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With over 35 years of experience, Cal Spas is a provider of luxury spas and accessories. We pride ourselves in being a top Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products.

Innovation and technological advancements are top priorities when crafting Cal Spas products. Built with more standard features and designer appeal, our products are a great addition to any outdoor space.

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  • Customizable jet configurations
  • Warranty on all models
  • Hydrotherapy massage features


  • No instant trade-in quotes
  • Prices found through local dealers

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Cal Spas offers a range of highly customizable hot tub models with a variety of seating options and jet configurations. All of its hot tubs come with a standard warranty, but pricing estimates aren’t available online.

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Original review: July 13, 2008

I purchased a Cal Spas 6 person Spa from Backyard Splash in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2006 and have had nothing but problems with it. Backyard Splash refuses to fix any problems or financially rectify the situation and they now do not return any phone calls. Cal Spas also did nothing the rectify the problem except telling me how much it will cost to fix a spa one and a half years old.

Cal Spas without a doubt has an inferior product and terrible custormer service. They refuse to back their product and obviously do not care about the consumer. Fortuneately, I have been able to steer several customers away from buying a Cal Spas product and will continue to do so. The problems with my spa range from 3 different leaks, damaged wood around the spa, a bad heating unit, and constant run time for the pump.

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Original review: July 13, 2008

I purchased a Cal Spas 6 person Spa from Backyard Splash in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2006 and have had nothing but problems with it. Backyard Splash refuses to fix any problems or financially rectify the situation and they now do not return any phone calls. Cal Spas also did nothing the rectify the problem except telling me how much it will cost to fix a spa one and a half years old. Cal Spas without a doubt has an inferior product and terrible custormer service. They refuse to back their product and obviously do not care about the consumer. Fortuneately, I have been able to steer several customers away from buying a Cal Spas product and will continue to do so. The problems with my spa range from 3 different leaks, damaged wood around the spa, a bad heating unit, and constant run time for the pump.

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Original review: June 29, 2008

after 3 years of very light use, my jets began popping out. I was told that my water was not hard enough(?). I replaced 2 jets. Then 4 jets. Now my dealer tells me that everyone is having problems with the jets becoming soft and brittle and breaking down and that Cal Spa does not offer any relief.

I am out approximately $500 for replacing all the jets in my tub - as well as the time I've spent getting to the real reason for the problem. I think a class action suit would be appropriate.

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Original review: June 25, 2008

We bought a Cal Spa V-600 hot tub from Turbo Tubs in September of 2004. In November of 2007 we contacted Turbo Tubs because our hot tub kept shutting off after it reached its temperature. It showed an OH on the screen. After bothering them almost daily for months -- they finally sent us a new sensor set in January and we replaced it. That did not work. We continued to call them -- they still would not come to our house but told us to try using muriatic acid to clean out the deposits in the lines. We tried that several times. It didn't work either.

We continued to call and they finally sent someone to our house on April 1st. They replaced the sensor set again and left before it had a chance to heat up. The problem still hasn't been solved. We continued to call Jay until he finally agreed to order a mother board. We have been told that it would be in within 5 to 10 days. We are now in the end of June and were told that the part was sent from Cal Spa to New Jersey instead of Illinois. No one will take responsibility or help us with a tub that is still under warranty. Basically we have a expensive lawn ornament with tepid water. Any ideas of where we can proceed?

We are stuck with a lawn ornament with tepid water in it. We haven't been able to use our hot tub for 8 months.

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Original review: June 12, 2008

I purchased a Cal Spa almost five years ago, and with the exception of a heater or pump (I cant remember which) that needed to be replaced a couple years ago, I have had no problems with it until February of this year. The company I purchased it from is out of business but they handled the repair quickly.

One evening, in February, my daughter saw smoke billowing from the hot tub; first white and then turning black! My husband was able to put out the fire after removing the access panel. Fortunately, none of the surrounding deck was damaged. I immediately called the company as the tub is still under warranty. Here my nightmare begins

They first told me to contact a repair person who would take pictures and give them his opinion of the fire. When Roy, the repairman, was here, he told me that the tub would have to be totally replaced because of the very extensive damage. Looking at the tub, one wouldnt know there was a problem but underneath it is a disaster. We were able to get the cover off it before it was damaged except it reeks of smoke and melted foam. I am chemically sensitive, so the smell permeating the air while I would be tubbing is unacceptable. Of course the company will not even consider replacing it.

I was leaving the state for 3 months due to medical reasons and said that as long as the tub was taken care of by the time I got back I would be patient with repairs. After a month I still hadnt heard from the company so I called Roy. Again I was told the company needed to have a meeting to discuss their warranty obligations. When I called the company, Olivia in customer service told me they would only discuss the matter with Roy the repairman. I kept explaining that I was currently in Arizona and needed to know what was going on because I wasnt home in Michigan. Roy was in Michigan, of course, and didnt have a toll free number, but he also wasnt very forthcoming with information. After several weeks and many more calls to Roy he told me that the company did not want him handling the case anymore. They were going to contact a dealership to deal with us. Yeah! I thought we were on our way to getting things resolved

My husband received a letter from the Cal Spas dated April 16, 2008. The company said that before they did anything regarding the tub we needed to sign papers to have the tub shipped to California so they can inspect it! The cost would be enormous and, if it proved that it wasnt a warranty issue, we would have to pay for the shipping of the tub! Im sure a new tub would be less expensive, but at this point, I can guarantee one thing I will not buy from this company or anyone associated with it. I will also use the power of word of mouth and internet to inform anyone I can about the issues Ive had. Ive already read of other people having similar issues with Cal Spa so I wont hesitate!

I had a dealer representing Cal Spa go to my house and take pictures to send to Cal Spa and they were told the same thing. They intimated that the company feels something isnt right? as they have never had a fire like this? and that the appearance of the motor area isnt as charred as they think it should be.? It seemed that they were accusing my husband, daughter, or me of starting the fire so we could get a new tub. This is absolutely ridiculous! The mere hint of such an accusation is disheartening and preposterous! We have only had this spa for about five years, and due to my handicap, I dont use it as much as one would like. When I am well and able to access the tub, I do for medical reasons. Needless to say, it was in fine condition and there would be no reason for us to seek a new tub until now, as this one is apparently faulty since this internal fire broke out. We dont know why it happened or what could have caused it, but I know that it isnt our fault and because we paid for a warranty, we should not be liable or accused!!

I am an amputee with post polio syndrome. When I am home and not in Arizona, I use the tub for medical purposes. Why in the world would I try to damage it?!!! I also live in an old log home which, had we not been home, would have gone up in fire in minutes. Thus, I resent the attitude that I have received all the way around. My health insurance eats up any monies I get so the idea that I might have to pay the freight charges on the tub is totally impossible.

Yesterday I went into Hearth and Home, the dealership for Cal Spa, to get their opinion of what I should do. The principle of it all is that it is under warranty and I want it fixed immediately. I asked if they couldnt remove the affected plumbing and just send it as it would be so much cheaper. They said no, the company wants the whole thing and is adamant that they will not change their position. One person suggested I get an attorney and told me in the 20 years in business he has never heard of shipping a tub from Michigan to California. Well, attorneys arent free and why should I be paying for anything when it is under warranty and obviously a faulty product!?

It is so insulting to have someone imply we did a dishonest thing. I have always prided myself on our honesty. Also, no one from the company has ever spoken to us regarding the issue. I just dont know what to do anymore! When the local dealership cant advise me and said the company has NEVER had a tub shipped back, it worries me greatly.

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Original review: May 17, 2008

We bought a Cal Spa on May 2007. In January 2008 the spa stopped running. Everything shut off. We called Cal Spas, and we were told a work order would be filed. About a month and half later Kelly from Kelli's Spa Service came and inspected the spa. She said the heater stopped working, but it was still under warranty. Here we are in May and our spa hasn't been fixed yet!

We went into Cal Spas and were told by Erick that the part hadn't arrived. However, he said that he would authorized Kelly to remove the heater from one of the spas out on display. Yet, my one year warranty is about to expire and I'm concerned about what's going to happen if anything else stops working. Since the spa hasn't been running for about four months, we're unsure if there's any other faulty parts.

We have been without a spa for nearly four months. Both my husband and I work in stressful environments and purchased the spa as a relaxation tool. We paid in full, and feel that we have been taken advantage of. Now we're out of $7,995.00 and nothing to show for it, but broken down spa. This frustration is adding stress to our lives. After numerous call nothing has been resolved.

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Original review: May 12, 2008

I bought over $10,000 worth of items from Cal Spa in San Marcos Ca which has since shut down. I purchased a pool table, spa and Bar B Q. The spa has worked since we got it two months ago, the pool table and Bar B Q have been a disaster. The pool table was delivered with the Spa and Bar B Q. I had told them I didn't want it delievered until the room for the pool table was ready. I stored it in the garage and then when the room was ready I called to have it set up. They tried to charge me an additional $260 set up charge because the guy who dilivered it should have set it up at that time of delievery even though it was not ready for set up.

After several calls and weeks they finally consented to have the guy set it up at their costs. While this was going on the Bar B Q was delievered broekn. The granite on the island Bar B Q was broken, the broken pieses were neatly placed in the Bar B Q upon delievery so the person who broke it prior to delievery didn't tell anyone and just sent the broken pieces neatly placed in the Bar B Q. They said they would have someone come out and replace JUSt the broken granite.

After several weeks I called and tey said they wouldn;t send someone out to replace the granite but would give me a new one (which they should have done initially). They then couldn't schedule a delievery for weeks, finally the Bar B Q was delivered. I bought some propane and had friends over for a spa, pool table and Bar B Q party. Only problem the new Bar B Q didn't work. No flame was coming to the burners. I called and was scheduled for a service man a week later. He missed his morning appointment and was 2 hours late for the afternoon. Then he said he couldn't fix it!!!!!. Again no Bar B Q party.

I called to have the Bar B Q returned which James told me all sales are final even though my Bar B Q doesn't work they would have someone come out and fix it no matter what it takes. I do not want this piece of junk but now they are telling me I have to keep it (once they fix it). NEVER BUY a THING AT CAL SPA and if you do never TALK TO JAMES!!!!!!!!! Like my father told me dont buy steak at a pancake house - buy pancakes I bought a bar b q and pool table from a spa place nogt a good idea.

I am stuck with a Bar B Q I dont want any more, I found a better one at a less cost in the meantime and I want the newer better one but Cal spa is saying all sales are final even though I still do not have a Bar B Q that works.

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Original review: May 6, 2008

We got the spa for medical use. Within the first 6 month the small rotating jets came apart and 16 month later, it is now blowing the 50 amp GFI possible bad heater as it only blows when the heater kicks in, and the selling dealer has no in house service personal to repair this condition They refuse to locate an outside repair man at their expense, the said they did but he never showed up. Cal spa will warranty only for parts and replacement labor but will not allow for the service calls and at least two calls are need, one to diagnose the problem and one to install the parts that they will ship out for repairs, not to mention the service cost of $60.00 to $100.00 each call.

I have tried to contact the President Casey Loyd and could not get past his secretary, e-mailed them twice and called 3 times with no responce, not to mention the 10 calls to the selling dealer. I can tell you all that the service after sale is horrendous and you are better off spending the money and getting a spa from a reputable company such as Sun Dance. Now I'm stuck with a $4000.00 + spa and have to pay for this and any future repairs out of pcket. UNBELIEVABLE. My advise is to just STAY AWAY FROM CALSPAS, especially if you live in So Florida.

Having a major back condition and not being able to use the soothing effects that a spa provides.

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Original review: April 23, 2008

I bought a Cal spa hot tub new out of the box 18 months ago! This winter on one of the coldest Minnesota days one of the pumps went out. I called the repair center ant it took 5 days to get a repairmen at my house to look into my problem. The repairmen showed up a 9:30pm and took the pump out and told me that the broken pump would mot be covered under the warranty! He told us that our chemical balance in the water was not right and that is what caused the pump to malfunction. He went on to tell us that he could replace the pump at a cost to me of $900.00. He stated that then he would submit the bad pump to the Cal spa manufacter and if they decided to replace it our money would be refunded. We did not take this route!

The next morning I called the repair office and after a lot of discussion the main office decided to replace my pump under warranty! It took several more days to get the repairmen back out to my house to replace the pump. Its now the middle of April and the other pump has now gone out. I again called and had a repairmen come out to the house to look into problem. This time before the repair even looked at the pump he told me that it wqas probally a chemical inbalance issue and that the pump would not be covered. I asked him to take the pump out and examine it. He removed the pipes to the pump and using a flash light showed me the inside of the pump and stated the white discolorization of the pump was due the our water not being chemically right.

We then got his boss on the phone ( Brian ) the same one I had talked to on the previous pump. Brian told me that there was no way that they were going to replace the pump. He stated that the other pump he replaced was all our fault and that he replaced it out of the kindness of his heart but that would not be the case for this pump. I have many conversations directly with the manufacter to no avail! Thanks again Cal spas for standing behind a 18 month old tub! Sell and get it out the door!

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Original review: March 10, 2008

Cost of spa $6679. 6/04 full warranty which worked fine with some repairs until 1/08 I called Melinda and requested service as the spa was not turning on. She sent expert technician. Mike, who said it's our electrical. It's not right and needs a different box & wiring. I said it was hooked up to your companies specs. and approved by your workman and has worked with this wire etc. for all this time? He said I wont come back until you change this. I have had several spa men look at this since and they say there is no problem. I have called cal spa Melinda asking for help BUT not to send the expert Mike back but have received no help.

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Original review: Feb. 29, 2008

We purchased a Cal Spa at the Seattle Home Show in Feb. 2007, to be delivered in April. After several calls, the spa was delivered on June 9th. My husband heard a large crash as the delivery men dropped the tub off the truck. The casing was bent, and he did not accept the tub . The owner of the dealership, Jim, later called and said that after a full and careful inspection that the tub itself was not damaged and the case was replaced. He also assured my husband that there was a 10-year warranty on the tub. Unfortunately, despite my disapproval my husband agreed to take the tub back. Big Mistake. When they returned the tub, they did not bring the manual or the stairs or the lift for the cover or the key to unlock the I pod dock, and the chemicals supplied had someone else's name on them--wrong chemicals for our tub. The delivery men called Jim and told him that there was a scratch on the tub, and the lift was not there. Jim only replied that it should be. The delivery man responded to us that someone would be out in a couple days to buff out the tub.

After many more phone calls, Jim then said that we didn't pay for the lift or stairs, and we would need to do that. We told him that they were included in the home show special. After contacting their corporate office, one day they were suddenly delivered; but of course the lift was not installed. We had a used manual sent via mail. We still have no Key for the I pod dock. The aquatic av which controls the stereo has never worked, and there is an ever enlarging crack growing in the tub. And they have never been back to buff the tub. We also have noticed a small hole in the cover. We have made multiple calls to the dealer and corporate. We were told that the regional rep would call us back, but that never happened. We were given another dealership to call and have left messages and have never been called back. What can we do?

We paid over $10,000 for this tub and just want it gone and our money returned.

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Original review: Jan. 17, 2008

We purchased a CalSpa about 1 1/2 years ago. After the first year our pump went out, many hassles to get it replaced under warranty and service calls. Finally got that fixed and now the spa will not turn on. Appears the power supply or something inside not working. Also we have had lots of problems with the jets falling apart, and our chemicals have been spot on accurate so no excuses for poor quality materials Calspa!

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Original review: Jan. 7, 2008

Purchased a new spa on 2-25-06 at a cost of $6465. Had the spa for approx 1 year when one of the motors developed a loud whine, contacted Cal Spas who then gave me the Number of a Company called Pro Tech who they said takes care of their problems. The were contacted and I was told the motor was bad. It was replaced after about 4 weeks being down. I only had to pay a $70 service call. The motor was replaced on 3-03-07. On Nov 9, the other motor started doing the same thing. Again I contacted Pro Tech and they came out and again said the motor was gone. Another $75 for this call. It is now 01-07-08 and I still do not have the motor installed. Pro Tech said they paid for the motor and it keeps coming to them COD. I contacted Cal Spa and the lady said she could not do anything, it's between Pro Tech and Cal Spas. In the meantime, I have no spa to use. The store said it's up to their corporate to handle.

I have been without the use for a total of about 3 months so far, not a very good customer service.

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2007

Ahhh Cal Spas!...I purchased their top of the line spa back in 1996 at a Home and Garden show here in Phoenix Az. it was a nightmare once I hooked it up..(when they delivered it I was told there was an additional charge to do the hook up!!) I had so many service calls to my home I started to document the dates,times,problems with the spa,and the fact that I had to lend tools and PVC piping to the repairmen that came out!!!

It got so bad with repairs that I tried to get someone from their company in California to remedy all this,and was surprised at how many vice-presidents there were in the company and all they did was promise to send out a repairman!!!

I finally sent a complaint to the Arizona Attorney Generals'Office and The Better Business Bureau with copies to Cal Spa and was contacted by the Az Atty. Gen.Office and told they had numerous complaints vs.Cal Spa and were in the process of stopping them from doing business in Az.!!

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Original review: Sept. 6, 2005

We spent $8,400 on a new top of the line spa from Cal Spas in 1998.

After a year and a half, the circuit board fried. We paid a $60 fee
to the repairman to replace the board. The following winter, the
board continued to short out and we replaced a switch for $40. The
next winter, there was no heat, so we paid another $60 fee to have a
lifetime warranty heater replaced. While most parts have been covered
by warranty, we have still had to pay the $60 repairman's fee each
time something goes wrong with this spa. This product has been a

real headache.

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Original review: April 5, 2005

My hot tub was leaking, so I called the store where I had purchased it.

The store sent Mark with Absolute Pool and Spa Care, a Cal Spas factory
authorized repair dealer, to my home. My husband and I were out of
town, but my grandmother let him in at which time he removed a large
amount of insulation and a panel from one side of the tub. The hot
tub was left on its side and the panel was left propped against our
house until he returned several weeks later. When he returned, he
fixed the leak and lowered the hot tub back in place; however, he did
not replace the insulation and the panel was now broken. I called
him immediately and voiced my displeasure. He stated that the broken
cabinet was my fault and that the insulation would not be replaced. I
then contacted Olivia with Cal Spas who assured me the cabinet and
insulation would be replaced. Two months later, Absolute Pool and Spa
replaced the insulation but damaged the cabinet even further. I was
told Cal Spas only offers a 90 day warranty on the cabinet. Had I
broken the cabinet, I could understand; but their people broke it, and

it should be replaced immediately.

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Original review: May 21, 2004

We purchased a built-in (island) BBQ at which time we placed a down

payment of $2,220 on it. The island arrived on 5/15/04 and we had a
$6,000 cashier's check ready for the remainder of the payment as
requested. As the delivery men unwrapped it, I discovered it was
missing some parts. I filled out a form for the missing parts and
immediately called Customer Service. I left a voice mail for Martin
who called Monday and said he'd look into the situation for us.
Then I spoke to Joy, Customer Service Supervisor, who said she would
look into it as well. No one has gotten back to me and they have a
full payment of over $8,000. I now have an island with no BBQ, no

refrigerator and many missing items.

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Original review: April 15, 2004

I ordered 60" storage steps by phone from the Ontario, California

store and received them at my home. When I opened the box and saw
jagged edges on the steps, I was very unhappy as I do not wish to
subject my family to harm. I attempted to return the steps to the
store on 4/14/04 at which time the parts manager told me that store
policy is no refunds or exchanges, but he may be able to give me a
store credit. I was not informed of this policy when I ordered the
product over the phone. I simply wish to return a product that did
not meet my expectations. Anything short of this will be unacceptable

to me.

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Original review: April 14, 2004

We purchased storage steps from Cal Spas over the phone because we

were told they didn't have the steps in the store. If we had seen
them in the store, we never would have purchased them due to the poor
quality. Our credit card was charged $195 even though we were told
the steps were $175. We never received an invoice to show why there
was a difference of $20. We then received the steps and were extremely
unhappy with the quality. We took the steps to the store for a refund
but were told store policy is no refunds or exchanges. We told the
salesman we were not informed of this when we ordered and we want our
money back. They still refused and would not allow us to speak with
anyone in charge. We demand a full refund and will file a complaint

with their corporate office.

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Original review: March 20, 2004

I purchased a top of the line $9,500 spa from Cal Spas about 3

years ago. It came with a stereo system that broke after the second
week. A repairman came to my home, removed the stereo and took it back
to Cal Spas. Over a month later, the stereo was reinstalled. It
worked for one week. Again it was sent back to Cal Spas. After
reinstallation, it worked for 2 days. This time it took months for
the repairman to come to my home, send it back to Cal and reinstall it.
It worked for one day. Now cal Spas is saying they won't fix it
anymore because my one-year warranty has expired. The radio worked

less than 3 weeks the entire year.

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Original review: March 1, 2004

My Cal Spas spa, just over 3 years old, developed a terrible

noise. I immediately shut it down and called service. I was told
the pump motor failed because the seals had failed, and because of
this, the 5 year warranty on the pump and motor does not apply. I
have faithfully kept the filter clean and the chemicals balanced;
however, Cal Spas states I should have removed the panel and checked
for leaks every 2 weeks. Cal Spas is not honoring their warranty
and I had to pay over $600 to have it fixed before more damage


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Original review: Oct. 28, 2003

I have a Genesis Series (Atlantic) spa from Cal Spas and the jets

are breaking as the plastic dissolves and becomes brittle. I have
operated the spa so that all Cal Spas chemical standards are met.

These jets are junk and should be recalled by Cal Spas.

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Original review: Oct. 12, 2003

November 2002 we noticed several cracks in the shell of our Cal Spa. The spa was 4 1/2 years old and the shell had a 5 year warranty. Cal sent someone to take pictures and investigate the problem.

He stated the shell was not fixable and the cracks would increase in size. Cal Spas began a slow (usually 3 week turn-around) discussion of replacing my spa. Since that time, I have been offered several unsatisfactory options.

Now I am being offered a used model without history provided and absolutely no guarantee that it will work. I left a message stating this option is not acceptable either. My spa costs nearly $5,000 and is now scrap.

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Original review: Oct. 6, 2003

I found a dealer who could get a part for our spa. We purchased

the part we needed but were told by the dealer that the part should
be covered under our warranty. We then sent a letter to the California
Cal Spas location asking for reimbursement. After one month and no
answer, I called the California store today. As soon as they found
out we had bought a part on our own, they said we voided our warranty
because an unauthorized dealer had worked on our spa. They also stated
our warranty was void because we had moved our spa from one home to
another. I would like to alert everyone to Cal Spas' warranty and its


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Original review: June 24, 2003

I purchased a Cal Spas hot tub almost 5 years ago. Within this

time, I have had over 15 repairs to my tub, at least 4 of which were
motor replacements. Additionally, during one of the repairs, the
dealer's service person broke 3 of the enclosure boards to repair a
persistent leak (for the 3rd time!). I have been waiting over one
year for the replacement boards and the warranty period is nearing
its end. As a result, I have asked that Cal Spas remedy the situation
by either replacing the boards or refunding my money. Neither the
dealer for the tub, Backyard and Billiards, nor Cal Spas would consider
any remedy. After months of phone messages, letters and faxes, I was
told that Cal Spas would pick up the tub and reinspect it at their
facility. One day before the tub was to be picked up, I received a
call telling me that I would be responsible for the freight charges.
All through this exercise in futility, the service manager was rude,
unresponsive and deceptive in her responses. I have not been able to
use my tub to its full extent because it continually has problems.
The warranty expires soon and I will be responsible for repairs to a

tub which has never worked properly.

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Original review: March 17, 2003

Our spa is 14 months old and has already lost 9 of its 12 jets.

The jets are literally falling apart. I contacted Cal Spas' customer
service on 1/09/03 and spoke with Martin Guevara, who faxed us a
diagram on which we could mark which jets had broken. We have called

and faxed this paper to him numerous times but get no response.

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Original review: Feb. 24, 2002

In August 1998, I purchased a Newporter spa from Cal Spas in

Oklahoma City. I was told the spa would be delivered within 4-6 weeks
and proceeded to pay Cal Spas in full for the product. Well after the
6 weeks had expired and many attempts at finding out why my spa had
not yet been delivered, I demanded a refund. It took several weeks,
but I did get my money back and then bought the Newporter from a
Cal Spas distributor in this area. My spa worked fine for about a
year. Since that time, I have replaced the circuit board and topside
controller, the blower does not work, the cover is trash, the lifetime
warranty heater has died, the jets are broken and the controls lock up
so that the power has to inexplicably be turned on and off to get them

to function.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2001

I purchased my spa from Cal Spas in Illinois in March 1997. When

I moved to Nevada, it started leaking from the pumps. I contacted
Cal Spas who said that in order to have warranty approval, I would
need the bill of sale to prove I was the original owner. I provided
this by fax at which time I was told I would also need the receipt
from the Cal Spas dealer who moved the spa to the trailer on which it
was to be moved to Nevada. I then faxed this receipt, but the customer
service person now says Cal Spas will not cover my pump trouble. What

good is a 5 year warranty from a company who won't honor it?

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Original review: April 1, 2000

I bought a spa on 1/24/97 for $3,675 with 4 extra jets which were

never delivered. I was told they would come in the mail. Our Cal Spas
dealer went out of business, so I called Cal Spas. They did not know
that 4 extra jets were supposed to be sent. Around 7/26/99 the spa
would not turn on and the shell was cracking. I called Cal to find a
local authorized repair company. I then contacted both companies,
neither of which would help me because they say Cal takes too long to
pay them. I got another repair company from Cal and they came to look
at my spa at which time they ordered a new top side controller. After
waiting 5 months, the part was installed, but that wasn't the problem.
Now they say I need a new computer board which is on back order for
6 months and I need to deal with Cal directly to get one. Now for over
3 months, I have dealt with Cal Spas, and still the product is on

back-order and the cracks in the shell have not been fixed.

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Original review: April 1, 2000

In July 1997 I purchased a Cal Spas swim spa from what I was told was a Cal Spas factory owned store in Atlanta, Ga. The spa was to be delivered 2 weeks later upon my completion of a concrete pad. The pad was completed on time and the spa was delivered, but this particular spa has a separate equipment package, which was promised to be delivered later, which it was, but I was to have a LP gas heater for the spa and this was backordered.

During this time I was told that Cal Spas had sold the store to a dealer but that I would still receive service from that dealer. This dealer furnished me with a temporary LP gas heater to use while my heater was backordered. This heater was too small for the spa and was a standing pilot as opposed to the electronic ignition heater I was to have received.

I called the dealer weekly about the status of the correct heater and was told for over 6 months that the heater was still on backorder, then I had a pump bearing to fail and the dealer told me that he didn't have time to send someone out for at least 30 days, but if I could bring the motor to him he would exchange it, which he did and I did the removal and installation myself.

The ozoniator never worked and the dealer promised to repair it when he brought out the correct heater. In July 1998 something in the control panel failed and the spa completely shut down. I called the dealer for assistance and he promised to send someone out within a week, but they never showed up, I repeatedly called the dealer to no avail.

At that time I called the engineering dept. at Cal Spas and they told me to call Balboa Equipment, who manufactured the control panel, and see if they could diagnose the problem. The people at Balboa did diagnose the problem, which was a failed transformer. I called the dealer and told him I had found out the problem and he told me he would order the transformer and it should be in within 2 weeks.

Again I waited, calling every week or two until late into the fall of 1998. I then called the dealer and told him that there was a hard freeze predicted that night and that since the spa did not work I could not run it to keep it from freezing, so what should I do. The dealer told me not to worry about it, that if the spa was damaged by freezing that it was Cal Spas fault and they would replace or repair and damage.

Needless to say the spa froze and was extensively damaged and about this same time the dealer went out of business and I still didn't have my heater, and the spa still does not run, and I had freeze damage. The people at Cal Spas refused to return my calls and only responded to one of my letters stating that freeze damage was my responsibility, but they did not even address the heater they owed me and their failure to repair the defects that the warranty should have covered.

They finally sent a repairman to my home to look at the spa and he said it was a total loss, and he also told me that the dealer I had been dealing with had went bankrupt and that the reason that I had not received any repair parts from that dealer is that particular dealer had not been paying Cal Spas for parts and they had stopped shipping parts to him.

When I accepted delivery of the spa, I had paid a down payment of $2,000.00 with the balance of about $7,000.00 to be financed, with the financing to be arranged by Cal Spas. At this time Cal Spas has not asked for the balance to be paid, but what I am wanting is for Cal Spas to refund my down payment of $2,000.00 and pick up the spa. It is nothing but an eyesore and a breeding ground for mosquitos.

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