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I ordered 2 furnaces and 2 air cond. units. Air units arrived but furnaces were missing. When replaced, air was installed & the Freon was missing in both units. Called 5 times and never called back. Called a manager and never got a refund $285.

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Budget Heating is one of the first companies to sell HVAC products online. It offers a comprehensive list of products for homes and businesses.

  • Web orders are insured up to $250,000: Users can trust online sales from this company as they are insured against theft and fraud.
  • Offers products for both home and office: Commercial building owners can benefit just as much as private homeowners and landlords from this company's products.
  • Easy payment: Consumers can use Paypal at checkout to make it easy to pay for HVAC products.
  • Large warehouse: Budget heating maintains a large inventory and products are very rarely out of stock. This allows customers to get the parts and equipment they need quickly and without a lot of hassle.
  • National service: Since this service is online, users can get HVAC parts or units anywhere in the country.
  • Best for People with health issues, commercial building owners and landlords.

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Budget Heating and Air Conditioning
6217 Anderson Road
United States