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John Deere Snow Blowers
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John Deere Snow Blowers

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John Deere Snow Blowers
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47 John Deere Snow Blowers Consumer Reviews

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

The John Deere Snow Blower is a really good blower, it actually is a lot stronger than most blowers I've come across, I can get all the leaves off my porches pretty quickly using it. It is simple to use and turn, and doesn't consume as much gas as most blowers, and it has a good entertainment value when I use it around my dogs, they go nuts in a funny way.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2017

The John Deere Snow Blower is very easy to use and the power is amazing, blows everything out of the yard. Much of it goes into the neighbor's yard and down the block. The son even uses the blower. He thinks it's a game blowing the leaves. I may have to rent it out to the neighbors like a part time job. One disadvantage is it's a little heavy. May sell this one and buy a lighter one.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

I've been buying John Deere products for many years and I have never ended up disappointed. Whenever I find a brand that I like I usually tend to stick with it. They are a respectable, established and dependable brand. John Deere also makes all of its items in the United States. (My uncle told me that any). It may not be true but it automatically makes me like the brand more since I've been told that. He also told me they had many many factories in America so obviously it provides jobs. This is something that makes me appreciate the brand more. I think that this brand has been around for over 100 years so obviously they doing something right.

I bought my new blower a few months ago and its the best one I have ever bought. It is lightweight, very easy to use and it seems durable. (So far!). My father has a bad back and can't really do outside work anymore, I believe he could even use this blower because it feels so lightweight. My blower you charge up in a wall and I thought that was pretty cool. It stays charged for a long time also. I also like the fact that it has a easy hand held. I feel like it a lot easier to use than other blowers I have had in the past. It definitely went beyond my expectations and I have gotten my money's worth. I would also add that the price was pretty decent. This is very important to the average working person like me who can't afford to spend a lot on this type of item.

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Rated with 3 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

John Deere Snow Blowers easy to use. Family members have had this product and were told that it worked well. Was told that it would be reliable and would last a long time. Well made and was told best equipment on the market.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

They make high quality items that are easy to use, last a long time, and aren't too expensive. They are also easy to find in my area, and have a history of quality. These leaf blowers are used both as a leaf vacuum or as a blower. They aren't too heavy and they are easy to attach a leaf bag to.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 23, 2015

Nothing happened yet, but the reviews are interesting... Especially the hydrostats concerns... has this been resolved at JD... after warranty or 120 Hours of usage the issues begin out of pocket. I'll be using for mowing/snow blowing.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 7, 2015

I recently sold my LX255 lawn tractor because I moved to the city where the tractor and equipment I had with it were no longer needed. I purchased this tractor with mower and snow blower in the fall of 1999. Sixteen years later after mowing a three acre yard and blowing two drive ways over fifty yards, the tractor and equipment never missed a beat.

Maintenance is necessary with anything you own, otherwise you can count on problems. I replaced the deck belt twice and the snow blower belt only one time. I also bought two new front tires because of normal wear. Just before I sold it I replaced the battery with another JD battery. My tractors do not sit outside and when I'm finished they are looked over and put back in the same condition they are taken out as. This particular tractor was special because I bought it brand new and when I sold it, it still looked like and ran like it did when it came off the dealer's trailer. The resale was around sixty percent of the original purchase price. I will buy another one in the future. Not from Lowe's or Home Depot, but from a John Deere dealership.

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13 people found this review helpful
Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2015

We bought this snow blower a yr. ago. Works great but one of the headlights went out on it, which they come when you start it up, and you just can't buy a bulb for replacement that would cost a few dollars. You have to buy the two headlights for it which is quite spendy when all you need is the bulb.

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 3, 2012

L130 with K46 transmission, lost power (hydro-static power) when blowing snow during third winter. Transmission so hot that snow sizzled when touching. Then, it started slipping cogs in the differential. Then, I bought a snow plow for my truck and didn't use L130 to blow snow for 2 years. Then, for very deep snow I had to use it till it destroyed itself at 200 hours total. Class action lawsuit against John Deere because of K46 transmission, I'm a willing candidate. See my review of February 4, 2012.

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Original review: June 14, 2010

We purchased a new John Deere L118 lawn tractor with a 42" mower deck and a JD snow blower from a local Duluth, MN, John Deere dealership. After only 79 hours of operation (non-commercial lawn mowing and snow blowing only) the hydrostatic transmission failed and needed to be replaced. Replacement cost at the dealership was $830 plus the out-of-pocket cost of mowing the one-acre yard during the two weeks it was in for repair.

14 people found this review helpful
Original review: April 6, 2010

John Deere doesn't seem to have the power to use the twin stage snow blower. This is the second mower that I had. The first one had 39 hrs. on the meter and the motor went and the company took it back for another one and this one isn't any better. The products to me are over rated. The Sears mowers are just as over rated as John Deere. You're paying for the name but the quality isn't there. The green paint is very expensive.

The first John Deere, the motor went and the dealer couldn't guaranteed that it wouldn't happen again, so they took it in trade for a more expensive one. Thia one doesn't have the power to move snow or anything. The Sears mower eats spark plugs.

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10 people found this review helpful
Original review: June 5, 2009

I bought a new LA 135 lawn mower from Ellingto Agway, a John Deere Gold Star Dealer. Within a month and with less than 3 hours, the mower deck drive belt started to wear the deck out by going through the paint and now the deck. I purchased the mower in April and the wear started less than a month after. I contacted Ellington Agway in Ellington, CT, and they said it was normal. I then contacted John Deere customer service center before the 30 days was up. After the 30 days, I could return it. They then contacted me. I had to go through three service representatives until I got to Patty-Sue (ext. 3226). She told me it was my problem to deal with the dealer. Great customer service there! I then called the dealer, Ellington Agway the "Gold Star Dealer", and they said it left their place in tip top shape, after they charged me a set-up fee, and said it was my problem now. What a wonderful gold star dealer they are. I hate to see a non-gold star dealer’s response to this.

Now it's after the "30-day" return period and I am stuck with a bad product, an LA 135 lawn mower. I now know it's their lower line, but there is no reason for the response I got from them. I was better off going to Home Depot or Lowe’s to get the product because I would not have to jump through hoops of fire to get a response. I bought a John Deere snow blower from Lowe’s and that item is fine. If you buy John Deere, buy from the big box stores because it’s easier to deal with customer service, John Deere customer service is bad!

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28 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 31, 2009

Howdy, I purchased a used L120 (85 hrs)in summer 2006. I was in love with the tractor until the first winter. I have the 48" deck, 42" snowblower & 46" snow blade for this L120. Tward the end of the winter the transmission stops moving. As others have mentioned JD doesn't work on this transaxle. I did find out however that all parts are available direct from Tuff-Torq the company that makes this hydro. I fell that the price on the parts is OK & they will rebuild you old one for under $400.00. My complaint is that all the gears in this transaxle are made with the powder metal process. I believe that they are not getting the tempering they are suppose to be getting. This literally makes the gears disolve in the trans axle. Now as others have said, for a $1000.00 dealer repair you would think there would be substantial warranty on the new part. Nope, 90 days. I for one have the ability to fix these my self, & will do so. I just think that repaceing this trans mission twice a year is ridiculus. Yes, I have replaced this tranny 7 times already. I have kept all the old one to rebuild them. Be informed that this K46 tranny is used by almost all tractor manufacturers. Now for you folks who wish to cure this once & for all, heres what you need to do. The JD G110 ('03', '04') have a Tuff-Torq K62 rear end. This has 1" axles, not 3/4". there is also an extra frame support for it. The only thing that may be flukey is the engine drive pulley. The K62 uses a 23" rim & the K46 a 22". Since both machine use the same electric clutch, you may want to get a G110 drive pulley & belt. If you can do the work yourself, you can get the individual parts. This won't be a cheap operation though ($1500.00 - $2000.00). But, this will stop the tranny failures. I am in the process of doing this to mine, for me it is worth it. I can deal with the other small things that crop up. FYI I have 290 hrs on it now, I snowblow more hours than I mow.

14 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 10, 2008

OK, This is a good review, I bought a new John Deere LX178 tractor with 38 deck in 1996. Other than replacing the battery 3 times in 12 years I have not had the slightest hint of a problem. I bought a new snowblower attachment for it 4 years ago and it is a retro fit unit designed for many models, it works great but is an unbelievable pain to install every year. For this reason I plan to leave the snowblower on and buy a new X300 tractor with 38 deck. The X300 has a Kawasaki engine also but with two more horsepower, the thing is, this tractor appears to be comparable to the LX but is priced nearly $1000. less than I paid in 1996. I know better than to buy certain products at big box stores. For me, it's nothing but a Deere.

5 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 2, 2008

I am a retired mechanical designer. I purchased a John Deere L110 with hydrostatic drive in 2002 with snowblower and bagger from the dealer for $3500. I have about 220 hours on it and have done little to it. It has worked great. This spring I used it with a home-built front bucket to move 8 1/2 ton of landscape rock around my house and yard (1/2 acre). It moved all that rock just great. Steering was a little hard with 250 lbs on the front, but tolerable. I really abused it.

The engine has done some surging in the past but I have found that keeping the fuel filter pointed down eliminates that. I do a little more than normal maintenance myself. I tighten fasteners, repair paint scrapes, inspect everything, change oil. After the rock hauling and seeing all the complaints. I decided maybe I should remove and inspect the front wheels and steering assembly. Yes, I have found the axles are worn about 1/64 of an inch on the bottom and the plastic steering bushing at the top is shot. The wheel bushings are just fine. Irregardless I decided to replace everything.

I was amazed that the price of an axle assembly is $12 ea. and the bushings are $4 each. For a total of $28. All it takes is a screwdriver, pin punch, a hammer and one wrench for the tie rod to replace these items. I would say yes the design is bad. The bushings should be the part that wears. But for $12 for the axle (which is easier to replace) versus $8. Might be the better way considering labor costs.

This machine has lasted me 6 years. I hope to have it last 10 years as all my JD mowers have lasted. That will be a cost of about $350 per year to mow my grass and move the snow with ease. The snowblower works absolutely great, and I know I abuse it! I ram ice piles and push snow in as hard as the tractor will go. I just love it. The mower deck is a little short on lift to the bagger. I usually fill the second bag about half or I risk plugging the chute. Especially if grass is wet.

I recently restored a 1967 JD 112 and was amazed at the quality, but then we are talking a garden tractor versus a simple lawn mower. One has to realize that these are simply made machines to compete with the other manufacturers whose quality is the same (read the complaints on the others). They designed to last a maximum of 10 years, then throw away. In summation I think the John Deere L110 is a great little tractor and I would buy the equivalent again.

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14 people found this review helpful
Original review: Jan. 28, 2008

I purchased a John Deere L108 tractors at Home Depot serial number: GXL108A016404 with a 18.5 hp Briggs & Stratton. About two weeks ago it stopped running after I finished snow blowing the driveway. The tractor would not crank. I checked the oil, it was black but full. I had it brought to 146 supply center in Millbury, MA. The service Dept. stated that the engine was seized due to lack of lubrication, and it needed a new engine at a cost of $1600. I was stunned! I say stunned because I've worked in the automotive business for 20 years. (I've spent roughly $17,000 dollars with John Deere in three years.) On the L108 dilemma, I spoke to Joanne in John Deere customer service looking for some assistance with this repair. Joanne was polite, but just kept repeating what the retailer said to me: that the machine seized due to lack of lubrication. I explained to her that I could not accept this explanation. I told her that in its very short life I had changed the oil in this machine more times than what John Deere recommends with only John Deere oil purchased at 146 supply. I stated that I could look her in the eye and honestly say that I check the oil in all my machines prior to starting. I realize this is very important due to the small amount of oil in small engines.

I've changed the oil 7 times in 2 1/2 years and have the dates of doing so. I do have the hours listed because I purchased a John Deere hour meter so that I would know exactly when I needed to change the oil. I take pride in my tractors, and I'm very loyal to the John Deere brand. I started to do some research on the internet. I happen to find another L108 customer with the same complaint. This customer was told the same thing by his retailer and John Deere. Maybe this is an issue for the L108 model and its just coming to light now? Just because it made it through the warranty period doesn't mean the manufacturer is off the hook. If there is an issue with the L108 model, John Deere has an obligation to at least look into it. I'm not looking for a free ride. I'm just looking for some brand loyalty consideration. I would even consider buying the engine at dealer cost. $1600.00 is a lot of money to spend fixing a machine that I paid $1600.00 for--and that included bagger.

Today, January 26, I picked up my John Deere L108 so that I could replace the engine myself. Before I left the retailer I had an interesting conversation with a John Deere retailer employee. He informed me that during the spring and summer months they replace about five (5) L series engines a week. He stated there is a problem with the Briggs & Stratton engines in the L series, and that they only last about 100 hours. He also stated, if you use a snow blower attachment the engine's life is much less, which is funny because John Deere recommends and sells a snow blower attachment, which I own on this L108. It sounds like John Deere has a big problem with the L series!!

John Deere wanted $1600.00 to replace engine. I was able to fine an OEM replacement for $527.50, which I installed myself.

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25 people found this review helpful
Original review: Jan. 2, 2008

The snowblower attachment for the X300 Tractor destroyed the front differential when the auger jammed. The shear bolts didn't have a mark on them. The differential is made in India--cheap junk. The size of this thing is so small to handle 18 Hp. It looks like I am in store for many replacements under warranty. Soon to be sold.

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