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Break-ins spike during the holidays

4 tips for securing your home

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    The holiday season is upon us, and many consumers are planning to get their shopping done early. Unfortunately, stockpiling brand new products makes your home a prime target for thieves.

    Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect your home from intruders. Taking common-sense precautions to protect your home and integrating smart home technologies helps keep your household safe and secure.

    Taking precautions

    Last year, more than 1.5 million burglaries occurred in the U.S., according to the FBI. This accounted for 17% of all property crimes and led to $3.4 billion in property losses. Affected consumers lost an average of $2,799.

    To reduce your chance of becoming a victim, conduct a thorough interior and exterior examination of your home to identify vulnerable spots, such as low windows and side doors. Pay attention to overgrown areas, such as shrubs, that could conceal a burglar’s activity.

    Here are precautions you can take to protect your home from the outside:

    • Lock your doors. Renters and homeowners should always keep their doors and windows locked, even when at home. This includes closing and securing garage doors, gates and side and back entrances.
    • Keep areas around entrances and walkways trimmed and open. Trimming back hedges and other shrubbery helps eliminate places where thieves hide. Homeowners should also consider trimming trees that could provide access to second-floor windows or balconies.
    • Install security lights. Motion-sensing security lights are a homeowner’s best tool against nighttime break-ins. Be sure that security lights cover all the approaches to your home, including walkways and dark corners.
    • Put away pricey property. Big-ticket items, such as grills, bikes and vehicles, should always be kept securely inside the house or garage after use.

    Install smart security features

    While there are plenty of practical steps you can take to protect your home, investing in smart home security features is a better option.

    smart home devices

    Best home security system with professional installation

    When it comes to home security systems, it’s crucial to research which products will work best for you. You may want to contact several companies and compare products and prices before installing a security system.

    Choosing a home security system with professional installation ensures that your system is set up correctly. Protect Your Home and Vivint.SmartHome both have professional installation service centers across the nation. 

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    • 36-month contract required for video monitoring
    • Professional installation
    • Starts at $27.99/month
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    • Contract terms range from 42 - 60 months with free equipment
    • Professional installation
    • Starts at $29.99/month
    smart home devices

    Best DIY home security system

    Other technologies — such as electronic locks, smart lights and video cameras — help you stay on top of your home’s security at home and remotely. For more information, read our guide on the top high-tech home security gadgets.

    If you’re searching for an affordable home security system with easy DIY setup, check out Brinks or Link Interactive. Brinks offers advanced security systems with straightforward pricing, while Link Interactive has flexible contracts and three custom plans.

    LabelCompany nameLogoContactSummary
    Learn More
    • Affordable options
    • Solid product warranty
    • DIY setup
    LabelCompany nameLogoContactSummary
    Learn More
    • Crash and Smash technology
    • Flexible contracts
    • DIY installation
    smart home devices

    Best unmonitored home security system

    Taking smart precautions and investing in security equipment helps keep your home protected throughout the holidays and after the presents are put away.

    If you want a home security system that doesn’t notify the authorities, an unmonitored system might be the best choice for you. Check out SimpliSafe and Cove — these companies have systems with straightforward setup and no contracts.

    LabelCompany nameLogoContactSummary
    Learn More
    • Affordable plans
    • Highly customizable packages
    • Simple DIY installation
    LabelAuthorized PartnerCompany nameLogoContactSummary
    • 60-day trial
    • No contracts
    • DIY install takes minutes
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