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I bought the Homelite 18-inch Corded 2-in-1 Electric Mower from Home Depot and used it about 4 times. Each time, I can only mow half of my lawn (24' x 18') and waited until the next day to continue the other half. Sounds strange to you??? This is because Homelite Lawn Mower can only operates up to 7-10 minutes and it died and I would have to wait until the next day to use it just for another 7-10 minutes to finish mowing my lawn (if I am lucky). I brought this new lawn mower to Homelite authorized service S & S Engine in Richmond BC only to have them told me that nothing is wrong with the lawn mower. I brought it home and again, the same behavior... operates up to 7 or 10 minutes and die. Please stay away from Homelite products. Today, I take the below grade mediocre mower back from the mediocre authorized service for the third time. I will drive it straight to the City Recycle and that's where Homelite products ought to be.

I bought a cheap weed eater from home depot. Homelite. Used it like 4 times. I went and got a 1 gallon gas can for the weed eater. Used the 5 dollar 2 cycle engine oil ur supposed to use. Used it 5 times running the tank dry after every use. This morning around 6 am filled the tank primed it and pulled it nothing took spark plug out, cleaned it, re-gaped it, put it back in nothing. You get what you pay for. I never got rained on I always used it half throttle made sure I wiped it down after every use guess next time I will read reviews or just spend the cash on something that works.

I have a relatively small yard, but I still care about how it looks. I didn't want to spend $200+ on a high-quality Stihl weedeater for such a small yard, so I bought a Homelite from Home Depot for $70 with warranty. It has been extremely problematic from the start! After a couple uses, it wouldn't start. I took it back, hoping to get it fixed under warranty. Of course, Home Depot weaseled their way around the warranty, but promised "They could fix it, cheap!" I said, "OK, go ahead." I picked it up and was astounded to see a $60 repair bill! I could have bought a new one at that price, but figuring it would only last two uses, I went ahead and paid, hoping I could get my money out of it anyway.

Additionally, Home Depot said ethanol had eaten a hole in the carburetor (odd, considering that I only used TruFuel, which allegedly doesn't contain ethanol, but which the Home Depot employee nonetheless recommended against!) They told me to run the weedeater dry, every time, to prevent this from occurring again. I did, and had no problems for the next couple uses.

Winter approached, so I drained the gas and stored the weedeater away. This season? Two uses, and again, it won't start. Replaced the spark plug, checked the fuel lines, used fresh TruFuel 50:1. No dice! These Homelite weedeaters should be labeled "2 uses and throw away!" Cheap, Chinese-made garbage. In the end, I've spent almost as much as it would have cost to buy a new Stihl! For my yard, a Stihl might be viewed as "overkill," but at least it would've worked EVERY time, and with 1000% fewer headaches. You get what you pay for, and having owned 2 Homelite that have been nothing but problematic, I would strongly urge you to buy quality the first time around. Homelite products have been extremely disappointing and frustrating!

At first the weed eater worked fine until today when I put the string in and it unravels itself. I even put the string in right when it does it so I won't buy nothing from Homelite again since their product only works for 2 months and then starts giving you problems.

I purchased a tiller from Home Depot 3 1/2 years ago, used it one year, and the next two years I used it about 3 times over the remaining time I had it, due to my job of traveling. Now that I am retired and have more time I was trying to get my garden ready and the tiller would not start, so I began to work on the equipment. I found that one of the hoses from the fuel tank had dry rotten and so I was going to replace the fuel tank. After numerous days of researching I found that the part is no longer available. So now I have a very heavy paper weight, since I cannot fix the problem. So what I would like everyone to know that when purchasing something from this company make damn sure you will be able to purchased parts down the road, or you will be left with a piece of equipment that is no longer worth anything.

My question is why don't these companies have some sort of an disclosure telling the consumer that no parts will be available after so many years? At least the consumer will have all the information needed to make a better choice in the equipment at hand. After all, smokers have a warning telling them the issues so they can make better choices, so why don't we have that same right? No more Homelite products for me and everyone on social media I know will also be informed as well.

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Brand new blower ran. One summer after that it won't start.

Homelite Customer Service. I bought a Homelite Power Washer, model #UT80993A, a little over 2 years ago. When I did my research I was told to pay particular attention to the pump and I did. I made sure to lubricate it after every use. This summer I lost pressure and found that the pump had, indeed, gone bad. I called Homelite and the lady I spoke to said I would have to take it to an authorized dealer and that, as long as the issue was a defect and not customer caused, the pump would be under warranty. I took the washer to the closest authorized dealer and was told by the associate there that it would not be under any warranty. He further stated that Homelite has a reputation for telling customers anything just to get them off the phone and that their actual customer service is terrible.

Sure enough, Homelite would not stand behind the pump. I sent an email to Homelite Customer Service and received an indignant response that Homelite most certainly does stand behind its products: as long as they are under warranty, as long as the customer has a receipt, as long as the issue is a manufacturing defect (to be determined by the service center), as long as the product is taken to an authorized repair center and as long as there was no customer abuse. In other words, no, they would not stand behind my pump.

I checked customer service ratings online and here is what I found: Customer Service Scoreboard gave them (Homelite) 4 negatives and 0 positives. Homelite's own website gave them a rating of 2.9 on a scale of 1 5. My3Cents.com gave them a rating of 1 on a scale of 1 5. In other words the associate at the service center was correct in telling me their reputation is terrible. I had no choice but to pay for a new pump. I will leave it to the reader to guess if I will ever buy another Homelite product.

I bought this Homelite Cordless Grass Shrubber. I only used it two times. When I went to use it the third time it doesn't work. I charged it for over 24 hours and it still doesn't work. It dies after 20 seconds. I then charged it for three days, and it still doesn't charge. It is a piece of junk. I am sorry I ever bought it. I will never buy a Homelite product again.

Attempted to start gas trimmer, was hard to pull, but I didn't use any excessive force in trying to start it. When pull-start recoiled, sounded like something snapped, and recline stopped, unable to feed pull line to be able to start again. The was a Homelite UT33600 (curved shaft) with a 26cc engine. My previous Homelite gas trimmer was a very similar model curved shaft trimmer, and lasted me 9 years, was very reliable with minimal maintenance. I'm very dissatisfied with Homelite's response saying this component wasn't covered under warranty and deemed as a normal wear & tear component.

My question to them is only 24 uses normal wear & tear, or a structural or design defect to have only lasted after 24 uses??? The cost to repair exceeded the cost of a new Homelite, but have no intentions on buying another Homelite trimmer after they declined to apply a discount on a new Homelite trimmer. Needless to say, I'll be sharing my experiences with this product with others, especially those whom I had recommended this product to based on my previous Homelite trimmer.

Purchased Homelite trimmer and would not start after first use. Found much carbon build up inside carb. No element in carb housing (filter). Using the Stop switch seems to shut start system down, not to restart. Started twice after cleaning but not now. First and last time purchase.

Homelite chainsaw from Home Depot Ann Arbor, MI motor locked up second use, took repair center. Homelite claimed fuel related problem, which is crap. Fuel was exactly to directions recommendations. Won’t stand up to their warranty junk. Out $ now. Scam artist.

14" chainsaw was hard to start the first time. Problem got worse the next couple of times I used it. The first jobs were trimming bushes. About the 4th time I used it was to help a friend cut some juniper trees. I nearly collapsed from exhaustion from trying to restart it during the day. After I got home I took it apart looking for gas line or spark plug problems. What I discovered was that the manifold was loose on the engine block - when I tried tightening the two screws, one just spun. The screw was sheared off in the aluminum block.

I used the saw a few more times.... after an hour or so the vibration loosened the remaining screw, so a tear down was required to tighten the one good screw. Today the saw would only run with the choke fully out and little power. The gasket between the manifold and block was chewed up by the loose manifold and vibrations. I tried using a gasket sealer but the only good screw sheared off in the block as I tightened it. Homelite - never again.

I had about 2 hours use out of my homelite leaf blower before it started to go wrong. Now it refuses to start. I have cleaned out the carburetor and filled it with fresh petrol oil mix. The only way to get it started is to spray easy start into the air intake. It runs rough for a minute or two then cuts out. Absolute rubbish.

I purchased a leaf blower for my cottage two years ago and could never get it started. I think it ran twice before the pull cord snapped. I went to the store and purchased another one and that wouldn't start and they gave me another one. Needless to say it started twice and it's dead. Homelite should be ashamed of their products and I'll never buy another one.

I have the Homelite 16in model 10564 chainsaw auto oiler. When I purchased it, there was oil at the bottom of the case. I have 2 problems:

1. I have difficulty keeping the chain tension constant, as it loosens. As a result the chain jumps the bar. I have ruined two chains as a result. I dislike bar tightening knob arrangement instead of using two nuts. It's very difficult to tighten and KEEP TIGHT, and once tightened very difficult to loosen. Pain in the ** to adjust the chain tension all the time

2. Oil leaks from the bottom (I believe it's from the oiler system, and it does not oil the chain and bar). I believe the tubes are clogged and there is no way to clear them or the oil pump is defective. Plus oil leaks somewhere in the oiler system. I have found no repair manual to replace oiler system parts. I attempted to gain access to the oiler system, but when I took the plate off the chain brake spring, it flew off!! And it was a ** getting it back on. The saw is way out of warranty and there is no service manuals anywhere on the net or tutorials on how to service the oiler. I am not going to pay someone $150 to repair the oiler system when the saw is only worth $50.

And observing all the complaints about Homelite chainsaws, the auto oiler system is defective to start with. At this point I will have to cut my losses, and pay the extra bucks, and go get a Husky or a Stihl chainsaw. I am very mechanically talented, but I need a repair manual to do the repair. Where can I find one??

9/25/14. I highly advise chainsaw purchasers to not buy either an electric or gas powered homelite because of the automatic oiler feature. Purchased a homelite electric chain 2 years ago and when I used it the first time I was sprayed with bar oil down my front. I was under a large spruce tree holding the chainsaw vertically, cutting out lower limbs to raise the "skirt" of the tree.

Also, I have found the automatic oiler wastes too much bar oil because of the "free flow feature." Thirdly, the excess oil flow mixes with the saw dust being created and gums up the sprocket which is unnecessary, and creates a cleaning problem.. I highly recommend that buyers purchase a Remington brand chainsaw (or other brand) that does not have an automatic oiler, but instead has an oil pump wherein the operator can control the amount of oil to the bar. A friend loaned me his homelite gas chainsaw (a 3 year old model) and the bar oil problem was the same with the automatic oiler: too much oil being used and everything gummed up around the sprocket.

Bought saw less year ago - used once. Last dumped the gas, tuned up saw. Bought new gas with stabilizer and oil. Couldn't keep saw running. I took it to Home Depot Midland, MI and was told I had used stale gas and it only had 55% compression. I told them I had new gas and the saw was defective. He was rude. The saw was sent to Home Depot Indianapolis, IN for repair. They said it would cost $239 and they wouldn't repair even under its warranty. Again Homelite is living up to its new reputation dumping a bad product and screw the customer. As far as Home Depot, don't pretend you're all customer-oriented because you're not - treat the customer like dirt because it's all about volume.

Over 50% of the time, my Homelite blower 26 will not start and the gas never drains from the pump, so you have to not prime it or it will flood.

Bought the Homelite gas pressure washer last year from HD. Used it about 4 times and then it wouldn't start. Drained it of gas and water and decided to deal with it this year. Will not start after cleaning spark plug, etc. Now the pull cord is virtually impossible to pull. I'll rip my rotator cuff if I try to do it again.

Product works out of the box but that's it. So difficult to start; never stays running. Can't get either one to start again. When I contacted the Homelite company, they said the carburetor needs to be adjusted - not true. I took both carburetors apart, put in a kit and readjusted them - same problem. Maybe they think I don't know what I'm doing but I work for a carburetor rebuilding company. The products they make just plain SUCK!!!!

Cannot find the replacement part for the Homelite XL Chain saw. Homelite, I was told, sold out. Now I've called around a dozen of places. No one seems to know where you can order the 10" replacement bar for this saw. Have brand new chains but no bar! The new Homelite chainsaws that they make now are not built like they used to be so I will not buy the same product with a diff. company. I've looked at their saws and they are cheaply made. If you cannot find replacement parts, why fool with them again. The old saws were and used to be reliable.

My gas trimmer won't start. Bought this 26cc curved gas trimmer two month ago. Paid $15 to Home Depot for replacing the plug. Paid $410 for string housing cap. It's still not working.

I have bought 3 Homelite products ranging from weed eaters to blowers and have found them inferior. The products do not last a year for home use. They simply fail to start and run. Stay clear of Homelite products.

Purchased the HOMELITE UTC 33650 String Trimmer based on Consumer Reports' ratings. I usually rely on CR for purchasing advice, but this was a terrible choice. My 4th time using the product and it won't start. This is my 3rd experience with one of Homelite's string trimmers. This was equally as bad as the first two. I only gave it one more shot based on CR reviews. I'm fed up with anything that has the Homelite brand name forever!!!

Homelite 26cs weed eater - I bought it new from Home Depot, used it 4 times and now it won't stay running. Heck after one use, I had to start running it with the choke on halfway. I will definitely never buy anything Homelite makes again.

I bought the Homelite gas weed trimmer (26ss) at the end of summer last year. I used it twice but could not get it started a third time. I let it sit all winter and leaned it up. It will not start again. Receipt is gone. It's really a piece of junk!

I purchased Model UT33650 Straight Line Trimmer at Home Depot during the last week of September 2012 and used it successfully three times; the vibration was awful but I thought at $100, what should I expect. I drained it of fuel for the winter and it never started again come April 2013. At first, I thought the gardener may have mixed the fuel incorrectly. I personally mixed the next batch to no avail. Like many of the other people I too had a Homelite product that worked for years and when considering this trimmer never gave it a second thought. Homelite, I'm finished with your junk. I did not bother attempting a return; receipt is long gone.

We purchased a new Homelite 4218c chainsaw on December 1, 2012 because the Homelite chainsaw we'd been using for over 25 years finally died. After only a few hours of use, the threads holding the muffler onto the aluminum block stripped out. Only recourse was to take it to an authorized dealer. After holding the saw for 2 weeks, it was supposedly repaired and returned to us. Now after only about 5 hours more of use, the muffler has come off again. Received names of other authorized repair shops direct from Homelite customer products office, but no one wants to mess with it. Twice now this piece of ** has left us in a bind. Will absolutely never purchase another Homelite product. Their quality has gone down the tubes.

I paid over $300.00 for this worthless and unreliable product (Homelite EA190V pressure washer). Subaru engine starting cord is incredibly hard to pull. I have used it twice with considerable difficulty. Now, after 5 months of inactivity, it will not start under any circumstances. It is the worst power product I have ever purchased outside of a Homelite chainsaw, which also lasted about one year. I will never buy another Homelite product as long as I live, which, after stressing my heart and major blood vessels trying to start the Model EA190V, may not be that much longer.

I used the pressure washer for about six hours. I then drained the gas and put it away for the winter. I filled it up with gas in June and gas leaked out of the gas shut off switch. The warranty was for two years and it was still under warranty. They would not honor the warranty. I paid $88 for the repair. When it breaks again, I will junk it out. No quality and useless warranty.

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