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Home decor trends for 2020

8 decor trends you’ll want to try

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Written by Emma Simon
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Much like fashion, home decor goes through trends every season. Many people put off updating their homes because they assume they need a large budget or must live through a massive renovation project, but that’s not always the case. If you don’t have the budget for a full-scale home renovation, we’ve rounded up some 2020 home decor trends and perfect DIY projects you can complete in a weekend or an afternoon.

Trend: Anything but carpet
Swap out old carpeting for modern wood flooring

achim home laminate flooring
Achim Home Furnishings Floor Tiles
  • Perfect for DIY projects
  • Available in six finishes


Flooring options have come a long way. If true hardwood floors aren’t an option, laminate flooring has stepped up its game with a wide array of premium finishes. This Achim Home Furnishings laminate flooring looks just like wood but comes in an ash gray finish with a checkered pattern that looks fresh and modern.

Trend: 80s-style window treatments
Turn your window into a conversation starter

easy s-e-h blackout curtains
Easy-S-E-H Blackout Curtains
  • Modern style
  • Simple way to update a room


In 2020, trends are looking back in order to go forward by taking a popular '80s design trend and modernizing it. Valances are a great way to make a room interesting without investing in a full redesign. To stay on-trend, opt for a modern style like this Easy-S-E-H modern jacquard window treatment.

Trend: Fresh pops of color
Add a pop of sunny yellow to your decor

hosley ceramic yellow vases
Hosley Ceramic Yellow Vases
  • Easy way to refresh a room
  • Cheery color to brighten your mood


Even though the 2020 Pantone color of the year is Classic Blue, the shade that has interior designers talking is a soft yellow known as mellow yellow. If you’re not up for painting your walls that hue, opt for a few strategic accents, like throw pillows or these Hosley ceramic vases that come in a two-pack.

Trend: Live plants
Cultivate a green thumb

succulent collection
Succulent Collection
  • Can improve indoor air quality
  • Caring for plants helps mental health


Plants are definitely a home decor trend for 2020, and there are real benefits to putting a little greenery in your life. Caring for plants can help reduce stress and anxiety. If you’re new to the plant world, test out some low-maintenance plants, such as this set of 20 plants that don’t have to be watered as frequently. Whatever you do, skip the fake plants — they’re bad for your feng shui.

Trend: HGTV-style mini-makeovers
Give your kitchen or bathroom a mini-makeover

mosaic backsplash
LongKing Tile Backsplash
  • Instantly upgrades a room's finish
  • Perfect for a weekend DIY project


Everyone wants a kitchen or bathroom that looks like it was designed by an HGTV host. If a full-scale Fixer Upper renovation isn’t in your budget, try something simple like upgrading your backsplash. These peel-and-stick mosaic tiles from Long King are the perfect way to go. This is a quick and easy DIY project that you can complete in an afternoon.

Trend: Eye-catching patterned bedding
Give your bedroom character with patterned bedding

echo design comforter set
Echo Design Comforter Set
  • Creates an attractive bedroom design
  • Great way to express your personality


In the last decade, minimalism reigned supreme — and that meant solids or basic patterns. But as we usher in a new era, get a little whimsical and swap out that drab striped bedroom set for florals and bolder prints. You don’t have to pick a bold hue — let the print or pattern do the talking with this Echo Design Kamala comforter set.

Trend: Wallpaper is back
Reconsider your feelings about wallpaper

gray geometric wallpaper
RoomMates Gray Wallpaper
  • Mess-free application method
  • Perfect for an accent wall


Once upon a time, wallpaper was a definite no-no. But times have changed, and wallpaper has gone mainstream with modern patterns and simple application methods. To stay on-trend, skip a whole room application and stick to an accent wall for a conversation starter. Opt for sleeker designs that are less '80s-inspired vegetable rows and more geometric to stay in this century — like this RoomMates gray modern geometric peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Trend: Brass is out; bronze is in
Upgrade your home’s finishes with bronze

alpine bronze bar handle
Alpine Hardware Bar Handle
  • Quick DIY project
  • Can create beautiful contrast


In the 2010s, brass reigned supreme in modern home design. But in 2020, bronze is going to be your new BFF. Swap out existing handles or faucets in your kitchen with a sleek bronze option like these Alpine hardware bar handle pulls in a matte black, oil-rubbed bronze finish. They come with an installation kit so you can quickly replace your existing cabinet hardware.

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