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I signed up for Energy Plus Holdings in July 2015 at O'Hare airport because of the promise of lower rates and mileage points. The rate was doubled from 0.07 to 0.144 after few month without any notice. I am using automatic payment and paperless option for my bill so I did not find out the unreasonable rate after several months. The alarm went off because my bill is $250 for Sep 2016. I went back my bill history and found I had paid 11 month of skyrocketing bills. Stay away from the company and DON'T use it for delivery! There should be a class action suing this company.

I wish I would have read the other reviews before being tricked into switching to Energy Plus! They entice you with some kind of offer, mine was Marriott rewards, and then after 3 months your bill is so expensive, you want to return the rewards, and go back to the supplier you had. Don't be fooled by this company! They will rip you off, and when you cancel it takes at least another month, so they rip you off another month with their jacked up rates.

I was lured by the United Airlines points which is worth about $100. In a few month the rate jumped from 9 cents/kwh to 17 cents/kwh. The rate hike cost me at least $400. Total scam. Stay away.

I was swayed by the airline point rewards I could earn when I switched to Energy Plus. In 6 months the rate has gone from 6.9 to 8.9 then 11.5, and this month 14.9. I have switched to another company. Good riddance to Energy Plus!

Within one year, price jet from 0.29/therm and 0.10875/kWh gradually to 1.19/therm and 0.148785/kWh. With all reviews here, I wish GD this company.

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This company is a total scam. I was reviewing my energy bill a few minutes ago and noticed that this company has doubled the cost/Kh of my energy from approx. 8 cents per kW/h to more than 16 cents in a 4-month time frame. I find the behavior of this company to be completely unethical and I would highly discourage anyone looking for an energy supplier to do business with them.

They start you out with an attractive rate then it quickly rises. The price they charged me for Dec. 2015 was twice the going rate of most companies. Do not walk, run away from this company as fast as possible.

I'm glad I kept my eye on these guys. I switched over in the summer to the teaser rate of $0.044 per kwh for 3 months. When that expired, it increased in successive months to 6 cents, then 9 cents and finally 12 cents when all competitive rates remain in the 5-6 cent range. I got my Marriott points and saved money during the highest usage summer months so I came out ahead. But if anyone is going to make this switch, only do it during the summer months where you'll benefit from the teaser rate. Make sure you remember to switch to something else 3 months later. These guys bank on people forgetting to switch back.

I switched over for lower pricing and incentives. The incentives did not come through initially and it took 3 phone calls to them and over 6 months to get the incentives. Then they gradually raised the pricing to what is now double the price per kilowatt hour over what I would pay if left with Com Ed. It is the old bait and switch scam. Seems good at first but you have to watch your bill very carefully each month, which is not something I typically do until I see a trend.

I wish there was an option of 0 stars! Our bill for electricity and gas started increasing soon after we switched from BGE and it passed $500 per month! This was almost 5 times more than our bill from BGE. Unfortunately, we were unable to switch back right away but as soon as we did the bill went down to $115. Do not switch to Energy Plus!

Worse ripoff company for "saving" energy!! They promise sooo many great benefits about changing energy/gas providers to them but eventually they get you and they get you hard!!! DO NOT, sign up with them. Stay with the common providers like JCP&L and New Jersey natural gas. Their rates are not the best but they stay the same and don't hit you with hundreds of dollar bills. I changed to them because they promise that they have the best lower rates than anyone else, and if they change, it will be only a very insignificant amount.

Well, their "insignificant" little amount went to more than triple my bill. For example, where I could have get a bill from NJ Natural Gas or JCP&L for $100. I would get a bill from them to up to $500. My budget went up from $130 a month to $238 a month. Unfortunately, many consumers do not realized this and they just pay their monthly bill without even noticing the differences. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM.

DON'T sign up. They disguised themselves as savings for US Airlines. I was promised my electric bill would not only be lowered but that I would gain points to use on my flights. Some very nice ppl at the airport convinced me to sign up. I usually don't fall for this type of stuff but ugh I did this time. So here's my story, my electric bill was always low. I'm talking about $30 the most, then this company started charging me more money each month. 1st it was $81.20, then $110.46, then $130.56. I was able to ask my electric company to take me off from this supplier. Now my bill is starting to look normal again and I can get back to having my electric bill low again. Please see my screen shots, here is my proof.

I signed up for Energy Plus Holdings at O'hare in 2014 to deliver my electricity. I didn't notice much difference at first until I got my September 2015 bill - $193. The alarm went off because we were not home for 10 days. I logged into my ComEd account and saw that my bill 9/15 was $87 higher than my 9/14 bill. I called ComEd. The ComEd customer service rep told me my 9/15 usage was about the same as my 9/14 but my supplier costs were not. I went online and started reading reviews and saw the same thing has been happening to other people. DON'T use this company for delivery!!!

My electric rates were doubled from 0.07 to 0.15 without any logical explanation. I will like each one of you to be carefully monitor your bill and call and understand variance when it happens. This will prevent paying unnecessary high electric bills.

I signed up at the US Airways kiosk and was promised significant savings. Over a 5 month period my bill gradually increased. In the last 3 months my electric cost went up over 70%! Whatever you do, don't sign up for this product. It is criminal. When I called to terminate the relationship they stated that I was contracted for 2 more billing periods. Don't make the same mistake that I made. I have never posted an online complaint and wish I had taken the time to look at the postings below before I decided to trust Energy Plus.

I signed up at US Airways by a gate. The price seemed good but then my wife & I were wondering why our electric bill kept going up each month then I looked at the bill and rate - wow! In no way do I believe that 10,000 miles was worth the cost. I also should have searched for Energy Plus on the web and was shocked to read about all the complaints and lawsuit. Why would US Air allow this promotion?

I've been with Energy Plus at my current address for a year. While their prices started by being roughly comparable with those of ConEd alone, in recent months, they've skyrocketed. Altogether, over the past 12 months, Energy Plus has cost me $729.24 over what I would have paid using ConEd alone. There are plenty of decent ESCOs out there from which to choose. Energy Plus is not one of them.

Energy Plus Holdings promised lower rates and then charged unconscionably higher rates.

Walking through PHL airport, I was approached by a guy at a stand offering a program which would allow me to earn AA miles for my PECO bills. Seems reasonable so I signed up. I did not confirm my application via email (part of the program) but still got a welcome letter telling me I have changed energy supplier to Energy Plus!!! Contacted both to let them know I have no intention of changing energy supplier. At no point did the salesman at the airport tell me that was part of the "deal". Very underhand way of getting customers. Caveat emptor!

The airlines used to deal with a different company; I believe it was Direct Energy. At any rate, they did the same thing. Sign you up, and then a couple months later, their rates are 2 or 3 times the competitive rate. There was a class action lawsuit, and I received a small portion of the settlement. Unfortunately, like many, I did not notice the high rates for 6 months.

I originally signed up via an airline frequent flier miles promotion. The promise was miles plus low electric rates, better than my major Boston utility provided. When I happened to look after the introductory period, the rates two years ago were TRIPLE the local utility standard rates. When I called to investigate, they gave me a more competitive rate for six months, still not a hot deal. I made a note to check rates when it was time to renew or change. I called them, they stated that it takes 1-2 months for new supply rates to be billed by my utility and that therefore I could not change for another couple of months or pay a fine/fee to them for leaving.

When I asked for a better, longer-term rate, they hemmed and hawed, said they would need to pull the recorded conversation I had had 4-5 months before with them, and so forth. They passed me to a supervisor who stonewalled even better. So I found a much better rate for MA, switched, knowing that it would take 1-2 months and I would have no penalty. Beware of them. They were fined heavily in CT, and even with new owners from a few years back, they are still anti-consumer and hiding behind legalisms.

I also signed up for the United miles and the fine print said that their rates would be competitive. My last bill read $0.14 per KwH. ComEd is currently listing $0.07 and I'm receiving offers for $0.059. 2X-3X is not competitive. I'm not even sure how they can get away with this misleading messaging. Trying to cancel now. I'd suggest everyone heed all these warnings and stay away. It's not worth an extra $95/month in my case.

STAY AWAY. This company is a total scam and my advice would be run far away from this company as possible They give a low rate to start for a promotion period then the rate will go up to almost double the electric company's rate. Consumers should be aware that it takes a couple of months to switch providers. You end up paying way more. It is not worth it.

The worst of it is that this company does business with a fraudulent company in Mexico Monterrey, called Granada Corporation. Energy Plus is sharing your private information with this company that is known by losing their clients for fraud activity. Recently Granada Corporation lost a client they were doing business because of a fraud that was made on their behalf with customer's private information. This company Granada Corporation is very corrupted. Think about it before you make your decision. Hope this information is useful for your protection.

I wish I had consulted this website before signing up with them. They give a low rate to start for a promotion period then the rate will go up to almost double the electric company's rate. Consumers should be aware that it takes a couple of months to switch providers. You end up paying way more. It is not worth it! STAY AWAY!

Switched from Con Ed to EP after a friend recommended it for competitive rates and Upromise contributions. Friend normally financially savvy - not this time. What a huge disaster. Too embarrassed to divulge how long it took me to look at their rates on my skyrocketing bills. Suffice to say when I did I was horrified. After a few yelling matches with representatives, was refunded about $200. Checked and the Upromise contributions weren't made consistently. Remarkably, I spoke with an incredibly nice and professional woman who refunded my own estimate of how much had not been contributed to Upromise. She was the only good thing about entire experience with EP. Complete waste of time and money. Missed date for a class action suit - will look for others. Completely unethical company. Should be investigated and shut down.

I became a total energy plus customer without ever signing up. My previous supplier sold my contract to them without ever contacting me. Over the last few months I've noticed our bill getting higher and higher. Called JCP&L and found out that they are a third party supplier with no regulation. Meaning they can charge whatever they want. This company is a total scam and my advice would be run for the hills and faraway from this company as possible. How do these people sleep at night???

I received my electric from Energy Plus for several years and was on a budget plan. After several years their cost of electricity went up from (a rounded) 9 per kwh to over 14, (again rounded) per kwh. I had been on a budget billing from the start so when the rates increased I would have expected the budget billing to increase relative to this cost. Imagine my surprise when at the end of the year I received an electric bill that had increased significantly. My bill which was usually $300.00 was now over $700.00 because of the price increase.

When I called I was told the increase was because I was using more electricity. Fortunately I keep my bills and was able to disprove this. Eventually I was offered a $75.00 refund. Really??! I paid the bill and cancelled the service. The next month my bill had a $400 charge from Energy Plus for something that I still have not received an explanation for. I have been on hold for up to 15 minutes waiting for someone to answer the phone.

Energy Plus is very disappointing. Yes, once you switched to somewhere this is your responsibility, fault or great finding. However, I have terrible experience with cancelling Energy Plus services. In spite of multiple calls I kept receiving their larger bills for a few months. When calling back to them I received the same nice updates on my account with no sign of previous calls and cancellations. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

This month's supply cost was $0.16 Kwh. My BGE bill has tripled!!! When I call this company they say everything is in the small print I signed. I cancel today and got confirmation codes. STAY AWAY FROM THIS OR ANY ALTERNATE SUPPLIER.

ENERGY PLUS is charging more than three times gas rate over ConEd! Even though I am in variable rate account and gas market price keeps dropping nearly 50% in recent months, my gas rate was locked to $1.29/therm! Switch off with the supplier right away. Should class action to sue the SCAM!

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