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Finish all in 1 Gelpacs. These do leave my glassware cloudy. I have used other Finish products and have had no problem with my glassware but now I have to scrub each glass with detergent before putting in dishwasher. I have enough gel packs to last through 10-12 weeks but will have to find something else to use.

I recently bought a pack of the Quantum Max Lemon Sparkle. I have always used Finish dishwasher tablets and haven't really had any problems with them. Since buying these however, I have found that my dishes just aren't getting clean. I'm having to soak them in water first until I'm ready to put the machine on which is just a waste of my time. I have also noticed that the glaze is coming off my crockery bought from Selfridges in London. I touched the pattern today when taking them out of the dishwasher and the pattern started to come off onto my fingers. Has anyone else had any issues like this?

Finish Power Balls - Our dishwasher flooded. I pulled out the filter and noticed a heavy residue. Also, the dishwasher had a white residue which was like a "gum" when I scraped it with my nail. It was definitely a soap residue. Horrible product as this has now screwed up our hardwood floors!

Entire pod flipped into flatware basket. Here is a good one. Put pod in and securely closed the door. When I was putting away the flatware I found the intact pod in the holder nearest the detergent door. What's up with that?

I have been a regular user of Finish Dishwasher powder for years. When I had to replace my dishwasher earlier this year, the powder was even more effective than in my previous dishwasher. I was delighted. Some 6 weeks ago I needed a replacement. There was no dishwasher powder in stock, so I bought, for the first time, the Finish lemon dishwasher gel. What a mistake! It doesn't clean my crockery, leaving stains constantly on cups which have held tea and coffee. Unfortunately, my supermarket (Sainsbury) appears to have stopped stocking the powder. So I'm now looking for a supermarket which can supply it, OR I shall be looking for a different product. I gather that Finish have received similar feedback from other customers. What action are you taking, please?

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Destroyed Dishes and Damaged Dishwasher. My dishes are ruined, and my fairly new dishwasher has a build up that doesn't come off. This is the only product we have used to wash dishes since purchasing the new dishwasher. Before that we always used Cascade and never had this problem. Some of the dishes are 60 years old and are now dull and cloudy. The ones that are used less frequently still look like new, but the dishes washed every day are etched and ugly even though they are only 3 years old.

I am very upset with this brand that I have used for years. All of a sudden I experience most of the symptoms reported by other reviewers. Mostly the whitish greasy film deposited on all plastic items and a foul smell that escapes from the dishwasher as the door is open. The bag containing the tabs is kept sealed at all times. Finish ought to reformulate the product or reword its advertising.

I do not like the finish pods, tabs or whatever they are called. They leave a blue rubber like substance inside the filter that will eventually harden like a rock and clog. I used them 4 times and had to remove blue rubber leftover from inside the arm because it would not spin and just now took the filter apart and had to clean it with a toothbrush to remove the leftover blue film because the water did not completely drain and was left in the pump. What a mess! They didn't dissolve and left a hard film on my dishes and inside the washer. I'm sure there is more where I can't see it so eventually will probably need a repair. I might add, my dishwasher is a year old and I have very hot water.

I have used Finish Powerball in my dishwasher with excellent results. Purchased a box from Costco in December 2015 and now there is a greasy, gummy pinkish residue in the bottom of the dishwasher and in the filter which is very hard to remove. These tabs are in a wrapper that must be removed. The packages I purchased from a grocery store are in a plastic casing that dissolves in the dishwasher.

I always used a different product for my dishes but Woolworths had these on sale so I thought I would try them. Finish is usually very expensive and I don't like to spend so much for dishes. But it was a very disappointing experience. I have a Miele dishwasher and it usually does a great job. Now I have this pink chewing gum like goop in my filter and the dishes are not nice at all. What is this stuff?

I use Finish Powerball tabs. Recently, some tabs crumbled when unwrapped. I tried Quantum which need no unwrapping. When I opened the package I became ill from chemical fumes. I never even tried the tabs. I am going back to Finish and not storing them under the sink where heat pipes may have dried them. I did not buy online.

We always buy the Finish Quantum Max dishwasher detergent. When I was at the store I accidentally bought the Max in 1. Didn't think much about it. The bag says no need to unwrap. Did a load a dishes and the bar didn't even dissolve. We figured maybe it was defective, did the load again, same thing. I unwrapped it to see if that would help. Nope, 3rd time washing the same dishes and they are still dirty. I could not be more upset about wasting money and water to get dirty dishes. I went back to the store today and bought the kind we usually buy. How can the same company make products so different?

Purchased new KitchenAid dishwasher. Tried this product but doesn't seem to rotate or dispense soap. Dishes come out the way they were put in, FILTHY. Tried more than one dispenser.

Have been using Finish products satisfactorily for several years. In the last few months began using the Gelpacs and these pacs are sticking together. They are stored properly and my hands are not wet when removing from the box. Last week there were two pacs stuck together and gel went everywhere. Today there were four stuck together. Part of one in the washer and all else down the sink drain. I will not purchase this product again.

In Florida, I have used Finish dishwasher products for years without problems. After moving to Maine full time, bought 4 new boxes of Powerball from Costco. Last fall, we started to notice residue on our dishes, glasses and utensils. We thought that our water filtration system was going bad. We spent over $2,500 having our water tested (it was fine) and a new filtration system installed. Because our dishwasher detergent was the same as we have always used, we never suspected that it could be the problem!

After using the new boxes of Finish Powerball Fresh Scent, 110 count, as well as their Jet Dry additive, our dishwasher turned a nasty brown on the inside (it's stainless steel) and the plastic racks are now a very dark brown. We also have dishes, both plastic and porcelain, that are stained brown and etched glassware as well. I don't know if they changed the formula or what but I am so very disappointed that this company has not addressed this problem by putting warnings on the box! I intend to return the product to Costco and will never, ever use this product again.

I would not recommend using Finish Powerball Tabs. After using them for the first couple of times, our perfectly functioning dishwasher would not circulate water. After cleaning it thoroughly, somehow we got it working again. Unfortunately, not putting two and two together, I used the Finish Powerball again and as a result the dishwasher quit working again. After a month of hand washing dishes, I made a ditch effort to try the dishwasher again, this time with my Cascade packet. It's been working great ever since. So I'm guessing Finish clogged the drain and it took several weeks to dissolve. This product is on its way to the garbage.

I have been a Finish powder user for as long as I can remember. Recently relocated and could not find the Finish powder dishwashing detergent. Since I was so pleased with the Finish powder product, I did not want to switch brands. Therefore, I purchased the Finish All-in-One "capsules." Hated them! Coffee & tea cups came out stained and some of the dishes were not clean; also some of the utensils. After using this product up, I purchased the Finish Max in 1 capsules. Hated them, too, for the same reasons. After using those up, I purchased the Quantum Max, figuring SURELY since I "moved up" to the chain to the highest quality capsule, I'd be pleased. NOT. I experienced the same issues and I'm using a rinse agent, as well. I give up and will have to shop around for some other powder product.

I recently purchased this product thinking it might be a little more effective in general hand dishwashing than the product I have used for many years. Part of my routine for the past 30 years is to take my jewelry (rings) off and put them into a glass with dishwashing liquid and hot water, being to clean them while I work, as recommended by my jeweler. The Tangerine Twist detergent stripped the silver and dulled the gold on a ring I have had for 20 years. It is ruined, looks to be corroded in places. I contacted the company to warn them and was unfortunately dealt within a very defensive curt manner. Very disappointing. They advised that this was not the recommended use for their product and were very dismissive! I don't have the receipt only the product I purchased.

I was told by the dishwasher repairman to stop using Cascade and only use Finish Quantum. So I did for a year. The drain became plugged and that repairman told me NEVER to use the plastic tabs -- they don't dissolve well and plugged the drain -- to the tune of $89.95 for the service call. He said, "Yes, only use Finish, but only the powder. In the orange box." So today, I went shopping and was going to get some except -- I cannot find it in the two BIG stores I shopped at. No liquid either -- just the dang tabs, in various scents, and sizes. What the heck?

Toronto's water is capped at 120 degrees and the melting point for the Quantum product is 140 degrees which I have been told by Reckitt Benckiser the distributors. I recently had to have my dishwasher repaired as the unmelted soap had clogged it. Why is it sold here when they are aware of this problem with our water temperature cap?

My problem is with the Finish Dishwasher Cleaner product that is meant to sanitize your dishwasher. Due to the picture and unclear instructions, we put the cleaner in the rinse aid slot with the dish load in error. I haven't contacted the company yet, but I'm now horrified that we may have poisoned ourselves as we realized it after the fact. Would really appreciate any feedback from anybody as to whether this would be a concern. Thank you in advance!

I have a Bosch dishwasher and I have been using Finish tablets for some years. This time when I used it, it turned the dishwasher rack, which is plastic, yellow. It also turned all the dishes, mugs and all things made of glass yellow. How do I get rid of it? All my dinnerware is ruined!

I noticed a funny taste every morning when I drank my tea. This went on for a year and a half. Since I recently moved to a new state, I thought it was the new water. So I finally decided to switch to bottled water. It still had a funny taste. I thought it might be the Finish with Powerball tablets I had been using so I switched to a liquid. I washed my dishes on the heavy cycle every time with the Finish because on normal I would get visible residue. I also used the heat the water feature. Up to this point, I was having terrible pain in my internal organs. As soon as I switched, the tea tasted better. 2 weeks later, the pain is dramatically less. I think I was being poisoned by the tablets!

I owned a Kitchen Aide with a built in disposal and used Cascade for a decade. Control panel went out and bought a similar Whirlpool, stainless steel tub etc. Difference was the screen for filtering instead of disposal. About 45 days into ownership had issues with cleanliness, but I had switched top trays for folding tines. Anyway after several months and trying different Cascade products still had issues. Put original trays found that that even though I clean it several times a month the screen was clogged with detergent even my door was coated. Cleaned it out still had issues.

Since I knew that the company would ask if I tried switching detergents I found Finish all in one Powerball tabs in Sam's and it worked beautifully! I thought I was going to shell out another grand for a dishwasher. Problem solved with Finish. Because of the extremely hard water I still use the Finish in my rinse and use two tabs not one. But excellent spot-free, clean dish results... No browning on anything. THANKS Finish. You saved me a $1000 dollars.

I use the classic version, it is consistent in its function. It appears to work better on the hot cycle, but no problems on eco cycle. The hot short cycle for a light load the tablets work very well. No Residues. I believe the classic is best for the cost, if you move up the finish range the tablets are a little better but a lot more expensive.

Switched to Finish when they were on offer. The dishes, in particular the tea and coffee cups, came out stained after every wash. Gave the dishwasher a clean with Finish cleaner. The whole machine came out coated in grease and gunge. Gave the dishwasher another clean with another cleaner and it came out perfectly clean. Set the dishwasher using Fairy tablets. All the dishes instantly came out clean.

I have been noticing for a while now, my cups have a chlorine taste. When I make tea it's like i have Javex in the tea. It's not chlorine from the water. Tap water doesn't taste chlorine when I drink it straight from the tap. It's on the cups from the dishwasher. I use the long cycle for washing and rinsing. I don't find that problem with the granular finish.

We recently began using Finish Advance for the first time. My wife opened the first box and was cut on her right index finger. Later I opened the second box and received a cut also. There is a sharp flange on either side of the spout at the very top causing the cut.

It worked excellent. Will never use anything else!!!

Washing utensils in the dishwasher that contain aluminum turns the item black. You have no warning of this. One other problem, it tends to scratch glasses when washed in the machine several times. You advise to talk to the dishwasher manufacturer (on your packet) but the problem is your product, although we find it washes all other items fine.

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