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I purchased Comfort Line windows for my entire house through a dealer/installer. The installation occurred over several months due to the fact that a number of the windows were of extremely poor quality... cracked sills, window sashes longer on one side than the other, major scratches in the window panes, cracks and breaks in a couple frames that were obviously doctored up to hide the damage. It seems the company doesn't take quality control seriously.

I had to wait several months before getting replacements for all the bad units we had to send back. Then, one of the windows they sent as a replacement came in totally out of square and couldn't even be installed in the opening for the window! Instead of rushing to correct a so obvious problem, they took their good old time replacing this window.

I had to wait yet another couple of months. So, I get the 3rd replacement for the same window space -- which is a large window with 4 double hung sahses -- and find that this too is made poorly; i.e., the bottom right of the inside frame is noticeably higher than the left. ONLY because this part of the window is hidden by my couch will I not bother to get a replacement for this, since their response is not at all customer-oriented, and I do not care to deal with them again!

I have a complaint on the Comfort Line window screens. My 2 year old child leaned on the window to look at a bird on the lawn and fell out the screen window. He was able to push the entire screen out and went with the screen.

I contacted the dealer and was told there is nothing they can do and screens are not meant to hold children in. Packerland Windows was good about it but it was suggested by ComfortLine that I screw the screens to the frame of the window. Packerland suggested I not do this.I will have to because anyone can pull the screen out with a hand or can push it out. Really it is not safe and I am not happy with the answers.

I have filed one complaint and am providing additional information. I purchased windows which ultimately leaked and failed a window test. The president of the company, Jeff Miller, sent out his own installer, Rick Corliss, to my new construction site located in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. The windows were retested by the same lab that I had paid for to do the original testing after Rick from Comfortline installed them. Even with his installation they leaked within 10 minutes. Jeff Miller was contacted on numerous occasions and asked for a refund and to please take the windows off my job site. He told me in a phone conversation that he had no use for the windows because they were custom for my build site. I asked him in 4 different emails to please let me know how he would like to proceed with the window disposal.

Finally in January, I had no place to store the windows and notified him that I would be disposing of them. After the windows were disposed of, Jeff Miller submitted a refund proposal to me that had as one of the conditions that I return the windows to Comfortline. He has really been extremely unethical in his approach and has done everything possible not to refund me for windows that leaked even when installed by his own installer. I would like assistance in rectifying this situation.

Severe emotional stress and financial pressure. Mold remediation was necessary along with significant delay to the construction site and much additional expense which now includes legal fees, as I have been forced to seek legal counsel. Please help me.

I purchased $30,000 worth of fiberglass windows and doors - the windows leak. I had an indendent window inspection - all 6 windows failed a quantitative 30 minute window test - they leaked water. The windows were purchased for new construction on Lake Michigan. The brutal wind and rain make windows that do not leak a requirement and necessity. The manufacturer knows that the windows have inherent weakness which they try to conceal with non standard window installation instructions. Builders are told that the windows and siding need to be installed at the same time - this is actually false. Windows should be able to be installed independent of siding and not leak. All window experts agree on this point. This leads me to believe that the company is deliberately trying to cover up a known defect. I have had to purchase a second set of windows from another manufacturer because
Comfortline has not been responsive to this problem in any way. I do need help in being able to recoup the $30,000.00 that I paid for windows that I cannot use and ethically would not sell or give to another consumer.

New construction has halted, mold damage, newly installed insulation needs to be replaced, windows need to be removed, and the original windows were not the correct size. The mortgage is still accumulating interest yet no construction can take place. Damage at present exceeds $45,000 (including windows)

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