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It was a good vacuum. It had great suction power and it was able to pick up the fine particulates. It also worked very well on my bare floors in addition to the carpet. I got it at a pretty sweet deal of about 130 bucks. For the brand, that's a great price. In any case, the product pays for itself. In addition to the vacuum, I also got some attachments as well as my warranty. The vacuum itself is pretty sleek. It has a pretty good size base plate so you can get more done. It also has a button near the front where you clear the brushes in case you get pet hair or other stuff stuck in there. It also has a good size dust cup. Size-wise, it's about the size of a regular vacuum... maybe a little smaller. It is definitely a lot lighter than most of the conventional vacs out there. If you have problems like back issues or wrist issues, this is the vacuum to get. It moves quite well.

Vacuum performed well. Never had any issues with it clogging or breaking down on me. I would recommend this vacuum to other consumers. I have owned one for a few years and have not had anything to complain about with the vacuum. The vacuum is definitely worth the money. It is a great product. It gets the job done. The appearance of the vacuum is really good. Not ugly and gigantic. Easy to move around in room and get into and corner or under all furniture in my home without and problems. The vacuum is the perfect size. It's not too big and not too small. As I said I can get into any tight space in my house and under all my furniture without any problems. Some other vacuums have issues but this one does not.

It did the job it was intended for, it cleans well and well worth the price I paid for it. If I was looking for one right now I would choose this brand again. The price is a tad expensive but it is well worth every penny I paid for it. I would definitely buy it again, if I had to at this moment. The look of it is very nice. Very sleek and clean looking. It comes in a few colors which I like and it isn't huge like some are. Easy to store. The size of this is really good. Not too big and it is easy to find a place to store it out of the way. It is a good size for my house.

When I first used this product I didn't think it could handle the task at hand but once I used it I knew right away I was wrong. It would clean the floor in one swipe. I was a little disappointed with the price. It was a little more expensive than the other vacuum cleaners. Once I used it I knew where my money was spent. The design of this particular product is flashy and modern and very sleek. It was very easy to use as well and we couldn't even hear the thing when we turned it on. It was a bit clunky and didn't fit in our usual spot where we put our old vacuum. We had to find a new spot in our garage for it but it's not that big of a deal.

The product worked great and it well exceeded all my expectations. It was a great product and I will definitely use it again. The value is great for what you get. It's very worth the money. And I would definitely recommend this product because you get a great value. The appearance of this product is very sleek and would look great in any kind of house. It's just a very good looking product and it should fit any kind of style. The size of the product is perfect for anyone. It's a great size for the price. Very good product from a great company.

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The product performance is very reliable and great. I have had zero issues - knocks on wood!!!. The product's value is greater than great. It is definitely worth it and is worth every penny spent. Will last forever and always. The appearance is very modern and innovative. I love it so much. It looks very sleek and spiffy. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is in the market. The size is perfect. I have zero complaints about this product. It is great and would buy it again if possible. I recommend this for everyone!

We have three cats and a dog in a small apartment, so we vacuum almost every single day and need something that can really deep clean. So we have high standards! Thus far the vacuum has been fantastic. I say thus far because it's only been a few months and the real test of a vacuum is how long it lives. I can't be certain about the value until I know how long the vacuum lasts, but as of yet I'm very pleased with its performance and with the price that I paid for that performance. There hasn't been any issue with upkeep either, and it gets the job done faster than the one we used to have.

It looks fine, but I don't really care how it looks! In our situation, function is absolutely everything. The size is good. It's not as small as a shark or something, but it's not so bulky that it's a chore to get around or hide in the closet when there's company. A little smaller would be better. But as I said before it's a reasonable size to get around the apartment and keep in the closet. The attachments help get into corners but they really add to the bulk of the vacuum. Honestly I'd rather they come separately and just skip the bells and whistles for attaching them to the vacuum.

Its design makes it great for hard to reach areas. It's a great value for the price. It is sure to last long because of its performance and its durability. It does great work. It's a very powerfully designed machine, and it should last for years. It's worth the price just based on all that alone. A great buy for most consumers. I like its design. It's sleek, and it's lightweight. It's perfect because the size doesn't sacrifice any power or durability. A very simple outward design, but it works. Its size is my favorite thing about this. In a lot of other small vacuums, power is sacrificed in order to get that size. With this, it's perfect because it's lightweight and powerful.

The Electrolux is one of the best performing vacuums I have ever owned. It has great suction and power when cleaning. I love using it on hard to get jobs, it vacuums everything! Although quite pricey for a vacuum cleaner, I find that the quality far outweighs the cost. You won't be disappointed in purchasing a vacuum from Electrolux. The sleek, modern design of this vacuum is very appealing. It doesn't appear clunky or outdated, and the form doesn't affect the functionality, which I love! The size of the vacuum was smaller than I had anticipated, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work just as hard! Don't be fooled by the small frame this machine has.

The Electrolux vacuum suctions up my waist-length hair that gets into my rugs, along with my dog and cat fur! I don't have to vacuum two or three times to get up all of the hair like I did with my dirt devil! It saves me time, and money in the long run as this vacuum is built to last. Definitely high value! This vacuum cleaner easily cleans up my long hair, and my dog and cat fur. I also invite a lot of guests over and the grit from their shoes vacuums right up!

I'm happy with the appearance of my Electrolux vacuum. So much so, that I leave it out always. Then when company is over, it always looks like I was just about to clean if I didn't get to it! Ha! I'm kidding! Honestly, it does look nice enough to leave out as it's a sleeker design than other vacuum models. The Electrolux vacuum isn't as gigantic as some of the vacuums you've probably seen (and still use) from the 90's. Its sleek design is of a smaller scale, which makes my back feel much better during and after cleaning with my arthritis.

Happy that this product is good and has a year warranty. We will keep using this company because they have excellent customer service. Yes, it's now an Electrolux world! The value is amazing as we priced all other companies to find the best price and it turned out to be Electrolux. I will be giving my approval to many of my friends and family to use this company also in the future.

The product has a fantastic look and works really great. I have recommended to everyone about these products from Electrolux. Next time we need any kind of product like this we will check out Electrolux first. The electrolux product has a great size and works really well. A couple of my friends have taken my approval rating and also are buying products from this company.

Cleans pet hair better than Dyson. Easy to maintain. My housekeeper prefers this brand over many others, including the Dyson animal. The suction outperforms the Shark. Forget Hoover. For the price, this is the best quality you can buy. Shop around, you won't find a better product. You will love using it for all your flooring needs, wood, laminate, carpet, tile, and more. This must have been designed by Vera Wang, the lines are so beautiful. If a beautiful vacuum is important, this is for you. You have beautiful floors, why not invest in this attractive, well developed, easy to use product for your home, family, and pets. The size is perfect. Not too big, not too small, easy to handle. If you are petite, you can handle the size, no problem. The size is perfect, outstanding, winning over Dyson all day long.

This vacuum works efficiently and does not make too much noise. Changing of the bags is easy and doesn't take a lot of work to clean it. The price point on this vacuum is tremendous. You really get your bang for your buck and it has a good longevity. I would definitely recommend. It's small enough to not take up too much closet space which is great. The look is very modern and there are many colors to choose from. It has a good size. It's not too small and not too big. It fits nicely in my closet or under my bed. Great vacuum for small closets and people without space.

The product did everything I hoped it would and more. The suction was very powerful. It was the best vacuum I have ever purchased. I would recommend over a Dyson. The value for what the vacuum does is very worth it. Compared to other products and their performance, I definitely think this one is well worth the price. I like the appearance of the vacuum. I think it is modern-looking. I think that this item looks different and has a style of its own from others of the same quality. The size is very manageable. Some vacuums are very cumbersome and very hard to use and lug around. This one is quite easy to move and use.

Several years ago I bought an Electrolux vacuum cleaner. My Mother had one so it came highly recommended, as she had hers for many years without having any problems. I was not disappointed. It performed as well as she had promised. I have very happy with my Electrolux purchase. It was a little bit more expensive than some other vacuum cleaners that we looked at and considered, but I feel like as often as I need to use a vacuum cleaner it was worth paying a little more for something that would last longer. The size I guess I would say is about average as far as vacuum cleaners go. I have seen some newer models that look pretty small, but I have also seen some that are much bigger and bulkier.

We just bought an Electrolux vacuum and when we were using it to clean our car's carpet, it suddenly stopped working then we smelled something like a rubber burning odor coming from the machine. I turned it off, waited for the smell to vanish. When I touched the machine, it's very hot. I tried to turn it on after I couldn't smell that burning smell and it worked for a while until it stopped again. Same burning odor was smelled from it. I will be returning it for repair or replacement as we still have a warranty on it. I'm just looking for a free time.

The EU decided manufacturers should have a limit placed on Vacuum Cleaner motor wattage. I was dubious about buying one of these items. I recently bought a Zanussi Machine which used to be an Italian Company but is now part of Electrolux Group. The cleaner has an 800 watt motor with cyclonic action and I have to say the cleaning results are phenomenal, the suction literally lifts linoleum and rugs from the floor. I am mightily impressed, the design is good as it is simple to empty and clean. Access to filters is also easy and they are washable. In my opinion this machine is more than comparable to a Dyson, at a much cheaper price. If they are available in your area check them out, I am glad I did.

I bought a Ergorapido AG3013 vacuum cleaner from Electrolux. This is a lightweight, wireless, chargeable vacuum cleaner. Not happy with it. Fault developed in a month. In full charge, it would start, but stop in 30 seconds. Went for repair. Fixed the problem. Now it has developed the same problem again. Called the support, it goes to 0800 repair. They said, they would call back. But didn't even after two days. This is the way of escaping from many of the calls. Called again and booked repair now. But I am not happy the way they answer. 0800 repair have no record of warranty registration. No record of previous repairs. When asked this fix would resolve the issue permanently, they say they would fix it and send it back. But no satisfactory answer.

I purchased a vacuum cleaner and also purchased an extended warranty with the manufacturer Electrolux. I bought it in January 2014 and it broke in May of 2014. I contacted the company about the issue and they told me everything I needed to do to get a replacement. Everything was fine up until then. They said it would take 7-10 days to get to me. I didn't get anything for nearly three weeks so I called them. They said they had a tracking number and that it had been delivered to my home. I told them it did not and they required that I contact FedEx and find out what happened to it.

Mind you I am THEIR customer, not FedEx. So I called them and what they basically told me was that because it was so long ago that the driver delivered the package there would be no way for them to recall the details so I had to contact Electrolux. I did and told them what I was told. They said it would take 24-48 hours so I waited Thursday, Friday and while they may be closed on Saturday and Sunday. I waited until late in the afternoon on Monday to find out what the status was. They basically told me I had to start all over again because they obviously did not believe that I spoke with FedEx.

What's it matter? I didn't get my vacuum cleaner. So you're not responsible if the vacuum cleaner gets lost in delivery or stolen so am I just out of a vacuum cleaner that I paid for and paid for that lousy extended warranty. Your customer service is the pits, and a special shout out to Ruth the manager. She was a real jerk and when she could have handled the situation, she would rather talk over me. I hate it when people don't know simple customer service skills like NOT making the customer feel like they are criminals. From the moment I contacted the company, they made me feel like I was some person trying to get over on them! I just want to vacuum my floors and three weeks to a month is not a good look for them. Terrible, awful, disgusting people who should not call themselves Customer Service representatives but should call themselves the FBI for the criminal division.

On May 23, I was received an email invitation about a Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Model EL8807 with $150.00 off. I clicked on the link and ordered one. On the payment page, I noticed there was additional 30% off. The vacuum was listed at $299.99, so my final price with tax was $112.06. I gave my credit card number and competed the transaction, thinking what a deal!

Last week, I received the package, it was left outside my driveway. 2 nights ago, I was checking my credit card statement online, shockingly to see the Electrolux charged my credit card $223.11. This is outrageous, how can they charge way more than I agreed to pay for. I called and they asked me to send in a screen shot of my credit card, along with the order confirmation which indicated the sale should be $112.06.

Today they sent back an email, saying the charge is correct, I am only supposed to receive the 30% off. I don't understand how can a company charge more than the customer agreed. This is a SCAM. They make you think you are having a good deal but instead they steal from you. I am requesting they to pay for the return shopping.. Don't know if they will honor it. But I am not keeping it. I am really upset with this company, don't want to use their product. Whoever shop at their website should go back to check the credit card statement..

The cost of an Electrolux vacuum or floor scrubber is way more expensive in price than other like items and no resale recovery to recoup cost. The bags for the Electrolux vacuum cost $3 a piece. You can get vacuums that have cheaper bags or no bags that will do the cleaning job as well. Consider buying cheaper machines that do the same good job. I am stuck with both pieces of equipment gathering dust and I am still paying on them.

We dropped a vacuum off for repair at Aerus Electrolux in Elsmere, DE. A 4-5 day repair time was confirmed several times. After no follow up, we called on day 5 for a status. Since no one answered the phone, we left a voicemail. We called 6 more times over the next two days with the same experience. No one answered the phone and we left voicemails. After two days and 7 calls and voicemails, Erin returned my call stating she did not know when the vacuum would be ready and was unable to determine the status.

Nine days later, 4-5 days after the date communicated to us, we receive a call that the vacuum is ready for pickup and has been repaired. Payment was made in full. When we got the repaired vacuum home, it was clearly not the vacuum we brought in for service:

1. Plug/cord was different than ours.
2. Gray material covering ventilation area was torn on ours.
3. Our hose attachment did not fit repaired vacuum.

4. The numbers on vacuum do not match the original purchase receipt

After reporting this to the franchise owner, Tom ** denied this after clear evidence listed above and insulted me in my own home, stating I was impatient. Tom agreed to honor my request to update us Monday (two days later) with a status on the vacuum we brought in for service. We did not receive a call from anyone on Monday or Tuesday regarding a status.

I called today and spoke with Todd, who informed me that the part was back ordered for the vacuum we brought in for service and it was not ready yet. I asked Todd to have our vacuum at the shop (after being informed it was in another location) tomorrow morning and we would pick it up and expect a refund for service which was paid in full and fraudulently provided under the guise of a different vacuum. The vacuum was not on site upon our arrival and they were unable to issue a refund.

On May 8, 2009, following an in-home demonstration, I purchased an Aerus Electrolux vacuum cleaner, model no. GRDNUR N00024 U from a dealer representing this company, a franchise owner. The cost including tax is $1,478.24. I was an embarrassed 74-year-old now when I realized how exorbitant this price was in comparison to other high-end vacuum cleaners. I went to the company website aerusonline.com in an attempt to validate the price. This was unsuccessful. However, I was able to speak to a person in customer service. She had no information regarding the price, nor could she refer me to someone who would give me an unbiased quote. She did send me a replacement HEPA filter, the one I had fell off with the slightest bump. The vacuum is not easy to move about and the cord does not retract, it's cumbersome to use! The attachments are another story.

In April 2010, I wrote to the BBB because I felt the price was inflated. Unfortunately, they do not handle this type situation. "Not within their purview". I’m still feeling frustrated. I sent a letter by US mail to the main company at Aerus LLC 5420 LBJ Freeway, Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75240. I never received a response. On June 5th 2010, I wrote to customerservice@aerusonline.com still requesting an "unbiased price quote". Eventually, I received a call from a woman who used her first name only. Again, she could not quote the actual price, but would have another person call me.I received her call, also first name only. She asked if I was using it, gave no price quote, but did say she was sure other people paid even more. I feel certain that I have been overcharged No one seemed to know the actual price, and the main company in Texas did not have the courtesy to respond.

I purchased a vacuum in 7/05. I realized I paid lot for the vacuum. But the warranty was very good 5 years parts and labor. 10 years on parts. When the machine broke (power nozzle) they sent a man over to my residence and picked up the machine. He noted the nozzle being separated and the wires were frayed. He said no problem he's seen worse. Recommended that we replace brush in unit for $40. I told him we cannot replace brush at this time. When we called for status we were accused of damaging unit. They wanted $40 to repair unit. Now let me tell you this. Those wires were frayed from normal use and it appears they may represent an electrical hazard. It seems they just wanted the $40. I am in the process of reclaiming my machine and getting it fixed elsewhere. It appears this part (elbow) is very popular on ebay. I feel a recall or investigation is needed because an electrical hazard may exist.

Electrolux upright bought 4 yrs. ago at a Lowes (or Home Depot). Within 9 months of purchase the handle and insert for attachment broke. I paid approx. $100.00 to have it repaired. Approximately 1 yr. later the handle broke in the same place. I called Electrolux directly and they mailed me the replacement part. About 6 months ago the handle and attachment broke again. I called the company and was told that since the vacuum was out of warrenty by 2 yrs. there was nothing they could do. I purchased the Electrolux because of their stellar reputation and have been thoroughly disappointed with the vacuum. I will purchase a replacement vacuum now, but it won't be an Electrolux.

I heard a loud pop, more like an explosion, in utility room this morning and ran down the hall to check what had happened. My Electrolux Pronto 2 in 1 battery operated vacuum, which I was charging, had exploded with charred batteries and wires hanging out of vacuum and some on floor. The wall and floor had soot and debris all over it and also the handle that had been ripped off in explosion.

I called the Electrolux number and was first told to take it to the nearest service center for evaluation and that i guess they would order me another (which of course I do not want). I talked to a supervisor who told me to box it up and they would send a fed x truck out to pick it up. What if anything can I do about this dangerous situation and what should I expect from the Electrolux Company. I have taken pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I contacted Electrolux regarding my Aptitude vacuum model #EL50110 Ser #60603051 which has a two year warranty and was told it was a old model. I purchased it from Sam's club May of 2007, for myself and sent in the registration card, which Electrolux says it does not have. I feel that this company is dealing in bad faith and does not stand behind the warranty it offers.

For over a year now my Genesis Vacuum shuts off as if there is a short in the switch. Part of it is still running, but it won't work well.

I have tried to find someone to repair or replace this vacuum that we paid close to $500 for. Some places will offer to buy it and sell you another one but Electrolux is supposed to have a lifetime warranty.

I purchased my new electrolux vacuum less than 1.5 years ago. The salesman at the time stated "you could clean your garage floor with this thing". Well, I guess you can't and I didn't expect such. But after replacing a Sears Vacuum every 3 years, I wanted something that would last considerably longer so I purchased this new electrolux canister vacuum going by the old adage "you get what you pay for". I guess you don't because my vacuum stopped working two weeks ago. Brought it into the Aerus/Electrolux service Centre on Stavenger Drive in St. John's, Nl a couple of days ago & got a call back saying the motor was gone! How could this be?

He advised that the bag must have broken and got something in the motor, assuming water got in. Said no way water could get in, only used on 2 carpeted rooms. I have a wet Vac for doing my vehicles so it is not possible. He advised it was not under warranty and that I would have to pay $200 to get it fixed. Well I was not happy to say the least so today I sent someone down to pick up the vacuum, not getting it fixed, and will throw it away with a valuable lesson learned. I will visit my local Sears to purchase another disposable vacuum and not waste my money on so-called Lifetime vacuums that cost 5 times as much.

The hook that is supposed to hold the right-side nested wand keeps letting go of the wand everytime I vacuum, causing me to stop and go look for it when I need it. It gets very annoying to have to keep rehooking it every few seconds!

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Electrolux is a Swedish company noted as the world's second-largest appliance maker. It also uses the name Eureka as its vacuum brand.

  • Diverse designs: Electrolux makes a range of vacuum designs that includes upright, canister and cordless options.
  • Wide price range: Consumers can find Electrolux vacuums at prices from around 100 to 1,000 dollars.
  • HEPA Filters: The HEPA filters included with most Electrolux vacuums can remove 99.97 percent of a home's dust and allergens.
  • Online orders: The Electrolux website makes it easy to order vacuums online.
  • Replacement parts: Consumers can purchase replacement parts easily to keep vacuums in good condition.
  • Best for Electrolux's diverse vacuum designs are useful for homeowners, drivers, landlords and renters.

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