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Went into the chambersburg, pa. Store. Purchased a 3 ton floor jack (Pittsburgh) on 6/23/16. Used it twice. Warranty ran out on sept. 23rd. I took it back to the store on Oct 3rd because it would not work. I was told this is my fault because I DID not buy the extended warranty. They would not stand behind it. They sell "junk". I will never purchase another thing from these idiots. I could say more about them. But I'LL just get really pissed off. This junk store needs to be closed. Shut the doors.

I drove 45 minutes to pick up a 70 amp welder and a large compressor. I called to be sure they had them. I stood in line and found out they had no compressor. But they had a whole wall of the expensive ones. Stood in line again, the clerk tells me that they were out of the welders also. They again had the more expensive ones. Customer service was horrible. Don't be up sales on CRAP tools. Let them choke on them.

Purchased an 8" combination buffer for a specific project. Unpacked the product. Plugged it in and it was so out of balance that it almost vibrated itself off the bench. Never ever even touched the stone or the buffing wheel with any material and the manager of the League City, TX. store refused to accept the return. Left the junk sitting on his counter. I was a long time customer, Inside Track member and I will never step foot in a Harbor Freight store again. Good riddance to you, your junk and rude employees.

I bought a new Predator 670 cc engine from Harbor Freight in December 2015. I also got the extended protection plan. In June 2016 had a carburetor problem with the motor. I called Harbor Freight. They gave me a return authorization number. I carried the engine back and got a replacement engine. After I got home and got the replacement engine out of the box I saw that it was damaged. I called the 1888 866 5797 number on the owner's manual. The lady that I spoke with ordered a replacement part. This was on June 14th 2016. Since then I've called on four different occasions. They said the parts should be in by August 31st 2016. No one can tell me where the part is or when it will be here. Today is September 13th 2016. Still haven't received my part. No one knows where it is.

Was in the Omaha, NE store to buy some car ramps. Did not see any in a box on the floor, tried finding an employee to check in the back. After 10 minutes someone finally comes by and was told "I'm on my lunch break and I don't get paid so I can't help you". She then walked out of the store making no attempt to get someone else to help. I walked out of the store and I will not buy anything from Harbor Freight again. Absolutely pathetic piss poor customer service.

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I went to the store in Worcester, MA. When I got there I wanted to look at Union Floor Safe but it was in a box. They did NOT have one open to look at. I was told I could buy it and take home... And if I did not like it I could bring it back. I don't think so, I am 73 years old. I was not going carry out and if I don't like carry it back. I worked in Den Homes, the biggest and best store in Worcester and we put every thing out on display so you could see what you're getting. If I cannot see what I am buying I will NOT buy it... Too bad for Harbor Freight Tools in Worcester, MA.

Less than a year ago, I purchased a Chicago Electric 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw. Just recently, I had a problem where a piece of material jammed between the saw blade and the fence. Unfortunately, the fence was bent, which now makes it almost impossible to get clean angular cuts. I contacted Harbor Freight to find out where I could purchase replacement parts, so I could replace the fence. The response that I received: "Thank you for contacting Harbor Freight Tools.

Unfortunately, the parts you have requested are no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience." Less than a year after purchasing a product, I'm told that parts are no longer available. I don't believe that I've ever done business with a company that has such poor customer service.

My mother went to store $00042 here in Yuma, AZ to buy a trolley jack that someone messaged her the ad about. She went there with a photo of the ad for the jack $27.99. She talked to Joe (who she was told later was the manager) and showed him the picture of the ad, he said to her "this is from another city you need to go find the ad for here." After a long day she said ok and came home. When she got home and told me I grabbed my ads and found the same jack for $29.99 and offered to go get it for her, she said no she wanted to talk to Joe. Two hours later she returned to the store and saw Joe, he quickly passed her to another employee for help as he ran out of the store.

My 61 year old 110 lbs. mother was told she need to bring the jack to the register and the 20% coupon I gave her she can't use for jacks. She still needed the jack so she walks around the register and there is a stack of the same exact trolley jack with a big sign saying $27.99. OK now my mom is not too happy. The original employee/manager said she needed an ad, there was no coupon for this item just in the ad. So whoever this manager/employee named Joe at store $00042 made my mom run across town in 100+ degree weather to only return to see a stack with the same advertised price. We are Inside Track Club Members and they treated my mother like this. Pisses me off to no end. I go to your store often and always spend my hard earned money. I am a longtime shopper and I am VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Went to Harbor Freight. Had a worker show me the Predator 212 engine, was told it would replace my 5hp Briggs engine on my rototiller. Brought the engine, took it home, took it out of the box only put it next to my old Briggs. Seen the bolt pattern was 3/4 out of place for it to work, put it back in the box exactly as it was, took it back to the store and was charged 24 dollars restocking fee. The sales slip clearly stated that you would be charged that if gas and oil was added and it never was. This is clearly a rip-off when as soon as you pay for an item you can't return it for a full refund, when all you did was open the box and look at it. Buyer beware.

I purchased a Chipper Shredder (Predator 212cc) from Harbor Freight. Once I put it together & got it working it worked for about 5 minutes & stalled out. I then started it up again & the same thing happened, but this time the engine seized and the cord could not be pulled. It took me 3 days of calling the tech support, customer service, etc. until I finally got a human on the phone. Luckily, I still had a couple of days left under the 90 day warranty, so I was told to take it back to the store & get a new replacement or refund.

I chose to get the refund, since the chipper worked for a total of 10 minutes & I did not want to risk the same thing happening again. The store manager had an attitude & I had to purchase a $10 siphon in order to remove the gas from the chipper, because they would not remove the gas for me to return the chipper. So I got an attitude, had to pay to remove my gas from their broken chipper & also lost the gas I originally purchased. Their customer service is terrible & I would never purchase anything of any significance from Harbor Freight again.

Harbor Freight has cheap prices on most items. But apparently because of this they are severely lacking in customer service. They are terrible at standing behind products they sell. And do not order anything from their site unless you are willing to wait almost two weeks to get it. They are very slow at shipping items out and then apparently ship the items on the backs of sloths to save money. And do not expect much help if you contact them about any of these issues as they will just send you back a cookie cutter response days later that is of no help at all.

Bottom line is if you are looking for cheap no matter what it cost you in good customer service, then this is the company for you. But if you want a good after sales experience then I suggest looking elsewhere. It may cost more elsewhere but at least you will have the piece of mind from dealing with a company who cares about customer service and is not only cheap with prices but cheap with service as well.

I order a put together boat trailer. I waited nine days to get it. When they bring it that lost half of it. Now they're giving me a run around about giving me my money back. The cost was 531.72. I'm thinking about during their asses off that have piss poor business. Never again.

Long-time customer. Horrible customer service experience with floor manager, condescending, defensive and combatant from 1 to 10. One being the worst I would give him a minus one. I will never recommend or buy from Harbor Freight Tools again.

Horrible place to shop. I have purchased a sub pump from 3 times every time pump goes out and warranty department is the worst in the industry.

Their warranty dept 844-416-9141 is awful... will have you waiting for, let's just say forever!!! Buyer beware.

I purchased some tools for my husband and saw their 8x10 greenhouse with the sample one made up. It looked solid and I had large greenhouse and needed a finishing greenhouse. The box came and the directions were terrible. I hired someone to install it. The greenhouse was so flimsy that the installer came back and had to reinforce it with screws. I had hard time closing the doors two days after installation. They made sure all four sides were level because I watched them put levels on each side. They trenched it in as instructed. The third day, I was working in the greenhouses and it was a little windy. I made sure and had it placed where it was surrounded by the large greenhouse, the trees, the house, etc. I walked in the house and looked out and the greenhouse was gone. The wind caught it just right and it went tumbling away.

First landed on my propane tank and then on my nectarine tree. I called the store I got it from and they told me to bring it in. I fought with them and finally got hold of someone else. Then it went to claims. They wanted me to bring in a crushed greenhouse with panels all over the acreage without cutting it apart. Insanity. They said I did not follow instructions. The instructions were almost impossible to follow, the quality was inferior. I could have gotten killed and their answer is "you shouldn't have put it up on windy day." I told them it wasn't windy when they put it up. Then they gave another excuse, after another. I lost thousands in plants and labor costs plus the cost of the greenhouse. I will not buy tools from there anymore. This should never have been sold.

Of course Harbor Freight Tools are made cheaply but that's why they're inexpensive. Definitely not for professional use. Some things have lasted 10 yrs, some not a day. I never minded buying something and it breaking because I hadn't had a problem in the past with replacement or refund. Then first time I dealt with upper management I came up short. I don't recall the details it being like 15 yrs ago, but I lost money. So after seeing how they're not customer friendly, the customer isn't always right and don't always follow their return policy I had to get cunning in order to feel better about broken tools/products that are no longer returnable.

So hey if something breaks and is no longer under warranty, no problem, I just go buy a new one, take it home carefully open it, put the old P.O.S. in the package like it's never been opened and then it's back to the store with my new receipt and it's time for a refund. I just feel bad for the poor customer that buys, let's say a battery charger, gets it home, opens it and it's a battery charger that looks nothing like the one on the box. I could imagine him trying to explain that at the return counter. So if it's happened to you I apologize but H. F. might have got me once but they'll never get me again.

My wife bought me a welding cart for my birthday. I put it together and found that it was missing the 4 reel supports. When I went back to the store the store manager gave me a 800 number to call. I called it, waiting 15minutes for someone to pick up, told them what I was missing. They put me on hold and within 5 minutes disconnected me. I called a second time only to find out those parts are not available. Customer service suggested I get the store to steal the parts out of an existing box in the store. This is NOT customer service!! I will be returning my cart and won't be buy anything that needs assembly from HF again!!

Known a handful of people that worked there and have myself. It's pretty much the Walmart of tool stores when it comes to how they treat their employees. They expect their workers to do the workload three people most of the time and just because sales are a little low now and then they cut workers hours as if we can live off making under $10 an hour working maybe 20 hours a week if you're lucky. The management is constantly playing favorites and is always hiring young pretty girls to be cashiers then telling the guys that work the backroom how much he'd like to bend the new cashier over. If you do or say anything that pisses the managers off you'll be lucky get over 10 hours a week for about a month.

Today my husband and myself drove 30 minutes to get to this store to get a few things and came across what we thought was an excellent deal. We were not sure if the voltage meter was tagged right so we immediately called over one of the associates to check the tag. He then said it wasn't the right tag but they would have to give it to us because they were there. He then said he needed to get the manager to override the price but when the manager came over he was very rude and didn't say anything except "we can't do that". I proceeded to say "I've worked retail 28 years and customer are always right. Where I work we take care of the customers especially if we mess up". He then took the product out of my hand and walked away with them. We put all the other product we were going to purchase back. We were so upset.

On February the 8th of 2016 me and my son were in our local Harbor Freight store shopping for tools. We were looking at the toolboxes located in the rear of the store where there were a few large tools located next to them on floor level shelves and my son was standing right next to me where there was a large jackhammer standing straight up. He proceeded to touch it and next thing I knew he was lying on the floor with it directly on top of him. I rushed to get it off of him and picked him up very hysterical and see that he already has a red eye and he is also complaining of his knee hurting. So I look over at where the tool was and saw there were straps there that was supposed to be holding the tool in place were never strapped to the tool.

I proceeded to find a manager concerned about my son and wanting to bring him to the emergency room to get checked out. The manager made me go to his office to fill out a incident report of what happened. I did as he asked. He told me to go ahead and take him and that someone from his company would be contacting me within 72 hrs. Well after an email and two phone call later I receive a call almost a month later from the claims department. Now I am stuck with a medical bill from this incident and still dealing with claims department. I don't understand the issues here. Something happens in one of their stores and not a care in the world from these people. Not one phone call or email in concern for my son and his wellbeing.

I am very disappointed in the way all this is being handled I will never shop at harbor freight again and will be getting as many others as I can not to. This all should have been taken care of that day of the incident. I should not be having to send emails, make several phone calls and be stuck with a medical bill because some idiot didn't perform their job correctly and properly secured a very heavy object that was obviously supposed to be secured for these reasons.

I purchased a generator from this store a few weeks back that doesn't work. I purchased it on credit card and have the charge with other items I bought on my statement. The problem is the girl rang up a different item for the same cost of the generator because she couldn't scan the barcode. Store manager could not look up and find receipt in system. Store manager Jeff is a lying moron and now I am stuck with a generator that doesn't work.

On 02/29 I ordered a new lock for my toolbox that was only 2 months old. The key broke off in the lock but rather them sending me a new complimentary key (which most cabinet/tool box companies will do) they informed me I would have to order a new lock for $11 with shipping. The next day I removed the broken key from the lock, broke into the toolbox and got my 2nd key from inside the case. Now that I no longer needed the new lock, I called to cancel the order (within 24 hours and at 10AM). I was informed that the order was too far along and could not be cancelled. These folks are bordering on crocked. They acted like they could not walk over to shipping and stop the order.

So I called and emailed several people to complain and see if they would refund my money or stop the order. No one EVER returned for call!!! If I had one star out of five I think I would try to change my thinking but whatever I will never buy anything else from these people. Also failing to mention that the order took 30 minutes to complete and the two follow up calls have totaled another 30 minutes so far. WOW bad service.

I am not happy that when I bought the blower five months ago and bought a two year warranty only because I have had very bad luck with your products going bad after the warranty is up, so that is why I bought the warranty because I wanted it to be on your nickel this time not mine. Well, just as I had thought, it broke the other day and when I brought it back today I asked if the two year warranty started over today or was still what was left on the original one I had just bought five months ago. I was unhappy to learn that once you bring back the item even though it was of bad quality and broke on its own, that I had to forfeit the rest of the warranty and buy a new one on the one you exchanged for me.

I do not believe that is fair. A two year warranty is a "two year" warranty. It is your company's fault for having subpar items, not mine and I expected for you to honor that original two year warranty. I should not have had to purchase another one after only five months. P.S. this evaluation and complaint will posted online as well and to anywhere else I can find to post it.

I should have done my homework! I never should have purchased a workbench from Harbor Freight! The 85 lb box arrived and the box was clearly a return. It looked like it had been opened and taped closed numerous times! I checked all the parts and of course, 3 were missing. Called Customer Service PARTS dept and waited on hold for over 30 minutes!

First, the rep (Chris) told me that they had no record of my order #! After insisting he keep looking, he claimed he found it, but there were no parts available. They have the workbenches in stock but no parts??? He said I would have to return the 85 lb. item and reorder a new one! He was RUDE, EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL, and clearly didn't care one bit about customer service. I asked to speak to his manager and he put me on hold. After 20 minutes I hung up and realized I was scammed by this ripoff company. I will never ever use their service again and will place reviews about their scams and service everywhere I can. They deserve to be shut down!

The store manager provided a person who misrepresented herself and a situation with all of my account information. Store Manager Josh ** changed my email to her's so she would receive all my purchases and personal information. The store allows only 90 days from the date of purchase to get copies of receipts. Once she received my information he changed my email address back to mine. When I confronted Josh about providing my information without a summons or court order he denied he knew the person. Josh also blamed his staff for providing the information over the 90 days. Josh ** is the one who accessed all my information from my customer loyalty account. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO OPEN A LOYALTY ACCOUNT OR YOU MAY BE NEXT!

The district manager Tim ** called me the first time and he knew these 2 people were stalking me. I write another complaint about my private info given away but this time, Tim called me and said he had just talked to the person Josh gave my info too and I'm on paid leave for an investigation which wasn't true. Tim was covering for Josh **. How did Tim know who she was if Josh claimed not to know her? Read the company privacy policy. The company can/will give your information to any without knowing the truth for the request! I RECOMMEND EVERYONE CLOSE THEIR ACCOUNTS TO BE SAFE!

Wooden rail broken, missing cross bar. Kid falls out due to not able to steer and no rail, not a big deal I guess. Manager said call their parts department, no help. The thing was opened tapped shut. Does not matter. They took it back from someone! It is the day before my grandson comes over for Christmas, not that it mattered to him. Call their parts department... really??? I have spent thousands of dollars there over the years, no more. Pay more and dump the cheap crap from China. Bah Humbug.

Bought a double bevel miter saw. Accidentally bent fence extensions (two small flimsy aluminum plates attached to the cutting fence). Found out that NO parts are available for their products. So your basic assumption when dealing with Harbor Freight is assume if anything breaks that is not a warranty issue it will be a disposable tool. Absolutely no service or support is provided for the products they sell. You are on your own. Avoid at all costs.

Harbor Freight is a good place for tools cheap enough to throw them away if they don't work, for occasional use, but not for your day to day reliable tools. Also, for things like brushes, rags, cheap lights, or a large hand tool like a pipe wrench for occasional use. Their power tools are similar, and I've had some saws that failed right out of the box, more than once. But they were saws I just couldn't get elsewhere, so I have 3 or 4 of them.

Service is questionable, and often just plain RUDE. I've had reasonable actions with a manager, and occasional I'll dicker on a lower price on a bigger odd ball item, and get it... like I did with a metal band saw for about 1/3rd their already cheap price. Some of the clerks should be fired on the spot. They are so bad. I still shop there for the cheap stuff, but for quality I use Craftsman to SnapOn.

I live in a rural area where I have to haul water in a tank on the back of my truck to my house. From the tank, I need a transfer pump to get the water to the water storage tank at the house. I'm not sure why I keep doing it - but my last 8 pumps came from Harbor Freight. Yes, cheap Chinese imports, I knew this. Those 8 pumps lasted less than 4 years total. The next to last one actually lasted a whole year, so when it stopped working, I just bought another. I figure a year for just under $100 isn't too awful. The last pump lasted for 6 pumpings, so about a month and a half. I run the pump for about 1 hour to transfer 450 gallons of water. That's it. Then I remove the hoses, dump the water in the pump and take the pump into the house where I set it just inside my utility room.

There is NO reason for the pump to stop working other than being made of cheap materials. I will admit that I've lost the receipt, which is my own fault - so I know better than to try to exchange it. And yes, we did buy the extended warranty. I've already ordered a name brand pump from a reputable company - I'm willing to let the water sit in the truck for a few days until it arrives. I'm DONE with Harbor Freight. Not just because of the pumps. It's a big joke around here that if you need a tool to use once, go to Harbor Freight. I've gone through reciprocating saws like you wouldn't believe. I was very happy to get a GOOD set of power tools at Lowe’s finally. If you buy it at Harbor Freight, truly don't expect to pass it down to your children in your will. Because no matter how sick you are, you will outlive Harbor Freight tools.

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