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I have a new built home as of July 2007 which has 2-200 amp Cutler Hammer electrical panels. On Monday, March 2,2009 the main breaker on one of the panels tripped. The reason the breaker tripped was because it was overheating/melting. We called the fire department and our electrician.

The fire department said we were lucky that the breaker tripped or we would've had a house fire. My electrician determined that the reason the breaker tripped/overheated/melted was the two bolts that are below the main breaker are supposed to be tightened down from the factory and they weren't properly tightened down. They were loose and this generates heat.

Our electrician checked our other 200 amp panel and determined that two bolts were not properly tightened down from the factory, which also could have caused the same problem if not worse. I have written Eaton Corp to complain about their panel and see if they are will to take monetary responsibility for their product.

I now have a bill of $791.50 from my electrician that I have to pay due to faulty craftsmanship on Cutler Hammer's part. I feel other consumers who have this product should be informed about this problem so that they can have their electrician check it and make sure that it is tightened down properly possibly preventing a fire.

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