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Best home security systems in Phoenix

Compare our Phoenix home security company reviews

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by Jessica Render ConsumerAffairs Research Team
Phoenix skyline

The valley of the sun is known for the five C’s: cotton, cattle, citrus, climate and copper. Phoenix is also the fifth most populous city in the U.S., and with increased population comes increased crime rates. Installing a home security system can decrease your likelihood of becoming a victim of both violent and property crimes and give you and your family some peace of mind.

Top 5 best home security systems in Phoenix

Phoenix residents have a lot of choices when it comes to home security. We researched a dozen home alarm companies in Phoenix, read through hundreds of home security reviews and compared their home alarm contracts and monitoring fees to find the best home security companies for consumers living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Best national home security systems

Best local home security systems

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Best national home security systems in Phoenix

When you partner with a national home security company, you’ll have your pick of equipment, packages and monitoring plans. Many of the national players specialize in smart home automation and other cutting-edge advancements in alarm technology. The biggest advantage, of course, is being able to take your service with you when you move—even if that move is outside of the Phoenix area.

Best package options
Protect America

Company nameContact
protect america
Available in Phoenix
  • Installation: DIY
  • Cellular monitoring: $41.99 per month
  • Typical contract: 36 months

What we like: Protect America is an easy-install DIY security system that offers a variety of equipment and monitoring options to protect your home and family. With three plan options, Copper, Silver and Platinum, Protect America offers equipment packages including touchscreen control panels, door and window sensors, pet-friendly motion detectors and HD wireless video cameras. Monitoring services include intrusion detection as well as fire, flood and carbon monoxide monitoring, and you will have remote access to your system on your phone via the Protect America App.

We love that Protect America provides free resources with home security advice and equipment recommendations for the hard of hearing and visually impaired, making their systems accessible to all. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the biggest advantages of any wireless, DIY system: they’re easy to move, meaning you can take Protect America with you if you move into a new home.

What to consider: Protect America has great rates for landline monitoring ($19.99/month), but cellular monitoring will cost you double. As landlines are being phased out in favor of cell phones, consider what will serve you best in the long run. DIY installation is the only option, but their customer service team can help you walk-through the process remotely.

What customers say:

  • Customer service is helpful and patient
  • Quick service times for installation
  • Convenient on-site chat feature allows questions to be answered quickly and conveniently

Best wireless system

Company nameContact
Available in Phoenix
  • Installation: DIY
  • Cellular monitoring: $34.99 per month
  • Typical contract: 12 months

What we like: Frontpoint is another good contender for top wireless security system. We commonly call Frontpoint out for its ease of install and transferability, meaning you can take it with you wherever you move—whether it’s down the street or across the country. Frontpoint markets itself as a simple, “hassle-free” alarm system, but simple doesn’t mean lesser.

Frontpoint has a large selection of home security equipment, including cameras, sensors, hazard detection for smoke, carbon monoxide and flood sensors, plus home automation equipment like smart locks, smart lights and garage door controllers. The camera selection, all wireless, offers both indoor and outdoor cameras and includes a video doorbell. Among their accessories, Frontpoint offers a panic pendant with a 100-foot connection range, which is great for older users or anyone at a greater risk of falls or medical emergencies.

What to consider: Frontpoint only requires a 12-month contract, but to get the best deal, you’ll find yourself signing a three-year agreement. This isn’t a bad thing, especially considering Frontpoint’s wireless system can go with you even if you move. Like with most DIY systems, Frontpoint doesn’t offer a professional installation option, but their systems are designed to be easy to install.

What customers say:

  • Ease of DIY install
  • Helpful customer service reps
  • User-friendly system with smartphone access

Best smart home system

Company nameContact
Available in Phoenix
  • Installation: Professional
  • Cellular monitoring: $39.99 per month
  • Typical contract: 42 months; no contract required if equipment purchased

What we like: Many of the companies on our list offer some smart home options, but Vivint is the one that really focuses on these features and services. Smart home control through Vivint can be done via their smartphone app, by using voice control with a device like Google Home, or through their SkyControl panel. Home Automation may be what Vivint does best with devices to control lighting, connected appliances like heat and AC, garage doors and smart locks. Among their home security services are burglary detection, fire prevention, flood warning and carbon monoxide detection, and equipment includes motion detectors, door and window sensors, smart locks and cameras with remote monitoring capabilities.

What to consider:  We love that Vivint offers no-contract options, but keep in mind this is only available if you’re able to front the cost of the equipment in full, which can set you back several hundred dollars up front and may not be the most attractive option to many users. If you opt to enter into a monthly contract, the most typical term we could find was 42 months, which is slightly longer than average (we tend to see 36-month terms more frequently among other security companies).

What customers say:

  • Professional installation team is informative, knowledgeable and courteous
  • Straightforward, easy purchase process
  • Modern security equipment

Best local home security companies in Phoenix

You may prefer the idea of doing business with a local company, and if that’s up your ally, you’ll have a few solid choices for home alarm systems in Phoenix. Partnering with local companies gives you access to local experts who really know your area and can provide specific recommendations for your home and neighborhood. Some local companies are also smaller, which means you may be doing business directly with an owner or manager, who has a vested interest in ensuring you have the best experience possible with their company.

Best local security experts
AZ Alarm Company

Company nameContact
AZ Alarm Company

1831 W Rose Garden Ln, Ste 1, Phoenix, AZ 85027

  • Installation: Professional
  • Cellular monitoring: $34.99 per month
  • Typical contract: No-contract plans available

What we like: AZ Alarm Company partners with JPG Security Consulting to provide Arizona residents the best in local home security. JPG was founded by a former Arizona police officer who frequently advises the AZ Alarm Company team. The company offers a month-to-month plan for those who don’t want to sign a contract and a free security system (valued at $1,500) for those who do sign a contract. Free installation and activation are included. Products and services include security systems, home automation services, surveillance cameras and video doorbells.

What to consider: While AZ Alarm Company does offer no-contract plans, to qualify you’ll be responsible for purchasing your alarm system up front, which could cost as much as $1,500. If you’d rather roll that cost into a monthly bill, you’ll be allowed to use the system for free in exchange for signing a long-term contract—you’ll only pay the monthly monitoring fee.

What customers say:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable installation team who readily answer questions
  • Transparent and up-front pricing
  • Prompt communication and scheduling

Best local package options
Bulwark Security

Company nameContact
Bulwark Security

1220 E Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85204

  • Installation: Professional
  • Cellular monitoring: $34.99 per month
  • Typical contract: 24 months

What we like: Bulwark’s packages are clear and straightforward. Their Cellular package includes a touch screen, motion detector, siren, multiple door contacts and a panic button. If you want interactive features like remote arm and disarm or text alerts, you’ll need to upgrade to their Interactive package, which only costs an extra $3 a month. You can also purchase “add-on” products for an additional fee at any package level.

What to consider: Your Bulwark system will be professionally installed, but the company does charge a fee for this service. For a cellular-monitored system, you’ll be looking at an installation fee of up to $199.

What customers say:

  • High-quality, easy to use Honeywell products
  • Quick and professional interactions with polite and knowledgeable staff, including direct interaction with the owner of the company
  • Affordable monitoring fees

What is the crime rate in Phoenix?

The crime rate for the Phoenix area, per 1,000 residents, is 7.69 for violent crime and 37.12 for property crime. Phoenix crime rates are higher than the national average violent crime and property crime rates, which are 3.94 and 23.61, respectively.

To put this into perspective, your chance of being a victim of a property crime in Phoenix is 1 in 27, and 1 in 130 for violent crime. Property crime statistics include burglary, theft and motor vehicle theft.

The safest neighborhoods in Phoenix tend to be in the northern and southern areas within the city limits, while high crime areas in Phoenix are near the city center.

Phoenix metro crime rates

LocationBurglary OddsCrime Rate per 1kProperty Crime Rate per 1kViolent Crime Rate per 1k
Phoenix1 in 12744.8137.127.69
Chandler1 in 32425.4722.922.55
Scottsdale1 in 28523.4721.881.58
Mesa1 in 24325.6621.544.12
Tempe1 in 16051.0746.134.94

What to look for in a home security system in Phoenix

Once you pick a home security company, you’ll have to decide what features you want your system to have. The crime rate, types of crime, environmental risks and your personal preferences all determine what’s on your home security must-haves list.

Home security systems and property crime in Phoenix
Home camera systems are popular add-ons to home alarm systems. You can connect cameras to motion sensors to automatically alert you and record when movement is detected. Once you’re alerted, you can use two-way speakers on most wireless cameras to tell a potential intruder you’re calling the police. Security camera prices start at about $100.

Motion detectors alert you to any suspicious activity on your property. You can choose several different types of motion detectors to go with your home security system. Basic motion detectors simply trigger the alarm whenever they detect movement. Other detectors can be a part of home security cameras. A home security professional can help you decide which motion detectors are right for you.

High tech home security systems in Phoenix
Many security systems can integrate with smart home devices, like virtual assistants, smart lights, Wi-Fi enabled thermostats and smart locks. These smart home security systems let you to do things like program lights to turn on even when no one is home and set your doors to lock at the same time every night.

Home security systems for seniors in Phoenix
Seniors, or anyone with health or mobility problems, may want a home alarm system with a medical alert system. These systems usually have a handheld panic button that can be worn on a necklace or carried in your pocket. If you fall or have a medical emergency, the panic button lets you talk to someone who can call for emergency services.

Do you need alarm permits in Phoenix?

If you live in Phoenix, you must obtain a permit to have an active security system. An alarm permit in Phoenix costs $17 per year and allows you to have one false alarm without being charged another fee. You’ll be charged $96 for each additional false alarm. You can download a City of Phoenix alarm permits application on the Phoenix government’s website.

Phoenix requires alarm registration and charges false alarm fees to reduce the number of false alarms police have to respond to. Responding to false alarms costs cities thousands of dollars each year and takes police away from other important work.

The money for home alarm permits helps offset expenses of false alarms and gives the city a chance to educate Phoenix residents about the best ways to prevent false alarms.

Phoenix-metro alarm permits

 Alarm permit registration requiredFree false alarms per yearFine for additional false alarms

Bottom line: Choosing a home security company in Phoenix

When comparing the top national providers, you’re likely to find a comparable baseline, so it really comes down to small details. When choosing a home alarm system, consider what’s most important to you. Is it a state-of-the-art smart home system? Or maybe the ability to take the system with you wherever you go? Whatever you decide, use this guide to pick the best Phoenix home security company for your home.

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    by Jessica Render ConsumerAffairs Research Team

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