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Verified purchase

Reviewed April 3, 2018

Danby Silhouette wine cooler - Without a doubt the worst product I have ever owned. Started failing after 2 months. The only thing more disturbing is their inept and disinterested Consumer Service group! Have your head examined before considering a Danby product.

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Reviewed May 9, 2017

Danby wine fridge destroyed $800 worth of wine. The fridge froze the wine down to 20 degrees, popping out the corks. Danby admitted this is a regular occurrence with their wine fridges and offered to sell me a replacement part. The thing is, this fridge cost $700, which is a lot, but not a ton. The repair would cost $300. The fact is I should have purchased a Eurocave. Yes, they cost a lot, but when you have good wine, why go with a cheap brand like Danby.

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2017

I purchased a 38 capacity wine bottle cooler that stopped cooling suddenly. I hired a licensed plumber to look at it and he confirmed what I suspected and what many others have reported -- the Danby product is GARBAGE. It's a poor and probably defective product! Customer Service is useless and once the unit shuts down, the innocent consumer is SOL! Let the buyer beware! DBD -- Don't Buy Danby!

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Reviewed Oct. 4, 2016

Me and my wife received this as a wedding gift... Still have the receipt and after 15 months the fridge no longer works. They have horrible customer service. Once reached the only solution was to buy a new fridge and they would offer a 10% discount. Are you kidding me?? It was a $420 wine cooler. The wine that I have in there is worth more than the fridge itself!! I would never buy another product from Danby. I wouldn't be as disappointed if it was a "cheaper" model or make, but thinking that it wasn't priced higher, you would think it would last for a few years... Clearly not the case here! Buyers stay away from Danby products!!!

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Reviewed March 10, 2016

I purchased a small freezer from Best Buy made by Danby. The first unit arrived damaged in the box meaning it was put in the box damaged and shipped. It was damaged in two places. I took photos and reported the damage to Best Buy. They shipped a second unit which arrived damaged in the box meaning it was put in the box damaged and shipped. It was damaged in four places. When I contacted Best Buy they dragged their feet with regard to having the unit replaced with an undamaged unit.

I contacted Danby directly who has done NOTHING to make the situation right or offer to replace the unit given the lack of customer service from Best Buy. Very poor quality control at Danby boxing and shipping two damaged units. Very poor customer service at Best Buy given it's been two weeks and I finally sent both units back and have requested a refund from the bank. I will not be a customer of Best Buy going forward and I would never order another Danby product.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2016

Purchased the 146 bottle unit from Costco. Less than 2 years later it stopped cooling and a "plastic" or chemical smell was noticeable when opening the unit. After reading the reviews here I didn't bother calling Danby and just junked it. BTW, my only experience with their customer service was a call I made to their "tech" department to tell them I was having trouble adjusting the temperature. Their only response was to get a new unit and hung up on me. I read reviews on a lot of other units but feared I would be buying or repairing units every few years. I bit the bullet and replaced it with a 147 bottle Sub-Zero bought from a local Kitchen & Bath appliance store. When I asked the sales person about Danby products he looked perplexed then said his store doesn't carry them. When I pressed him further he hesitated (obviously not wanting to disparage another company), but gave me the impression that Danby was the bottom of the barrel. How right he is.

Given all the negative reviews on this site, and my own experience, I think this company should be investigated. Anyone who knows Sub-Zero knows it to be the best, and while their unit is almost 5 times what I paid for the Danby, or other units of similar size in the marketplace, I know it will last. It came with a 10 yr warranty! If you're storing wine anywhere near $80 a bottle average, you've made the unit worth while. I will never buy another Danby product again.

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Reviewed Feb. 7, 2016

I purchased a Danby ice chest in October of 2015. In December of 2015 I noticed I had a horrible smell coming from the unit. I opened the unit to find out that it was no longer working. All the status lights on the outside all indicated the unit was functioning as it should be. I reported to the company I purchased the unit from (www.appliancesconnection.com) and they said I would have to contact Danby directly with the issue. I proceeded to do so and had a tech from one of their prescribed repair companies come and look at the unit. Upon inspection he told me the unit would have to be completely replaced because the cost to repair it outweighed the cost of replacement. I notified Danby and they never refunded me my money or supplied me with a new unit to this day (February 6, 2016). Their customer service is horrible and they certainty don't stand by their products.

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Reviewed Jan. 13, 2016

Purchased Danby wine cooler. Two years, unit quit cooling. Called Danby, could not get through to talk to anyone. Finally got through and they basically said too bad, they would not be able to help me. The wine cooler just stop working, no warning or anything. I went to get a bottle of wine from my wine cooler and all 30 bottles were hot. Was not a happy camper. I was told that the compressor can not be fixed. You would think it was made in China but it's not. It is made right in America. I will never buy any of Danby product again.

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2015

I bought the wine cooler 11/2011 for my newly remodeled kitchen. The contractor built in the unit, modifying the cabinets and making sure to allow proper air flow. The appliance store assured me that the front air intake was the best unit for the custom installation. Now 11/2015 the wine cooler does not cool. I called both the appliance store and Danby Service to get advice and service. The warranty was 18 months after purchase. I spent $700 plus for the wine cooler. The appliance store told me that Danby had a cheap compressor and that they fail and cannot be serviced. Danby Service told me that the compressor is sealed and cannot be recharged. I own a small Kenmore refrigerator in my basement pool room that has been flawless for at least 10 years, that I paid Sears $125. I would not recommend Danby products to anyone. Their lack of customer service and goodwill is criminal.

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2015

Lucky we had an extended warranty. Lower section stopped cooling. Local company attempted repair. 2nd visit it was determined unit was not repairable due to a leak in one of the evaporators. Repair company said the Danby had the largest number of service request and usually fail right after the warranty expires.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2015

We bought the unit because it was perfect match for our kitchen - the double French door with dual temperature, blue light was also very attractive. We spent $1200. After about 2 years, the unit died. Danby exchanged the unit - it took some fight and time, but they agreed. Then, 2 years later, the unit died again... This is when I decided to look at some review online and I'm not the only one with serious issue with this unit and this company. It is a very cheap unit, not build with the best parts. The company doesn't care. I have a small bar fridge in my basement that I spent $125 on it and it was almost 10 years ago... It never break. And then a beverage centre for $1200 that barely last 2 years... Yikes.. Stay away from this.

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Reviewed May 29, 2015

I had a repairman in to check our 5 month old Bosch oven that didn't work properly. While he was here I told him my wine cooler, also 5 months old, was making a loud clunk noise when it shut off. He told me that Danby uses substandard compressors, and that he couldn't repair or replace the compressor because they don't want anyone working on the pressure parts of their product. He said the suspension of the compressor was failing and that he would ask the retailer to order me a complete new unit. He recommended that I replace it with one of several other brands.

Tonight I was in the same room and immediately became aware of a solvent type smell. I quickly traced it to the wine cooler. The smell was almost overpowering, but I quickly unloaded the unit, pulled it out, and carted it outside. The solvent smell was awful. My wife and I quickly got all the windows and doors open and we are still trying to clear the smell. I will speak to the retailer (a reliable company) tomorrow. I'm SO GLAD this didn't happen when we were asleep. Does anyone know what the refrigerant is that leaked out? Is it toxic? I'm still coughing and have a headache.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed April 24, 2015

Danbywine cooler Mdl DWC106A1BPDD - Thermostat on the unit read 54 degrees but when I opened the door all of the product was frozen with 8 of the bottles had corks popped out and frozen wine all over the unit. I called a repair person to look at it and he told me the thermostat was no good. ($95.00 service call.) I still had 6 months to go on the warranty so I called Danby and was told to cut the cord in half, remove the sticker with model number and serial number, take a picture of them, and then e-mail it to ** and I would receive a call in a few days from someone who would replace the unit. That has been over 3 weeks and no call. I tried sourcing a thermostat from several companies on line and was told there is no thermostat available for this model number. I lost over $1400.00 worth of very good wines.

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Reviewed April 20, 2015

2x2x5 foot wine cooler. We've had it 2 years. It was in our wine cellar to cool whites and bubbly cooler than reds in the rest of the cellar. The box froze and exploded our wine twice. Finally put it out in the garage, where it couldn't make such a mess if it freezes again, which it just did. Now it goes out to the curb - done.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2015

Danby DWC458BLS - This unit was supplied by home builder in 2010 and was built into a bar cabinet. Although it still cools the thing short cycles every 20 seconds or so and is noisy. It is loud enough I have to unplug it if I have guests who are sleeping in the guest room downstairs near the kitchen/bar. On/Off/On/Off every 20 seconds. I thought it may be low on refrigerant cause the short cycle (HVAC term). However after reading other reviews it seems that this is normal for this unit and there is no economical way to repair it even if it did have a malfunction. I will be looking at an alternative product that will hopefully fit into the same space. Not recommended.

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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2015

Refrigerant leak at 3 yrs. warranty two years. No support from Danby. Everyday normal fridges last decades. This one which cost the same doesn't? Extremely unreliable product with support to match. I will try my best to never purchase a Danby product again.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Jan. 6, 2015

After living with this product for a month, the noise that is made by the unit recycling "on and off" every 15-25 seconds. This is so annoying and LOUD that it can be heard across the room, interfering with conversation or the TV sound. Worse is the fact that our inquiries to the manufacturer have had no response. Additionally, the cooler was to hold 36 wine bottles-- cannot see how this is possible unless the bottles are smaller than standard size. (Cooler was purchased through Wine Cooler Direct.)

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Reviewed Dec. 17, 2014

Purchased Danby wine cooler. Two years, unit quit cooling. Called Danby, could not get through to talk to anyone. Finally got through and they basically said too bad, they would not do anything to repair, and the 3 service reps in the state that were certified to repair were mysteriously out of business. Called local appliance store and they said they could not repair. What a $900 piece of crap. Went to Big Box store and replaced with $300 unit that works better than Danby ever did.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Oct. 14, 2014

I purchased danby fridge less than 1 year ago. Woke up in the morning, the fridge has stopped on me, it's not cooling. I called danby customer service, they gave me the j&s service co. who suppose to take care of the issue. After they saw it, they told the BAD COMPRESSOR. And danby won't fix it. I called danby, told them about the issue. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH DANBY I HAVE EVER HAD. They are only helpful to sell you product, not when their product goes wrong...

Spoke with supervisor and she was very helpless. Her name Ashley extension **....was not helpful at all... She closed the doors on me the way I felt... now I lost $500+ tax for product not worth even a Penny.... I DON'T RECOMMEND YOU TO BUY DANBY.

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2013

Purchased a Danby Beverage Center 3 years ago. It is a great looking machine, dual zone cooling, locking doors, pretty blue lights. Over the holiday, the unit stopped cooling and started warming. The visiting repair tech told me the compressor was bad. He said he couldn't even replace the compressor because the part was no longer available. I called Danby. They said since the unit is no longer under warranty, there was nothing they could do. So, it looks like I out $1,160.00 ($1,100 for the cooler and $60 for the repair guy to tell me I'm S.O.L.). Firstly, I am seriously disappointed with Danby. A refrigerator should be designed to last more than 3 years. I have an old Kenmore still running since my college days (35 years ago). But secondly, and perhaps more important, I believe it is downright criminal for Danby to have halted production of the repair parts needed to keep these units functioning. That just stinks of "design flaw" and it should have resulted in a recall/replacement of every unit they sold. I will never own or recommend another Danby product.

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Reviewed June 18, 2013

I bought Whirlpool wine cooler two years ago. I woke up this morning with an inside temperature 72 F. When I called customer service which was as useless as their products, they informed me that I have to repair it myself because the warranty was for just one year. Shame on Whirlpool!!!

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Reviewed May 7, 2013

Danby Silhouette Wine cooler - Wine cooler thermostat failed and cost me $500.00 in wines. It blew hot air on them instead of cool air, actually heating up the area where both wines were, and then defaulted to the lowest temp for the white wine area. The product lasted 4 years; it is dead now. My second one, first one had to be replaced in the first 30 days. Underwhelmed and the dealer that we dealt with totally pushed us to Danby - only interested in the sale and not the customer.

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2012

Model #DFF261BSLDB - I bought the top of the line medium size refrigerator (stainless steel bottom freezer) last year around this time. It leaked all the refrigerate in the sealed system and died last week. As a disabled senior, I presumed it would last for years and if it didn't, the company would stand behind a new refrigerator. I am amazed just how many fridges (Kenmore, Whirlpool, etc.) are working over 30 years with no problem. In my long life, I have never had one fail. My last one of 13 years old, I replaced to be more energy-efficient and to avoid the hell I have gone through with no refrigeration. The smell and mess, the damaged floor, food and medicine spoilage. Most annoying is having to go out or have everything brought in cash, while they wait for the company to help you resolve the problem to no avail.

I must say the customer service women try to help, asking the supervisor for assistance. If you ask to speak to a supervisor and get Laura, expect a very unsympathetic, very unprofessional and rude experience. Their warranty is for one year and they stopped the 5-year sealed system warranty in 2007. Because it is not worth fixing most system leaks, other manufacturers guarantee the sealed system for 5, 10, 12 and even 15 years. So many poor folks have paid over $900 for wine coolers, only to experience several failures in a short period of time - losing expensive, great wines. What a shame! So beware of buying things from Danby, unless you are prepared to lose your stuff. With all the stress that goes along with that failure, do you really want to be replacing and/or repairing your unit annually?

There are too many good companies and products that understand customer service out there and are not made in China! Yes, don't let the history of a 1947 Canadian company, with plant in Ohio since '92, fool you as it did to me. I was amazed to see made in China all over the back of the fridge! In fact, they opened up an office in China this October 2012! They are so in tuned and care about the US economy and their fellow Americans! Their bottom line is to produce products as cheaply as possible and make as much money as possible. They don't care about us as individual consumers or as a country that needs to create jobs and products made in the USA. We have to stop this behavior if we ever hope to make this a better world again!

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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2012

We originally purchased two Danby Silhouette 166-Bottle wine coolers for our house. While one of the original wine coolers is still working, we are now on our third wine cooler for the other one and this one is falling apart (somehow expanded in width) to the point that one side of the shelves are not staying in the roller track and falling on top of the shelf below. These wine coolers are a joke and I understand that they have discontinued making them. Luckily, we have purchased the extended (5-year) warranty each time they replace the units. The previous wine coolers had refrigerant leaks and the warranty company determined that it was better to replace the units than fix them. Bo not buy a Danby wine cooler no matter how attractive the price may be!

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Reviewed Aug. 29, 2012

I purchased a Danby French Door Dual Zone Wine Cooler for $950.00. At two years, the unit failed; and it took three months to repair due to a redesign of a defective part. At 4.5 years, the unit failed again due to a crack in the tubing - still under the limited warranty but not worth the repair at a cost to me of $500.00. That an appliance today will only last 4.5 years is pathetic. I would not recommend Danby and will never buy another product from them.

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Reviewed July 14, 2011

Purchased Danby Silhouette dual zone 166 bottle wine cooler from Quality Matters in May 2008, noticed in January it was not keeping the temperature. Of course it no longer under warranty, so I took it to one of Danby's recommended service providers to see about the repair, only to find out that there is a leak in the system and will cost $600 just to locate it plus parts and labor to fix. The repairman said it was not worth fixing. Seems this system was most likely defective. I have tried to contact Danby but cannot get past their customer service who do not know how to do their job, because they are not helpful and will not put me in touch with someone who cares.

I have never had this kind of experience with any major purchase, most companies are willing to try to resolve the problem, because they know that a satisfied customer is good business. In this economy you would think that Danby would care about their customers opinions and satisfaction with their products. I was not trying to get them to give me a free product, but to maybe work a deal where we split the cost on the repair or a new unit. All I can say is that there products should come with a warning label of BUYER BEWARE!

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Reviewed April 26, 2011

During the last 2.5 years, I have owned two Danby Wine Coolers that had refrigeration system failures within 19 months (DWC110BLSRH) and within 9 months (DWC166BLSRH). Both were purchased from Appliance Smart, who were great to work with. In the case of the 110 bottle unit, I had no recourse because the warranty was expired. Friends who purchased the same unit, at the same time, had a similar problem with this unit and replaced it. I was disappointed in the failure, but then bought the 166 bottle unit which was great until the top portion stopped cooling. I reported the problem to Appliance Smart and without having the unit examined by a refrigeration expert, offered me a full refund because the unit was on an extended five-year warranty.

I took the refund and then paid to have the unit examined on my own. The specialist determined that there was probably a slow leak in the refrigeration system. Since it would be very difficult to find the leak without dismantling the sides, etc., he did not believe the unit could be fixed at any reasonable cost. As a result, the unit was turned in for recycling and I bought a similar size unit from another manufacturer. I will never own or recommend another Danby product because two such failures are inexcusable in a cooler unit of this type. Other reviews confirmed my feelings about Danby, their products and the attempts by others to get service. At least, I did not waste my time trying to get some satisfaction out of Danby, a company that from reviews of those needing service, does not care about its customers. Hopefully, they will be held responsible for their multiple failures in product reliability and services of them.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2010

I have been waiting since 8/9/10 for the repair of our Danby wine cooler DWC283BLS. It is now 11/9/10. The repair service shop recommended by Danby parts cannot get Danby to supply parts. I cannot get Danby service department to even return calls after I faxed all the documentation they requested.

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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2010

My husband and I went to Appliance Smart less than a year ago. We purchased two wine coolers for our home. Upon delivery, one of the wine coolers did not work. Appliance Smart immediately fixed the problem by replacing the wine cooler with a new one.

About a month ago, the first wine cooler started to lose temperature and no longer was cooling. We were in the process of contacting Appliance Smart when the second Danby Wine lose temperature and finally no longer was cooling. We contacted Appliance Smart who told us they did not have another product in stock and would not send out a repair person because these were not salvageable. The Appliance Smart Dealer explained they had several issues with the slow leaking systems and they would not even send someone out to repair. They immediately offered us a full refund. Now, I am in a position that I have two systems which are not operating and no way to repair. Appliance Smart said "if you want us to come and get them, let us know and we will salvage them."

So I contacted Danby because of my disappointment that I could not get them repaired and I requested them to pay for someone to look at these or I would have to start the rat race of finding new refrigerators along with booking delivery people to remove and pickup my refrigerators. The Danby representative proceeded to tell me that they were not my refrigerators because Appliance Smart had credited me and they would not nothing. I get that Appliance Smart credited me (by the way, I would recommend shopping with them because they were great to me), but why is my time not important as a consumer? Why should I now have to wait on a delivery and take time off from work?

Instead, I think Danby owes me at least the effort to fix them? This is not a financial issue, but more of customer service issue. I have reviewed major appliance sites and consumer sites (including this one) with the same results: Don't buy a Danby product. They do not care about their consumers. If you have a default in a piece of equipment, pull it from the market.

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Reviewed Sept. 13, 2010

I wish I would have read the reviews on the Danby wine cooler product prior to purchasing as I have been through the same nightmare and my issues are still not resolved. In August of 2009, I purchased a WWC287BLS model wine cooler from Lowe's and had it delivered to my home. Lowe's was great and even installed the unit. It was after I started experiencing warranty issues that this relationship went downhill.

After returning from a short vacation in early June of this year, I noticed that the dual zone temps in the wine cooler were at 91 degrees - and how long they had been that temp was a mystery since I had been gone. I called Lowe's and they advised me to call Danby, the manufacturer of this Whirlpool branded wine cooler. After reaching Danby, they provided a service provider that I had to use for service. The service provider came out and took the wine cooler into their shop as they do not repair on site. After a few days,they advised that there was a leak in the sealed system and the unit could not be repaired. After calls to Danby, they required the service invoice stating that the unit could not be repaired along with the purchase receipt in order to proceed with the claim.

I immediately faxed and emailed to them. Not hearing from them after several days, I called and received information that they would be replacing the unit. The new unit was delivered by A-1 Express Delivery Service. Unfortunately, they refused to bring into the house and would only leave at the front door. Noticing that the box was damaged, I unpacked and found that the unit had a big dent on the side and would not level. Calls to Danby resulted in the same service company to again come out and advise that the unit could not be repaired and would not level. After again sending in the invoice stating this, Danby advised that they will immediately send another unit.

After waiting over a month, I phoned Danby today for the status and they advised that they sent me an email advising the procedure in returning the old unit. After staying on hold for 20 minutes, I finally was able to discuss the situation. I never received an email and basically unless I hadn't phoned, I would still be waiting to hear. They advised that it would be another 3 or 4 weeks for the replacement unit after I returned the damaged unit and they kept stating that they had sent a replacement unit. Obviously, they felt that I should just be happy with the replacement unit.

When I requested to speak to a supervisor, after all wouldn't the logical result be to pick up the damaged unit when delivering the new one, I was hung up on and when I phoned back, the office was conveniently closed although scheduled to remain open another 20 minutes. All I can say is that I wish now that I would have accepted their offer of a refund. But no, I am still at their mercy and waiting for a replacement unit. I will try again to phone tomorrow and see if I can reach anyone in authority.

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