a discounted $93 blender. I suggested that she reevaluate her responses and validate my concerns instead of making excuses. She repeated her original response, so I suggested she take some customer service training. She hung up on me. Ban KitchenAid! They are NOT a quality product! I have a $100+ blender that is worthless.

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