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Quick home decor ideas to refresh your space

These stylish ideas are perfect projects for a rainy weekend

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    couple painting wall in house

    If you’re like a lot of homeowners, the only thing holding you back from updating your home is time. You might be daunted by the idea of a complete home remodel, but your house probably has a few areas that could use a little TLC.

    If you're short on time but long on interior decorating needs, these home decorating ideas can help you upgrade and update your home in a short amount of time.

    woman painting wall

    Interior color ideas

    One of the most obvious ways to update your interior design is to paint a room. Homeowners and decorators are shaking up their color palettes to achieve different moods throughout their home. Here are a few ideas to try.

    • Neutrals: Beige-based neutral colors are popular for living rooms and kitchens. Neutral colors can liven up a room and make colorful furniture and fixtures pop.
    • Bold primary colors: According to a recent Houzz survey, two of the most popular moods homeowners try to achieve in their bedroom are calm and romantic. Yellow and blue can create a calm and cozy vibe, while red gives off more of a romantic feel.
    • Experimental colors: Homeowners are branching out with colors like raspberry pink, deep ruby red, caramel and even black to achieve an intimate or romantic mood.

    Your plan: Hit up your local paint store to get some paint samples. Don’t be afraid to experiment with previously taboo colors, like black. Spend a weekend deciding which color to paint your kitchen, living room or bedroom, and tackle the project the next.

    white couch with accessory pillows

    Home interior accessory ideas

    Interior accessories add a personal touch to your home design. Add interesting light fixtures, stylish storage and other unexpected touches to update your home’s interior design with minimal effort.

    These interior accessories can update your house without upending your busy schedule.

    • Bedside pendant lights: Homeowners and designers are giving boring table lamps the boot in favor of hanging pendant lights. These lights help free up bedside space for nightstand essentials or fun decorations. You get just the right amount of mood lighting without wasting valuable nightstand space.
    • Tech storage: A decorative storage box can store your remote controls and other tech gadgets so you can easily find them without having to look at them when they aren’t in use.
    • Personalization: Here’s some good news for anybody who doesn’t follow trends: Personalization is in! It’s now hip to ignore all the other trends and decorate in colors and patterns that you love, even if they aren’t currently trending. Add throw pillows and blankets in the living room or patterned rugs and runners in the kitchen to give these rooms your own unique touch.

    Your plan: Choose one room to accessorize, plan your budget and have fun shopping! You’ll be amazed at the difference one or two accessories can make in a room.

    bar stools in kitchen

    Home furniture ideas

    Your furniture should be as stylish as it is functional, especially if you’re buying furniture for small spaces. Use these ideas throughout your home.

    • Jewel-toned bar stools: In the kitchen, contemporary counter seating works alongside cabinet hardware and faucets to help homeowners achieve the stylish look they’re after. Look for bar stools in jewel tones like sapphire, amber or amethyst to brighten up your kitchen without doing a major overhaul.
    • Hanging chairs: Hanging chairs aren’t new, but they are popping up more lately. Houzz is seeing hanging chairs used in rooms other than living rooms to provide an extra seat and an unexpected look. Look for a standing model if you don’t want to anchor a hanging chair to your ceiling.
    • Mix white with off-white: White furniture looks fresh, but pairing a white couch with white throw pillows and linens can look too clinical. Try mixing your white furniture with off-white accessories like throw pillows and blankets to keep your room looking fresh and cozy.

    Your plan: Start by updating one room with furniture. Don’t be afraid to get bold with fun furniture pieces and colors.

    Bottom line

    Interior decorating doesn’t need to be a long or expensive process. Spending a weekend or two adding accessories to your living room or painting your bedroom could be all your home needs to feel more modern and inviting.

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