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After refilling my Clorox Clean-Up bottle, I could not get the cleaner out of the bottle. The pump stopped working. I went online and watched the refill instructions but nothing worked. Feels like Clorox is just trying to make more money. I have a big refill bottle but I'll have to buy another spray bottle if I want to use it? And then hope the next "smart tube" works? Nope.

On three separate occasions I have had the unpleasant experience of the Clorox Clean up "smart" tube bottle coming apart. Each time it has either ruined clothes or bath rug. One has to hold the sprayer onto the bottle to keep it from coming apart. There are other reviews posted here concerning the same problem, what does it take for clorox to see they have a problem? Do they know about this? What else can be done?

I have never written a product review but am so disappointed with this joke of a pump felt it necessary to inform your R&D department. I have been buying this product for over thirty years to kill germs on kids toys and disinfect bathrooms. Forward me the names of the RD team Who decided to save two cents and design a 2" tube to pump 30 oz of liquid? Probably the Same morons who have never actually used the product. This "new and improved pump" hasn't worked on one single bottle of Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner. We purchased several thinking it was a single "piss poor pump". I have now transferred the liquid to Dollar Store $1.00 bottles with full size pumps. We no longer have to worry about wasting time pumping air or worse squeezing the damn bottle in frustration while swearing buck naked in a shower thinking Clorox hired the biggest bunch of idiots in RD maybe on the planet.

For god's sake stop listening to the bean counters in accounting and listen to your sales department who must be getting their asses chewed out with every pallet delivery. While I'm at it give some thought to including magnifying glasses with each purchase. Your "useful instructions in 2 pt. type" include directions, warnings, storage and disposal information no one on this planet can read unless they own a home version of the Hubble telescope. Maybe if you didn't take up half the label with repeating illegible instructions in Spanish the font could be increased to 4 pt type. Newspaper obits are much easier to read and more informative and enjoyable than your warning label. Give us a full size pump action like the good old days, jack up the price of the product ten cents and give me a reason to buy Clorox again. "Spray Every Drop" "Irocie Hasta La Ultimate Gota". You guys are hysterical.

Why are Clorox disinfecting wipes being sold now without the seals? This is CRAZY! Each canister used to come sealed upon purchase. As it is, they can dry out before ever reaching the stores. Please fix this, Clorox! What are you thinking? Someone at Clorox made a very poor business decision to change this.

I use Clorox mainly to clean bathroom tiles, sinks, and the toilet bowl. Sometimes, I use it for cleaning window sills and glass. It does the job, however, it does have an unpleasant distinct after-smell, at least with the original one. They now have different scents or variants to choose from, i.e., lemon and floral scented bleach. People use this as a clothes whitening agent. I, for that reason, is not a believer, though it could be that I don't know how to use it with clothes, or that it really does not work for my white stuff. If not properly used, it can totally ruin fabrics. (I just don't have enough time sorting that out.)

Now, this is still chemical and a-not-so-good element to be lurking in our homes. (There are natural alternatives to this.) So it has to be properly packaged and stored. In that sense, I never had any problems with this brand's packaging. The seal is good and the bottles are handy. When looking for a cheaper home cleaning agent, Clorox is one of the good ones to use.

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Like so many others I am more than frustrated by the deliberately defective spray bottle this product is marketed in. It leaks all over my hands and delivers practically no product where it is aimed. To compound this, the bottle is designed so that it cannot be opened to transfer the product to a functional bottle. I feel robbed and will not buy any Clorox products in the future. I wish I could give it zero stars.

I was reading the directions on a full bottle of Clorox Clean-Up with the Smart Tube Technology and the sprayer and top suddenly came off and I got covered in
bleach! It ruined the top and shorts I was wearing, went all over the laundry room floor and ran under the washer! I am more than mad! Who makes a lid that

doesn't screw on tight? It just pushes on!!! I had bleach all over me. Even after a shower I still smelled of bleach. My hands stung, I had to mop the floor several times so the dog wouldn't lick it or track it all over my rugs. We had to open doors to let the strong bleach smell dissipate! Bleach is a caustic chemical and the container should ensure accidents like this can't happen. A child could pick up that bottle and end up drenched in bleach! There is NO excuse for this!!!

From the time I sprayed the bottle it has leaked all over my hands. You cannot get the smell off of your hands for an entire day. I have never written a negative review for a consumer product online. I have continued to use the scary bottle hoping it would get better. I do not have a receipt otherwise I would have returned to the store. This morning I was about to put the remainder of contents in a different spray bottle when I noticed it is Smart tube technology. Sometimes I am not sure if the people in R&D are using the product because if they did this spray bottle would never have made it to the store for customers to purchase. Go back to the regular spray bottle please. I will never purchase this product again. New Technology doesn't mean Better...

Purchased product and it would not spray. Finally called Clorox Customer Service and after much discussion it turned out that the cap was installed backwards! By that time, I had transferred the Tilex liquid to another bottle. Do not purchase this product! I will not do so again.

It leaks profusely no matter how well I line up the short red end into the bottle. Once I spray a couple of short sprays it leaks out more than it sprays. I love your product but wish I had an old bottle. Why do company pay people to come up with these ideas but not really get everyday people of all walks of life to try them out? I lose as much in paper towels as I do with leaking Clorox. Bought at Sam's within the last month.

I purchased a large bottle of Clorox Clean-up with refill in the past 6 months from Costco. I just refilled it, put the top back on per the instructions and as I walked to my bathroom the top came off and went everywhere! Ruined my carpeting and flooring, my clothes and got in my eyes. Smart technology not.

The last 3 bottles of Clorox liquid bleach I have bought have been defective. The blue cap on the bottle splits in half when you try to tighten the cap. It is bizarre. It has spilled on clothes and evaporates without a tight cap. Why would a company with such a superlative reputation and image go down the tubes like this? They must make the generic bleach too and make money on us either way. I hope they fix it and get back in my pantheon of good American companies.

Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Ok, so I've been using this product, against my husband's advice! He's had to replace numerous inner workings of the toilet tank due to erosion! Today was the final time! The rubber inside the tank has come apart & the chain to flush came off the handle due to erosion! Upon further investigation, all 3 toilet tanks in the house have issue due to the tablets in the tanks including the bolts that hold the tank to the toilet! Nowhere on the packaging is there a caution as to damage being caused to the tank when using this product. I find it highly unlikely that we are the only ones having this issue. I will be calling their customer service number on Tues!

Currently, my hands are burning from having Clorox clean up leaked all over them. This is my go to product for cleaning and disinfecting, but their new sprayer is terrible. I don't know how they can say it sprays the last drop because it doesn't spray at all, it just gushes out all over your hands. Write to the company and insist that they go back to their not great but much better than this piece of crap sprayer. I'm going out to buy some standard sprays that do actually spray to the end. And I can always dump the remainder on what I want to clean instead of having it go all over my skin.

I have been using Clorox products for years. One of my very favorite for wipe ups is using the Clorox Citrus wipes. I have mild COPD. I am on maintenance meds and rarely get a flair up unless it is prolonged high wind days or I am inhaling prolonged smoke. I am not one of those "everything must be green" kind of people. I want safe but I also want fresh and clean. So I am careful about what I use, how much and that there is adequate ventilation. I don't use oven cleaner, scented kitty litter, stand over a grill, or burn incense etc. I have no problems with scented candles or sprays, however, I find the disinfectant sprays scents to be, in a word, gross. Every once in a while if I see a new one out I will spray some in the store and that is where it stays in the store. I do use and keep Lysol in the house when I can find the Original scent.

Several months ago I saw Clorox had a disinfecting 4-in-1 spray. I tested it out in the store loved it and bought a can. I used it on my mattresses, in the bathrooms after they were cleaned - The normal things. Around the same time I started to get sick. I developed a chest irritation that became worse and even my pumps and liquid medicine did not help. I ended up at the ER with a blood oxygen level of 89% where they filled me full of steroids, gave me an antibiotic (Z-pak) to combat any possible infection, along with liquid steroid and steroid in pill form. It took almost 10 days to get back on my feet that I was able to talk without choking. I could not figure out what set it off. At the time I remember that there were no excessively windy days and I had not been around smoke.

So I got better with a short relapse here and there and the next time I went grocery shopping I picked up a few cans of the Clorox Spray to have one under each sink and in the laundry room. Since that initial time I became ill, I have had days of feeling an irritation or waking up feeling congested but the meds

that I have ease it and I go on from there. Have had several visits to Urgent Care for similar issues. I have not had another relapse bad enough to require the hospital but I have found it odd that it crops up here and there and was a concern. So I started really paying attention to things I was doing around the house and when I felt sick.

When I finally narrowed it down to what I believed it to be I was soooooo disappointed. It seems that the Clorox Spray is the culprit. But Why? I have tested it out several times hoping I was wrong and that something else in place of or maybe even along with me using the Clorox Spray could be irritating my lungs. But nothing. I am wondering what is in this product that can cause this reaction. And the fact that I am sensitive is one thing but what about the people who are not sensitive That do not realize that this chemical is obviously settling in their lungs? What about children? I posted a complaint to Clorox and am waiting for a response.

In the meantime I have spoken with my neighbor who I recommended the product to and who has had several Asthmatic attacks. I also looked at the dates of treatments for respiratory problems and realized that around the same time I had developed a horrible rash on the trunk of my body and legs, front and back. When I went to my doctor he referred me to a dermatologist to diagnosed as dermatitis. I have never had any skin issues, not even pimples as a teen. Now I am thinking that spraying my mattress with that Clorox has to be what initiated it Since I have used the same soap, detergent, deodorant etc for years. The more I thought about it the more concerned I became. I looked up the MSDS sheets for that product and was shocked at the warnings.

I also read the can very carefully. It states when doing a room to close all doors and windows and spray and once the spray settles to open the windows again. It says to use on diaper pails, and changing tables. It is used on fabrics and I will assume like people use Lysol that they will spray couches, chairs and even stuffed animals. Children and infants are breathing in these particles on lung that are barely formed. If no definitive testing results (per MSDS) for humans who knows what these children will suffer in 10, 15 or 20 years. There is something in this product that is not safe.

I have been a loyal Clorox customer for several decades now & I love the Clorox Clean-Up product. However, I detest the "NEW SMART TUBE TECHNOLOGY" spray nozzle on top that is supposed to "SPRAY EVERY DROP". It doesn't spray at all most of the time (it also leaks all over my hand) resulting in more than half the product stuck in the bottle without a way to use it. I think the engineering department must have been on crack during the birth of this design. I'm finished buying and recommending this product until Clorox fixes the problem.

I have bought Clorox cleaner with bleach for years for personal and business. I am very pleased with product and spray head on bottle. Since the new spray head we have quit buying this product. I changed to store brands, not the same but workable. At least the sprayer works.

Spray Every Drop dispenser - Ditto to every comment written thus far... "doesn't work... top comes off... creates spills". So angry at this faulty design that I felt compelled to chime in and warn others. Sent a bullet to Clorox also. Shocking failed design in today's techno driven world.

I purchased a new bottle of Clorox Disinfecting Bleach Foamer with "Smart Tube Technology" for the bathroom. As I was walking from my kitchen to my master bathroom, the entire spray top came off, and the now open bottle separated from the spray top which remained in my hand, and landed on my 4 month old dark green $1200 bedroom rug. About a third of the bottle emptied onto the rug. I now have a huge bleached out stain, which will require me to replace the rug. This bottle top was solidly fixed to the bottle, and not loose when I removed it from the shopping bag. Afterwards, I examined the bottle and found I can easily pull the top off when in its locked position. This is clearly a defective design, coupled with inferior materials.

The new "snap on" sprayers on the Clorox cleaner bottles can't be securely fastened after the bottle is refilled. By selling the Cleanup refill product, the Clorox company is asserting that these spray bottles are both refillable and safe. They are neither! After the sprayer was firmly snapped back on, the sprayer came unattached when I lifted it. The open bottle dropped and bleach splashed on my pants and suede shoes both of which had to be thrown away. ONLY the old spray bottles with the screw on sprayer should be refilled!

This is endorsement for earlier review entered by someone else. That person said: Clorox "Spray Every Drop" bottle is a PATHETIC FAILURE. It barely sprays ANY drop, even from a new, full bottle. I will NEVER again waste my money on spray products from Clorox (two bottles or this crap literally down the toilet), and I will seriously reconsider any use of other Clorox products.

Wish I had read this earlier. We have purchased two one-quart bottles -- the second because the first spray unit didn't spray. We assumed this was a fluke, so got a second bottle believing we could use that one for contents of itself and the first bottle. WRONG. The second one doesn't spray either. Company has no consumer phone number to call, so I'm using this web site in hopes of saving other people the expense. The stuff is expensive. Produce works fine, but you can't get it out of the bottle using the SPRAY EVERY DROP device. I have an insect spray bottle that may save me from throwing out all of the cleaner in the containers.

Clorox "Spray Every Drop" bottle is a PATHETIC FAILURE. It barely sprays ANY drop, even from a new, full bottle. I will NEVER again waste my money on spray products from Clorox (two bottles or this crap literally down the toilet), and I will seriously reconsider any use of other Clorox products.

I use Clorox clean up spray and every bottle leaks. I will discontinue using this product if the company cannot address the problem.

As a cleaner working for for more than 3 years, I can say that the Clorox All Purpose Cleaner is one of the best on the market. The cleaning detergent is strong enough to clean and disinfect but have to be careful for your skin. I recommend using gloves while cleaning.

With the lid completely tightened, one of their bottles fell over in my laundry bag last week and destroyed one of my best Shirts. Figuring that bottle was defective, I threw it away and got another 30 OZ bottle. It was inside of a plastic grocery bag laying on its side today when it leaked bleach all over the rug in front of my door in my Studio Apartment. Good bye, security deposit. The fumes were so bad I had to leave my studio apartment for several hours. All together Clorox has cost me $450 dollars in the last 2 weeks due to defective bottles. To make matters worse, the cap says "Close Tightly," I tried to see if it was even possible to seal it; it just broke completely, to where it keeps spinning without sealing at all now. I will NEVER BUY ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS AGAIN!!!

I have purchased Clorox germicidal bleach wipes twice a few days ago and about a year ago. Both times, the product was not packaged securely. On my first shipment, the canisters were leaking bleach. With the current order, the bottles were enclosed in flimsy plastic, about the thickness that a home-delivery newspaper might be encased in, e.g., 0.000005 of whatever measurement unit would apply. Though the canisters were dry, the label on each had clearly been partially saturated with liquid at some prior point. The company obviously knows there is a problem, as others have complained, including me. Evidently it does not want to spend the money to package a toxic sanitizing product securely.

I am on my 5th bottle of Clorox All Purpose Cleaner. The 1st one worked fine and I saved the empty bottle. The other bottles all leak and drip fluid while spraying and they make quite a mess. Have been pouring the fluid into the first bottle which is still working fine. Hope they can fix the problem.

The new bottle design is horrible! The bottle doesn't work well when it is new and it doesn't work at all when you try to refill it. I have always used and loved Clorox Clean Up but I had to start buying the store brand... all because of this new bottle. FYI...if you are looking for a decent replacement... the Walmart brand works well, smells nice, is cheaper and THE BOTTLE WORKS!!!

I was greatly offended by the Liquid Plumber ad where a man said, "I heard you need it now." As you know it has very, very strong sexual innuendos that are nothing but dehumanizing and gross. I will not purchase any Clorox products because of this ad and I know you probably have 99 products if you keep the same amount of products as you used to. What a sorry ad for an old company to resort to. Where is your responsibility to not lead the youth down the wrong paths. This is disgraceful that you resorted to this. Your company has been successful without resorting to ads like this before. You should have stuck with a family-friendly ad. I as an adult that is quite liberal find this ad horrible and demeaning to my intelligence. I saw this ad while watching "House Hunters" on 08.21.13 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

The first time I used the spray bottle, after turning to on position, the chemicals leaked out from handle all over my hands - and every time afterwards. I have to keep the bottle in a plastic bag when I use it to prevent a mess. The top appears to be a bad design rather than being broken.

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