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We have worked with this company for several years. They were recently purchased by Lending Tree. They are a national company that finds reputable contractors for the homeowner. I am a service pro and Done Right provides leads from homeowners in Denver, Colorado. In the last 3 days, we have received 12 leads. We called all 12 leads and 11 of these phone numbers were out of service. We have contacted Jacqueline (one of the head ladies) and asked her to call these numbers and to put the funds back into our account. We have also left our office number and she has refused to call us.

I was ready to do business with Done Right Directory because they had a 1000 dollar guarantee. I read what David from San Diego wrote about how he couldn't get his $60 back from them. Thanks, but no thanks, Done Right Directory.

I sustained water damage to my condo in May 2009. I received the San Diego area 'Done Right Directory' on my doorstep a few weeks earlier. The directory lists Home Improvement Repair Pros in my area. There was also an offer for 'up to $100 off any service' by registering on-line or by postcard and finding appropriate Done Right Specialist in my area.

I both registered on-line AND also sent in a postcard to register -- as a backup. I searched on-line for a contractor on Done Right's website and found two. I called both and got quotes and decided on Handyman on Demand. They did a very good job on my bathroom.

After excellent work was done by the referred contractor in the amount of $826.29 on 5/19/2009, I completed the form to recieve my $50 Rebate as per the terms indicated (enter signed contract by 6/30/09; work started w/in 60 days; obtain invoice marked paid in full w/ completion date; $50 rebate for invoices from $351 to $1000).

On August 26th, I received a reply from Leo L at Done Right claiming "Signed contract entered after 6/30/09; Final Paid invoice later than 30 days after completion date; Consumer not registered; Specialist was not contacted thru toll-free number printed in directory or website; rebate entry may have been lost, stolen, late misdirected, postage due seperated or illegible"

Not one single item above is true or applicable. I followed every single rule and carefully and meticulously followed all instructions.

On September 1st, I emailed Done Right at teh address indicated on the letter I received but to this day-- November 21st, 2009 -- have not received a response from them.

I would like to file a complaint as they will not abide by their own terms or respond to my requests for my $50.00 rebate.

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