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This is Dr. RAHMAN ** from THANJAVUR. I am gonna share my very sad and depressive story. I had to undergo this for nearly 45 days without any solution achieved so far. For all this suffering I have committed only one single mistake in my life, i.e. PURCHASING AN AGUAGUARD GENEUS. Initially within 4 months of purchase itself, it had a minor problem which got corrected. After 2 months later it didn't switch on, I approached Eureka Forbes helpline only to learn about their POOR ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE CUSTOMERS contrary to what I believed so far about the company.

Since July 04, 2016 it is not working and no one is giving me a solution or not even a satisfactory response. I had to spent my RAMZAN WITHOUT DRINKING WATER. I waited since July 04 'til today without a response. Now I have exhausted all my patience. Over the period I have talked with multiple representatives and managers who always find an excuse to tell me. I have a list of names with whom I have shared my problems and their attitude was also not good. I have made almost 400-500 calls over this period which had both financial and psychological effect on me.

Now I already exhausted myself and looking to go for consumer court and I don't know whether I will get relief and the concerned official will be warned or not. I am so screwed up by calling every day to their customer care and listening to their excuses. I am waiting 'til Tuesday to take extreme steps of going to consumer court and consulting a lawyer regarding the same. Now I have no mind to talk anything regarding pure drinking water to my patients.

I have been reading the comments about the Eureka vacuums. I personally have been through 2 of the products. I love them. I used the 1st one daily for about 5 yrs and took it to my office cause the old one there broke. I loaned it to several people with nasty carpet and it's actually still running 4 yrs after I took it there and purchased myself a new clean one for my house. I use this one about 4 days a week and it's still kicking as if it were brand new. The only issue I have ever had with either one is the piece where you wrap the cord up. Both of them, the bottom piece has broken but I'm cool with that. On my current one the piece stays on pretty good. It's only fallen off 1 time since it broke. Both of them are bagless models.

I have limited ability to clean so I purchased this lightweight vacuum to clean my steps. When the package arrived, I was in pain and it wasn't until today that I actually tried to work the machine. I found that it was not only missing parts (the yellow piece that fits on the back, and the actual front piece for the carpet. There was no owner's manual in the box. I tried several ways to contact Eureka but to no avail. The order was filled through Amazon. So, I will pitch this and attempt to find a vacuum that will keep my steps free of cat hair.

I have owned my Eureka for 4 months and I have had nothing but problems. The tool button is always stuck and I have to unscrew the top to get it unstuck, it powers itself off and when it does work, it tends to blow out dust. I emailed them, who responded by asking for my Model #, and when I provided it, they told me to call Customer Service. Not exactly the customer service I wanted.

I purchased a Eureka Vacuum Online thinking it would be ok because they stated I could return the vacuum within 45 days of receipt if I wasn't completely satisfied with my purchase. I contacted Customer Service to get a return authorization number only 2 days after receiving the vacuum and was told by a representative that my request would have to be sent to another department for authorization and would be contacted by the end of the day with the authorization number.

After waiting a week and hearing nothing back from the company, I again contacted customer service and was immediately given the authorization number and return address. I was then told the vacuum would have to be mailed at my expense which would be MORE than the amount I paid for the vacuum so I guess I'm stuck with it. Eureka your return policies sucks even more than your products! I will never, ever order or purchase anything from your company again. Buyers beware!

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I placed my online order with Eureka Vacuum company on 8/6/2015 at approx. 9:47am mountain time. I order 2 vacuum belts and a pet brush. I paid $12.50 for 2 day shipping. Skip to Monday 8/10, still had not received the package. Contacted customer support and the lady tried to say it was my card when in fact I was looking at my bank acct. online and had been charged. Skip to Wednesday 8/12, still no package and customer service refused to refund my shipping and cancel my order. I had to ask to speak with a supervisor and was told that she was busy. I then hung up and called again and spoke with a supervisor who was even less helpful.

Today 8/13 I received my order. I got 1 vacuum belt and 2 brushes. The company couldn't even get my order right or charge me $35.48 like the email receipt said. Instead, I was charged $37.92. I could afford the extra couple of dollars but the principle is what really gets me.

Within month of purchasing vacuum, belt broke and was hassle finding replacement. The plastic (it's all plastic) holder the cord winds on continually falls off. I called company and they sent 'replacement' part, which was totally wrong part, which I paid to return. When absolutely have to use, just struggle with the part falling off. Then, yesterday, continued vacuuming after it fell off, and now the entire handle and shaft falls off. Arghh. It is still sitting in the middle of living room. I am retired, easy on my appliances, and just want a vacuum I don't have to pray will not fall apart long enough to do my small apartment.

Eureka Vacuum Bag style V #523588 - This is the second time now I purchased this replacement vacuum bag and the package states there are 3 bags in a pack. Well when I opened it there were only TWO bags in it. Once could be a fluke but twice is deliberate on their part. Not good to try to deceive and rip honest hardworking folks off like that. I need a new vacuum soon and I sure won't be buying a Eureka!

I bought the Eureka years ago and have not had any trouble with it in fact it cleans beautifully. I guess the new ones are not as good from what I have been reading, I guess it is true things are not as good as they use to be. My problem is I can't find bags that fit it. It is a Eureka The Boss Upright model #4461 Type AV. Can you help me find bags that fit it? It still works great and I don't want to get rid of it just because of the bags. Can you help me with this. I give my old Eureka Boss 5 stars! Thank You.

Eureka 4870 Series vacuum cleaner - I called the customer service number. Explained that the vacuum was shredding brush roller belts. The first problem was that the representative was trying to be very polite, but was very hard to understand. Sounded as if she was either chewing gum or rustling papers. The best solution she could give me was to take my vacuum to an authorized repair shop. The closest being 69 miles away (a 3 hour round trip by google maps). I live in a large city and that was the only place I could go and not void the warranty to get the vacuum repaired.

I bought the Eureka Pet Pal vacuum new at Walmart for about $85.00. I should've just thrown that money in the trash because this vacuum is terrible! It worked great for a couple weeks then it just stopped performing. I did some research and discovered that this model's belt constantly needs changed. There were people who wanted Eureka to recall this model because of the belts abnormally getting ruined during normal use. I have had this vacuum for a year and a half, it has not worked right so I bought it. It has no suction at all. I've tried taking it apart & cleaning it out thoroughly and put yet another belt in it to no avail. It leaves dirt everywhere and throws dirt out the back while using it. It also overheats regularly. I do not recommend this product. I feel this model should've been recalled since it's a dud, but Eureka is making more Money on belt sales! Never buying Eureka again!

I bought this vacuum in Sept of 2014. It is now March of 2015 and ever since I have owned model AS3030 it has been hell. It works when it wants to and now it won't turn on at all. My husband called Eureka's customer service number on a Friday morning and was told that they couldn't do anything about it until Tuesday - That they didn't work on the weekend. Since when is Friday the weekend before 4 or 5 p.m.? They would then send out a set I guess a box to send it off to be looked at??? And no they will not provide a vacuum or replace this one for a new one leaving me without a vacuum. "How long"!!!! I would not buy anything from this company if it was the last place on Earth!!!!!

Eureka Zuum Central Vacuum System - The system initially worked, then after 6 months the motor burned out. Calling the factory service center, and providing the model and serial numbers, I was instructed to take it to the closest warranty center, 20 miles away. Please remember that one has to disconnect both pipes and both wires, then remove the canister from the wall. Upon presenting the unit to the advised warranty center, I was informed that they do not service whole house systems, only portable systems. Another call to factory number, I was this time advised to take it to another service center, 50 miles in the opposite direction. They took about 2 weeks to get parts and finish the repairs. Second time motor burned out, another 6 months later I now knew where to take it, I am now on 3rd motor.

If you do decide to get one of these, do buy a portable vacuum from a reputable manufacturer, you will need for: (1) cleaning your house when this system does not work, and (2) for cleaning up the mess which results when you open the collection canister on the whole house system, and all the dirt that you have diligently vacuumed up over the preceding week falls all over your arms and the floor.

Purchased vacuum cleaner in August. Motor burned out in November. Took in for repairs under warranty. Almost 2 weeks after and not ready. Called Eureka to ask for some assistance in getting a borrower vacuum cleaner. They were mean and rude. They said I should be happy that my vacuum cleaner is getting repaired under the warranty and to borrow one from a family member. Ridiculous! I won't be getting my vacuum cleaner for another 2 weeks. I bought a piece of trash and they have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I will never buy Eureka again. I suggest you stay far, far away from all Eureka products. They are the worst.

Eureka vacuum - Normal weekly use. After two years the motor smelled hot, quit working. Basically is a POS.

I purchased the first Eureka Vacuum back in January of this year! The first one would not work well and after taking it back to Walmart they told me it had some broken parts, so they exchanged it for a new one. Monday of this week my wife was using the vacuum in the bedroom and called me to the room. Upon entering the vacuum was smoking and black fluid was shooting out of the vacuum. Upon calling the company they asked to troubleshoot, I told them I was wheelchair bound and my wife was not able to troubleshoot!

The man on the phone said he needed to have me troubleshoot but I repeated to him that I was unable. I threatened to sue him and he said he would have to get back to me but he never did. I called again today and the supervisor would not offer any solution and would not take any steps to remedy the situation. The fact that I was disabled never held any weight on the issue! I will be contacting my attorney and seeing they are made to remedy this issue! To all you people! Stay away from Eureka! They don't stand behind their products!

After using the vacuum approx. 20 times, it got hot & stopped working. I called the service center & they wanted to "troubleshoot" by having me take the vacuum apart. I requested to return the Vac, they said no. They suggested I let the Vac cool down before I continue using it. I have never owned a Vac I had to let "cool down" so I can continue using during the cleaning process. I will never purchase another Eureka again & will definitely discourage others from purchasing this brand!!!

I purchased this vacuum cleaner on 5/25/14. I read the instructions as always and warnings, then proceeded to put the vacuum together the next week. When vacuuming on the floor tab for the vacuum cleaner, my vinyl floor was burnt in four places. My home is only 8 years old and I purchased it before it was finished. I contacted the company and the claims department set up a claim. When I called back with some additional information they wanted, I was told to take pictures (this would speed up claim) which I did and emailed to them. This was approx. the first week in June.

Since I was told not to return to store, I contacted them on 6/20/2014 to see what the holdup was since I still needed a vacuum cleaner since I gave my Hoover to Salvation Army before purchasing this one. I was asked if I received the e-ticket or something and I asked what she was talking about and she said, "We will send you something so you can send us the vacuum cleaner." I explained that I have taken pictures, have my receipt and would not be disadvantaged (sending my vacuum cleaner to them like I trust them - really) any further because their vacuum cleaner burnt my floor. She asked me to hold for a minute but after being on hold for about 10, I had to go back to working so I hung up.

Eureka contacted me again about 7/1/2014 and asked where I purchased the vacuum cleaner and I answered Walmart. So they said they would contact me back which they did today and again asked if I wanted to receive the return slip by mail or email. I explained to the Customer Service Rep. that I have been without a vacuum cleaner for over a month and that I was not going to mail them my vacuum cleaner when at least I can still return to store and get my money back (I did not say but was thinking for this piece of junk that burnt my good floor). She said we are going to replace it - really - I do not need you to replace it. I need you to make right my burnt flooring which need to match my kitchen.

She said we are trying to help you - what - by keeping me without a vacuum cleaner for over a month because your burnt my floor (I did not say but no warnings of this cited in book), take off my job to send you this, thinking I would send you this one like I trust you. A couple of my colleagues suggested I contact a lawyer. I can return this vacuum cleaner but I will just keep it until the last return period and go purchase one by another company. It is the principle and no one should have to suffer as such. Mad and disappointed in Alabama.

Purchased a Eureka SuctionSeal Model # A1101A. 3 months later started to make grinding noise and burning odor coming out of it, then shaking bad. I took it apart and found that the Distributor Assembly has melted at the end. I contacted Eureka. They told me that it is still under warranty and they will be happy to send me a replacement part. 2 months later, still no part. I called them again and they said they still do not have it in stock. That is 2 months without a vacuum. They gave me a local dealer's number and told me to contact them and it they have it in stock to PURCHASE it from them. When I question why I had to pay for it, I was told because they do not have it in stock!! I called the local authorized dealer and was told that it is a very common problem because the part is made of plastic. They do not have it in stock and the manufacturer should replace it for free!! I still do not have the part, nor do I have a working vacuum.

I bought a Eureka EasyClean vacuum and it was good, until I noticed electrical arcing inside the vent. It still works okay, but it has a weird smell coming through the vent.

Purchased the multi-cyclonic.... AS1101 TYPE A-1. Had less than one month and the main vacuum won't clean my floor. I called today to discover I need a replacement part. I am not waiting. I am returning this vacuum.

Eureka AS1100-AS1109 series vacuum cleaner - On 8/31/13, I purchased this vacuum from Lowe's. On 10/12/13, this vacuum stopped working. I contacted Eureka's customer service department. This vacuum has a one-year warranty. Instead of replacing the vacuum, they made me take to a service center in which I was told it may take longer than I've own the machine to repair. I don't consider this good customer service. In the meantime, I'm I suppose to purchase another vacuum cleaner to perform basic housekeeping?

Eureka the boss vacuum - This vacuum is horrible. You turn it on, it screams so loud with a shrill high-pitched sound. I will be totally deaf by the time I use this horrible machine so I want my money back. I really don't think they should be in stores for people to buy or you will be buying hearing aids. I want to know where I can return this vacuum and get my money back. I am very serious. Take time to answer this right away. I bought it at our local Bi Mart in Lebanon, Oregon. Send them a letter to confirm my return of this horrible vacuum right away and please send me a copy or email so Bi Mart can return this horrible vacuum to the company. I just want my money back.

My aqua guard NF is not working. It’s completely shut down from past one month and I am trying to call service people but they are not responding. Once a service man came and inspected and told that my machine’s adapter is not working. So he took away the adapter and returned around after two days. The machine worked for mere 2 hours and again got shut down. Therefore, first I called the serviceman and he told me “Who gave you my number and don’t call and disturb me. Call service center.” He was rude like hell. Anyway, I called up service center and reported about the problem. The phone was picked by some Mr. ** and he told what can I do and hang up.

Now I am in trouble as the water which comes at my home not at all fit for drinking and I have small kids at home. Their health is a big issue because of these people. Every day, I have to beg water from my neighbors. Therefore, I have come to a conclusion that I pay Eureka Forbes a hefty amount and then beg for water. Please resolve my problem.

I purchased a vacuum cleaner in Feb 2011, used for approximately two weeks. The motor in vacuum seemed to be "whining", almost as if it was extremely strained. My husband took the bottom off and looked to see if it was clogged and/or belt was broken. None of those were the case. I called the number on the paper and got a customer service rep. They told me they would send the "call tag" and that once it is received, it would take approximately 4-6 weeks for repair.

When call tag got here, I sent it through FedEx, which cost me an additional $25 on top of the $80 for the vacuum. I have since called the customer service "helpline" approximately 4 times. Each time, I was told that I would be called back. Each time, I was NEVER called back. When I would call and explain the problem, and the fact that my call was never returned, it was always the same line: "I am so sorry you have had that problem" and then proceed to put me on hold while they supposedly check with the service center as to the status of what happened to my vacuum cleaner.

On the 28th of July, an email was sent to the service center and as of August 1st, there was no response to the alleged email. On my last phone call on August 1st, I was told that this was being sent to the escalation department; That a supervisor would find out what was going on and the rep I was talking to would be back with me in the next day or so. Two days later, I am still waiting on that call back. Hence the reason I am here. I am tired of getting the same response and no courtesy call backs.

I would like to make the manufacturer know of the dangers of the Eureka The Boss upright vacuum cleaner. This morning, while vacuuming my area at work, I bent over to pick something up off the floor and got my hair caught in the rollers of the vacuum. My fellow workers came to my rescue, but were unable to snap off the roller since it has to be unscrewed. The result was that I lost six inches of my hair, which I feel would have been a lot less if we would have been able to just snap off the roller and unwind my hair from the roller. If this could happen to me, just think what could happen to a child. I know that others make vacuum cleaners that have rollers which snap off. I realized that this was a freak accident, but I think the manufacturer should take this into consideration and change the way they put the roller onto the vacuum cleaner. There should be some kind of a button that would automatically allow its removal from the vacuum.

I bought a Eureka, The Boss Smart Vac about 1 and 1/2 years ago because it has a Power Paw to clean pet hair from furniture. The Power Paw stopped working in less than 2 months. The vacuum uses RR bags,that slip in through the top. The bag often times comes off, leaving the inside full of dirt & amp; dust(what a mess to clean). This vacuum is a definite no buy.

I bought a Eureka Capture + at Sam's Club in San Angelo, Texas and used it three times and it fell apart. I bought a regular Eureka Pet and Pal at Wal-Mart in Brady. I have used it not more than 10 times and it started smoking. Now I cannot find a place to send either of them. Thank you.

Just want all to know that the so-called bagless, "great for pets" vacuum is not worth the purchase. It clogs, dust flies everywhere, and it is harmful to breathe in the dust when cleaning it. It is crap. I will be returning to Hoover with bags. Vacuum is on the roadside with a free sign on it.

On June 12, 2009 I purchased a Eureka EasyClean 2 in 1 vacuum from Target for $59.99. In late July it stopped charging and my husband was told by Eureka that it was under warranty and to bring it to a service dealer for repair which he did. At which time it was to be fixed within 3 weeks. On Aug 26, 2009 he contacted the dealer for status who indicated they were still waiting for Eureka to ship the part. He called Eureka who said the part was on back order and it would be available in 1 week. On 9/8/09, he again followed up with the dealer who said they received a fax from Eureka stating the warranty repair was in review. On 9/9/09 I got involved and spoke with Daniel at Eureka who was forwarding my file up to the Team Lead in Quality and I should follow up in a few days with them. On 9/11/09 I spoke with the Customer Service Supervisor, Brenda who after following up with the warranty dept determined that the vacuum was too new for parts to be available. I was instructed to get my vacuum back from the dealer and to send in the sticker from the vacuum which has the model and serial number on it, which I did that same day. During that conversation on 9/11 with Brenda, she stated it would take 4-8 weeks for a replacement to be sent once the information is received. I asked if it was possible to get the replacement sooner since I haven't had a vacuum for over 2 months.

She checked and verified there were currently 4 in stock and she would expedite my order through. She indicated that I should be receiving the replacement within 1-2 weeks. In a follow-up call on 9/23/09 to get a status; I was told by Brenda that she doesn't place the order, that is done through the processing dept who hasn't even put my replacement request through yet. Brenda never followed up on my order with them to expedite the replacement through and stated it would take 2-4 weeks. Furthermore, she also denied telling me I would get my replacement within 1-2 weeks and insisted she told me 2-4 weeks. I not only wrote this information down when speaking with Brenda on 9/11/09, but also included it in the correspondence to Eureka when sending them the information they requested.

As of this writing, I am not sure when to expect my replacement since I wasn't allowed to speak with the processing dept for status and Brenda wasn't able to let me know when the order would be placed only to say I "should" receive it by the first week of Oct. Given the history with her, I don't know whether that is a truthfully statement or not.

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