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I have owned several iRobot Roomba vacuums over the last decade. Some have had issues so when I wasn't sure how to fix the problem I contacted iRobot Customer Service. Amazing! Always friendly and they will troubleshoot the problem with until a solution is reached. If it cannot be figured out they will replace the item. Fast response time and a friendly staff are why I will be an iRobot customer for life!

I paid over $500 for Scooba 380. Worked only 2-1/2 years. When I call them for parts or services, they said they have none. They asked me to throw it away and buy another Scooba 400 series because they no longer makes the 300 series. But I said it's only 2 years plus but they will not replace it or service it. I consider this purchase a big rip off. Their corporate offer me $100 off to buy the Scooba 400 series. I asked if they will back up their products, once again, the answer is no. I am very disappointed with this company. And yes, I feel cheated by this company. They should not remain in business.

I sent an email to iRobot asking where I could send my Mint5200 to have the tread on the wheels replaced. They said I should buy a new machine. Obviously they do not stand by their product and are out for more money. Too bad money can't buy integrity. I will never buy another product associated with this company again. I highly recommend you avoid this company and its products.

I have purchased 3 products from iRobot over the past 2 years - 2 Roomba and 1 Scooba. All 3 died while out of warranty. In all 3 cases, I called iRobot customer service and got the same answers, which reduce to this sequence: Clean it. Bang on it. Clean it again. Bang on it harder. Buy parts if you want to fix it yourself (assuming you know what parts to replace). Otherwise, throw it away. Buy a newer model. IRobot does NOT service/repair ANY of their consumer products.

My latest (and LAST) call to their customer "no" service connected me to someone who obviously is tired of having to tell customers to clean/bang/self-service/dispose/buy replacement. The customer service rep sounded like a robot as though they were embarrassed having to tell yet another customer the same story. I was seriously thinking about buying one of their new Braava mopping robots. After this latest call to iRobot it is clear to me that iRobot does not produce products that last. They work great until they malfunction. Once they do, you can try to fix it yourself, and eventually have an expensive piece of worthless junk that you have to dispose of.

I believe it is enlightening to look at how many different models of cleaning robots they no longer make in the Roomba, Scooba, Braava, Mirra, Looj, DirtDog, etc. product lines. I believe this indicates they have problems and are constantly trying to come up with a newer model that fixes them. To anyone who is considering purchasing one of iRobot's products, before you do, call them up and ask them what happens if the product malfunctions/breaks outside of the warranty period. Personally I will NEVER purchase another product from iRobot.

Got the hotshot Scooba. Couldn't use it for 30 days. First time, did not work. They told me "too bad". It's over 30 days. No money back. No help. I donated it to salvation army. Had similar problems with their Roomba. I love my Roombas but would NEVER buy directly from them or a new one. Only refurbished with a company that gives a warranty. Their service/customer depot stinks.. in private, I use worse language.

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2 years ago I bought an iRobot scooba. Within 2 years the unit had cracked a small valve and stopped working. I contacted iRobot via their facebook page who then directed me to their Australian representative. After emailing them and having no reply I facebooked them again complaining about the lack of response. I promptly got a response by the Australian company brand developers, who sent me the details to have it checked and repaired. Upon return I was invoiced as they found no damage but it needed a "clean" despite them replacing the cracked valve. It was used another half dozen times prior to it faulting again (continually backing up). Again I contacted them and had to leave a displeasing comment on the iRobot facebook page to get any response.

Again the Australian group dragged their heels to contact me before agreeing to check the unit again. This time they claimed the printed circuit board (pcb) was faulty and would not fix it as they "did not stock spare parts". After a lot of complaining they offered to replace the $1300 unit with a $200 roomba or I could buy a new one at the same price I paid for the last one or they'd keep the broken one and apply a $xxx credit on the new model "if" they brought it out. I got the unit reassessed and even paid for a new pcb which was found to be unnecessary as the pcb wasn't faulty. I contacted brand developers again and they have failed to respond.

My iRobot Braava, which I got in March 2014, has malfunctioned twice. The first time, I got brilliant service, and the machine was working again very quickly. This time, it has been quite a different story. I've had a long, dreary correspondence with iRobot support, in which I've been asked for impossibly precise descriptions of the malfunction; asked to give - in addition to the serial number of the machine - a number which is claimed appears on the machine, but to my eyes is completely invisible; asked for the receipt of purchase of the machine, and confirmation of my email address. My Braava is still not working, and it is now two weeks since I first contacted customer service for help. This is very, very depressing. I suspect that there is a single member of staff in charge of sorting out all customer problems, and asking endless ridiculous questions is a way of fending off having to do anything to help the hapless customers.

Poor execution. I have owned 4 Roombas, 2 Dirt Dog sweepers, best idea they ever had. 2 vacuums. In general I have plenty of money, so I do as I please. But I will learn over time. The time of the Robot floor cleaner is yet to arrive I'm afraid. They fail, break easily and customer support are just words @ iRobot. I would buy another one in a minute if they didn't terrify my cats and rode them like they do on youtube. But I wouldn't buy one to clean my floor. If I received one as a gift, I would sell it on Ebay.

A few week later I purchase to Mint Robot - stop charging so have to call and replace to charger. A week later Mint Robot stop working. They told me to send it back and they are going to replace it without any other explanations which I did. I send back Mint Robot with original box and everything in it. Cost me almost 40$ shipping on my pocket cause they refuse to pay shipping. And when I receive replacement\battery, pat and charging was missing. They told me to I have to purchase those so another 65$ for the all part. This company is a joke. DO NOT BUY any product from them, they will make you regret it.

Bought Scooba; stopped cleaning after the first 2 attempts. Called company for return or exchange. Support (!!) responded that had to inform the higher level management and get back to me next few days. Then next few days, I get another call from Support that they are still working on checking with higher level management; then another call after that to tell me the same. At this time, I complained and let them know that their support/warranty is bad enough for customers to look elsewhere for similar product. Then after that I was charged again, $700 as a security guarantee for me to sent the unit back and then they would send me a replacement. SOLUTION? Buy IROBOT, only if it is offered by SAM'S, COSTCO or similar places of biz with a reputable support and warranty service.

IRobot's customer service stinks! I bought the scooba 230 on their website last week. Long story short, after I ran it in my living room (which from my understanding was ok) it only cleaned a very small area and left my floor very sticky. I had to mop my floor 6 times after it ran. I followed the instruction to the "t". I decided to return it, because I don't want to clean after a product that is supposed to clean my floor.

I called the sales department this morning and was told I had to pay to ship it back to the company!!! Plus they weren't going to refund the $36 I already paid to have it shipped to me. I tried to talk to several supervisors and one woman even talked over me!! This policy of not paying for shipping costs is bull!! I used my hard earned tax refund to buy this product which is not cheap. I only make 21,000 a year so this was a huge expense for me.

The issue is still not resolved. I am awaiting a call from yet another supervisor. I will not be buying a product from their online store ever again! They cheat people out of money by claiming its "buyers remorse", or the "customer's expectations not being met by the product". So if its not "split in two pieces when it was taken out of the box" don't expect to get all your money back. Then it also takes up to 30 days for the money to be refunded... What a joke. BEWARE OF THE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!

Someone needs to file a class action suit against iRobot. I bought 9 iRobot vacuums and within a few months, they do not work. The batteries go down, the wheels do not turn, they stop mid-cycle, and so on. I have had 3 Dirt Dogs, 3 vacuum sweepers, from top-of-the-line to the basic models, and 3 Scooba washers. All of them have failed even while under warranty and the iRobot company refused to repair them. The only company that has taken one of the iRobots back was HSN, who after many phone calls, wheedling, crying, etc., finally replaced one of the vacuum robots. This company is one giant rip-off, and I shudder to think about what their failure rates are when our troops are in combat, if they are selling iRobots used by the American military.

Do not buy anything from iRobot. Even their warranties are worthless. They do not have a repair service. The customer service representative is an absolute ** - hateful, nasty, and her job is to get you off the phone. They will not honor, nor repair your iRobot, even if you just bought it the day before. Other robot vacuum companies are now in play and selling, such as Neato, etc., but check them out carefully.

iRobot UK likes to advertise and charge in advance for repairs but are not keen to do anything once they have the money. I am continually fobbed off by the call center and cannot get to speak to a supervisor. It is a great product while it works but aftercare is a joke (expensive joke).

I purchased both a Roomba 530 series iRobot and a Scooba only 1.5 years ago, so they're not under warranty. The Roomba just moves in circles and the Scooba runs out of juice within 10 minutes of operation. I called technical support, got a foreign voice, and they told me that I would need to upgrade it for $150 because I tried the "fixes" that they posted on their website. I told the man that I was unhappy and would just like it fixed. They sent me an e-mail saying I have 30 days to accept their offer. Who wants to buy something that you have to upgrade or replace in less than 2 years. I also went online to see what could be wrong with the Scooba and several owners complained of the same problem and said that the battery needs to be replaced and also needs a software upgrade. The battery costs $69. I can't afford iRobot's fixes.

We purchased an iRobot Scooba. To cut a long story short, this was exchanged twice under the 1 year warranty. The last version failed after only 4 months. The problem has been the same in the last two cases -- a failure of the drive wheel motor assembly. Our 1st Scooba was dead on arrival due to a broken valve.

The upshot of us is that iRobot is charging $399 for a Scooba 350. In our experience the average lifetime of the product is only about 5 months. is the email address of this company.

I have dealt with this company since buying a Scooba Scruber for floors.the last of December, 2008 It would not work from the beginning. When I called they insisted on trying to get it to work. I wanted a 299.00 dollar refund for this new item but they kept insisting that I had to let them send me a bulb to remove the air from tubes. They did this on two occasions, in spite of my wanting a refund.

Most of people I talked with were hard to deal with, but I did talk to two or three people that were understanding and even agreed that I should not be having so much trouble with this problem. Some of these people were no longer employed when I called back.

After begging a company man to please help me, as I am on a limited income and can not afford to lose that much momey, he agreed to have me sent Scooba back and they would replace it with a new one. He said he was sorry he could not refund the money as it had been too long. (Their stalling.)

I sent it back the next day Dec 12 2008. It was recieved on Dec on Dec 16.

I have talked to two or three people there since. One told me it had not reached them. I told her it was received on the docks and signed for. I gave her his name and other info including the tracking number. She told me to send the tracking number back to her by the email she would now sent to me and she would release a new item be sent to me. I did as she said and sent the tracking number an additional 3 times since she never did not sent it to me as she promised.

I have made two or three calls since then and was told they have no record of my sending it back. I sent a copy of the email I sent to them. Then a lady told me after I told her I was going to have this checked out by Consumer Affairs, and she then suddenly found my email, sent to them. She said a NEW Item would be sent in 2 or 3 days. That was about a month ago. I told her I had bought a new Scooba and I would not accept a rebuilt one. It must be a new one.

When I have contacted them since, I got the same run around. I am tired of it.

The battery charging plug caused two of my televisions to die and several bulbs in lamps that all were plugged into the same outlet. Something is seriously wrong with these units. The batteries die if left plugged in after fully charged. The plugs produce electrical surges when removing the plug from the outlets. I cannot get an answer from iRobot. I fear that these Made in China cords are dangerous for Americans. I know the economic costs are two TVs, bulbs, and one iRobot unit battery and cord I threw away after the customer service rep told me that they were obsolete. I still own two units but I am afraid to plug in due to risk of losing more appliances or a FIRE.

I purchased iRobot approx 2 yrs ago..It has had multiple operating problems in which i would contact technical support and trouble shoot the problem..At one point i was told i needed a new battery approx $70 which did not fix the problem..The only thing they will do is give me 15% of a new scooba. They have been in business since 2000 and have no repair centers.

Purchased scoobe for over $200 from linens and things.

I purchased a scooba from this company. After one week the scooba stopped working and they told me to return the item for an exchange. I asked if I could just return and purchase the item at Sears. They said no problem. Two months went by and I am still being charged for the item. I am also being charged late fees for not making payments on the item that I returned.

I have contacted the company over fifteen times and have waited on hold for over 12 hours all together. One of the supervisors said she would call me back on a specific day of the week of coarse she didn't she scheduled my call on one of her days off. I have been told different things by different employees and everyone gives me the run around. I finally after two months and a lot of bad moods and phone calls been credited the money. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER. NOBODY HAS A CLUE!!

My credit has been damaged since it looks like I didn't pay for the item and was charged late fees for two months. I have also suffered extreme headaches due to the stress that resulted from this problem. Just the thought of having to get out of work and calling this company to be put on hold for fifteen to thirty minutes at a time to then receive no help at all gives me the chills. It was so frustrating I don't wish this on my anyone.

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