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GE appliances come with a traditional warranty, but the company also offers extended coverage with Bodewell Care Protection Plans. Backed by Assurant, GE’s authorized provider of extended warranties, these plans cover parts and labor for appliance repairs after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. You can pick and choose which appliances or systems to cover.

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Reviewed Sept. 7, 2019

Just tried to replace 3-way bulb which exploded in my hand and left me with a pretty deep cut in my thumb. It was cold and the lamp was unplugged because I discovered a few hours earlier that the lamp was not functional. I am over 50 and this is the first time ever a cold light bulb literally exploded in my hands and required a very extensive clean-up. Thanks GE! I sincerely hope not needing any stitches - I am on my third high-absorbency paper towel trying to stop bleeding.

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Reviewed Aug. 10, 2019

Identifiers from package: 40A15/CD1-DG2 PC: 81455. The rating specified on the packaging of these is 1.4 years at 3 hours per day usage. We have always kept range hood light on continuously, 24 hours per day because the stove in a corner where it is somewhat dark. Based on the specified rating, and using it at 24 hours per day, they should last about 64 days, which in itself is extremely low when you consider that the old conventional type lasted maybe 5 years or longer. Replacing them was so infrequent that no one would ever give it a second thought. Starting in 2007 I used CFLs in the range hood and they lasted an average of 2.4 years between 2007 and 2016, always on, 24 hours per day.

I’ve had headaches with bulb replacements in general since Walmart stopped selling CFLs in 2016. The CFLs were performing quite well everywhere in the house. No complaints in spite of the initial changeover cost. The cost of LEDs was still quite high then. I’ve tried incandescent halogens in other lighting that we use the most frequently and was only getting about 2 months out of them. Will have to try LED next I guess because the GE 40w (“regular”) Appliance Bulbs and the incandescent halogens I’ve tried elsewhere are worthless. This may seem trivial but to me, bulbs that only last a month or two is ridiculous. In my opinion they shouldn’t be allowed to sell them. Note: The reason I have this data is because when I changed over the whole house to CFLs in 2007 I started a log and have kept it updated with replacement info since then.

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Reviewed July 22, 2019

Bought 2 packets of GE Reveal LED light bulbs. When screwing in the light bulb there was an explosion and a fire. Thank goodness I had the lampshade on because the shards of glass could have easily hit my eye as the lamp was at eye level. I called out an electrician thinking it was our wiring or the outlet. It wasn’t. So, I googled the light bulb. Apparently this is a THING and it has happened to MANY people. DANGEROUS.

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Reviewed May 3, 2019

I purchased a 2 pack from Lowe's and within a 1 week one bulb stopped working and 2 weeks after that the second bulb blew out. I returned them to Lowe's and got another 2 pack of bulbs. Tonight the first one in that pack blew out. It is 4 months old. These bulbs were about $18 for a 2 pack and advertise a 15 year life. I don't have the packaging to return these bulbs so I will write it off as a lesson learned and will try another brand.

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Reviewed April 26, 2019

I will be making another trip to Lowe's to exchange yet another factory defective appliance bulb. I purchased two 25W LED appliance bulbs earlier this week for under my microwave. Only one worked out of the package. The second one did not work at all. Made an exchange yesterday at the same Lowe's store. Tried the exchanged bulb last night - again nothing. The original working bulb is fine in either socket. The faulty bulbs work nowhere. Not in either socket of the microwave downlight, or any other socket I try. It is absolutely the bulb that is defective. GE must not have any Quality Control in place. Trying again today. Third time is a charm - right?

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Reviewed April 15, 2019

I purchased GE LED bulbs from Target. Installed in our kitchen chandelier. Within a few weeks, one of the bulbs apparently overheated and started burning. The insulation on the base of the bulb was charred, as well as the socket in the lamp holder. There was a flame rising from the fixture and much black smoke in the room. The new dimmer was damaged and no longer functions. The kitchen circuit breaker tripped. The flame self-extinguished. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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Reviewed March 26, 2019

I was sitting at my desk in my bedroom with my back to my ceiling fan when I heard a very loud bang behind me. The bulb in my ceiling fan exploded and sent shards of hot glass all over my bedroom. I discovered several burn holes in my comforter and glass pieces embedded in the mattress. VERY DANGEROUS PRODUCT!

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Reviewed Feb. 18, 2019

Our GE Soft white 110 watt light bulb exploded. An inch whole in the bulb blew out and glass went everywhere. I am very grateful to folks for posting their stories. I am throwing out all the other GE bulbs in the house. This is very dangerous. What strikes me about GE’s packaging is that these bulbs last a year. I am not an engineer but I wonder if that is why it blew and shattered. Never in my life have I witnessed this happening. Had I not been home, next to the bulb, I would not have believed it. Just thankful that no glass flew into anyone at home.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2019

I like the Reveal light effect it has in my home. I do not like the flickering and failure of these premium priced LED bulbs. I have been in the Energy Services Industry since 1988 and always preferred specifying GE products but this product has me concerned about safety.

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Reviewed Dec. 6, 2018

Three months ago, I purchased a box set of three GE 40 watt faceted style lightbulbs and each bulb failed on the same day. Two bulbs expired in the morning hours and the third bulb died in the evening. Each bulb was assigned to the same task on the same circuit for lighting the bathroom sink area above a full size mirror. A fairly common arrangement. Other cheaper and less fashionable bulbs that we have applied to the same task have served us for considerably longer periods of time. How does a company design their product to expire in such a uniform manner? The box for these GE bulbs proclaimed that they have a life span of two years! Maybe that claim would be closer to the truth on the planet Mercury. I hope that the GE dryer that I purchased last week will not follow the same course.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2018

I purchased the bulbs a few months ago. One was placed in the TV room table lamp and one in a wall sconce. The wall sconce stopped working this past week. Today I went to turn on the table lamp when the bulb flashed light and exploded. It looked like lightning flashed in the room. I immediately unplugged the lamp and went to change the bulb. The entire glass bulb was cracked off the metal base and shards had fallen to the floor. Luckily this did not happen when one of my kids had turned it on. They could have been seriously injured.

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Reviewed Nov. 25, 2018

I purchased two four pack LED bulbs from Lowe's in the summer (June 2018). It is now November as I write this review and five of eight bulbs have failed. It would start like clockwork. The first bulb would wink on and off periodically for a day and then would quit working. The next light in the fixture would start a few days later and do the same thing. These bulbs were in a six light fixture above my kitchen table. I have had the fixture for several years and used various bulbs in it without a problem (Incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs). Bulbs would last what I would expect to be their normal lifespan. There is currently a CFL bulb in this fixture that has lasted about 2 years now. (Ruling out the fixture as a problem.) The remaining three LED bulbs that are not in this fixture have yet to fail, they are in other fixtures in my house that are seldom used.

The bulbs are 11 watts (about 65 watt equivalent to incandescent) 800 lumens and 2700k for what it's worth. These bulbs do state to not use in a totally enclosed fixture. The fixtures I have been using them in are open at the top and are not near any heat sources. I have noticed that upon removal of the bulb from the fixture it is quite hot to the touch to the point of being painful after a few seconds of holding it. I have not had any other LED bulbs get quite as hot as these bulbs do get. I will not be purchasing any more of these bulbs from GE for a while. Quite frankly I'd be a little concerned about leaving these on unattended for long periods of time due to the fact of how hot they get.

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Reviewed Nov. 23, 2018

I bought an A15 40 watt (required bulb for the lava lamp) crystal clear bulb to replace a bulb that had been in a lava lamp for 15 years. It went out on Monday night. Tuesday I head to the store to buy a new one, screw it in and it ran the lamp for a good three hours, turn it off and let everything cool down and run another three hour test and everything is still working. Try to turn it back on Thursday night and the bulb was on for maybe a minute before the filament broke. Not impressed. The last bulb was a GE, what has happened to that quality? Don't waste your money.

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2018

Bulb (72W 1270 lumens Hungary SWI L50 J7) in kitchen ceiling lamp exploded, shards landing everywhere, including in much food that had to be tossed. Don't recall this ever happening before. Will buy other brands.

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2018

Lifetime Warranty with no way to register the products - under cabinets LED lights. There is no warranty card or instructions. There are no serial numbers, so registering online is not possible. Called multiple numbers for help. People on the phone are CLUELESS. The lights flicker. It is not because of the wiring - it's the same wire I had the previous lights tied into. More Chinese JUNK...

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Reviewed Oct. 16, 2018

Sitting watching tv this evening the light bulb in the lamp next to my chair on the end table exploded. The glass shattered up and out from the light and a large spark flew up and down onto my hardwood floor scorching a small black mark into the wood. The glass is on my end table, sofa, floor, rug, chair and throw blankets. Thank goodness our little grandchildren had left a short time before this happened as they are on the sofa when they watch tv here. I have never had this happen before and decided to look up reviews of GE bulbs online. Wow, this is not a random case! GE was the go to brand to buy when I was growing up. This defective problem with your bulbs should be addressed and corrected or you should stop selling them. Very dangerous product...

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2018

GE bulbs should not be on the market or being used. I had 2 exploded in 6 mo time frame. These are not safe especially when you have kids. This last bulb that exploded I had heard from the other end of a 1500 sq ft house, leaving my room, thru the dining room, kitchen, living room, down hall and in the bathroom. It also had broken pieces in the hallway and light fixture is a wall not facing the door. All mine are coming out and getting replaced.

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2018

I see I should just be glad the bulb hasn't exploded... I have 2 fixtures in a bathroom that I've used 60 watt GE Reveal bulbs (incandescent) for years. The lighting was warmer and the fixtures are dimmable. Of course I can no longer purchase those old-style bulbs. I chose the Exact GE "REVEAL" 60 watt equivalent in their LED model which is 5x as expensive. The difference in lighting is a joke. The new bulbs are extremely bright and white, not the warm yellow "daylight" that Reveal lighting promised. Bought 4 of them, the lighting is just stupid until I replace all of them.

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Reviewed July 28, 2018

GE 72w 120v 1270 lumens: This was a new lightbulb purchased about six weeks ago. It exploded spreading glass shards all over my bathroom getting glass dust in my eyes and as our eye doctor said phosphorous in my eyes because the light bulbs contain phosphorous. That was several days ago. To date, four days later my eyes are not well but are healing. The manager at the store where these were purchased told us to get an electrician to come out and make sure there wasn't a power surge. I did one better. I contacted our electric company and found out there was no power surge to our house and no power failures in our area they service. I have all this evidence in black and white, hard copy. Next week we will be presenting this to the store manager. However, I believe we should also contact GE if that is possible. Another option is to no longer purchase GE lightbulbs. They are not the only company in the USA.

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Reviewed May 16, 2018

Today out of nowhere we had a GE Soft White (100w) Uses- Manufactured in Hungary, Model PC: 66249 explode in our lamp. Thank goodness no one was hurt. It sounded like a firecracker and glass was all over our den. I contacted GE Lighting by phone, since there wasn't an option to contact by email. GE basically offered me a coupon to purchase more light bulbs. Asked if she wanted my contact information and she said no. Basically, they would only need my contact information if they were going to send me a coupon. It was very disturbing know that GE wasn't taking information and following back up on these type of complaints.

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Reviewed May 12, 2018

Had a GE 72w halogen light bulb BLOW UP and cover my cat and I in hot shrapnel. :( Maybe we should bring back manufacturing to the UNITED STATES. I didn't vote for Trump, but I am strongly considering we really do need a dose of MAGA please.

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Reviewed May 11, 2018

Over last few years, I bought many LED bulbs of different brands. One of them is this GE dimmable 10.6 W LED bulb, which was priced higher than other store-brand bulbs but I thought I should try it since GE bulbs must be of a higher quality. I was very wrong. This is the first LED bulb that broke among many LED bulbs I bought. A while after it gets turned on, it becomes dark, it flashes, becomes dark. It seems there is some bad connection inside the bulb. I'm certain it is not even a year old. I thought LED bulbs would last almost forever. What happened to GE who invented (or promoted?) the six sigma?

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Reviewed April 7, 2018

Over the last year I've had these light bulbs fail in a matter of days of replacing them. Absolute junk. What happened to GE quality? No matter what fixture I use them in, they fail after a very short time. One failed after two days. The others may have a weeks worth of life before they fail. Can't justify buying these bulbs anymore.

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Reviewed April 4, 2018

I'm so sorry to see GE quality go down. I purchased GE bulbs less than 4 months ago with my first package having a broken bulb when arriving home. I returned the bulb for a second package and one of the bulbs never worked. I returned that package and got a 3rd package with having used all of the bulbs up. They don't last more than one month each. I have other brands and older bulbs with the same multi bulb light fixture that are dusty and still working. I just replaced my GE last bulb and will not purchase a GE light bulb again. The problem appears to go beyond quality control. Most unfortunate!

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Reviewed March 26, 2018

Last night my son was laying on his bed when the GE bulb in his ceiling light fixture exploded! Sending glass everywhere and burning holes in his sheets. Thankfully he was not hurt but very scared. After doing some research online I was shocked to see that this is an issue that the company is very aware of! Why are these dangerous bulbs still on the market? I will never purchase anything from GE again.

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Reviewed March 21, 2018

The lamp had a GE - USA made 890 Lumens Soft white 120 V light bulb. The lamp can hold 2 light bulbs. It had been on for 2 hours. The light bulb was about 3 months old. After turning the lamp off, within 3 minutes, the light bulb exploded. It shattered and scattered the shards up to 13 feet in all directions from the lamp. After reading reviews of GE light bulbs...never buying these again. I was lucky that I had just gotten up from the chair that sits by the lamp.

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Reviewed March 18, 2018

I have used GE bulbs in the past and not had problems until recently. 12/24/17 I replaced a bulb in a hanging light over my counter, using a new 40 W med. base bulb. Three days later it burned out. I replaced it again and 1/1/18 that bulb burned out. I did not replace it. 3/16/18 I replaced a bulb in our range hood with a 40 W med. base bulb. 3/17/ 18 it burned out and I replaced it with the other bulb from the 2- bulb package, and it burned out next day. I won't be buying anymore GE bulbs.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2018

Never in my relatively long lifetime have I ever seen a light bulb explode, out of the blue, for no reason, while the light is on. Glass went flying everywhere. I was watching TV about 4 feet away and definitely felt small pieces of glass hit me. My honey was making bread. We had to throw away 4 loaves, after hours of rising and pounding down, right before they were to go into the stove because we couldn't risk shards of glass in the bread. My honey was angry, I was sad. I searched through the broken glass and found at least one legible piece. It said GE 1270 Lumens Hungary on the top.

I've dealt with large halogen bulbs used in stadiums enough to know they fail "nonpassively," in other words the halogen filament explodes 30% of the time when they fail. But if the guts of the bulb blows up the outer globe of these big bulb are engineered to be strong enough to withstand the explosion. They are engineered with outer glass strong enough to contain a "nonpassive" failure inside. My bulb exploded because the outer glass wasn't strong enough... probably because somebody wanted to pinch pennies and save money on glass during the manufacturing process. The result is an extremely hazardous product. Please get it off the shelves fast.

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Reviewed Jan. 16, 2018

Just yesterday I purchased 2 4pks of Ultra Soft White 40w 2x Longer Life light bulbs (made in Hungary). I came home from the store and replaced 3 of the light bulbs from 2 light fixtures, (3 bulbs each), above our bathroom vanity. The very next morning I turned on the bathroom lights and 2 of the 3 bulbs that I just replaced had blown out already??? These light bulbs are not the only GE light bulbs I have had this problem with. I have always used Reveal light bulbs as well as smaller light bulbs used in pendant lights. Within the past couple of years it seems as though the regular light bulbs blow out within days to weeks to months of installing them. I am tired of wasting money on GE and will switch to another brand to check them out.

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Reviewed Dec. 16, 2017

1270 Lumens Soft White 72W 120V F6 Hungary - These bulbs actually shatter and extrude glass for at least 2 yards! And that is with a protective shield [Four-Light Bath Bar with White Glass Shade]! Never buying these bulbs again!

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