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About Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty offers two protection plans and multiple add-on options to protect against unexpected home system or appliance repairs and replacements. Both plans cover household items regardless of age. Customers can make claims 24/7 through the online account center or by phone. Choice Home Warranty plans are available in all states except California and Washington, but it has partnered with a company to provide Choice Home Warranty-branded products in California.

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    • Optional roof leak coverage
    • No transfer fee
    • 24/7 customer service
    • No home inspection


    • $500 roof repair cap
    • Not available in all states

    Bottom Line

    A Choice Home Warranty plan can provide budget security and peace of mind for homeowners and can make your home more attractive to potential buyers, especially if covered major systems and appliances are older.

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    Original review: July 27, 2010

    I bought my warranty on 12/09. Last week, I put in a claim for my high end Maytag washing machine. First, I wait four days for the service company. They say some water leaked into the sealed bearing unit and it would cost $1,600 to repair. They submit to choice. I heard nothing, so like others, I called them. After taking three days to return my call, they state the machine is to costly to repair and I agreed with them. But then, the weasels won't replace it as stated in the contract. They opt to buy out at $300.00.

    There are no $300.00 washing machines in the US. When challenged about it, they refer back to their opt out close and never make any effort to fix or replace as stated. They take your money in good faith and then **you when you put in a claim. If there are others who would be interested in a class action suit, let me know. Either way, beware. What ** me off the most is I switched from AHS after 9 years just to save a dollar or two in premiums. What a mistake.

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    Original review: July 20, 2010

    I emailed emergency@choicehomewarranty almost a week ago and have yet to receive a response. I explained that my refrigerator repair was pertinent, being that I have two very small children in the home. But the company has done nothing to help in expediting the repair. Furthermore, upon requesting additional assistance, Jonathan (who claims to be a manager) refuses to allow me to speak with higher management. He has provided me with terrible service from unfulfilled statements, sarcasm, unprofessionalism, to being just plain rude and beyond. I'll be more than happy to provide more documented details. When I called to follow up at 5:07 pm EST, the automated system prompted me that they were closed and gave the operating hours of 9-6. I still do not have a working refrigerator.

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    Original review: June 28, 2010

    Here are the facts regarding the policies that I signed on Friday, I was on your website to get a quote, within minute that I entered my information. I got a call from Richard, from your sales department. He claimed that he will give the best rate if I sign on the same day before 4:00pm. I told Richard that I need to discuss with my husband first. Richard called me back at 4:12 pm. He conference my husband in. We are just not comfortable with high pressure sales. We clearly stated the following conditions needed to be met before we sign on. Richard agreed all the following terms. We signed 3 policies for trying out.

    1) The rate is $315;
    2) 13 months policy -- one month free;
    3) $45 service call;
    4) 30 days waiting period is waived;

    5) Full refund will be issued, if I am cancelling on Monday.

    Less than 12 business hours later, I decided to cancel all my policies. The customer manager Troy told me that there is $50 cancellation fee for each policy. I was shocked that as manager he does not take the responsibility of his employee's false promise and high pitch sales. Facts again, 1) I did not sign any paper regarding $50 cancellation fee; 2) I did not sign the policy on line. It is Richard's responsibility to disclose the cancellation fee.

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    Original review: May 24, 2010

    We purchased Choice Home Warranty on January 2010. On May 2010, our A/C unit stopped working. Initially, we called a 24-hour emergency repairman that came out and inspected the A/C unit. That was when we initially found out the cost of the repairs. Now, because it had been so long I had forgotten that we had purchased the home warranty from Choice Home Warranty (CHW) and only remembered when the technician was reviewing with us ways that we may be able pay for the repairs or replacement of the A/C. Oh by the way, the technician said the HVAC quit because of a shorted out compressor. We paid the technician $150 for the after hours service call.

    After he left, I immediately called CHW in an attempt to file a claim. However, due to it being the weekend, the customer service attendant stated she could not help us with the claim; however, she would make a note on our account listing the problem. So we had to wait until Monday in order to talk to someone within the company. Of course, we called again on Monday. They sent out another technician, who inspected the A/C unit. The technician, told us what he believed was went wrong with the A/C unit and gave us an invoice stating that it was a bad compressor, normal wear and tear.

    Additionally, the technician had a copy of our home warranty agreement from CHW to which we reviewed and he stated that we should have no issues with CHW honoring our claim. We paid our $60 co-payment levied by CHW for the technician's services upon his leaving. All and all, Choice refused to honor the claim; first due to rust, corrosion and water damage, which was not true. They lied by stating the technician told them that the cause of our A/C failing was due to rust, corrosion and water damage. We provided them a invoice for a service call conducted in August 2009 whereas the technician added a small amount of Freon but annotated the A/C unit was working ok. Either rate, CHW denied the claim again, this time based upon their belief that we had a leaky compressor, which is also not true.

    Throughout my communications with them, they were rude, threatening and were all and all, out right liars. They said and did anything in order to decline our claim. They have done this before and no doubt will continue to do this again. A cursory search on the World Wide Web via the Google search engine utilizing keyword: Choice Home Warranty, resulted in these six websites listed as 2 through 7 on the first page of the search results. Number one on the page of course is the CHW official website.

    Please review, these people have all gone through what we are going through now. Some have advocated a Class Action Lawsuit. If there is one ongoing out there, then please seek out and request my name be added. My wife and 8 month year old girl had been sitting in a hot home while they played games with our lives. They just so happened to be sick during that time. Though, their illness predated the A/C going out the variations in temperature exacerbated their problems to the point were my wife and daughter had to go to the doctors. We were led to believe that we were covered by this warranty and hear we find out that we were not merely because they just didn't want to pay. Do not purchase this warranty!

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    Original review: May 20, 2010

    I have Choice Home Warranty (CHW) for my home since 5/13/2009 and the warranty expires 06/13/2010 from the contract document they sent me. I had "Perfect Temperature Air Conditioning and Heating LLC" repair the air conditioning at my house on 7/1/2009. They received authorization from CHW to go ahead and do the repairs. Perfect Temperature made the repairs and billed CHW for the remainder of the service call as per authorization. CHW has not paid them as of 5/20/2010. Perfect Temperature sent the invoice to a collection agency to get their money and the collection agency called me to pay the remainder of the service charge.

    I called CHW this morning and spoke to a not very friendly customer associate (Melanie) to hear that my contract had expired and she can not talk to me about anything that had happened in the past and a manager will call me back. She couldn't transfer the call to a manager nor help me even though I insisted that my contract had not expired and will not until 06/13/2010. She said her system shows the contract expired on 05/13/2010 and the only way they can help is having a manager call me back. I am waiting for someone from CHW to call me and resolve this issue. I have spent more than a day calling different people (Perfect Temperature, the collection agency, CHW, looking through my contracts, invoices and payments from last year etc). This is not the first time I am wasting my time after signing up with CHW to get things taken care of. They have extremely poor customer support and do not treat their customers well.

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    Original review: May 4, 2010

    Our complaint is a repeat of all the complaints listed here. It was a legitimate contract, paid for months. It was the first claim ever, we needed repair. They requested records and we provided it to them, even phone numbers of our maintenance company so they could ask any questions they want. The stories were changing all the time, lies told, information made up, degrading comments made by Michael ** and he accused us as well as our maintenance contractor of fraud, based on nothing but lies he made up. He threatened us legally.

    Before posting this comment, I certainly went to their blog site to attempt to deal directly with Mr. Moss. It was no shock to find that all comment sections are disabled. I went to the Facebook page and no commenting available there either!! So surprised, I tried the email address and it was rejected, a shocker. We have sent everything by fax. We will be pursuing delivering all of this by certified delivery in person to Mr. Moss and his company as well. Based on all of this, we will pursue through the BBB as well.

    I only post here to say to anyone who is listening, googling, wondering, considering Choice Home Warranty, don't do it, don't do it! Save yourself the hassle, wasted money and headache on throwing your money ar illegitimate scammers!

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    Original review: April 27, 2010

    I called for a repair on the built-in microwave and dryer. They would not fix the microwave because they said the turntable motor burned out because of misuse. The dryer needs an element and pulley, which they claim has been back ordered for over two months. We are without a dryer and Choice keeps stalling each time I call. They never called me back as promised. This company should not be allowed to be in business as they are one of the biggest scams of all time. They did call me to see if I would like to renew my policy. Never, ever.

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    Original review: April 19, 2010

    We are a family-owned appliance repair company and applied to be a service contractor for Choice Home Warranty early in 2010. We immediately began receiving service calls, even though we never received word that we were an approved vendor for them. No one contacted us to let us know what the process was, etc. and calls to the company to make sure that we were filling out their work orders and our invoices correctly were never very clear.

    We submitted our vendor application via fax on March 13th and assumed since they were sending us calls, we were approved. After the first three invoices were not paid within the agreed upon 30 days, we called the company, and lo and behold, they had "never received our invoices," even though our fax gave us confirmation that they went through. We refaxed the invoices and were told that it would be another 15-30 days before we got our payment for the four invoices outstanding.

    Another call was placed today to ensure that they received the latest fax with the invoices and they stated that they had, but payment would not be made until they received our application to be a vendor, which, of course, was sent five weeks ago by fax (the same fax that seems to eat invoices!). Another rude accounts payable rep said that we were sent an e-mail stating that no invoices were to be paid without an approved application. That e-mail was never received by us. Yet, they continued to send us out on calls even though we weren't approved. I asked to speak with a manager and was told that there wasn't one available. I told them that I would hold, but she told me that she would hang up on me if I continued to hold.

    This company will give you the complete runaround in order to not have to pay their obligations. We also believe that they are not only scamming their vendors, but are also scamming their customers. Two out of the four calls that we serviced were not "approved" for repairs and the replacement cost that they wanted to give the customer was a joke.

    Oh, and by the way, we sent the CEO an email message as he had asked on one of the consumer complaint websites for "concerned customers" to do if they had a problem with his company, and guess what? We never heard from him! Maybe they have a problem with not only their fax but their email system too.

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    Original review: April 18, 2010

    Choice Home Warranty has not paid our business for services rendered in January 2010. We faxed them three invoices with our billing address and phone # clearly noted on top of all three invoices. When we called them in mid-February inquiring about payment, we were told they sent payment to our street address, but to a neighboring town! The lady said that the person handling that would be in the next day and would call us. Guess what? There was no phone call.

    I called on April 8, 2010 and got Abbie. Abbie placed me on hold, came back and said her supervisor told her that since the check had not come back to them (from a non existent address), and we would have to wait 90 days for them to issue another check. I told her that was not acceptable; it was their error, not ours. I asked where they even got that address and she said their "system locator" gave it to them. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she got nasty and immediately said he wasn't available. I asked how did she know without asking, that she just talked to him and she said in a snotty way that he wasn't available to speak to anyone. When I demanded to speak to him, she said, "Yes ma'am, any more orders? " and put me on hold. Guess what again? He wasn't available.

    I asked for her name so when I file a complaint, I'll have it and she spelled it out A-B-B-I-E and her supervisor was S-A-M. When I hung up and called back for customer service instead of accounts receivable, I was put on hold. Guess what again? I got transferred to Abbie. I told Abbie I would just call Corporate and she said there was no corporate. It was just a website and anyway, there was no one available to speak to me for 24 hours. I told her I didn't want to deal with her anymore and she told me she didn't want to talk to me either and hung up. So, now here I am, stuck with $670 owed and no way to know if we'll get payment. It looks as if we won't, since I've read some other complaints.

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    Original review: April 15, 2010

    This company does not honor their policy. They advertise 24hr service and are not there to accept claims. They do not authorize the repairs after sending out a service person. They tell you they will send a check for an amount they determine the repair should be and they never send the check. They are rude on the phone and lie about everything. We signed up for service in put in a claim for water heater and a month later for our garage door opener. Got the run around finally fixed both on our own for $135 and $230. They won't pay. This company is dishonest. They just want your money and they lack customer service. To sum it up, it's a scam.

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    Original review: April 12, 2010

    I signed up with Choice Home Warranty on 3/11/10. On 3/17/10, I had put in a service request for my fridge and was told that my contract was not in effect until 4/9/10. When I signed up, there was no indication that the effective date would be 4/9/10 and this was not mentioned on their 'welcome' email either. So I waited until 4/9/10 to do the same service request. Then this morning, 4/12/10, I received a call telling me that this service request cannot be rendered since I have already made a request on 3/17 and that this problem already existed before the contract was in effect. And if I still want the service that I would pay the regular service fee outside the contract. Now what lame excuse is that? Please save yourself money and headache. Do no sign up with Choice Home Warranty!

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    Original review: April 9, 2010

    I contacted Choice about a A/C problem. They gave me the name of two contractors who was contacted by Choice. When I called the contractors, they stated that they do not work with Choice because they won't pay their bills and won't authorize a big claim for their clients. I called Choice back and they gave me the number to another tech who came out and stated that the unit had a hold in the compressor that could not be repaired due to new regulations that would not allow him to fix the unit. The tech recommended unit replacement.

    I contacted Choice because they did not call me to find out what was going to take place. Choice stated that they were not going to replaced the A/C unit because it had some rust and corrosion from everyday/every year use. The unit is 16 years old with this being the first problem and Choice found a loop hold to not pay the claim. How do you keep a A/C unit that is 16 years old from not having rust with it is rained on and produces water. This is the second claim that has been denied by Choice. I had a roof leak and they refused to take care of the problem which just needed shingles replaced. I read some of the other complaints and the responses from Choice if they say I'm not a client I will provide you with my contract and claim numbers.

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    Original review: March 24, 2010

    When I initially signed up in November, although my contract didn't start until December, I was never told that the company did not cover my water chiller system. I found that out when I called for service and was told that they did not service that kind of heating system. I called to cancel, as they said I could cancel anytime, especially because they were fraudulent initially when I signed up. I kept getting the runaround.

    Then I finally spoke to a manager, which it's always the same manager that they send you to, who never responds until he wants to. He said that the only way I could can cancel is that I sign a waiver that all issues are resolved so that I won't go to the Better Business Bureau. They try to take away your civil rights and threaten you if you say that you're going to BBB. They also said if I went to BBB, they definitely would not refund any money to my account. Initially, they quoted one price to me that they would refund on 2/17 and on 3/24 the price that they initially quoted dropped $100.

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    Original review: March 10, 2010

    My company has been a contractor with Choice Home Warranty for a while now. When we became a contractor for them, we were promoted to be paid within a 30 day time period. We have not once been paid in a timely manner. I have invoices over 5 months old. Every time I call, they have a rude lady that acts like you are just interrupting her days by calling. She says they are being processed or we sent them. They always say that and we still yet to receive. The first time we received after this call was about a few weeks later but now it has happened again.

    So I email the complaint address and they don't have any professionals. They tell me to ask to speak with a claims manger. So I tried and every day I have called and asked to speak with a claims manager they always tell me one isn't available. They don't even have a voicemail. Then they always transfer me to this girl named Rachel who is I can't say what she is. She is very unprofessional and rude. Every customer that we have serviced from Choice said they hate Choice and will not be renewing their contracts with them for the fact of the customer service skills and the fact that they cover nothing. I feel bad for the people who have them because you are paying for a service and they will not cover you it is always your fault and not theirs. I can't seem to get to a professional person to get this taken care of.

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    Original review: March 9, 2010

    A couple of days ago, the water company came by and told us that we probably have a leak due to the huge difference in our consumption in the past few weeks. We had forgotten we had Choice Home Warranty, so our neighbor came with his backhoe and made several cutoff valves to figure out where the leak is. Once we figured out the area it may be, we realized we probably needed to replace several feet of pipe once we uncovered it.

    I realized that Choice Home Warranty may cover it, so I called and explained to them exactly where the leak was and was told it was covered. My husband and I were elated! We even received an email saying that a service tech would be out and that we need to pay him $45. He came out and couldn't figure out where the leak was and called Choice and the lady told him they didn't cover it but needed to know where the leak is.

    Then, the tech said you owe me $125, the $4!. So I called Choice and was hung up on by John **, who by the way said they would refund the $80! I called back and talked Troy ** who said that we would not get a refund and it was not covered. It seems like it depends on who you talk to that tells you different stories. We used to have American Home Shield and never had this problem. I intend on cancelling with Choice and going back to American Home Shield. Choice Home Warranty is a sham and a scam.

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    Original review: March 2, 2010

    We signed with Choice on 7/09. We purchased an old home so we needed a warranty to cover unexpected costs. We changed to Choice because they were cheaper and had a rating with BBB of B+. They currently have an F. We have had claims for our disposal (which they would not cover full cost), oven, plumbing, water well, and furnace. They wouldn't cover the water well, wouldn't pay full price for disposal and will not repair the furnace. They have only snaked the sewer pipes and replaced a fuse in the oven. The technician has been out for the furnace five times in six months for the same problem. The unit is 23 years old and they denied the claim. When I asked why they lied and said the technician had said it was improperly installed.

    I called the tech and they said the compressor was bad and no mention of installation had been made. That was exactly what the tech had told me before submitting the claim. When I called to report this to Choice, the woman hung up on me. I called back to talk to the supervisor and Mr. Jim R got on the phone. I could hear him speaking to the woman and laughing as I tried to explain that she had hung up on me. I asked what they needed to fix the furnace and he said that they needed maintenance records (I now see that is there common practice). I sent the records via email and then emailed asking for a confirmation to which Mr. R did not reply. I sent the email again. No reply.

    I then called and Miss A stated they had no records on file. I then submitted them to her and she admitted she received them. One week later, nothing. I called and they stated that they had denied the claim. When I asked why, they said they needed records from the previous owners for the past three years. I stated that was not possible and that when the unit was serviced in August 2008, the tech stated it was in working condition. Then I asked if I was able to get the records would they fix the unit and they stated probably not. I also received complaints about the companies they contracted with on their rude manner on the phone. They are a total scam.

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    Original review: Feb. 19, 2010

    I opened a claim on 1-20-10 as my furnace was leaking brown water all over. The contractor assigned, Owl HVAC, came to my home on 1-21-10 and indicated that the boiler needed to be replaced as there was a crack that couldn't be repaired. They quoted me approximately $6,000 and said Choice was reviewing the claim and would get back to me on coverage. Later that day, I got a second opinion from Energy Unlimited, LLC who quoted me $5,000 and I had them install a new boiler on 1-25-10.

    When I spoke with Choice (John **), they first said the claim wasn't covered because I had only been a customer of theirs for a handful of months, but I opened my contract on 4-13-09, much more than a handful and not a reason to deny a claim. I was then told that the claim was denied due to lack of maintenance. I explained that I haven't been in the house a year yet and before I bought the house, it was inspected and a cleaning was done (9-10-08). I informed John that the owners before me had it serviced every year prior as well. I had 2 other service calls related to the furnace, 9-14-09 (Owl) and 1-11-10 (David Robbins Plumbing).

    Neither of them made any indication that the furnace was not being maintained properly. Choice said they needed proof of maintenance, so I sent them photos of the furnace that shows the sticker with the history of maintenance, the 9-10-08 cleaning tag and the home inspection report indicating it was functioning.

    When I signed up for the warranty program, no one came to inspect any of my items to determine if they were properly maintained so I don't understand how they feel it wasn't maintained, on what basis? On 2-11-10, I received a message from Choice indicating they reassigned the claim to Dyson, as they wanted a second opinion. I called Choice and asked what was the purpose of the second opinion as I've already replaced the furnace. I have asked to speak to the supervisor, Jim **, on several occasions and left messages. He has not returned any of my calls. They have violated their contract with me.

    As of today, Jim ** is telling me that they are not covering still due to maintenance, but it has been maintained. I have proof. After looking online, I see many people have ran into this same problem. Choice is a scam artist, they should be shut down. By them not covering my claim, I am out the money and that was the whole point of having a home warranty contract - to be covered.

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    Original review: Jan. 8, 2010

    I purchased a home warranty policy from Choice Home Warranty, effective in December 2009. In January, 2010, our gas furnace stopped heating so we called for service. A technician's name was supplied and we called for service, waited two days, and when he came, diagnosed the problem as the furnace igniter, but could not fix it until receiving permission from Choice. It was late in the afternoon, and when he called Choice, they stated that it would have to be reviewed due to our not having the policy very long. Therefore, we waited for another day before having heat. The weather in SC was abnormally cold, and heat was necessary.

    The next day, Choice said that they would not authorize the fix due to the possibility of it being a problem before we took out the agreement. They stated that the problem could have been caused by our not taking the care of it the way that we should have, cleaning, etc., for maintenance. It was appalling that they asked for any and all paper work having to do with the furnace. I sent them the paperwork for the check-up, cleaning, etc., which we always do before time to turn on the heat. That was not enough information for them, and they called to inform us that the repair could not be made, insinuating that we knew there was a problem, thus the reason we took out the home warranty. Apparently, one is required to become heating specialist to check out his furnace and know when a future problem might occur. I paid $400 plus for the warranty, and the $45 service fee for the technician's visit, and had to pay myself in order to have heat, to get the furnace operational. Needless to say, I cancelled the contract with Choice, after an unpleasant conversation with customer service. The furnace was working fine when we first used it, so nothing we did or didn't do had anything to do with the timing of the igniter going bad. I expressed my chagrin that what else does one do but have the yearly checks, cleaning, etc., to prove that the furnace is being taken care of. This company did not live up to their agreement for less than the cost of the yearly fee given to them to fix the problem and keep a customer. Choice is certainly not a company one should trust. Thank you.

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    Original review: Jan. 5, 2010

    I called up this company on 08/19/09 to inquire about Home warranty plans and price and spoke to a representative named Kevin. He initially told me $400 for Total Plan and when I told him I need to discuss it with my family. Then he said he could make it $330 if I sign up right away and I have 30 days to decide whether I want to keep it or cancel it. Company will refund my full money if I cancel before 09/19/09 when warranty starts.

    Then I investigated about this company on web. I found out that people had really bad experience with them and there are lots of complaints against them. So after 9 days only on 08/28/09, when I called up to tell them that I do not want to make this contract since we are planning to move to a different school district because of better school choices and I spoke to Mr. Robert **. Unfortunately I will have to say that he was very rude and highly unprofessional after I told him that I do not want to make this contract. Then he said there is a $50 penalty for cancelling it. I told him my contract did not starts even and previously I had been told by your person only (Kevin) that there will be no deduction if I cancel before starting date of contract which is Sept.19, 2009. Then he said there will be an investigation for it. After that they never got back to me and they deducted $50 for no reason.

    I never had a contract with them and I did not take any service from them. In spite of many calls to this company, I am not able to get my $50 back from them. And logically also if I cancel after the contract starts then they can deduct money. If I cancel before even if starts they are supposed to deduct any money. I lost my $50 for no reason even though their person said there won't be any deduction.

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    Original review: Dec. 16, 2009

    Choice Home Warranty is a scam. People, be careful when you sign with them. My sincere advice for all of you out there is not to do business with them. They are totally illegitimate business. They will find any/every reason to decline your claims. They come up with so many reasons and frustrate their customers so that the customers stop calling them. Choice Home Warranty screwed me big time. The guy who sold me this policy was so nice, promising everything until he gets my business. His name is Brad **. He said that they will fix any problem that we report with no questions asked. Here is what happened to me:

    On October 19, 2009, I signed up with these guys. As of last week, my heating furnace started making some noise when I turn it on, which I reported to Choice Home Warranty. I never had any problems before with any of my appliances. Then a technician came to my home and saw the heating furnace (in fact, he told me that I should pay him first before he even touches my furnace; that is what has been told to him by Choice home Warranty, which is fine). He immediately said that the inducer motor has gone bad. This is due to normal wear and tear in the bearings of the motor, then he left. After 2 days, I got a call from Choice Home Warranty saying that they will not process my claim unless I provide them the maintenance records (they never mentioned about this when you sign up for the warranty. This is the first scam).

    I faxed all my maintenance records for the furnace and a couple of days later, they contacted me saying that they will not pay for the claim. That means they will not fix my furnace. The reason stated is that they will not fix any noise coming from the furnace. That means basically they will not pay any for any of your complaints/claims. I spent a couple of hours on the phone with their customer service department, authorization department, etc., arguing that when some moving/rotating part in a motor goes bad, it does make noise. If it had not made any noise, I guess I wouldn't have come to know the problem itself. What kind of a company which denies the claim on this ground? Hence I filed a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) on how they are cheating people. Hence guys, please be careful when you sign up for something like this.

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    Original review: Dec. 9, 2009

    We filed a claim on 12-5-2009 because our heater went out. Long story short, they denied our claim because they said the unit was not properly maintained because we did not have any documentation to send them showing that the system had been serviced every season since we owned the house. The system is 25 years old! Obviously, it has been maintained or else it would not have lasted this long. I am an MBA and my husband is a PhD, we keep excellent records/receipts for everything in our home, but never once have we heard of seasonal maintenance for a heating system. We are tired of insurance/warranty companies taking our money and not performing the service when we need it.

    We have paid $500 in premiums/service fees during the 4 months we have had this warranty and they told us that since we do not have a long enough history with them, they need all of our maintenance records for the heating system (which is just their way of finding a reason to deny the claim). We sent them 2 years' worth of service receipts to show the repairs that had been made to the system and they said that was not enough, and that we only sent them documentation for when the system broke, not documentation for how we maintained the system. What is the point of buying a warranty if they are not going to fix items when they break?

    To add insult to injury, the weather is 20 degrees which constitutes emergency service, but after 4 days we still have no heat! We have only had this warranty 4 months and Choice Home Warranty has already breached the contract by not performing emergency service. We filed a complaint with the BBB requesting our heat be fixed or our $500 premium/service fees refunded and this warranty cancelled so we can find a reputable company that will actually perform the service we are paying for!

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    Original review: Dec. 4, 2009

    I was outraged with the phone call I received this morning from your supervisor, Jim **. He was quite rude and arrogant on the phone. I put a claim in on my washing machine on Saturday, November 28th, 31 days after my contract was purchased. I was doing my laundry, as I do every week, and noticed water leaking on the laundry room floor. I pulled out my contract and was relieved that the 30-day waiting period was over. I didn't appreciate the intent from Mr. ** that my claim was fraudulent and that my washer could not have broken one day after the waiting period. He stated that there were numerous things wrong with the machine that were preexisting prior to me getting the contract. It may seem odd, but things do break down with no warning from normal wear and tear.

    I have had other home warranty policies in the past and have never been questioned on a claim. I cancelled my plan with another home warranty which I purchased in August to go with Choice per my brother's recommendation. He purchased a two-year warranty, as well as a two-year warranty for my father. The contract states that the covered items will be repaired or replaced 30 days after acceptance of application by CHW. It doesn't say 31 or 37 days of purchasing the plan. I bought this warranty in good faith. When Mr. ** refused to do anything regarding this matter, I instructed him to cancel my warranty and I would go back to my previous plan. He said he would not allow me to do that. When I asked why, he said, "Because I said so and I won't let you." He then offered to give me $180 to do whatever I wanted with. What I want is to have my washer repaired or replaced as stated in the contract.

    My husband and I have left several messages for the manager, Mr. **, and have not received a call back. If you cannot make good on this claim, then I want to cancel the warranty at both of my properties. The contract clearly states that a contract can be cancelled after 30 days for a pro rata refund. I expect a full refund. I will contact the BBB and anyone else I need to, to get this resolved.

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    Original review: Nov. 19, 2009

    Brad sold me the contract, and he was persistent and kept lowering the fees. One thing that I had failed to call and ask about was the contract. I called a week or so later, and they sent me the Contract Agreement that said very little and a Choice Home Warranty.

    My galvanized pipe broke this past week, and they would not repair it, because it was galvanized. I kept asking where in the warranty did it say that, and the young lady on the phone kept saying that I needed to look at the contract that was online, plumbing and paragraph 8. This was never given to me. I was so mad. I told them not to renew my contract when it comes due in May 2010. Their company sucks big time. Things that I have read about them are so true of their character. Also, when I called, I was given a plumbing company that was 70 miles or more away from my house. The lady on the phone insisted they were a few miles away. I called the plumber two times, and they finally called me and confirmed what I had been telling the Choice rep. I should have stayed with American Home Shield. In other words, you get what you pay for - sucky service!

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    Original review: Nov. 4, 2009

    Do not deal with this company. They will find any reason necessary to decline a repair bill. If it's too high, they will just tell you it's a pre-existing condition. Deal with Choice Home Warranty at your own risk.

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    Original review: Nov. 4, 2009

    I called up this company on 08/19/09 to inquire about home warranty plans & price & spoke to a representative named Kevin. He initially told me $380 for the Total Plan & I told him I needed to discuss it with my family. Then he kept decreasing the price & finally he could make it $330 if I sign up & pay right away. Plus, he assured me I have 30 days to decide whether I want to keep it or cancel it. He was rushing me to enroll for a contract as if they will be providing the best service for it. The company would refund my full money if I cancel before 09/19/09.

    On 08/28/09, when I called up to cancel this contract since we were planning to move to a different school district because of better school choices, I spoke to Mr. Robert **. Unfortunately, I will have to say that he was very rude & highly unprofessional after I told him that I wanted to cancel this contract. Then he said, "There is a $50 penalty for cancelling it." I told him that previously I had been told by your person only (Kevin) that there would be no deduction if I cancel before the starting date of contract which is Sept.19, 2009. Then he said that there would be an investigation for it . But after several phone calls, the company has refunded only $280 to me whereas I cancelled 3 weeks before the contract was about to start. In these recession times, I don't expect that companies should start snatching money from the public like this & fool them.

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    Original review: Oct. 30, 2009

    We have been servicing appliances for 19 years. We warn every one of our customers. Do not do business with Choice Home Warranty. They will not pay your bill when it comes down to it. We told them we did not want their business anymore after they refused to pay us for services on their customers. We ended up billing the customers. Do not do business with this company.

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    Original review: Oct. 29, 2009

    After listening to the sales pitch from Troy ** and asking numerous questions about repair services, service turnaround time, preexisting conditions, etc., I was assured a level of efficiency and coverage that my husband & I would be happy with as we would have a 30-day grace before the effective date of the policies to make a decision. Not once did Troy mention that I could read their terms and conditions online nor did he tell me that upon cancellation each policy charges a $50 cancellation fee. I told Troy that I would call back after discussing Home Choice with my husband. He was persistent that if I sign-up for the coverage, there would be no problem if I/we changed our minds, to call back & cancel. When I called back to cancel, I was told that Home Choice charges $50 per policy (we have 2 rental properties) to cancel even though I had not received a policy. It took them less than an hour to charge my credit card. However, I never received a policy or terms and conditions stating the $50 charge to cancel. Customer Service and Management were rude, screaming and yelling throughout our conversations on 10/19 and 10/30.

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    Original review: Oct. 9, 2009

    I made the contract with Choice Home Warranty for Total Plan on my appliances and systems on 08/10/09. The term started 09/10/09. Before, I was a customer for 15 years of American Home Shield Warranty. The only reason I decided to switch to Choice was increasing service call fee from $35 to $60. Otherwise, I was very happy with AHS. I thought that all home warranty companies are the same reliable. But it happened that Choice just charges money for the service and full year payment, but doesn't bother to do the service. On 09/11/09, my refrigerator stopped working. I called Choice and they send the technician to find out what is the problem.

    The technician told me that it is the compressor. I told him that the compressor was replaced by AHS a year and 9 months ago. He told me that compressor went out of order because the person improperly turned the valve, the oil from compressor was spilled out and freon leaked, and the compressor needs to be replaced again. Then Choice refuses to fix the problem, considering it as "pre-existing condition". But it worked good for 1 year and 9 months. The warranty on any compressor and labor to install it is only 90 days.

    When I made the contract with Choice, everything worked fine. I was not asked if the compressor was replaced or something in my house was wrong. The compressor did not have any pre-existing condition and it is not my fault that the companies hire people who do not do the work properly. I am the victim of bad service. When I made the contract, I asked Kevin (Choice representative) to e-mail me the copy of the contract as well as to mail a paper copy. I also asked him to include the counter top microwave instead of a built-in microwave which I don't have. I never received anything till I called back after 3 weeks. He promised that he will do it.

    Finally, I received a paper copy of the contract, but the counter top microwave was not included again. Then I called Choice to make a complaint to the supervisor. It was Mr. **. He fixed the mistakes on the contract. I was suspicious about the reputation of their company after even doing the contract I had so much trouble with them. Mr. ** said that they are "highly reputable company". Unfortunately, my feelings were right. They charge money without any intention to do the service.

    I am devastated about this situation. I am on disability retirement. I bought the plan hoping to avoid problems, but the problems only multiplied. The money that I paid for the contract for the whole year in advance ($450.00), as well as the $45.00 that I paid partially to the technician to fix it - I would rather spend it toward the new refrigerator. But why? I have "service" of the company that should take care of it.

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    Original review: Sept. 12, 2009

    If you want a reliable home warranty, do not use Choice Home Warranty! They will find anyway and everyway to get out of granting your claim. My brief description is “no AC.” The customer service didn't care that it was over 100 degrees in our house. It was so hot in our house it melted the butter that was left out. It took them 3 days to finally tell my family that we were denied. I asked why it took 3 days when we had no air. They stated they were busy. They never had any intention to grant us our claim. Buyers beware: they look for reason and any every reason to not to grant your claim. Don’t waste your money!

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    Original review: July 15, 2009

    Mom and I signed up together for Choice Home Warranty service. It seemed like a good idea, being Mom's handyman (husband) had recently passed away.

    The sales representative assured us that it did not matter, the age of the home or the appliances, and after 30 days of sign up, everything would be covered, no questions asked! He made it clear that unlike the other companies, Choice will honor all repairs or replacements.

    Three months after signing up, Mom's central air conditioner went out. She lives in a mobile home and the temperature gauge was reading over 100 degrees. Mom is a 3-time cancer survivor and had just lost the love of her life, and she did not need to hear that Choice would not honor their agreement and cover her A/C unit.

    I wrote them a letter, hoping to get some remedy and resolve. They never did reply to my letter. Mom ended up buying a new A/C unit. Because the loophole they used is written in the contract: if the appliance has not had yearly professional maintenance check ups, then they do not have to repair or replace. Tell me who has all their appliances professionally checked every year? That is a ridiculous expectation. Well, we have learned the hard way to look for this loophole in any other home warranty service company we might consider.

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