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I purchased a 48" Jenn-Air gas range with griddle during a year-end appliance sale. The vendor held the range for me until my kitchen was ready. It was installed in May of 2015. At the beginning of December I began experiencing problems with the range. The right oven gave an error message that stated the device was experiencing problems and could no longer be used. I called the vendor and they arranged for an appliance repair company to set up an appointment. It took 10 days for them to come look at the oven, another week to get the part, and then the day they were supposed to install the part I received a phone call telling me that Jenn-Air sent the wrong part and it would be another week. I called Jenn-Air and they sent me a part overnight. The repair company called and said Jenn-Air had overnighted them a part also. So...they came out and replaced the part.

The repairman had been gone for ~10 minutes when the error message appeared again. After many phones calls I was able to get Jenn-Air to replace the range. I have now had the new range for ~30 days and I got another error message reading the same. They came out, ordered a part, came back to install, and guess what? They were sent the wrong part. So now I am waiting again for repair. Bottom line here is that I am trying to return the range to the vendor so I can get rid of the Jenn-Air. I am waiting on phone calls now. This range also has a stainless griddle that supposedly stick free. It is not. Everything sticks to the surface. It now hold my spices and oils since it doesn't work as advertised. I will never purchase another Jenn-Air product again. Worse appliance I have ever had. It is too bad since it has 6 burners, 2 ovens, and a griddle. Not much good when it doesn't function properly. So...buyer beware!!!

I purchased a Jenn-Air Convection Oven JGR8875QDB in 2005. Within a year the clock stopped keeping correct time, and the convection oven feature stopped working. I would push the button to the temp and it would do nothing. The regular oven continued to work correctly. Googling the internet, I found out that when this particular oven self cleans it overheats the control panel's circuit board. There is heat shielding around the circuit board. The Board costs $250 to replace. Replacing the board will not solve the problem, because the design is defective.

Built in 2007 and purchased in 2008 - October, 2015 - the top oven stopped heating. The service man said the wiring to the top oven is beyond fixing. To fix this will be 1/2 half the cost of a new similar double oven stove. Needless to say I will not be purchasing a Maytag anything. Wake up Maytag - your reputation stinks!

I bought my Jenn-Air downdraft convection stove 9 years ago and I love it. I have never had an issue with it. I am saddened to see so many negative reviews here.

Jenn-Air has always represented to me to be a good company with quality products. I got a plug-in variety grill for my cook top range in the last house and it was awesome. Their customer service IS great. BUT the slide-in downdraft oven I bought? Not so much... I got the JES9800BAS-18 in May 2009, now discontinued. The oven did not work at all by Feb 2012, so I called them and they were nice enough to replace the control panel so long as I paid for the installation fee.

Apparently, as the oven cooks, heat escapes through the top of the door and into the electronic component behind the control panel, causing condensation and thus ruining the delicate components in the panel. Oops. (I'm tempted to make a sexist comment here re: engineering, but I'll resist). Fast forward to now, Oct 2015, and the entire oven won't work AGAIN. Only the stove-top burners will work.

I called the company again and they were once AGAIN kind enough to replace the control panel, which retails for just over $400! VERY generous. After a few back and forth calls to them and their two approved service companies, all I have to pay for is the installation fees to the repair company. This should happen soon. This story is to be continued. I'm sure our oven will go out again in 2 1/2 years, but by then, we will be prepared to replace it with another $2 or 3K oven! (Guess what brand we won't be buying...)

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The four burners communicate with each other's electric ignition. Clicking until selected burner is lit, whereupon clicking stops if they communicate. One burner stopped communicating so the clicking doesn't, rendering one burner useless without continued clicking. Cannot be repaired as ignition & celluloid have fused, apparently because a pot over boiled. Can't be replaced as glass oven top is glass. Can't make lemonade with this one.

10 years ago I bought two Jenn-Air ovens, one for my home and another for my summer cottage. Both had the control panels fail. I replaced one 8 weeks ago at a cost of $500. I have now been told that jenn-air no longer makes the part for the other. I was told by jenn-air I would have to buy a new oven, which incidentally costs over $2500. I believe they are ripping off customers and will never buy another product made by them. I feel this had to be reported.

My husband and I bought a Jenn-Air convection oven model JD59865BDP for $3,000.00. Ours is a down draft gas stove. One of the numbers on the control panel stopped working 4 months ago. Now, the entire panel won't work. You press a digital button and nothing! The kicker is, it's only 3 years old. The repair man is coming out to replace it next week. The part is a 20 cent piece of junk you can buy at Radio Shack that will cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

Tonight, our Jenn-Air dishwasher purchased at the same time as the oven wouldn't start. The control panel, like the oven, is dead and there's a pool of water in the bottom that won't drain. This appliance cost $2,849.00. Pennies, right? So we're cooking on a George Foreman grill and using paper plates! Disgusting. We will never purchase another Jenn-Air appliance again. Their screwed together stainless steel piles of junk! Pretty on the outside and cheap crap on the inside. Buyers beware!

I bought a Downdraft Dual Fuel Oven Range Slide-in 10 yrs ago. It has been a problem once the warranty ran out. I spent $800 last year repairing every component including the main control board 2x. Although it worked, within 6 months refuses to work again. I have been cooking on my outdoor grill for the last 2 yrs. It was model JDS9860AAP. Apparently I am not alone in this. The internet is blowing up with this inefficient model. IT IS STILL FOR SALE! It cost me nearly 3k to purchase and has been nothing but a lemon. It should also have a recall on it. Upon calling Jenn-Air direct they stated it was out of warranty. DO NOT EVER purchase another Jenn-Air product!

In 2009 I purchased a Jenn-Air range model number JES9860BCW. First of all, I discovered that the gentle curve that is a part of the design of the unit means that you cannot have a level cooking surface. OK, I can live with that. About 3 years later the control panel failed. A bit soon I thought but it was under warranty. So I got it repaired. Then, a mere 2.5 years later, now out of warranty, the panel fails again. Now it's a $400 repair. Does that mean I have to factor in this repair every 3 years?! I called Jenn-Air to ask them to do something to help out in some way and they declined any help. I will never buy Jenn-Air again under any circumstances.

To start off the front left burner switch went out. Was replaced under warranty. The same switch went out again, within the time specified on the warranty and when I contacted them about it they said that the switch didn't fall within the time specified for the burner and electrical. Then half of the buttons on the panel quit working and now the oven keeps shutting itself off indiscriminately on lower temperatures. Wouldn't recommend these to anyone.

Just sixteen months after having my new double wall convection oven installed, I noticed a build up of oven grease on the inner glass which sits between the exterior and interior oven door panel. Since I had purchased a 5 year extended warranty, I called the company to report the problem. I was told that it could be taken care of but since this is a "cosmetic issue" and does not affect the way the oven works, it is not covered under the warranty. Not happy with that, I contacted Jenn Air directly. After multiple calls to various Jenn Air reps, I was told that they could send an authorized technician to the house to assess the situation, but that I would be charged for the labor and any parts they would need to replace.

I told Jenn Air that I consider it a "design flaw" because it is impossible to prevent oven grease from adhering to the interior glass. I next wrote to the executive office of Jenn Air. Several weeks later, I received an inane reply saying that it was not possible to tell why this happened in my case and regardless of the cause that it is would not be covered under the extended warranty! Furious, I then contacted Appliance World of Long Island where I had purchased the $4200 product sixteen months ago. The Sales Manager referred my issue to his Jenn Air rep. About a month later, after I again followed up, I finally got a message from someone at Jenn Air saying that as a "one time courtesy" they agreed to dispatch an authorized Jenn Air servicer to the house at their cost.

When the technician arrived, he took the door panel apart but stated that the only way to resolve the problem would be to get a replacement interior glass. The tech returned last Thursday to install the replacement glass, however, he remarked that the problem will likely happen again! Since as the technician explained this problem will recur, I maintain that this is truly a product flaw in its design. So, not only do I find it unacceptable that this will most likely happen again, my only recourse will be to have the glass panel replaced AND at my expense!! Why should a customer who buys a "top of the line oven" expect to need to replace the interior oven glass on a regular basis?! What's that about?

I am very unhappy about my recent experience dealing with Jenn Air. Yes they finally and reluctantly sent a service provider to address my problem, but I felt they did not acknowledge there is a problem with their product. I previously owned a $700 GE Profile for many years and confirm that the condition of the interior glass door was as clear on the last day as it was on the day it was installed. There was no grease build up!

The control panel on these units gets moisture and burns out. We have replaced it 3 times in 4 years - 2 times under the extended warranty. Part cost about $400. 4 time and you can buy a new unit. Others I talked to have same problem. There is no factory upgrade, but keep buying new parts. The only good thing is you can do the repair yourself easily. Also the gas knobs break very easily and cost about $24 each. Better to go to Target and get a full set for $15.

Convection oven electric panel (Model # JDS9860AAW) - This will be third time I've had to pay $300 for the same part. (Part only since I'm lucky enough to have my son replace the faulty part.) The electrical panel on the front of my convection oven starts with loss of use for one or more buttons so if you want to put the oven on at 350 and you lose use of the 5 and the 0, you need to punch in 348 and it will read it as 350 for a few times. After that, it starts beeping at any random moment and won't stop and when you try to push cancel or any bottom in hopes of stopping it, it will then send a text message in the panel to call an authorized dealer and gives you an 800 number to call for a local dealer.

You can't purchase just the electric panel itself, you end up with the entire 3 foot metal piece, including the knobs. Then you either take apart the oven yourself or need to call someone to install it. Jenn-Air reps act like this is the first time they have heard about such a problem and say if they had many complaints then by law would have to recall the part. Reading all the same complaints here over and over again about this part proves they are lying and not owning up to their responsibility for a product they know makes them more money in replacements parts than the original price of their oven. Never would I buy a product made by them again.

Same complaint as all the others - touch panel turns off and on all by itself. Jenn-Air plays games when called. I suggest we all do a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

In 2006 we purchased a Jenn-Air range, no problems for the 1st 3 years. In 2009/10 the control panel failed, the clock circuit failed and were replaced. In 2012 same adventure with the addition of the wiring harness being replaced. Now, August 2013 we get to start the whole process over again: use the oven, the broiler whatever and you can get some random beeping, some on and off of the oven/broiler, and of course the clock going out. But it does flash the error code F1-8. When you look up the error code, it tells you to call for service. Spoke with the local tech today and they said they recommend calling Jenn-Air direct. Of course, all Jenn-Air says is, "Let's schedule an appointment." Never again will we purchase Jenn-Air appliances. Parts never available, replacement parts breaking. If the appointment doesn't repair the damn thing, you can expect to find the range on the front lawn.

We purchased a Jenn-Air dual convection Model #JDR8895AAS in 2006. We've had problems about 6-7 months after purchase. It was making a buzzing sound every time my wife used the oven and smoke will appear through the vents plus the digital display will give off crazy numbers. At times the oven will even turn on its own. After numerous calls to the warranty dept. they finally showed up and changed the computer module. Several months later, the buzzing started all over again. I contacted the service dept. and they stated that my contract does not cover the buzzing noise. Dissatisfied, I did not renew my contract.

Now, 6 months later, while my wife was wiping the top of the range, the buzzing and the ignition started on its own. All burners turned on immediately and shut off and the flames started from the rear. Fortunately for us, I was able to extinguish the fire and contain it to the oven. I contacted Jenn-Air. They sent a safety Tech which resulted in that there was a defect since day 1. The insulation in the oven was making contact with the metal wire igniters, a FACTORY DEFECT. This oven cost us almost $1800 and Jenn-Air offered to buy it back for $400. Go figure. This is the last time I purchase any Jenn-Air or Maytag affiliated products. Beware!!

We replaced all our appliances 4 months ago and were hesitant to buy another Jenn-Air because the last one (10 years old) had many buttons on the control panel that had gone out and the convection oven had quit several years before that. Also, we have read numerous bad reviews of the Jenn-Air ovens. However, we need a down draft because our slide in oven is in an island that cannot have a hood over it and Jenn-Air seems to be the only game in town on that. We love the look of the new oven but yesterday after only 4 months, the entire front panel quit working. Nothing!

The eyes on the cooktop still work but the whole panel to control everything else is dead. It was a very, very expensive stove and I am afraid it is going to be one thing after another judging by other reviews. The repairman comes Wednesday. We will see. We got an extended warranty and will keep an extended warranty as long as we have this stove but that is of course an added expense to us, not to mention our time and trouble dealing with this!

We remodeled our kitchen in 2003 or 2004. We bought Jenn-Air double convection ovens, warming drawer and refrigerator. The ovens never worked right from day one. Many adjustments were made - the meat probe was replaced (it did not work even the first time I used it), controls were replaced, and the temps were tested. The thermostat in the brand new warming drawer had to be replaced because it was burning food. After approximately 2 years of repairs and frustration in dealing with the company, the ovens were replaced after the bottom door fell off and shattered on the floor when my husband took something out of the oven.

That woke them up a little. The new ovens worked, but the temperature varies wildly from set temp and nothing browns unless you over cook it. After much expense and many repairs that didn't work, my refrigerator with the giant waterfall sculpture in the freezer (not intended to be there by us) was replaced, but I had to pay a big extra chunk of money because they did not have one available without the dispenser on the door. Knowing all the trouble I had with all their appliances, they couldn't have a little heart and throw that in. I could not wait several months for my model to be ready. My dream kitchen is beautiful and my replacement refrigerator and warming drawer work now. I almost never use the ovens because results are so unpredictable. I planned to bake my own breads and pastries, cook meats to perfection etc. in those very expensive appliances; however, they sit idle because I can't trust them.

So far I would not recommend Jenn-Air appliances. My glass gas stove top bust and have been replaced twice. It makes strange noises when it is hot. The fridge is noisy when the fan comes on. The wall oven display panel comes on and off by itself. The microwave has a mind of its own at times also.

My Jenn Air convection oven’s (Model number JMW9330DAS) hinges have failed twice, and now the glass shattered about a week after cleaning. It's a piece of junk. Never buy a Jenn Air.

I purchased a double wall oven, model JJW2727WS, in March of 2010 for $3K. The first time I used the self-cleaning cycle on Christmas eve 2012, the inside glass door popped and shattered. I followed the directions exactly as written. Glass went everywhere and even into the blower at the back of the unit. I was unable to stop the cleaning cycle and had to wait until the cycle was complete before opening the door. I was unable to use the oven to prepare the Christmas meal. The oven was obviously defective. When I called Jenn-Air, they advised the unit was not covered as the unit was over one year old. They only offered to call a service technician in which I would be billed.

It does not appear that Jenn-Air stands behind their products. Viking and Whirlpool will send someone out to inspect their products when this type of issue occurs. From someone that has recently updated their kitchen, this customer will never purchase Jenn-Air in the future. The money spent for the product went down the drain!

In May 2008, we purchased a Jenn-Air electric smooth-top stove model #JER8885RAF for about $1,200 based on favorable reviews in Consumer Reports. We really like the stove - dual timers, changeable size burners, easy to clean and use. However, the location of the control panel is a significant design flaw. Since it is located on the back of the stove above the cooking surface, the electronic control components fail due to moisture or water vapor from day-to-day normal cooking. We had the entire control panel replaced in November 2010, because the cooking surface and clock would not work. I'm so thankful that we purchased the extended warranty.

The repair technician said that without the warranty, the repair cost would have been about $500. Well it's almost 2 years later and neither the timers nor the clock functions. I have called for repairs and suspect that the control panel needs to be replaced again. We looked at a similar stove currently displayed on Jenn-Air's website. The location of the control panel has been moved to the face of the stove above the oven door, probably to avert the problem I've described above. We don't know if this correction has solved the problem. However, we would not recommend our current model to anyone. We also would not buy another stove (regardless of brand) with the control panel located above the cooking surface.

I bought 2 new Jenn-Air Convection Ovens (JJW9530DDS). From the start, I've had problems with the doors not closing properly, low temperatures, and the convection fans not working. We have had many service calls under warranty and outside of it. They look very nice and I guess that is all they were designed for.

This will be the 4th time that we have to order burner knobs for our stove. They are cheap plastics, I've complained before but they continue to charge me $11.00 for 5 knobs that continue to crack. I cook every day and for some reason, this company does not take into consideration that these knobs need to be made stronger. Just think being "Jenn-Air" that their quality would be a little better.

I think that this type of stove should be recalled because of how dangerous it is to clean the glass. You have to take it apart and it is so hard to clean. You need to try to get the two pieces of glass back in by yourself. The first time it happened, they had a repairman come and this guy needs me to help him get the two pieces of glass back onto the door. I wasn't getting paid; he was! They should have made the glass a sealed unit. The glass always looks dirty because you can't just clean the front and back of the glass--the condensation and any type of spattering ends up in between. If I had know the stove was always going to look dirty and if I wanted to clean it and I was going have that much trouble doing it, I would never have bought it! For its price, it should have been made so much better. I have not recommended this stove and never will. I hope somehow that there is a class action lawsuit against this company.

I owned a Jenn-Air stove for 5 years and 8 months. Half of the control panel has stopped working. The oven has now become unusable. I contacted Jenn-Air Customer Service, and they refused to split the cost of the part.

Whoever heard of the oven doors breaking? I have a Jenn-Air slide in stove and for some reason the door was getting very difficult to open, but at the same time it’s not tight enough to enable us to use the cleaning mode without pushing on the door. The service repairman came out and said the hinges needed to be replaced. I ordered the parts and came back out in 2 weeks. Looked like the problem was fixed, but within 2 weeks the door was so loose that I had to jam a chair under the door handle. Service came out again and replaced the hinges. Same scenario. Again, the service man came out. Same scenario. He came out again and it’s still the same scenario. Finally, the repairman said this happens all the time and there is something wrong with the hinges.

I decided to call Jenn-Air and ask if this was a problem that they were aware of and of course they said, "No, not really." I called another repair service, thinking maybe they would have a solution. So they came out and yep, same scenario. Finally, I wrote a letter to Jenn-Air and included a photo of the stove with a chair jammed under the door handle. And I got a generic letter back saying: "Sorry for your problem. Call an authorized Jenn-Air repair service.” I already did. This of course infuriated me, so I sent an email to customer service as well as some key Whirlpool execs and the media relations department. Next day, I get a call from customer service. Why? I don't know, because the only solution suggested was "maybe it's time to buy another stove." So that was pretty helpful. Don't buy a Jenn-Air. The quality is terrible. The paint is chipping. Screws on burners came off within first month. The digital panel is very hot when oven is on and the customer service is "not".

Thank Goodness I bought the Extended Warranty. I purchase the Jenn-Air Convection Downdraft in 2010. Just after one year, I ran the clean cycle for the first time and it toasted the control panel. Fortunately, I bought the extended warranty for $265 and it paid for the call. I've been leery about running the clean cycle ever since so I've been cleaning it by hand.

Now it's year 2 and my convection fan just quit working and my oven light won’t go off. The technician is coming in 4 days so I think I may just run the clean cycle since I have nothing to lose. Thank goodness my warranty covers me to 2015 because I have a feeling I'll be using it. Never again will I buy Jenn-Air.

Jenn-air wall gas stove. This pricey wall oven has broken down numerous times at great expense. Jenn-Air had a reputation for quality. What happened? We have a large family so we bit the bullet and paid top dollar to buy a top quality brand expecting it would give us many reliable years of use. I am fed up with the constant breakdowns and expense to get it working again just to have it break down again a few months later. Jenn-Air should bite the bullet, recall this product if it seriously wants to retain its reputation as a quality manufacturer. We are not alone it seems, there are many complaints on the web about this oven. I seriously hope the company is listening. We all replace appliances and remember which products/brands served us well.

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