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Once reserved only for the wealthy, cleaning services send professionals to tidy, clean and organize residential and commercial spaces. Cleaning services are available in a range of schedules and options to fit most budgets, from surface cleaning to deep cleaning hazardous spaces to make them habitable.

One benefit of using professional cleaning services is that they are often equipped with specialized cleaning products and equipment so they can offer services like carpet steaming and window cleaning.

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Merry Maids
Read 1200 Reviews

Founded in 1979, Merry Maids is a franchised company now owned by ServiceMaster. It offers house and apartment cleaning services across a network of over 1,000 worldwide locations.

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The Cleaning Authority
Read 97 Reviews

The Cleaning Authority is a residential cleaning company with many franchise locations across the United States that are owned locally. Clients earn loyalty points every time they refer a customer or pay for services.

Molly Maid
Read 124 Reviews

Molly Maid offers residential and commercial cleaning services through packages that are built around clients' needs and budgets. Special laundry, office, bathroom, kitchen and other packages are available as are free estimates.

Read 46 Reviews

MaidPro offers residential cleaning services using tools and procedures that are more environmentally friendly than traditional products. Clients can expect to welcome the same member of staff into their homes each appointment.

The Maids
Read 57 Reviews

The Maids is a residential cleaning service that offers home cleaning, apartment cleaning and garage cleaning. The company is willing to consider different types of cleaning projects as well, such as moving services.

Maid Brigade
Read 26 Reviews

The Maid Brigade offers professional housekeeping, house cleaning and apartment cleaning services. Their methods and products are Green Clean Certified and staff use HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners on clients' premises.

USA Clean Master
Read 29 Reviews

The USA Clean Master company offers a wide range of cleaning services including residential, office, boat, pet stains, chimney, gutter and upholstery. Their cleaning products are effective yet safe for children and pets.

You've Got Maids
Read 12 Reviews

You've Got Maids offers residential cleaning services by the hour or by recurring appointments. Staff are trained through Maid University and are motivated to receive continued training through bonus programs and raises.

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What features should you consider in a cleaning service?

Scheduling options

Cleaning services offer customers scheduling options to tailor services to their needs.

  • One-time only: Some cleaning services only offer one-time cleanings. These companies often specialize in seasonal or deep cleanings, which do not need to be completed frequently. Examples are gutter cleanings, carpet cleanings and clean-ups after a move.
  • Routine cleanings: Routine cleanings let customers schedule how often they want their home or office cleaned. This service is often utilized by people who don't have the time or ability to keep their home tidy from day-to-day and can be used in place of hiring a dedicated independent housekeeper or maid.
  • Rotating cleanings: With rotating schedules, homeowners can choose to alternate comprehensive deep cleanings with smaller, more focused cleanings. Rotating cleanings ensure that the cleanliness reached after a deep clean stretches out and is maintained over a longer period of time.

Team consistency

Companies use a variety of methods to choose and send teams to customers' homes.

  • Random cleaners: Some companies choose a random crew of cleaners from their employees for each cleaning job. This allows the company to send cleaners who have an adequate amount of time and training to complete the cleaning tasks at hand.
  • Regular team: Companies that use regular teams always send the same cleaners to the same homes so they can familiarize themselves with the customers and the space. This allows customers to develop a relationship with the cleaners who come into their home, and it also allows the cleaners to learn the intricacies of a space so that the cleaning is done consistently well.
  • Customer selection: Many cleaning companies allow customers to request certain cleaners or to give feedback on cleaners and request to have or not have them return. This ensures that the customer is always happy about the crew that is sent into their personal space.

Equipment supplier

House cleaners require equipment and supplies to effectively clean homes, and these supplies can come from a variety of sources.

  • Supplied by the company: Some house cleaning services supply their cleaners with all the supplies and equipment they need to clean homes.
  • Supplied by the homeowner: House cleaning companies can simply send workers to clean the homes, relying on customers to provide the supplies and equipment.
  • Equipment only: Companies that require high-tech equipment often provide that equipment to customers, but they rely on homeowners for basic cleaning supplies.

Specialized services offered

Many companies offer specialized services to comprehensively clean a home.

  • Outdoor cleaning services: Cleaning companies that are equipped to clean the outside of homes can do things like wash windows, rake leaves, tidy porches and clean out gutters.
  • Deep-cleaning services: Some companies provide deep-cleaning services for homeowners, cleaning things like tile grout and drapes.
  • Specialized cleaning services: Many house cleaning companies offer very specialized cleaning services, like deep carpet cleaning, chimney cleaning or smoke removal.

Pricing structure

Cleaning services charge customers for their services in a variety of ways.

  • Hourly rates: Companies that charge hourly rates require customers to pay based on the time workers spend cleaning.
  • Service fees: Some cleaning companies have set prices for certain services. For example, they will charge a flat rate for a carpet cleaning or a window washing, which won't vary no matter how long the job takes.
  • Price schedule: Some companies charge clients based on a price schedule, including certain set fees for deep, comprehensive cleanings and hourly fees for touch-ups and specific room maintenance.

Contract requirements

Contracts allow cleaning companies to get a commitment from customers to use their services for a certain period of time.

  • No contract: Some cleaning companies don't require customers to sign a contract at all, so customers can use the service once with no commitment.
  • Regular cleaning contract: Cleaning companies may require customers to sign a contract for routine (weekly, monthly, bi-weekly) cleanings.
  • Specialized service contracts: If cleaners are providing a specialized service like cleaning after water damage, they may require customers to sign a contract to cover the work for the duration of the service.

What are different types of cleaning services?

Residential cleaning services

Cleaning services that come into homes and specialize in routine cleanings can come once to tidy or on a regular schedule to maintain the cleanliness of a space.

Commercial cleaning services

Some cleaning companies are dedicated to cleaning commercial establishments, offices and businesses. They are often equipped to do larger-scale cleanings that are required in residences.

Eco-friendly cleaning services

These companies do regular home cleanings, but they also help make spaces safer for people who have breathing issues or health problems and cannot be around harsh chemicals.

Specialized deep-cleaning services

Specialized deep-cleaning services focus on cleaning one area of a home or performing one particular task. Deep-cleaning services include carpet cleaning, window washing and car and boat cleaning.

Damage repair services

Many house cleaning companies help homeowners repair and clean up damage to their home. Homeowners who have experienced devastating events like fires or floods can depend on these companies to make their homes livable again.

Who would benefit from cleaning services?

Busy homeowners

Busy homeowners with families, work and other responsibilities often don't have time to clean their homes. Cleaning services come into a home on a regular schedule and ensure that it remains clean, tidy and organized.

People with allergies

When people have allergies or breathing issues, dust, dirt and dander inside a home can make them sick. Professional cleaning services come into a home and remove the particles that make people feel ill, making living at home more comfortable and healthier.

People who are moving

Cleaning services can ensure that a space homeowners are leaving is perfectly clean and ready for new people to move in.

Homeowners who have experienced damage

Many things can damage a home, including fire, flood, earthquakes and wind. Cleaning services clean or repair the damage to make the space habitable again.

Cleaning service company expert reviews

Merry Maids

Dallen Peterson founded Merry Maids in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1979. Today, 1,351 Merry Maids franchises exist across the United States. The company specializes in house-cleaning services, providing tidying or more in-depth cleaning services.

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MaidPro focuses on cleaning houses and other residential spaces. The company was launched in Boston in 1991, and today, it is franchised, with more than 150 locations across the United States and Canada.

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Maid Brigade

Maid Brigade is a franchised professional cleaning company that has been operating for more than 35 years. The company provides typical house cleaning services, as well as specialized cleaning, including outdoor cleaning options.

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The Maids

The Maids is a franchised cleaning service founded in 1979, and it operates in more than 90 cities across the United States and Canada. The company focuses on deep cleaning, and it offers services to alleviate allergies and health concerns.

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You've Got Maids

You've Got Maids focuses on cleaning houses and residential spaces, and it has franchises across the United States. You've Got Maids provides rigorous maid training and promises to send homeowners only high-quality, trustworthy cleaners.

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The Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority offers residential cleaning services with a particular focus on eco-friendliness. The company was founded in the Baltimore area in 1977, and today, has more than 180 locations across North America.

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Molly Maid

Business mogul David McKinnon founded Molly Maid in 1984. Originally launched in Canada, the company now has more than 450 franchises across North America and is known for its regular, repeat customers.

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USA Clean Master

USA Clean Master has been providing both residential and commercial cleaning services for more than 10 years. The company offers cleaning services using truck-mounted, high-tech gear for deeper and more thorough cleaning.

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