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Last updated: March 26, 2016

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Original review: March 26, 2016

Had an outside security door installed by Greencraft Interiors through Home Depot. I am unable to download the pics I have. Work was horrible had to complain to corporate. They sent John **, district manager for Home Depot and some other guy to look at shoddy work. Mr. ** stood there smirking at me. They have agreed to take door off and refund my money although it has been over a week but they refuse to put my old door on. As you can see they charged me $25 to haul away old door, yet never asked me if it were okay. I would never use this company again, and dealing with the complaint department in GA is another joke. Kristy you are not very nice.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2015

I was approached in the store and asked if I was interested in a remodeling projects in my kitchen or bathroom(s) as they offered a free in-home design consultation that would provide ideas and pricing that would be good for a year. I responded that the kitchen had already been done but was interested in ideas for the master bath.

They asked if all decision-makers/homeowners would be present at the scheduled appt. and I responded that I was it and would be. My husband and I bought the house 18 year ago and he has been out of the picture for 5 years now. I always have been financially responsible and continue to be and am the only decision-maker/owner that would have a say in any design decisions. As far as payment, well that would also be on me. Keep in mind this is a design consultation only and how I proceed as far as purchasing the materials and hiring/paying for contractors is not under discussion at all.

I find it outrageous and insulting as a professional woman that in this day and age I was told that my husband was required to be there for a design consult. He has no interest or say in the matter at all. As far as HD and their policy/legal concerns, that is nonsense at the stage of a free in-home design consultation. Insulting, to say the least! They are certainly not respecting me as the only present and responsible homeowner. Again, I am not seeking financing or looking to move walls, merely ideas on replacing an old shower and bathroom flooring. Home Depot has completely lost me on this!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2015

We went to Home Depot on De Anza Blvd, San Jose know as the Cupertino Home Depot. We made an appointment for someone to come out about a complete Bathroom remodel. The next week before our scheduled appointment we got a call saying they had to reschedule us for a week later. Not happy about that but I said, "Ok we'll see you next week." Today 3-24-15 the day before our rescheduled appointment I got another call saying that they have a scheduling conflict and need to reschedule us again. I asked who it is that's so much more important than I am that is getting my appointment? She just continued trying to give me a new date so I just hung said thank you and hung up the phone.

My wife said she wants them to keep the appointment for tomorrow and called them back. She has been given another number to call and then transferred three times. Finally she was told by the customer service department that they are trying to get a hold of the person that does the scheduling and has escalated the issue. She is suppose to call us back. So many troubling things about this. #1 I do not feel like my business is important to them. #2 The store in Cupertino was not aware of the problem. #3 It shows a lack of coordination on their part as well the ability to do a job promptly. If I am having these kinds of issues just getting them to my house the first time then what am I to expect when the floors and walls are all ripped out. Could this remodel go into added month or worse?

My wife just got a call back and they put her on hold while they try to have her talk to the original scheduling person. We asked them to straighten this out. We should not have to start all over again with them. Ok now the woman says it's unfortunate and my wife asked to talk to a supervisor. She was put on hold again so she hung up and called the number and had to tell her story to a recording. Now my wife is trying to talk to ** at Customer Service who she already spoke to. Forget it. We will have to use Lowe's or someone else.

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Original review: Sept. 18, 2013

Ordered carpet and Vinyl to be installed 4 weeks ago. Everything paid in full. When I ordered it, I asked the sales person approximately how long it would take to get the job done. She had told me about 2-3 weeks. Well as of today, it's been 4 weeks. The product was received 2 weeks ago and they are FINALLY calling today to set up an install date. The soonest they have is in 11 days! You got to be kidding me!!! Now... that would be over 5 weeks! And they won't schedule the carpet install until the vinyl is completed!

Original review: Aug. 13, 2012

I contracted with HD to install new windows in my FL home. The contract specifically stated the job to be done before Thanksgiving 2011. The job is sill not finished and they sent me a demand for payment! Too many details to list each one, but the main factor is the disorganization between HD, HD local install manager and the contractors. Just a miserable experience!

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Original review: June 11, 2012

I purchased four Maytag appliances, including a Maytag refrigerator, in April 2011. At the time of purchase, I also purchased the extended protection plans offered by The Home Depot for all 4 appliances. I've had a refrigerator door hinge fail and have been told that this is not a covered repair due to the section labeled “abuse” under the terms and conditions. This refrigerator has not been abused or mistreated in any way. When I stated this, I was told that this would not be covered due to "normal wear and tear.” My policy states that it covers "normal wear and tear.” When I brought this up, the agent and the store representatives fell back on the "abuse" theory. Not one representative has visually inspected my refrigerator.

I have had to fight my way to local store managers. Today, I'm told that they will order the part and have someone from their store install it. Home Depot also states that they don't know what they are selling when they sell the service plans. How on earth do you sell something and not know what you are selling? This issue should never have gone this far. The original representative should not have accused me of "abuse.” This is extremely offensive. This is the last straw. I will never shop at Home Depot again!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2012

I was told the R-Panel roofing would be in by the end of the week (special order). I ordered and paid for it on the 21st of May. On Friday of that week, Dean from HD left a message. I called him back. He appeared confused as to who I was. He then asked me if I ordered 14 panels. I said yes. He then said okay and hung up. I called today the 30th to get the status. The order desk said Dean left a message on a phone last week that is not mine and advised that the order was late. Now, they tell me it won't be here until the 9th or so. That's 19 days. I took 5 days of annual leave this coming week to put the roof on. The roof won't be here! The guy at the desk said he would call me back after talking with the supplier. It's been two hours and there’s no call back. Yes, I am angry big time. Now what?

Original review: May 27, 2012

I went in on Saturday, May 26th, 2012, to have a key made for my car. They made me a key. The key didn’t work and they messed up my original key, so I could not unlock or even get in my car. When I told them of this, they said it wasn’t their fault, but it was fine until they tried making a key. I believe they should pay for the amount that it will cost me to have this fixed.

Original review: April 19, 2012

There is an employee at the Home Depot in Beaverton who I just had the unfortunate encounter to meet. I was recently looking for paint for my new home and he started to be very helpful and answered my questions. I said something about the molding in a room and he began to talk about how he has that and then about his life story pretty much. He would not stop talking. Even while I began to fiddle with my phone, he still went on. He then proceeded to give me his full name. He had his first name on his apron as ** with a weird “E.” It is ** at **. He asked me on a date and I gave him a fake name and number. I can't return to this store. Instead, I now will have to drive 30 miles out of my way to avoid this person that represents Home Depot. You guys need a better screening process! He even went into on how some crazy ex excused him of rape. I would not be surprised if that would be born true.

Original review: March 25, 2012

Masonite exterior doors: These doors were sold at Home Depot as a special order, 1999-2005. Home Depot was paid extra money by the manufacturer Masonite in Dickson, TN for its display to be put up in many of the stores with glossy 8.5" x 11" advertising limited lifetime guarantee. These doors were nearly 3x more than other doors Home Depot was selling at the time, averaging $3,000 - $5,000. My door was installed by a Home Depot contractor.

A review of the internet list hundreds of complaints. Many of the doors were warping and leaking within months of purchase. Repeated calls to Home Depot corporate office resulted in being connected with Masonite. Masonite Customer Service is non-existent; they give countless excuses for the doors' failure. None of which was their fault. To the best of my knowledge, Masonite did not stand behind any of the complaints. We were all scammed, and Home Depot knows it and will not intercede.

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Original review: March 25, 2012

It is one thing to go out into world and feel ripped off, however, to have a representative from Home Depot come into your home and fail to provide the information about the product you are purchasing, quote pricing and lead you to believe that once the install is completed, you would receive documentation as to what you are paying for left me with feeling pretty stupid! I should have ran for the hills when the sales rep wanted me to pay the down payment to him in cash and because I decided not to give him cash, I had to write 2 checks for the full payment.

I planned to pay by debit card anyway, which I felt should have been handled in the store. The fence I purchased, I thought were 6x8 sections, it turned out it had to be put together piece by piece. I had to pay for a full section to complete the back fence, even though they used less than 3% of it and they took the rest with them. The final receipt to me for the install was a material list! I have no way to decipher the list and no way to prove if any or all of the materials were actually used.

I was denied a refund for the unused fencing and pretty much told to get lost. It is obvious to me that Home Depot puts profit before their customers. I will never make another purchase at Home Depot and I have informed my friends, coworkers and customers to do the same. I was not treated the way a customer should be. I was treated like a "mark."

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 25, 2012

I bought the Husky 1800s power washer from Home Depot to clean my deck each spring. It worked fine the first year. Afterwards, I cleaned and stored it in a heated space for the following year. But the next time, the gun failed, spraying water everywhere. It cost me $21.95 + shipping (less 10% or free shipping, my choice!) to replace it. By the time it arrived, I had cleaned the deck manually. So I stored the equipment away for use the following year. The next time, the power nozzle would not produce the high pressure stream. Home Depot said it's not their problem. The company (FNA Group) offered no help, no parts and no discount. This time, I'm looking at $30. I successfully used this equipment once in three years. It's junk, as is the company.

Original review: March 15, 2012

I told the gentleman at the door I needed a regulator for my gas grill. He said he would get me someone who knew about the grills because "they have been to school on these things". Shortly, a female asked me what I needed and I explained that I had a 4 burner grill with a side burner. It was a char boil grill about 3 to 4 years old. She told me I needed a regulator with 2 hoses. I told her that my grill had 1 hose that went to the side burner and then feed the other burners. She told me I was wrong, that I needed 2 hoses coming from the regulator. I said I needed a one feed from the regulator and it hooked into the side burner. She disagreed and I just left.

I know what I needed and wasn't going to stand there and be question by someone who was going to disagree. I did go to an ACE Hardware and get what I needed, put it on the grill and it works fine. I have purchased numerous things from Home Depot over the years and have had some other issues from time to time but generally I've gotten what I needed. I don't know if I can continue to use Home Depot when there are other stores in our area that have the same products, maybe it’s time to try them. Thank you, please don't call me.

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Original review: March 14, 2012

I purchased a Martha Stewart brand carpet in June of 2011 on 12 months (same as cash plan) on Home Depot card. Five months later, the carpet is streaking all over and looks like someone drizzled bleach all over it. I filled a complaint with Home Depot. They sent a person representing the carpet manufacturer out. He looked at the carpet and tried to say it was normal wear and was normal. He closed the case. Then, I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and stopped payment on the card. They sent another company out and the agent said it was not normal fading. He then did a test and after about 3 weeks and much prodding, finally he came back and said it was just soiled and needed to be cleaned.

There are only 2 people living in the house and no pets. The streaks are all over the carpet and under the furniture and it is not even a year old. We have continued to pay on charge as we do not want to ruin credit. But this is not fair. The manufacturer and/or Home Depot should pay for replacement. At one point, Home Depot offered to see us more carpet at cost, but then we would still owe for carpet that is disgusting. Previous carpet in house lasted for 10 years before needing replacement.

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Original review: Feb. 24, 2012

I purchased my water heater from Home Depot on 1/11/12 and they sent a third party company to install. The installer left me with a gas leak that I did not discover for 2 weeks as the water heater is in my basement. My housemate and I were both sick for this 2 weeks and I had a migraine for 8 days and missed 3 days of work. Public Service came and tightened the fitting and fixed the leak on 1/25/12. Public Service also stated that the installer reused a flexible pipe from my 20 year old water heater, which he said "they're not supposed to do". The installation company apologized and agreed to refund a portion of the installation which they have done. Home Depot offered me a $500 gift card on 1/27/12 and said it would be here in 10 days but they never sent the card. I spoke with them yesterday and they said they'd look into it but no one called me back. I've called them every day this week.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2012

We contracted with Home Depot to install attic insulation. HD sent a subcontractor who broke a water pipe and caused approximately $30,000 worth of damage. Subcontractor admitted liability at the time. HD stonewalling us, said they are not involved, look to subcontractor. Sub's insurance carrier is stonewalling us. Silence all around, even after several strong letters from us to all and many phone calls. Home is on market for 1.3; can't be shown in this condition.

Original review: Feb. 18, 2012

I recently had windows installed throughout my home. The installation went very well. The contractor did a superb job installing the windows. My complaint is regarding the manufacturing of the windows. There are 13 windows in my home, and five of the windows that were delivered, were wrong. The worksheet I signed was correct, and had two of the windows made with obscure glass. One for the bathroom and one for the garage. The windows for the living room both had obscure glass in the bottom. They were ordered as clear tempered glass, but not obscured. One for the dining room also had obscure glass on the bottom. This also should have been clear and tempered. One of the bedrooms that was ordered as clear and tempered, was totally obscured, both top and bottom. The bottom should have been tempered and clear.

The bathroom window that was supposed to be obscured top and bottom, came clear both top and bottom. As I said, the worksheet I have did not agree with the worksheet the contractor had. His was adjusted, for reasons unknown to anyone, and the wrong windows were made. The representative from Home Depot ordered the windows to replace the ones made wrong, however, this is a great inconvenience to me. I now have to wait until the correct windows are made, and then be home for the contractor to change out the windows.

No one could explain how Home Depot made the mistake. As I said before, the contractor who installed the windows did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend him. However, I do not think that I would recommend Home Depot for anyone wanting new windows.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2012

I ordered a fridge last week and it was said it was to be delivered to our home on Wednesday, 2/1/12, so we paid for it and waited, and waited for the man at the store. They never said we would have to MOVE our furniture around, and there was enough room for them to get by, but the short balding man with the clip board shows up, and said "if you do not move everything in the living room, we will take it back".

I told him I had surgery recently, and had a bad back, and he said "we will load it back on the truck and leave", so even with my problems, I moved all of our stuff, making sure it was a good distance from their so called path, hurting myself in the process. I asked "what if I was some 90 year old frail man or woman, would you have taken my stuff back?" He did not say anything to me, turned around loaded my fridge back on the truck, and left without a word to me. He also, on purpose or not, took some of my paperwork, and just threw it on the ground outside, when he realized it was not his. I called the Home Depot, where I purchased my fridge, and told them the story, and have not heard back from anyone, and still do not have my fridge or my money. If I do not get some service, I already have an attorney, and will let him go after them!

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2012

I ordered blinds from the Home Depot store in Eagan, MN on October 10, 2011. I paid that day with my credit card. I received at least 3 calls after that date asking if I would like to place my order. Seriously? They had my money already; it better have been ordered. It took at least 2 weeks to straighten that out; then another 3 weeks to receive the order with several calls to find out exactly where everything was. I had an install date of December 6 (finally); when the installer arrived, he informed me that the wrong brackets had been sent for the arch window. Really? You can't even get that right?

The installer then told me he would order the right brackets. Another 3 weeks goes by and no word. I go into the Eagan store and they know nothing about it. I had to get the manager to order the brackets because the first 2 employees had no idea how to do it. I finally got the brackets and the arch installed. My point being is that it should not take 3 months and many headaches to get blinds installed. I will never, ever use Home Depot again. This was an appalling display of business practices and customer service. How Home Depot can get away with this kind of service is beyond me. As I said, I will never, ever use Home Depot again; there is plenty of competition out there and I will be using them instead.

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Original review: Jan. 24, 2012

home Depot St Thomas has a leak in its delivery depot. Of 21 items ordered, 9 including a sink, 5 lights, and 3 toilets went "missing" or were never put on the pallet. I spoke to store manager, security, and the accelerator in Atlanta. All gave me the narrow - "it's your risk once it's on the barge for tortola" but anyone will tell you once it's shrink wrapped it stays so and that's how it arrived.

No one cared beyond getting the company off, when they have the real problem, they have a problem in the depot which is likely to happen again and we, their customers in Tortola can't trust HD anymore. I asked to see the security camera film of the pallet being loaded but was told by store manager that he could not without higher authority. What is he afraid of? That you can't hide 3 toilets, 5 lights and a sink that were not on the pallet! I am over $1,000 out of pocket.

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Original review: Jan. 24, 2012

On June 4th, 2011, my wife and I purchased a cordless self-propelled Ryobi lawnmower to utilize at our new home from Homedepot.com. The reviews on the website at the time were fantastic. The lawnmower was functional and worked well for us until August of 2011. At that time, I smelled an odd chemical smell coming from the garage where the lawnmower was charging. When I investigated, the lawnmower battery's lights were all on, there was battery acid covering the battery and the mower was extremely hot. I unplugged it at that point and my wife called Ryobi a day later.

Ryobi stated that they had been having these problems with the battery charger overcharging the battery and that they would send us a replacement within 3 weeks. 3 weeks later, we had not received the parts, so my wife called again and the customer service rep at Ryobi stated that the parts were now on back order and didn't understand why we didn't get one prior to the part being put on back-order.

It is now January 2012. We've called Ryobi 3 more times and had the same feedback that the part is still on back-order and it will come to us when they get it. Wondering if this was a trend, I examined the product on Homedepot.com. There are at least 20 (if not more) customers that have had the exact same issue. Battery burnt up, battery acid leaked, Ryobi not sending them the batteries or providing a refund or solution. Meanwhile, Ryobi has not issued a recall and Home Depot is still selling the product.

Home Depot tells us that because it's past 30 days, there's nothing they can do and we should call the manufacturer. Ryobi tells us that they can't give us a refund because no money ever changed hands with them. However, they'll send us a replacement battery if one comes in. My guess is that when the battery does come in, the lawnmower still won't work because a battery with battery acid sat in the carriage for about 12 hours. The mower was a $400 mower and it only worked for 2 months. A replacement battery costs $130. Battery acid had covered the battery and part of the mower before I could unplug it, which is certainly a health risk, both for myself and for our pets.

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Original review: Jan. 4, 2012

I have repaired the same problem 2 times and the pump is not working again. I wish I knew about it before I spend so much money. No doubt it is a piece of junk!

Original review: Dec. 27, 2011

It is bad Customer Service at the Plumbing Department at the Hanford, CA store.Your Plumbing "Associate" who is Hispanic was helping another Hispanic family and was speaking in Spanish for over 30 minutes. I did not want to interfere with him handling their questions but for 30 minutes or more he helped them instead of helping me with my issue. I feel that had I been Hispanic maybe I would have received service much faster. I asked to talk to your manager after I left the plumbing department without help and told him I wanted to return the Christmas gift cards I had received.

I told him that I would no longer do business with the Home Depot stores. He told me that he cannot give me the cash that my son, daughter, and spouse had spent on the gift cards, that I could sell them, or give them away, but he would not give me the cash. I told him that this store was not a customer friendly store and that I merely wanted my money returned to the family member who had purchased the cards for me. He told me that that was impossible. At no time did the Manager offer to seek the replacement part I needed, only that he could not cash the card. I told him what was he going to do with the "Associate" in Plumbing and his response was "nothing". I then left the store without my part for the sink, (the sink was purchased at Home Depot), and I went home.

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Original review: Dec. 22, 2011

Carpet is coming apart. It is only one year old. There are repeated problems to resolve. I want what I paid for. I don’t have money to throw away. I need this fixed a.s.a.p. I can’t have this accepted without this being resolved and fixed.

Original review: Dec. 22, 2011

I purchased a $900 garage door from Home Depot. They did not specify any promotion regarding the door and another purchase with a promotion. Now my bill was done to $1219.38; then they claim promotion interest charge is $302.26. I informed them that I was going to report them. The the lady started laughing. I want Home Depot to be investigated and have my information investigated. They are ripping off the consumers badly. I requested that they close my account out due to the inaccurracy with them. Please expedite asap. Thank you kindly.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 15, 2011

I bought four outdoor light fixtures two years ago and due to poor quality, they are now rusting. I tried to buy parts or get any type concession for new lights and they have no answers. The only question they continue to ask me is, "What do you want us to do for you?" Every time I tell them, they just don't give me an answer, except to call their vendor who says that they have no parts. I feel that they should stand by their products. Hampton Bay is a propietary brand for Home Depot. You are not dealing with a U.S. based company but a foreign-made product made to Home Depot standards. If they want to bring in products made for them, they should stand by them. Outside wall lights are made for outside and therefore should be made of components that stand up to the outside elements. These were not cheap and two years is unacceptable.

Original review: Dec. 11, 2011

I paid using a debit card with PIN. I took the item home, but the item was defective. I returned it to exchange it with something else. It went okay. I brought the exchanged item home, but it had the same problems. I went to exchange for the second time, however,they insisted that I just take store credits. I tried t get my money back, but they forced store credit on me. I feel they should have given me a refund instead. I lost cash for store credits. I did not need anything else.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2011

On 5/1/2008, I purchased a Stronghold shed from Home Depot. I was stupid and did not know I needed a building permit. On December 2011, Marion County code enforcement said I had to tear it down or get a permit. Then I found out that neither US Leisure nor Home Depot will supply the needed papers. Neither store will even talk to me.

I would like my money back. How can they sell a shed in Marion County that cannot be installed in Marion County? I paid over $1200 for this shed, which is a lot of money to a 75-year-old lady living from hand to mouth. They do have an article in their book that states it may need a permit but does not say it is not eligible for a permit in any hurricane-prone state. This is a rip off.

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Original review: Oct. 31, 2011

In Sept 2010, we purchased Platinum Plus carpet from the home depot in Chesterfield Michigan. The price was $3,400. They came out and measured and said it would be installed in about 1 month. When they brought the carpet out, it wasn't enough and told us that it was miss-measured. All the furniture was moved into other rooms and our house was a mess. To make a long story short, this was the beginning of our Home Depot nightmare.

About 3 or 4 months after it was installed, we found that it wouldn't clean if something was spilled or just general use of it. It looked like it had been down 10 or 15 years and was embarrassing for friends to see this filthy carpet.

I called their customer affairs dept in Atlanta, Ga and told them about the problems I was having. There is only my wife and I (both Seniors) and our 2 Greyhound rescue dogs in the house. We bought this specific carpet because it had a Lifetime Stain Resistant warranty and a 25 Yr wear Warranty on it. They sent out a " Carpet Expert" from a Company called flooring inspections. He did several tests and said that I had cleaned it too much and that the dogs were also the problem. Our last carpet lasted 22 yrs and was in better shape than this after only a few months. They then sent out a carpet cleaning company "Chem Dry" and they tried cleaning it. When it was still damp, it didn't look bad, but when it dried, all of the spots came back. No person from Home Depot ever came out to look at this junk. I told them that I wanted my money back so I could buy some good carpet from a good store.

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Original review: Oct. 24, 2011

My husband and I was shopping in Home Depot in Fairfield, CT. We asked a store associate to assist us in getting an item, a screw gun for $80.00, down from the top shelf. Upon retrieving the item, the store associate advised us that he needed to bring the item to the front register. I thought that was odd because we shop at Home Depot all the time and on previous occasion the store associate would hand me the item. When he returned, I asked, "Is there any reason why you brought the item to the front register?" The associate replied, "steal." In disbelief, I asked, "Do you think we are going to steal that screw gun?" He nodded his head and replied, "Yes." I then replied, "The screws that my husband has in his hand cost more than that item. We don't steal." I then walked away from him and went to the customer service desk to report this to a manager.

While at the customer service, the sale associate was shocked. She gave me the phone to their customer care. She also directed me to the hardware department manager. I approached him and advised him of the situation. He told me that bringing merchandise to the cashier is standard company policy. He then turn to an African American associate that was standing nearby and said, "Isn't that normal company policy?" She replied, "No." I noticed that we were drawing attention from other customers so I ended the conversation by requesting his name and store information. I met my husband at the register. My husband and I was advised by the African American cashier who overheard my conversation with the manager that, "They only bring the items to the front register when the customer is black." She then stated, "If you're white, you're allowed to walk around within the store with $300 items with no problem!" My husband and I was so upset and embarrassed. I cried. This whole experience was horrible and racist.

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