Quick home decor ideas to refresh your space

These stylish ideas are perfect projects for a rainy weekend

by Kate Williams, Ph.D. ConsumerAffairs Research Team
Couple holding painting supplies


You might be daunted by the idea of a complete home remodel. But your house probably has a few areas that could use a little TLC.  If you’re like a lot of homeowners, the only thing holding you back is time.

If you're short on time but long on interior decorating needs, these ideas from the industry experts at Houzz can help you upgrade and update your home in a short amount of time.

Modern living room with white couch


Interior decorating doesn’t need to be a long or expensive process. Spending a weekend or two adding accessories to your living room or painting your bedroom could be all your home needs to feel more modern and inviting.

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by Kate Williams, Ph.D. ConsumerAffairs Research Team

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