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Cross Country Home Services

Cross Country Home Services
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When it comes to home repairs, thousands of homeowners rely on Cinch Home Services (formerly Cross Country Home Services) whenever their appliances or systems breakdown. From air conditioners, washers and dryers to dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens, Cinch will take care of the problem you are facing. With a variety of plans available, Cinch allows you to select the coverage that best fits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and plans available!


Cross Country Home Services offers three plans that cover essential home systems and appliances. While cost can vary widely between different parts of the country, CCHS has generous coverage caps and valuable added protection for your home.


  • Unknown pre-existing condition coverage
  • No aggregate annual caps
  • Rust and corrosion production
  • Nationwide coverage


  • Cancellation fee
  • High cost in some areas

Top Cross Country Home Services Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

I'm satisfied with everything, including the timeliness and the quality of work. Everybody has been nice and friendly, and on average, it takes a day after a claim is filed for a contractor to come out. If something happens at night, I call 24/7 then I would have an appointment the next day.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

I’m happy with Cross Country Home Services and I'm very satisfied. Their monthly fee is great and their service is good and they send people out as soon as I call them. It’s pretty reliable. Also, the amount of coverage is good and I haven’t had any problems with any of the techs they've sent out.

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Cross Country Home Services plans

Cross Country Home Services offers several different services to homeowners. While home warranties are one of the essential solutions they provide, they are unique in that they also supply smart home repair and maintenance (this is separate from the regular home warranties). The award-winning company has been in business for four decades, making them an experienced provider in the home warranty sector.

Homeowners can get warranties from the company no matter where they live in the U.S. Although the service contact centers are based out of Florida and South Carolina, Cross Country Home Services sells warranties to homeowners nationwide. The company has 24/7 availability all year long, with access to claims and service by phone or online at any time.

For homeowners, plans are available through Cross Country Home Services from TotalProtect Home Warranty. Repairs done under any of the plans are guaranteed for 180 days. There are three plan levels to give homeowners options that best meet their needs.

  • Appliances Plan: This covers major appliances throughout the home that are necessary for daily living.
  • Systems Plan: If the systems in your home are the primary concern for you, the Systems Plan might be the right option. It covers major systems like heating, cooling, plumbing and more.
  • Combo Plan: The best option in terms of comprehensive coverage, this warranty gives homeowners peace of mind with complete coverage for all major systems and appliances.

For the real estate community, the company offers home warranties through HMS National. These warranties are designed to offer new home buyers or sellers additional protection and must be purchased through a real estate professional. Costs and coverages vary by location.

Cross Country Home Services cost

Plan costs and service call fees vary by region. Potential customers have the option for a free, instant quote online that gives a comparison of the monthly costs for each plan.

On average, the cost for Cross Country Home Services will range from just over $20 per month for the Appliances Plan to just over $80 per month for the Combo Plan. Across the board, the Appliances Plan is the least expensive and the Combo Plan is the most expensive because it is the most comprehensive.

Here’s an example of the cost variance:

PlanLocationAverage monthly cost
AppliancesCleveland, OH$22.95
 Boston, MA$35.95
SystemsCleveland, OH$33.95
 Boston, MA$73.95
ComboCleveland, OH$46.95
 Boston, MA$83.95
For most areas, the service call fee is $125 per repair/call, which is high for the industry.

Cross Country Home Services coverage

In many cases, purchasing a complete home protection plan with comprehensive coverage can make the most sense for modern homeowners. This alleviates the worry about breakdowns in both important appliances and essential systems. The Combo Plan is ideal for full coverage and includes the following.

Covered appliances

  • Built-in dishwashers
  • Built-in microwaves
  • Clothes washers and dryers
  • Cooktop/range/oven
  • Garbage disposers
  • Range exhaust hoods
  • Refrigerator
  • Sump pumps
  • Trash compactors
  • Whirlpool bathtubs

Covered systems

  • Attic or whole home exhaust fans
  • Central vacuums
  • Doorbells
  • Garage door opener
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Interior gas and electrical lines
  • Main fuse box panel
  • Plumbing systems
  • Plumbing stoppages
  • Smoke detectors (wired)
  • Water heaters

This plan also includes optional coverage for pools and spas (cost varies), a homeowner’s insurance deductible reimbursement of up to $500, and protection against rust or corrosion on covered systems and appliances.

Cross Country Home Services Reviews

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2019

I've learned now to do my claims online with Cross Country Home Services. But before then, I used to call in my claims all the time. I have a claim right now and I did it online, so I didn't have to speak to anybody this time. But every time before that, I've called in, and the Cross Country reps have always been very helpful. The website is user-friendly but the two items that I had prior fell in the same category, and I couldn't figure out how to add two. So, I ended up having to call. After I did it online, the rep added it on for me through the phone call.

I've had different contractors every time. For this claim I have now in one of my AC units not blowing properly, Cross Country gave me Sears. The tech came out and was very professional. Everybody has always been professional, but Sears is a well-known, branded company. The truck's got their names on it, and they have the uniforms on. It just looked like a professional company. All the time, the contractors don't have that presentation but they all have always been satisfying in their work.

Right now I have the platinum coverage, but I started off with the basic. I didn't really know as a homeowner because you have to go through experiences in order to know what you have, what you need. So, in-between the time I bought my home, I got divorced and I'm a single female who knows stuff because I am a homeowner, through experience.

I research, read, ask people, ask my neighbors, ask my friends. "Hey, you ever had this?" But I'm not the norm. For me, I need to make sure that I have the top-notch coverage because as a female, I don't wanna be out of pocket every time something breaks. So, for me, it was important to upgrade. I went to the platinum because one time, I had a stoppage in one my bathrooms, but it was after the fact that I found out that it wasn't covered. One of the technicians, he was like, "Well, you have to have it under your plan." I called the call center, and they said, "Oh, yeah, you had the gold" and then I ended up going platinum. And so, I was like, "Well, if it happens again," and thanks to god it didn't happen again, "I need to make sure that I can just make a call." It's so convenient to make a call, I know what my deductible is, and I go from there. For me, it's a total peace of mind.

My experience has been non-incidental every time. If something breaks, it gets fixed or replaced. I've had replacements and I've had repaired equipment. They have never once gave me problems whatsoever. I hear the technicians give me horror stories about some of the companies, about going through the red tape. And they said, "Oh, you have Cross Country, you're in good hands." So, I'm like, if I ever start having problems, I would say, "Oh, who?" They say, "Oh, yeah, you're in good hands." “Tell me the ones not to get.” Even the technicians, if I ask them, they have never had any negative comments to me about Cross Country. If I ever have problems and I'm 10 years in, I'd like to know where I need to go shop around at instead of going in the dark. They would tell me the truth.

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Cross Country Home Services response

Helena, Thanks for providing your feedback! We are happy to hear that you enjoy using our website, and that you’ve experienced the benefit your home warranty provides. – Christine

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2019

    I've been with Cross Country for so long and so far, they've been good to me and my wife. They do good on the phone. I call them in, they jump on it and they send somebody whenever they get a chance. The problem I have now is I have a refrigerator and the contractor has come out three times. The refrigerator keeps leaking water. They’ve repaired two times, and it keeps doing the same thing. The water leaks and it's gonna be a trip hazard. I don't want my wife and I to slip down them. It ain’t like we’re old people and it ain’t like we are young people either.

    Yesterday was the third time they came out for the same issue, and it’s never gotten resolved yet. It’ll freeze up at the bottom and they unstop it. And about two months later, give or take, it’ll do the same thing again. The guy ordered two more little parts and I told him, “It’s the same parts that the guy ordered before and changed it out. I’m gonna give you another chance to get it.” He'll come back on the 15th of this month. If it won't t work then, then we're gonna have a problem. It’s the same thing over and over again. I've had that refrigerator maybe 18 years and I’m thinking it needs to be replaced.

    We had to wait for certain things here and there but in spite of it all, I would recommend Cross Country to someone else. And I have, over the years, without a shadow of a doubt because everything go up and down. I try to keep them. Sometimes, I get aggravated and upset but it just goes out the window. I work on the road a lot and my wife is home by herself. She doesn't have anybody to help her and Cross Country helps a lot.

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    Cross Country Home Services response

    Ottis – We are happy that we have met your expectations so far. We’ll be glad to look into your refrigerator claim to see how we can expedite a resolution for you and your wife. Please respond back with your full property address and our team will follow up with you directly. Sincerely, Austin

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 21, 2019

    With us being elderly and the prices of things going up, it makes good sense that we put a warranty on our stuff at home. I carry insurance on my car and I think the home warranty is a good deal too. There were a couple of times, however, that we had a hard time getting in touch with Cross Country to put in claims. And then once we got them, they had a hard time finding somebody to do the work. For my air conditioning, they sent a guy out of Atlanta, which is two hours away from my house. There was a warranty part on the unit he installed that has a recall, but the home warranty told us that they wouldn’t handle it. They said the installer would handle it so we called him but he no longer works for the home warranty service. He wanted to charge us $80 just to come out here and charge us as well for shipping of the part. My wife went back and forth with Cross Country about the issue but, long story short, the recall never got handled on the new air conditioning.

    Years ago, we also had a heater deal, and it took a couple of days for them to get somebody to come out to it. The heater part of the air condition broke down during the winter when it got cold. I was told that it was due to the installer who programmed it wrong so when it got really cold, it shut itself down. We then called and asked why we owed a $100 deductible if it was the installer's problem, and they got back with us. Another time, I had an issue with the dryer and the guy came out but he wasn’t able to fix it. He came out two or three times but the dryer kept doing the same noise. So I just bought a new one, and we notified Cross Country, and then they reimbursed me my deductible for buying a new dryer.

    Then the last two times, Sears Warranty had been sent, and they've been right out. I was really expecting to pay more money in my part of the new air condition, but Cross Country treated me so right on that. My part on the replacement of the unit was very fair. All in all, my experience with them has been good and I've been happy with them. I’ve spoken highly of them, especially when they made arrangements to get me a brand new air conditioning unit.

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    Cross Country Home Services response

    Charles, I’m sorry to hear that it hasn’t always been the easiest claim process, please know we are continuously monitoring this process to ensure we offer the best possible experience. We’re happy to hear that overall you’ve been pleased with the service and savings your home warranty provides. Thanks for sharing!- Amanda

    2 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 20, 2019

    Cross Country is the company I’ve always had every time I had a problem and I have been with them for 16 years now. I have security that our appliances are covered. Sometimes they do it slow, but they do it. Customer service is good and they have handled my claims really well. They have replaced a few of my appliances. The first one was when my dryer messed up on me and its parts aren't being made anymore. So, I bought another dryer and Cross Country sent me the money. They allowed me so much money and I saved $200. But they don’t do that anymore. The way they do it now is to send me a new appliance as a replacement, which is just as good for me. They've also replaced my AC unit and my washing machine.

    I currently have a claim with my microwave and it has been a while. I called Cross Country for a guy to come out, and he came and looked at it. He said that he needed a couple of parts and he would check with the warranty company then he would be back to fix it. However, I never heard back from him so I went online and it said that they’re gonna replace it. They didn’t tell me and they could’ve sent me an email. Now, they haven’t put it in yet and they messed up. My wife has been in the hospital and I told them to call me. Anyway, they’re supposed to be out on Monday to install it. All in all, I’m satisfied with Cross Country Home Services. I would recommend and have recommended them to everybody that I talked to.

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    Cross Country Home Services response

    David, We aim to provide quick and efficient claim resolutions, and are delighted to hear we have been able to meet your home warranty needs for the past 16 years! We truly appreciate your recommendation and your loyalty. Sincerely, Austin

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    Rated with 4 stars
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 29, 2019

    I just retired and I hadn’t had any problems since I've been in the house for 18 years. I didn’t want all of my retirement funds to go to repairs that's why I got a warranty for my home. Cross Country Home Services was included in my mortgage, which was convenient for me. The interactions with the reps have been okay. I usually submit a claim over the phone but they're not open on Saturdays. You don’t get a response back until Monday. Also, one rep told me wrong. I'm still holding on about my heater since they're looking for a part. So the first time the agent came out, which was Reid's Rise Home Service, he said that it was $100 plus $85. I asked him why did I have to pay $85 and that I thought it was included.

    I went on and paid for it because I wanted my service to be completed. So when the heater went out again, I called for somebody else to come out. I told Cross Country I wanted a different agent because the first agent was just not timely and took my time for granted. I also told the rep about the extra $85 and he said they weren’t supposed to charge. He gave me an email to write to explain. The girl who answered my complaint said that for cleaning, it was the extra $85 and that the agent told me incorrectly. I thought when I paid the $100, that it took care of everything. But I'm finding out that this insurance that I have, I have to pay extra. The coverage plan could be better. They could also improve on explaining and including that the cleaning is not a part of the service.

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    Cross Country Home Services response

    Barbara –As with any home warranty, coverage is very detailed in the agreement, and any covered item must be mechanically failing in order to provide coverage. We strive to provide an effortless claim experience for our customers and it’s great to know that overall, you were pleased with our service. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Sincerely, Austin

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 20, 2020

    I have been with Cross Country for nine years, and they have been very quick to get back with me. So, the service has been good. They have been kind, too. Even when you put it in the computer what you needed, they still talk to you about the things that you needed for your services, so I liked that. Their coverage is good, and when I submit a claim I do it online. If I’m sitting in my car and not busy, then I will make a phone call in my vehicle.

    Cross Country Home Services response

    Dorothy, Our goal is to make managing home repairs easy, and we’re delighted to hear that you’ve had a pleasant experience. We hope to have you as our customer for years to come! Sincerely, Austin

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    Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 14, 2020

    I purchased a Sears Whole Home Warranty in October of 2019. My Heat Pump decided it no longer wanted to function in December. So I call Sears Home Warranty which is underwritten by Cross Country Home Services. I get a claim put in. They send a tech out, they put more freon in. Call it a day. Fast Forward to a week ago, unit shuts off again. Call Sears Home Warranty. Technician says he thinks its the TXV doesn't do a leak test or go into the attic to check out the indoor unit at all. He didn't give me an estimate of how much it would cost in writing, only that it would be about $500-$800 that isn't covered. So I go and I contact two independent companies at my own cost, to see what they think. Well they come over do leak tests and both determine it is the Indoor Coil and not the TXV.

    I tried to contact the sears technician, I sent him texts and left voicemails to try to understand the discrepancy. I got no response. I called up Sears Home Warranty to see if they will get a second opinion, they say they need 48 hours. I then call back, and the guy says ok. So then he refers me to BELTWAY AIR COMFORT SERVICE INC. So I go and do some research on the company. The company had a Contractor A license that was REVOKED by DPOR in 2018, because the company was involved in some sort of license cheating scandal according to the DPOR complaint. That is NOT the type of service company I want coming into my home.

    I am instead going to use another company on my own dime to repair my broken unit. The Sears Technician is incompetent, and the new company they want to send to my home had their license revoked. This is not the experience I expected with Sears Home Warranty/ Cross Country Home Services. I think Cross Country Home Services should reimburse me for the cost of my repair, given that their technicians are incompetent or have had their licenses revoked. They should also be refunding me the 2nd claim deductible since the same problem occurred within 180 days for the same thing.

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    Cross Country Home Services response

    Robert- Thank you for bringing this to our attention, please know this is not the level of service we aim to provide. We take our network of providers seriously, and will forward this information to the appropriate department for handling. I have located your account and a member of my team will follow up with you directly to address your concerns. -Christine

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 4, 2020

    When our water heater went out it had to be replaced, and then they sent us a check for half of what we paid, which was kind of sticky because they told us it would be three weeks before we got a water heater. I don’t know about them, but I don’t take cold showers. I wasn’t going three weeks. But the person did come out and fix the thermostat. Apparently, it was a part that needed to be replaced. That was the third time that a part has been replaced. But the young man did a good job. He was very nice and was on time.

    He also said that he would send a note to Cross Country letting them know that eventually that the part is gonna have to be replaced. We haven’t heard anything since. So I’m waiting to hear from him. But so far Cross Country works pretty good for us. We got a fairly new house and don’t have a lot of issues. But in this day and age things are expensive. So having the home warranty service is handy for us. If something goes out, not everybody’s got the money to fix it. So the $100 deductible is reasonable.

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    Cross Country Home Services response

    Jeree, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, if you would like for my team to follow up with you to ensure you’re receiving the full benefit of your warranty, please respond with your full property address and the best time for my team to follow up. - Austin

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    Resolution In ProgressRated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 17, 2020

    Awful! No longer managed by Sears – now out of business. Purchased Sears home warranty before they went out of business, had to cancel. No choice after. My heater went out. I could not reach anyone by phone for 6 hours. Hung up or transferred me overseas, etc. Then I was told they had no repairman in the area and I could choose one. I sat in a home in 13 degree weather without heat for 2 days! I paid the cost to repair 400-600 which was never reimbursed until a year later after numerous calls and emails.

    This year for the so-called free inspection of heater, they sent a man 500 pounds who could not fit into space to check heater, with no id.. He arrived in a rusted truck...Alarmed, I requested a legitimate repair person who could inspect and was turned down all the way up to upper management! Someone who could not spell or use proper English emailed me to rebuke me for asking while denying my request.

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    Cross Country Home Services response

    Dr. Ruth Ann, We are disappointed to hear your experience with our customer service team was less than satisfactory and will forward this to the appropriate department for handling. We regret to have lost you as our customer. Christine

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    Rated with 1 star
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 17, 2020

    We called CCHS to put a claim for a broken gas burner and no heat in our home on 01/02/20. They sent an incompetent service tech on 01/04/20. 2 days no heat. Tech said he needed to put claim for someone else to come and I paid him my deductible. Following day house temp was 56. Called company and no report or help. Called again on the 8th, again no updates. 7 days no heat. We had to get someone to fix boiler. I called company again for reimbursement on the 15th and they still didn’t have any info on my repair. They said the tech never sent his report.

    So they left my family with no heat in winter for 15 days. They wouldn’t reimburse because they said it wasn’t authorized as per contract. They didn’t even know or explain why only that it wasn’t authorized. They didn’t care about our situation and if I hadn’t called again to follow they still would not have addressed. We had a similar issue the summer before when our central AC broke. Went 6 months with no AC unit, CSU’s rod internal paperwork issues and communication. I have been a customer for over 20 years and it is easily the worst and most dangerous experience I have had to date. They left a family of 6 with no heat for, in their case, 15 days and when we took matters into our own hands they said we weren’t authorized! There are other companies with better reputations and service.

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    Cross Country Home Services response

    James- I am sorry this was your experience. This definitely does not represent the service we aim to provide. We appreciate your feedback and would like to address your concerns. I have located your account and my team will complete a review of your claim and follow up with you as soon as we can. - Amanda

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    Cross Country Home Services coverage exclusions

    Cross Country Home Warranty Services are designed to cover the mechanical breakdown of common household appliances and systems due to normal wear and tear. The warranty doesn’t extend to cover breakdowns due to misuse, abuse or manufacturer defect. The warranty also won’t cover damage due to acts of God, like a fire or natural disaster.

    Your contract will provide a list of which parts of each covered appliance and system are excluded from coverage. For example, CCHS covers central vacuum systems as part of their combo plan. This coverage includes coverage for the system’s motor, relay, switches and wiring, but their contract specifies that it does not cover attachments, hoses, handles, knobs, panels and/or cabinetry. You can find a full list of exclusions via Cross Country Home Services sample contract.

    Cross Country Home Services coverage limits

    There is no maximum on the coverage limits or payouts for repairs or replacements for covered appliances or systems, although there may be a dollar amount limit restriction on certain items. The dollar amount limits they do set are pretty generous.

    ItemCCHS Coverage Limit
    Air conditioning system$1,500
    Central heating system$1,500
    Refrigerant$10 per pound
    Kitchen/laundry appliances$3,000 per appliance
    Outside gas line$2,000
    Outside sewer line$3,000
    Outside water line$2,000

    Cross Country Home Services claims

    When you notice an appliance or system isn’t functioning properly, contact CCHS right away to file a claim and get service scheduled. To request service from Cross Country Home Services:

    1. Call the service number or request service online.
    2. CCHS will provide a referral to one of their approved contractors within two hours (24 hours if your request is submitted outside of business hours).
    3. Schedule your service.
    4. Pay the contractor your service call fee at the time work is performed.

    Cross Country Home Services backs their service contractors’ work with a 180-day workmanship guarantee. If you experience the same issue with your repaired item within that time, CCHS will cover the cost of another repair at no additional charge (or service call fee) to you.

    Cross Country Home Services FAQ

    Is a home inspection required to get a Cross Country Home Services warranty?
    No. No inspection is required.
    Are Cross Country Home Services and TotalProtect Home Warranty the same?
    Cross Country Home Services is the parent company of both TotalProtect and HMS Home Warranty. Services and prices may vary between the three.
    Is there a cancellation fee for Cross Country Home Services?
    Yes, there is a $25 processing fee applied to cancelling service with CCHS after the 30 days waiting period. There is also a 10 percent per month fee, which will also be applied to your refund after the waiting period. There is no fee if you cancel within the 30 days window.

    Is Cross Country Home Services worth it?

    There are several aspects of Cross Country Home Services warranties that set them apart from competitors. Their decades of experience, combined with numerous awards and a nationwide network with pre-approved service technicians, show the company’s dedication to reliability. The coverage for unknown pre-existing conditions, three plan options and 180-day workmanship guarantee make them a top choice in home warranty providers.

    Cross Country Home Services Company Information

    Company Name:
    Cross Country Home Services

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