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Purchased a KitchenAid hot-water dispenser (model KHWS160VCR). The unit has a one-year warranty, parts and labor. The purchase date was 4/27/00 for a install date in our new home on 5/18/00. Mid-November the unit began spilling water out the bottom of the unit. Returning home from vacation on November 30, 2000 I discovered the problem.

I called the 800 number for KitchenAid and got a list of authorized dealers. I contacted everyone; none of the dealers make repairs to hotwater dispensers. I then e-mailed the company and got a response from Arlene. It informed me to e-mail the model number and serial number so they could authorize Sears to make the repair. I did that. When nothing happened I contacted them via the 800 number and talked to someone that assigned a complaint number and asked for the same information, I did that, nothing happened. I followed up with another e-mail message to Arlene, nothing happened.

Today I e-mailed Arlene once again asking them to ship me a new unit and I would return the defective unit to them. They have not had an opportunity to respond to the latest e-mail. I have requested the same thing in my earlier letters so I don't hold much hope for a resolution to this issue. Obviously I feel that I purchased their product in good faith. Paid a fair price for respected name brand, gave them every opportunity and plenty of time to stand behind the defective product. It's after the first of the year.

They tried to find someone to repair their unit (with what looks like the same results I had). I just want a hotwater dispenser. I have been heating water for instant foods in the microwave. This has already resulted in second degree burns to my right hand. I now know that consumer safety groups have a safety warning about heating water in microwaves.

Please help me convince KitchenAid to replace the defective product with a new one because at this point I feel it is the fastest way to resolve this. My builder has offered to install a new unit should we resolve this in that manner.

KitchenAid should stop fooling around and replace the unit. If they don't, Greg should sue them for the cost of the unit, the cost to buy and install a replacement and the cost of repairing the water damage.

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