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Danby Wine Coolers

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Last updated: May 9, 2017

35 Danby Wine Coolers Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Aug. 10, 2010

I purchased a Danby Silhouette wine refrigerator, model DWC166BLSRH, Serial number 0908080100008 on September 2, 2008 from One of the main reasons I chose the Danby line was because of its warranty and promise of good service, which is written directly on the website. Unfortunately, my Danby wine refrigerator has been broken since March 15th, 2010. After nearly 5 months, it is still broken and no progress has been made, whatsoever, in the effort to get it fixed. I have made over 20 calls to Danby's service organization to date attempting to get this product, which is still under the original warranty, fixed. So much for their "commitment" to service.

The ticket number for your reference is #***. I have emailed the receipt for my purchase three times and been told each time that it was not received, despite having received email confirmation that it had been opened. I have been told by the service dealer here in North Carolina that the work order has been faxed multiple times to the name given to me, only to be told that it never arrived either. I have left two messages for the manager, Laura, provided the ticket number for her reference, an overview of the issues, and my phone number, and never received any call back. I have called the service manager directly (Dave) in the US at 1-800- reference number D44365108, and been told that parts were ordered, it would be taken care of, and that parts would be shipped to the service provider by the end of June. To this date, no parts have been ordered, nothing has been resolved, no one ever calls me back, and I have over $3000 worth of high quality wine that has been sitting out on my counter top for 5 months being improperly stored, with corks drying out, and wine getting ruined.

I have spoken to the following individuals in Canada multiple times: Diana, Erica Roxanne, and left two messages for Laura the manager.I have called on the following dates: 3/15/2010, 3/26/2010, 5/3/2010, 5/10/2010, 7/12/2010, 7/20/2010, 7/19/2010, 8/5/2010, 8/6/2010, 8/10/2010 on multiple occasions I have been put on hold indefinitely or transferred to an errant number, the ridiculousness of this situation just goes on and on and on.

At this point, I want this resolved and if I have to get a lawyer involved to do it, fine. I am also planning to write the president of Danby to see if I can get resolution through him, but based on the other complaints on this site, that doesn't seem very likely either. I have over $3000 worth of wine that has been sitting on my counter for over five months and is slowly turning to vinegar because of improper storage. The cost of the refrigerator was over $1,600. Please have someone get in contact with me to help me find resolution to this long overdue problem.

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Original review: May 20, 2010

Well I see I'm not the only one that has problems with Danby's wine cooler and their customer service. I also bought dual zone wine cooler for a kitchen re model in 2008 The warranty stated that there was two years on parts and labor and 3 years on the "sealed system" The unit was delivered in March 2008 and installed in Late April 2008. This March (2010) the unit started malfunctioning with one side overheating then the other. Then the thermal breaks would cut in and shut down the compressor. I called Danby not sure whether I was under warranty or not. After a lot of talking I convinced them to pay for a service call. They gave me a number of a local Danby service center.

A week later they arrived and told me that they didn't work on sealed systems I would have to call someone else. I called Danby to let them know. I was given another service center to call but they couldn't come for 2 weeks as Wednesday was the only day someone was home. Two weeks later these people told me the sealed system was shot and the unit needed to be replaced. I called Danby to let them know. They wanted me to fax the serviceman’s report to their headquarters in Canada. You'd think they could do that. After all it was their approved technicians that came down. I faxed it and heard nothing for 3 weeks. It was then I decided to call. They told me Oh! The defective unit needs to be picked up.

Danby did nothing for 3 weeks and waited for me to call after I sent them the report they asked for. I told them OK but it needs to be picked up on Wednesday. They said they would arrange that with their transport company Conway. Guess what? They showed up on Tuesday, I just happened to be home with the flu. Otherwise I would have waited at least another week for pickup. I called Danby and said now what and told them again Wednesday is the only possible delivery day. They said OK and would call me when they had information on the new unit. Days went by and I heard nothing. However this past Monday I noticed some papers on the lawn when I got home from work. To my surprise Conway had tried to deliver a new unit without checking first.

I called Conway and told them that they were supposed to phone first. Conway told me that Danby never told them to call nor did they specify Wednesday delivery. Conway told me they would re deliver on Wednesday. Wednesday came and Conway showed up with the unit. There was an orange label affixed to the box of the wine cooler saying it had been damaged in transport. Sure enough there was a big gash in the bottom of the box where the fork lift had gone through. I refused delivery and first called Conway. They knew the unit was damaged when they tried to deliver it 2 days earlier. That's when the put the damaged label on it and they had the nerve to try and deliver it. I called Danby and was furious. They didn't want to hear it. I told them Conway was never told about the Wednesday Delivery by Danby like they were supposed to and they tried to deliver damaged merchandise.

Danby then tried to offer a partial refund and they would call it even. I told them no way. I would not incur any out of pocket expense the unit was under warranty. They wouldn't budge. I wanted to escalate but they wouldn't give me any information to do so. They told me I would have to deal with customer service. I told them customer service isn't doing their job I want to speak with someone else. They refused. After some searching I managed to reach the assistant to the president of Danby and explained what had been going on. She listened and said she would get back to me.

Five minutes later the customer service person called back and again offered a refund less my home delivery charge. She said she was going to send me the check. I told her not to do that at least 5 times during the call. I told her they need to replace the unit at their cost. We kept going round and round. Finally I said I will not accept the check and ended the conversation. I wanted to let the president's assistant know what just happened so I called her back and was routed back to customer service. I called again and was routed back to customer service again. So this time I queried the switchboard operator who told me that she was told if I called not to connect me to the president’s office but back to customer service only. Apparently they're angry. The top executives at Danby apparently couldn't care less about their poor customer service or the inconvenience to their customers. They want you to buy their products but if there is a problem they want you to just go away! Don't waste your time buying anything from this company. If there's a problem with the unit you'll be very sorry.

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Original review: April 19, 2010

We purchased the Dancy 54 Bottle Wine Cooler in stainless steel and within four months of operation. The unit ceased to cool and one side overheated. As Danby claims to have a one year warranty, we called Danby and found that since we had purchased the cooler at the beginning of our remodel and did not install the unit until the renovation was complete. The warranty would not be honored as we were a mere two weeks past our warranty expiration date. We let Danby know that the unit had only been in use for under four months, whereupon we asked if Danby would not honor the warranty, would they at least sell us another unit at cost? At which point, Danby stated that they would not. "Too bad, so sad, you'll just have to fork up another $900 for another unit."

Please note that you cannot get Danby wine or beverage coolers serviced, states Danby customer service, as they are "contained units" which means the entire unit has to be replaced under warranty, not just the cooling elements. If it breaks during the first year, they will ostensibly send you a new unit. But who knows if they will even honor their one year warranty, based upon their reluctance to handle the simplest of customer service issues with us. It took days to get to a representative and even then they completely refused to stand behind their product.

After several tries with Danby customer service to no avail, we contacted the president of Danby, whom we were sure would make this situation right but were completely ignored. I'll bet he gets a lot of calls and mail about this very thing. Do yourself a favor and save on shipping. Put $900 in a pile and burn it rather than buy any Danby product. Better yet, buy another brand, as we did. Our new cooler works just fine and it can be repaired if it breaks, as it is 21st century technology. Our new unit was cheaper too and is better looking.

Come on! It's a little fridge, not rocket science, and they can't get a $900 wine cooler to work for more than four months without breaking down? I'd be interested to hear from any other Danby wine cooler purchasers as I have a suspicion that these units are manufactured to meet planned obsolescence of approximately one year as a means of bilking the consumer.

Yes, you heard me, Danby, if you read these reviews: Your customer service reps were too practiced in their denial of warranty coverage for us to believe that this is an uncommon occurrence. We'd also like to hear from you, Danby, since we've not received a reply to any of our communications for several months now. Caveat emptor! I lost $900, time and trust in American capitalism. I see a lot of negative reviews on other sites as well as this one. Any attorneys interested in a class suit in regarding planned obsolescence for Danby's wine coolers?

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2009 Bought a Danby Wine Cooler, Model DWC513-BLS in August 2006. Since then, the condenser fan motor has been replaced three times. The fan usually starts to go out by creating a high pitch siren sound that is intermittent. The temperature settting seem to hold and the unit continues to function, but then the siren changes to a loud grinding noise. This will be my first and last Danby product! Right now (Dec 2009), I'm in the process of faxing my 3 previous invoices to Danby, plus my original purchase invoice to see if they might cover a 4th condenser fan. The wine cooler is currently humming and buzzing. Ugh!
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Original review: Nov. 3, 2009 I purchased through our builder a Danby Silhouette wine cooler in July of 2003. It is used 6 mos of the yr as this is not a primary residence. While still under the 5 yr warranty I have had the refrigerator serviced 3 times to the tune of $300 in service calls and $20 in parts. While still under warranty I purchased a Condenser Fan Motor in May of 2008. It was back-ordered and was not mailed until June after we had gone North for the summer and was not installed until Nov 2008. The part lasted until May of 2009 when it again burned out. Our repair person was on vacation. We unplugged the unit and left to spend the summer up north and when we returned our repairman diagnosed that it was the fan motor again. I called the company and they refused to do anything about it. This refrigerator is 6 yrs old but about 3 yrs old in useage. The replacement part lasted less than 6 months. My expectations were that the company would at least offer to ship me another motor (cost $5.16 plus shipping). They offered me no satisfaction. I will not replace the part if it is only going to last 6 mos.
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