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We just moved into our new modular home built by Hudson Valley Home Source in Goshen, NY. I would highly recommend this company if you are looking to build a modular home in the Hudson Valley or surrounding area. After meeting with several modular homebuilders, we felt that Hudson Valley Home Source best understood our needs and vision for our new home. We felt very comfortable with both the office staff as well as the field crews. Our custom modular home came out even better than we envisioned. The quality of the home also exceeded our expectations. Our home was completed in a timely manner and we were always kept up to date with progress. Great job to all involved at HVHS! We love our new home!

UPDATE: Hudson Valley Home Source is demanding I take these true statements off this website because it is hurting their business. All of it is true. I have estimates from numerous contractors, pictures, and statements from reputable companies who have looked at all the shoddy and unfinished work on my new house.

In March of 2011, while a contractor was looking at the crooked foyer stairs, amongst other things that HVHS built, I have also found out that all the windows in the upper level of my new house need to be replaced because they violate NYS building code and are hazards. Any windows less than 18" off the floor are considered a hazard, unless they have tempered glass. The windows they installed are only 15" off the floor and have no tempered glass. HVHS also did not put footings under the steps of the deck they built, causing it to sink into the pit they left by the lower level door. I still have no certificate of occupancy for my new home. This is also another building code violation HVHS tried to get away with.

I planned, designed, and contracted to purchase a turn key modular home package from Hudson Valley Home Source, ** route 17M, Goshen NY in May 2010. This home is manufactured by Ritz Craft Corporation in PA. Bryan **- President, was supposed to handle the entire start to finish building process including foundation, and infrastructure, on my land with my existing driveway, well, and septic already in place from a previous home. This home has been paid for in full as of 10/16/2010.

As of 11/10/2010, Bryan **- President of HVHS, has breached the contract we signed with him by refusing to finish the home. He makes promises and then does not deliver the product as stated. He misrepresents the product and services that he sells by promising top quality materials and workmanship, then delivers low quality, not as ordered items in our home. Don't let him fool you, he is an off site builder who does not follow up on his numerous sub contractors, and does not consult with the home owner about the process or about what details during the finishing that the homeowner wants. Leaving the homeowner to oversee what is going on after the home is set. Hudson Valley Home Source is merely just a man in an office (Bryan the salesman), who has a secretary to block all his calls, along with two not too skilled workers with a van. Nothing more.

We were told after asking numerous times who would be doing the work, he told us that he has all his own men that worked for him for years, and that they all answered to him. He never mentioned that they were all sub contractors who in fact told me that they worked for themselves and not for Mr. **. Because Mr. ** was not onsite during the building process, a lot of damage and incorrect work was done. Some has since been fixed and some he refuses to fix.

Mr blames the factory for some of the problems. The factory blames the builder. There is a lot of things (still) missing when my home was delivered. During the building process, damage was done to the home as well as the property by his sub contractors. I had to find all the damage and/or missing items myself.

When I asked him about all the items and insisted they be fixed or replaced, he told me he was aware of the problems, but he never mentioned them to me until I found them myself. As if he was hoping that I would not find all of these problems. He tells you everything will be fixed and fine. Then doesn't keep his word. The builder and factory should not make you wait to get into your new home because things are not delivered or installed with the home as promised. Numerous phone calls have also been made to the factory to find out about the missing/damaged items including:

1. Damaged kitchen counter tops, chips on edges, and screw put up through counter top from the bottom cabinet.
2. 5 Damaged kitchen cabinet doors.
3. Kitchen bottom cabinets not installed properly, which makes the counter top bowed.
4. Laminate sides of cabinets were delivered instead of REAL wood that was promised.
5. Foyer stairs are incorrectly installed and sit crooked.
6. Flood caused by careless plumber hired by HVHS who did not tighten compression fitting on the back of the refrigerator for the ice maker water supply.
7. Missing Shower doors - master bath
8. Unfinished master bathroom
9. Wrong whirlpool tub installed in master bathroom, I clearly stated I wanted a 60 tub. Bryan acknowledges it is the wrong tub. 10. Floor tile unfinished in master bath that is installed, is crooked and looks real bad.
11. Wrong vanity lighting installed in both bathrooms from factory, I confirmed what was supposed to be delivered with the home when it was ordered, and received something different. The Ritz Craft website I was told to look at my options clearly stated the ones I received were an optional light. I wanted what was listed as standard on the website as of 10/10. The website was not changed until the end of October, well after my home was ordered, delivered, and left unfinished.
12. Lower level door was left in a hole next to the house that I was told would be taken care of during the building process, and never was. This was left totally unfinished. I have fallen 3 times now trying to access that lower level door. Cement is cracked on foundation under the door and the drain was never installed as promised. Foundation was to include the retaining wall that was never done for the basement door drainage problem. Left incomplete. May flood the lower floor in the future.
13. Cracked toilet bowl - main bathroom14. Incorrectly installed water softener / missing parts / careless plumber

As of 11/10 There is still thousands of dollars of unfinished work and or missing / damaged items in my new turn key home.

Master Bathroom:
1. Unfinished master bathroom, needs whirlpool tub installed that was left in the basement because the wrong tub was installed.
2. Missing shower doors / master bath
3. Unfinished tile / what was done is crooked

4. Missing bath vanity lights - 3 sets (both baths) Note: Bath Lights - I was directed to the Ritz Craft website to view the standard lights that came with the home at the time of purchase in 5/10, the website at that time said that the standard lights for the bath vanities were the 5337NI lights. And that the 5017NI lights were optional. I wanted what the website said was standard. The website has now been changed after the home was delivered to me with the optional lights that were on the Ritz Craft website at the time of ordering and delivery of my home. I want what I was told I was getting, the 5337NI lights. I have been told all along that they would be changed, and they still have not been changed. This is bait and switch. Ritz Craft needs to make good for what was on the website and was what I was told that I was getting.

1. Plumber left compression fitting loose on refrigerator which caused a flood the same day we were given the keys to the new home. Flooding a 13 master closet behind it, as well as the pantry next to it.
2. Damaged counter tops in several places
3. Incorrectly installed bottom cabinets which cause the counter tops to be bowed
4. 5 damaged cabinet doors

5. Laminate instead of real wood as promised on the ends of the cabinets and under island6. Missing hardware on cabinet doors and drawers of this turn key home.

Improperly installed Foyer Stairs

1. Stairs sit crooked needs to be squared 2. Stairs were left unfinished. Furnace is for a mobile home. Heat comes from the bottom and has to be vented up to the upstairs. Not good. Heating system should have been installed int the center of the basement instead of the end as I told Mr. Bryan before the home was built. Now, the north side of the home stays much colder as I said it would. And it makes a lot of noise all night long, right under the bedroom as it sits now. I have had 4 HVAC companies here to evaluate my heating system. The entire system needs to be replaced and is not correct for the application of this house. I have this in writing and referenced facts for this.

Plumber incorrectly installed the water softener. Lost the parts and it will not work at all now. It was brand new. Plumber lost filter screen to the tank less water heater, Bryan said he saw it there, and it is missing. Failed to install the well holding tank in the basement, Bryan stated he never thought of that.

Water to home was improperly hooked up to the home from the well, needed to be hooked up after the holding tank and not before, found home working off only the torpedo pump from the ground which would have eventually burned it out.

Water well house and leech field fills up with the drainage water from the house perimeter drains every time it rains. Since they hooked the house into it. Which now needs to be pumped out each and every time it rains now. Excavator sheered off the water main line on the cement slab for the old house. Excavator put a layer of gravel on the front lawn which needed to be removed before it was seeded.

On 11/11/10, the factory service men show up here, finally, after waiting for over two months, without the supplies and incorrect supplies to have my kitchen so I can use it. The wrong counter top was sent, the wrong hinged cabinet doors were sent, the cabinets are still bowed and chipped up. And now the factory has half of the counter top itself. The cherry end panels to cover the hideous laminate that were promised never arrived. The shower doors never arrived. The bathroom lights never arrived. I have cancelled Thanksgiving that I thought I would be having here in my new home and I am loosing hope that after 10 years that I will have my daughter home for Christmas either. I am disappointed and heartbroken about all this mess and turmoil. And my new home is still not finished!

We have been left with only a temporary Certificate of Occupancy which was not expected. We were told this turn key package included a Certificate of Occupancy which was to be permanent. Bryan ** told us that the sliding glass doors in the kitchen would qualify for a window in which we didn't need to put a deck there right away and he did not figure this into the home because of this. He was very wrong. The Gardiner building inspector says there needs to be a deck there in order to get the Certificate of Occupancy that I was promised. 4 HVAC companies have stated that the heating system is not code and the building inspector should have never passed it.

This summer and fall, I have been totally occupied with trying to straighten out the problems with this turn key home. I have not been able to run my farm as I normally would have. I have had to hire additional help to do my work, so I can follow up on all the unfinished and shoddy work done to my new home. I have waited on numerous occasions for workers and supplies to arrive for work on my new home and they never came. I had to bring my travel trailer home from an upstate seasonal site, losing a month and a half site rental upstate, so we could live in it after the home was supposed to be complete and during the flood and subsequent clean up.

HVHS is holding our missing/damaged/incomplete items hostage he says unless we sign a liability waiver, holding him not liable for all the damage done to our home and property. I won't sign it. Mr ** refuses to fix the severe problems we are now left with. There is approx. $25,000+ of damage and unfinished work on my property. I have estimates from contractors for the work that needs to be done.

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