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Class Appliance Center was sent out by Samsung to check out our brand new refrigerator because it is making abnormally loud noises when running; it sounds like it is a jet about to take off and is so loud that you cannot hear the television in the other room while it is running. The technician that came out was clueless and said the sound was normal for all Samsung refrigerators and that everyone complains but there is nothing wrong. I called and spoke with a Samsung manager and played the noise for him over the phone and he agreed something is not right with the refrigerator. Samsung stated they ordered a compressor and hose and were sending a technician out to replace them. The technician that came out was again from Class Appliance and had no idea what he was doing. The technician stated nothing was ordered and nothing was wrong.

I called the manager of Class Appliance and he was extremely rude on the phone and stated nothing was wrong and that Samsung lied to me about ordering parts. I am once again going to call Samsung but will request that Class Appliance does not come back out to my house! Class Appliance Center is full of untrained technicians that use the excuse "the noise is normal" for everything because they do not know how to fix it. Their customer service is horrible and the manager is rude and unhelpful! I highly recommend people avoid Class Appliance Center! Class Appliance has made it nearly impossible for me to get my refrigerator fixed and has sent me in loops trying to get something done about the horrific noise it makes.


Complaint Description: On 10/5/09 we had a service technican come to our home from Class Appliance Center In Largo, FL to repair a non-working ice maker on our fifthteen-month-old Samsung refrigerator Model#RF26VABWP. The technican removed frozen ice from tray to allow the arm to eject ice and stated that should fix problem, however, if that did not fix problem an new icemaker would have to be installed. He charged us $120 for the service call and quoted us $80 service fee plus the cost of icemaker module if new one was required.

The problem was not fixed and therefore I contacted one of the owners, Tony, who quoted us a flat $239 to replace the module. When asked for the part number, he stated that the part could only be ordered from Samsung by an authorized dealer.

On 10/12/09 the module was replaced and the icemaker was functional again. The bill was $239 plus tax for a total of $255.77, which added to the earlier service call of $120 and came to $375.77 for the repair. On the invoice was the part# DA97-05422A of the module that was replaced and after contacting the only other authorized Samsung repair dealer in the area and doing research on-line discovered that the replacement module cost approximately $79 and was a 5-minute repair. I contacted Tony at Class Appliance Center and he stated that he would research the matter and contact me the following day.

After no contact, I called him five days later and was told the best he could give me was a ten percent discount. I advised him that his offer was unacceptable. When I contacted the other dealer in Valrico he quoted me $90 for the service call and $79 for the replacementmodule . Unfortunately, I had contacted the authorized dealer, recommended by Samsung, closest to us and feel that we were taken advantage of and price gouged by this authorized Samsung dealer. I contacted Samsung Corporation, Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney Generals Office to advise them of Class Appliance Center's unfair practices and consumer price gouging.

We feel as if we were robbed by this company and have already told our sister-in-law, whom is shopping new refrigerators, and our friends that bought the same model Samsung, of our difficulties.

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