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Easy-Off Oven Cleaner

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Last updated: Oct. 6, 2017

32 Easy-Off Oven Cleaner Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

I do like the way Easy-Off does clean ovens if only the nozzles would not clog up with 1/2 can left. This is the oven cleaner I always buy but am really tired of having to throw away 1/2 cans of spray - So this is probably my last purchase of easy-off.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 20, 2017

Same problem as most of these reviews. It worked for a few seconds and now the nozzle is clogged and spray won't come out. My boyfriend got a can that worked fine and I borrowed it, but am completely disgusted knowing this is a known problem the company isn't fixing!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

After using Easy-Off Heavy Duty oven cleaner, and following the instructions, my oven was destroyed by the product. Insult was added to injury when I contacted the Customer Care Department and they told me that it was implied that using the product on a countertop ovens was not allowed. There was an explicit statement on the bottle about not using on convection ovens, but nothing written about not using it on countertop ovens. So, after pennies worth of a $5.00 product takes a few minutes to ruin an oven costing several hundred dollars, the Customer Care Department offered me more of their awful product but refused to be responsible for the cost of replacing the appliance.

Corporate Social Responsibility means the firm has an ethical, as well as legal obligation to its consumers to have a positive and not adverse effect of their lives. I sincerely regret buying their product. Not only am I out of pocket several hundred to replace an appliance ruined by their product, but also the time it took to try and scrub their baked on oven cleaner, as well as the time to purchase the new product. Thanks Easy-Off for making my life harder!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 9, 2017

I have been cleaning ovens for some time now. I have always used this product, however the last 5 cans I have been able to use only 1/2 or less of each can. This is a rip off to the consumer. Someone should contact these people lol. I have tried the website is never working if you try to contact them. If you phone you are put on hold and no one answers. I am currently at one hour holding. Will turn in to unfair trade practices etc. They know their product is not working correctly. I suggest you save all receipts and start taking all cans back to store. Orders will get cancelled.

Original review: May 28, 2017

I use the spray today on the stove. It had a smell but it wasn't that bad. But when I followed the instructions on the bottle to preheat oven to 200, turned it off and then stand back and spray in the oven. I did that and the Heat with the fumes caused a reaction that went directly to my face and in my nose. I did it the first time and I was fine. I cleaned out the oven and there were some areas that didn't come right up so I redid the same method. Reheat the oven but this time the fumes was worse and it made me coughing more. It made me light headed so I went and laid down and felt weak when I woke up later to finish the cleaning. I had a really bad headache. On that one side the fumes hit my face and my nose is running. It won't stop as if I caught a cold. Someone please tell me what to do. Now my face feels like it is burning.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 20, 2017

Nozzle clogs: I have purchased Easy-Off many times over the past few years, foolishly expecting a different outcome. The 1/4 of the can that comes out works great, but that is all you get for your money. Majority of the reviews here claim to have the same problem. At this point, I would expect the company should be required to include only a portion of the can ounces will come out on the label.

Original review: April 11, 2017

I read the pre-heat oven instructions several times then proceed to clean my oven. By spraying the aerosol liquid Easy-Off into a 200-degree oven, as stated on the can, the heated medal of the oven created a dense chemical steamed fog of cleaner that hit me in the face and caused me to gasp a full breath of inhaled steam. DO NOT use this product in a preheated 200 oven. Nowhere on the can does it read to let the oven cool. Simply to heat to 200, turn off oven, spray top first. If this can happen to me I know it has and will happen to others.

Original review: March 9, 2017

So unfair!!! I have bought 3 Easy-Off cans now with the same problem. The spray tip clogs and the product stays inside the can. Also the formula seems to be different and therefore not as good as it used to be in past years. Fix the problem!!! I will definitely buy another product instead of Easy-Off.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2016

Very dissatisfied with product - faulty spray nozzle. This will be the last time I ever buy Easy Off. I don't like wasting my hard earned money on products that do not work as intended. From the looks of all the complaints your company does not care to correct the problem. Shame on you! You will end up losing many of your loyal customers. I got one - will try another oven cleaner, anyone but Easy Off.

Original review: Nov. 5, 2016

For many years I've been frustrated by not being able to get all the product out of the aerosol can. I HATE waste (understatement!). The solution is this: when the aerosol propellant is used up, create two holes at the bottom of the can with a hammer and nail. Two holes are needed so that air can replace the goo that's coming out. Hold the can over a glass jar until the contents have drained out. You can now brush the cleaner onto the oven surface. Hope this helps, but the ideal approach would be for the manufacturer to make the stuff available in a brush-on application.

Original review: July 29, 2016

I will never buy Easy-Off again. I had forgot that it did the same thing when I used it last. We thought it was just too old so went out and bought newer version of no fumes. I was able to spray my racks outside but then it clocked up. I rinsed it, blew on it and stuck a toothpick in it but it just dribbled. There have been other complaints of the same nature. Why does this happen and turning it upside down doesn't seem to help. I have a receipt and will try to get refund at store. I don't have the receipt for the first one. We should all get our money back. Frustrating!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 1, 2016

The spray does needs a warning to get some vent air moving when one sprays, and stay back from the fumes. Also needs instruction to invert the can outside after use and spray 2-3 seconds to clear product in tip and pickup tube. (like a spray paint can) I dislike the spray, which for me, has always been too much too soon with too wide a pattern. I have not had one that didn't work but I tried to remove the tip to try some different spare tips I have and it didn't pull out. I didn't force the issue with this new can. I need it now. Maybe later I'll test again if the tip is replaceable.

Original review: May 3, 2016

Have self-cleaning oven removed racks to clean with spray. Spray clogged, removed sprayer, immersed sprayer hose in glass of water, clog removed. Sprayed twice clogged again! Did this three times, now thoroughly disgusted! Container more than half full because I've only used it to clean racks. So tell me what you'd suggest, better be good! I do not have a receipt nor am I in the habit of keeping them. You'll have to take my word, I didn't steal the product!

Original review: Feb. 15, 2016

I have complained continuously about the defective nozzle and the fact you cannot use the entire content of the can. I have purchased a 6 cans/24 oz. box. When I started using the first one to quit working after 3/4 use. I opened a second one, and again, this time it stopped after 1/4. ALL reviews point to the same problem... It is amazing that so much technology available in the 21th century the company is "INCAPABLE" of correcting the problem. This is the last time I have used Easy-Off. At this rate, based on the comments, eventually they are going to run out of buyers.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2016

This is fairly obvious -- Easy-Off contains some pretty harsh chemicals that can burn pretty badly. But when a product states it is "fume free," you assume that it is safe to use indoors. I'd say definitely not. I would not ever use this again in my home. I tried to spray it in my cold oven and the fumes were so strong and overwhelming that I immediately went into a choking fit, unable to breathe. I opened the kitchen window and stood in front of it until I could breathe again. I blamed myself for not having enough ventilation and so -- quite stupidly -- I finished spraying the oven so that I could clean it. Again, the fumes were overwhelming and I felt like my throat was closing. By that night, not only did it feel like I'd been gargling with razor blades, but I'd also lost my voice. I don't mean I was hoarse -- I mean there is nothing there. I say "is" because it's been more than a week since I was able to speak.

I'm on complete vocal rest, have a humidifier going, doing everything the doctor suggests, and I still cannot speak even one word. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal -- but try not saying ANYTHING for a week. Not so much as a whisper. Not at the bank or at work or at home or to your kids or to your partner... Utter silence. The goal right now is to get the inflammation in my vocal cords reduced, but I may never fully have my voice back. If you must use this product, please be aware that it is HIGHLY caustic, that it is NOT fume-free (no matter what the label says), and use proper protection and ventilation. If at all possible, use a mask and definitely use outdoors.

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Original review: Jan. 2, 2016

I've used Easyoff oven cleaner for 20 years. This will be my final year of using this product. Every can purchased has a faulty nozzle that only allows you to use half the product in the can. This is a total ripoff to consumers. We pay for an entire can but only get to use half the can.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2015

I have two Easy-Off Oven Cleaners half filled with liquid, both of which are unusable due to faulty nozzle spray. I feel cheated. Have called the consumer service. They have said they would pay me compensation... So I am awaiting it :(

Original review: Oct. 18, 2015

Some spray sprayed back on my face resulting in a serious burn! People need to made aware.

Original review: Oct. 3, 2015

I contacted consumer affairs at Easy Off regarding the amount of oven cleaner remaining in the can. I spoke with a gentlemen approximately one month ago and he took all necessary information from me regarding my concern. I was promised a coupon would be sent to my residence between 7- 10 days since the can did not dispense the oven cleaner properly. It has been very close to a month now and I haven't received anything from the company. I trust that this is not a common practice by this company, failure to deliver on its promises. Consumers should be treated with a little more respect, since we keep these companies in business.

Original review: Aug. 20, 2015

I was spraying Easy-Off on the top of my stove and I felt scattered areas of my face burning. I washed my face with cold water only. The burning stopped but left me with two areas underneath my eye which appears to be a chemical burn. TAKE THE PRODUCT OFF THE MARKET... There is something defective about its nozzle.

Original review: Aug. 7, 2015

I see there are reviews of this product dating back to 2003. Clogging is still happening - what is the deal? I now have 6 cans of Easy Off that were only used 1/2 due to faulty sprayer clogging. I will not buy anymore. Walmart sells an Oven Cleaner "Great Value" which I am going to try - cheaper too! Too bad, I love the results of Easy Off, but they definitely need to do something about the sprayer clogging.

Original review: May 1, 2015

I have never bought a can of Easy-Off oven cleaner that didn't clog 1/2 way through. I feel like this company owes me money! They have a corner on the market and haven't changed the dispenser in 50 years.

Original review: April 22, 2015

Attempting to spray oven. The spray nozzle defective, would not spray so each liquid did not foam at all as nozzle was broken. Discarded in trash and oven needs to be done.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 1, 2015

I purchased a can Easy-Off cold oven formula. I use this product 3 times, each time following the directions, and the oven was still not clean. I then tried an application of hot oven formula however the sprayer quit working leaving approximately two thirds remaining in the can. I've been used the heavy duty formula and managed to get the oven clean. However it is unacceptable that a person should throw out unused product and require 5 applications in order to get an oven clean.

Original review: Nov. 23, 2014

I am very upset with the several cans I have purchased. Each and every one of them only dispenses half the can. After only half the can is used, the can ceases to dispense the product, leaving me with a useless half can of oven cleaner. So I am paying for 400g but only getting 200g. I feel robbed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2014

I have been buying Easy-Off for many many years but lately I have bought cans and they only work once and then the can don't spray. I paid 5.59 a can and I had to buy 2 more cans to finish the job. This has been happening a lot now. I always liked the product. But now I don't know. Please let me know what to do. Thank you.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2012

24-oz. package only dispenses 1/2 of total weight. This is not acceptable.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 28, 2012

I bought a can of fume free oven cleaner, Easy Off, at my local Giant Eagle. I went to clean my stove today and sprayed the oven cleaner. The fumes from that can were so bad that I was coughing and choking on the fumes. The can says fume free but it is not in a blue can. UPC code on the can is 062338001784, number on bottom of can is 812009-NJ2. Other number is 0888H-8. Please advise. I was very lucky I did not get really sick but just made me cough and choke. Eyes were burning very badly too.

Original review: Jan. 24, 2010

The spray nozzle stops spraying 1/2 through the product. I have purchased 2 different cans in a row that do this. There is plenty of product in the can, but when you depress the nozzle nothing will come out. It's not a cheap enough product to just keep throwing away.

Original review: April 12, 2007

My 3 year old son got a can out of the garbage and pushed the nozzle, it sprayed everywhere getting on his face and in his eye. I have to take him to the Dr today. His face is burned badly almost bleeding and I don't know if he can see completely out of his eye. I don't see how he could with the way his face looks it immediately burned him badly, even burned his hair.

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