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GE appliances come with a traditional warranty, but the company also offers extended coverage with Bodewell Care Protection Plans. Backed by Assurant, GE’s authorized provider of extended warranties, these plans cover parts and labor for appliance repairs after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. You can pick and choose which appliances or systems to cover.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 16, 2023

Theo is my third request to have a technician come out to my home to service my GE Washing machine that I just purchased in August 2023. This appliance is horrible. Please don’t ever purchase any GE appliances. You have to go through to much nonsense to get a live person on the phone. Then when you are speaking with a live person they have the audacity to let you know that their short staffed as though it’s your fault. They scheduled appointments literally days out so if you don’t have clean clothing your out of luck. Appliance keeps reading door as though something is stuck in the door and or the door is not properly closed. I should not be having any problems with brand new appliances. Customer service GE really could care less about you. Now it is Saturday my laundry day and the quickest appointment that I can get is Wednesday. Do they not understand that people such as myself have to work?

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2023

The washer and dryer combo model number GUD27ESSM1WW Is a piece of crap. First, the washing machine wasn’t filling up properly and was banging really hard Every load, then the oscillator pieces broke off, the handle to the dryer door broke, the washer and dryer both leave black grease stains on nearly everything. Nothing ever gets washed properly no matter what setting we use, or how little we put in the washing machine. They have come out to repair once, which did not fix all the issues, but I let it slide. After realizing that it is our washing machine that’s ruining our clothes, I’m pissed. I washed my clothes in another washing machine recently and they came out way cleaner than this machine has ever washed my clothes. Now I am out over $1300 for a washing machine that didn’t even last two years. Do not buy any GE appliances ever.!! They are not made how they used to be.

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    Reviewed May 11, 2023

    I bought this washing machine in Jan. 3, 2023 as my favorite washer finally gave out. Since buying this washer it has had a burnt rubber smell coming out of it after every load of clothes. We thought it was just new parts so we decided to give it a little while. Then my husband felt the loads I may have been putting in were too large, so I washed 3 Cotton T Shirts & 1 pr. of Jeans. They came out smelling, again, like burnt rubber. I have the 1 yr warranty as well as the extended warranty. I had a serviceman come out & he stated he could not smell anything. That he ran the washer & got no odor from it at all.

    I was working so I could not go up right then to check the washer, but immediately after work I went up & the tub reeked of burnt rubber. I had my husband come to check & he said yea, it smells like a burnt belt. I will be calling the repair man back & back some more because with the price I gave for this washer it should run like a champ with no issues. I bought GE because it was American Made... COME ON GE GET WITH THE PROGRAM.. I will tell EVERYONE that will listen to stay away from your Product.

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    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed May 8, 2023

    I purchased GE top loader washer and returned next day, first wash machine was leaking from the bottom, cycle was chaotic, we waste our time to bring home, installation, all time we spent, next day took off from work and returned dump thinks. Is heavy to load and unload. Have to buy LG washer and very happy so far. Don’t waste your time, don’t buy bad product.

    Mariya P.

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    Reviewed April 24, 2023

    I bought a brand new GE washing machine and my washing machine broke. It just stopped working, except kept saying the word cancel every time you try to wash your clothes, waited for the technician to come out. Was told that they were gonna order parts. Never see the parts were definition. Again called day after day. Told to speak to GE consumer affair. I then called and spoke to them and was told I will get back an answer within 2 to 3 business days. That did not happen.

    I kept calling every day. Was told that they’re still waiting for parts review and they’re looking for parts, I don’t understand because when you go to buy the machine they recommend GE saying GE is the best compare other brand. Now you got GE and the service is ridiculous when you have a family and you need to wash your clothes and you expect to get a part of the works. This product does not work to satisfy your expectation and the pricing for this product is so expensive that you are thinking you’re paying for what you receive but when you got the product, the product is not satisfied your needs so old the customer that GE products need to return them or never buy them again. I will never buy a GE product again. This is my first and last time. Still waiting for my washing machine to be fixed.

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    Reviewed April 3, 2023

    I purchased a GE deep fill washing machine in January 2023. This washing machine makes a very loud noise at the start of the cycle. It sounds like a grating noise. I can not run the washer if anyone on that level of the house is trying to sleep. I had a repair person come in, who told me that it was normal for this machine, and he ran diagnostics to be sure that nothing else was wrong. He said that this is typical for this machine. Before he came, the GE repair company sent us a new motor in a box. He said we should just keep it, because we would probably need it in a couple of years. I am very disappointed in this and will not purchase from GE again.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed March 13, 2023

    I purchased this model 34 months ago when I bought my home. It broke, and the technician said I needed a new Inverter Board and UI Board, which would cost $660 (I paid ~$1,100). The technician also said he saw about 5 cases of the EXACT SAME PROBLEM in the last two weeks. That tells me that this was intentionally designed to fail, with the warranty covering only the motor - a part that could realistically be repaired/replaced fairly easily. These boards are expensive, not in stock, and not quickly repairable. They intentionally designed this product to fail. It's a shame, because we loved how it worked for the first 34 months we had it. Unfortunately I don't think we'll be buying GE appliances ever again.

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    Reviewed Feb. 23, 2023

    This is regarding model GTW500ASNWS (GE washing machine). I think they are Haier now. This is the biggest piece of junk I ever had in my life. Machine is 7 months old and supplied brand new by the builder. It came with the 1 year manufacturer's warranty and I registered the appliance. A few months ago the gear case assembly was replaced because the machine "jumped" out from the wall if I put 2 towels in the machine. Now for the past 3 weeks the machine won't drain and spin. GE authorized service has been out 3 times to replace 3 different parts, including the control board and it still won't drain and spin! I have a GE customer service rep who has done nothing except send me weekly emails and not doing anything to resolve the issue.

    Now just heard back from the repair company saying that GE wants to replace the control panel for a second time because they have had a couple of "duds." I have been purchasing GE appliances for years and have never had problems like now. This is NOT the GE I once knew. I think they want to wear down the consumer so that the consumer goes out and buys another machine...which is exactly what I have done...another machine from a different manufacturer. On the plus side, GE did mail me a check to use the laundromat. I will NEVER buy another GE product again.

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    Reviewed Feb. 1, 2023

    I purchased a washing machine and dryer set on 10/8/2022. It was not installed in our home until mid November (due to our home being under construction from a house fire). The washing machine worked a month, it broke the day after Christmas. I have been in contact with GE 1/7/23, 1/18/23, 1/27/23, 1/30/23 and today, 2/1/23, had 2 service calls to my home, had the main board replaced and now they are wanting to send their "technical engineers to see if there is anything else to do to make it work." GE scheduled a visit for these engineers and the following day, I received a call from the company who GE contracts with, rescheduling my appointment for yet another week.

    So, my washing machine is BRAND NEW and has been broken more days than it has worked. No one seems to want to help me at GE and keeps sending me to someone else who wants to send out a tech. How many techs does it take to say...this machine is not working, even the main board didn't fix it? I paid for a washing machine that should work for years and I got one that has only worked for a month!! GE does not stand behind their products and it is very dishearten to know that this long standing, trusted company is now turned to crap!!!! I am not one to bash anyone or their business, but my experience with GE has been terrible and I sure do not want anyone to have to endure this added, uncalled for stress in their lives!!

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    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2022

    The machine worked well up to about a week ago and it started with not spinning, I thought maybe we had a power glitch so I restart the machine, this only happened once so did not think too much about it. After doing laundry yesterday, we went to do a load today and the machine was dead as a doornail. Nothing worked. Tried to reset the computer as instructed nothing. The extended warranty only covered the machine, not the computer or electrical parts. I would recommend doing research and seriously thinking of a different company instead of GE.

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    The same dedication to quality that GE puts into building products like jet engine turbines and wind towers goes into their washing machines. GE is an American symbol of industry that was ranked the 14th most profitable large firm in the United States and has even had employees that have won Nobel Prizes.

    • Washer's with many features in one place: GE washers often offer Energy Star certification, stain removal settings, vibration control and an automatic precision dispensing system, all in one machine.

    • Special offers: GE routinely features great deals on washers in its Special Offers section on their website, helping buyers connect with rebates, tax credits and special holiday sales.

    • Washers that look great: Besides offering washers that fulfill nearly every customer's desire, GE washers also come in many colors and finishes, all the way from platinum to ruby red.

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