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5 high-tech home security gadgets

Keep your home safe by adding these tools to your home security system

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    Over 1.5 million burglaries occur each year, costing more than $3.6 billion annually. That’s enough money to buy everyone in the United States a large latte every single day for the next nine months.

    Home security systems can help prevent you from becoming the victim of one of these burglaries or another disaster. These five high-tech home security gadgets can keep your home and family safe.

    1. Smart locks

    Electronic smart locks use WiFi and phone apps to give you control over your locks wherever you are. Some locks have keypad entry codes, so you can give a neighbor or house sitter access to your house when you’re on vacation and then simply change the code to keep them from coming in after you return. Other locks can be linked to cell phones so people who need temporary access can open the door with their phone. You’ll never need to worry about someone making a copy of your house key and coming in without your permission.

    Our pick for smart locks: Vivint

    2. Smart lights

    Over 70 percent of burglaries happen when nobody is home. Smart bulbs and smart switches make your house look occupied. You can have inside and outside lights go on and off on a schedule. You can also turn lights on and off using your phone, even if you’re miles away.

    Many security companies have options to include these in your package, and they’re probably worth the upgrade. If you’re going the DIY route, you can find smart bulbs and switches at your local home improvement store.

    Our pick for smart lights: Protect America

    3. Motorized blinds

    Remote control blinds and curtains offer security perks similar to smart lights by making it look like you’re home when you’re not. The blinds can be programmed to close at a certain time of day, or you can control them with your cell phone or other smart devices. Closing the curtains at night when you turn on your smart lights will also prevent anyone from seeing in your house.

    home security camera

    4. Security cameras

    Aside from recording potential burglars, surveillance systems can show you who’s at the door before you answer it and even record wild animals in your yard that might be a threat to your pets or kids. Like smart lights and switches, some security cameras connect to your phone, tablet or laptop, so you can monitor your house from anywhere. Professional security companies will install cameras for you, or you can do it yourself.

    Our pick for security cameras: ADT

    5. Water sensors

    Water sensors can alert you in case of flooding. Place them under sinks, near your washing machine or by a sump pump, and they trigger an alarm if they detect extra moisture. WiFi enabled sensors can send messages to your phone, giving you a heads-up to run home in case you're out and about. These gadgets aren’t quite as exciting as security cameras, but they can save you a lot of money by helping you prevent water damage.

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    Bottom line

    Investing in a security system is a smart way to protect your family and your home. Getting high-tech home security gadgets ensures that your home is secured with the latest technology to deter burglars and get you help fast in an emergency situation.

    Quick and easy. Get matched with a Home Security partner.

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