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Brita Water Filters

Brita Water Filters
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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Nov. 19, 2018

        I bought this Brita pitcher because I have a larger unit in my refrigerator for years now that cleaned my water really well and made the water crystal clear. So I wanted a second one for room temperature water. I don't know if it is the plastic pitcher or the filter but the water looked blackish no matter how many times I rinsed the filter. So I stopped using the filter altogether but now am smelling an odd smell in the plastic pitcher. Now there is a reddish-brownish (I don't know for sure, algae, maybe?) film when I clean the pitcher. So I've stopped using the pitcher but it's too late to return and I still have the extra water filter cartridge. What a waste of money! And scary too. If I were a little less conscientious about cleaning, my family might still be drinking this water.

        21 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Oct. 16, 2018

        I bought one of these to avoid constantly using plastic bottles. However, the product itself is rubbish. After a while the lid comes loose and it tends to spill water everywhere. Now the lid is a very bad fit - I'm going to look for an alternative that does the same thing.

        26 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Oct. 12, 2018

        I purchased the filters which were advertised to last 6 months. The cost seemed to be better than the monthly filters. However, after 2 weeks you could only process water through the filter taking ALL day which means you cannot fill more than 3 20 oz bottles per day. I wrote the company and they have not responded. I turned around and started to use the monthly filters which work good all the time.

        24 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 4 stars
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Sept. 29, 2018

        Great product. It is saving me money and plastic bottles. I live in Southern California where the tap water is not very palatable. The Brita water pitcher and filters makes the water tasteless, clean and pure; nearly as good as bottled water. I gave it a four out of five stars because the filters are more costly than I think they should be; although if you search for sales you can get a good deal. Recently my local supermarket had a 3 pack of Brita filters on sale for $6.00!!! That is $2 per filter.

        11 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Sept. 29, 2018

        I had bought the Brita Tap Water Filter Systems 4 months ago from BJ's with the recommendation from friends that this was a great system for your faucet. It was working great until last night when the water started going everywhere the moment you turned on my water. I examined the systems and notice the inside water base from where the water filters through was completely cracked. Thank God little pieces did not going into any of my water and I did not digest any of the pieces (from what I know). How is the system already broken after 4 months of use only! This is horrible and dangerous. Be very careful using this systems.

        17 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Aug. 27, 2018

        I bought 4 Brita water filter bottles with 4 boxes of refill filters and I started having a lot of burning in my throat and abdominal pain and discomfort. Also noticed black specks in my filter and lot of what looked to be mold and I clean them and try and put in brand new and same thing. Also a terrible metallic taste in mouth. This product is not safe by any means and needs to be looked into why so many are having same issues from this product. I was bloated and having stomach cramps and bloating and burning in my throat. This product is the cause. Did not have any of these issues before starting to use this water bottle filter system.

        58 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: June 17, 2018

        I have an older model Brita 10 cup pitcher w/ a white top which I fill and use daily and the water tastes good. I recently purchased a new model 6-cup Brita pitcher with a black top. I bought the new style pitcher as a birthday gift for a friend. After we both struggled for 1/2 hour to get the new-fangled lid on to the pitcher with the filter properly in place (It has some sort of mechanism built into the lid to let you know when the filter needs to be replaced), we both gave up.

        Yesterday, my friend tried again to get the lid to fit and the little cover that goes over the pour spout broke off and fell into the water! He told me to come and get it from him today or it goes in the garbage! I don't get it? Why did they change the design for this smaller pitcher? And what the heck is the problem? The instructions don't address this issue at all! Now my friend is upset with me for giving it to him! My gift to him was basically a lot of aggravation, plus I'm out $30.00 to boot!

        20 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: June 11, 2018

        I bought a Brita under sink water filtration system from Home Depot 1 year ago. Filters (A & C) are to be replaced every 6 months. At the 6 month mark you could not get the C filters either at their store or online. Found out a Company called Protect Plus only uses the Brita name and they are the ones selling to Home Depot and it took many many calls to FINALLY get the C filter. Now it's the A filter that is not sold in stores or online yet you can purchase the entire system. If Brita allows them to use the Brita name they should make sure the consumer is not getting ripped off after buying the system. I thought I bought a product FROM BRITA! This is a ripoff and will tell everyone not to buy anything with a Brita name on it.

        19 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: June 1, 2018

        Extreme gastrointestinal illness - I almost never post reviews but my experience is so extreme I feel compelled to share it in the hope of helping others. I've been drinking nothing but bottled water for several years but bought a new Brita 10 cup water filter pitcher in April of this year to save money and cut down on plastic bottle waste. I also bought 2 of the expensive blue filters to go with it because they're advertised as removing lead. After following the directions and carefully setting it up, my wife and I began drinking from the pitcher on April 14th. Within 2 or 3 days, my wife and I began having mild flu-like symptoms with headaches, mild nausea, some fatigue and a little loss of appetite. The symptoms were very mild at first and we didn't associate our trouble to anything other than maybe a random "bug".

        Within a week my wife began having severe dental pain in all her teeth and I began having moderate to severe pain in both shoulders upon waking in the morning. My wife drinks a lot less water than I do and after about 10 days, she stopped drinking from the pitcher. In less than a week, her symptoms subsided and her dental pain was completely gone. I continued to drink a lot of water from the pitcher, between a half gallon to a gallon every day. My symptoms became progressively worse and by the first day of May, I was experiencing severe nausea, severe diarrhea, total loss of appetite, mounting fatigue and an extreme feeling of malaise.

        I went to my family doctor who ran numerous tests including urine, blood, stool, ultrasound, etc. She also prescribed anti-nausea medication and antibiotics. My nausea was so severe she gave me a medication designed for chemotherapy patients. I was also experiencing night sweats, depression, a lack of mental clarity and even beginning to wonder if this was the end. My symptoms were so bad my doctor wanted to rule out colon cancer and set up a colonoscopy for me. I was so severely ill I had to re-schedule the colonoscopy for a week later. Taking the anti-nausea medication every 4 hours was the only way I could get through the day without extreme distress. I had my colonoscopy and thankfully the test came back clean. A tremendous relief.

        By May 10 I finally put two and two together and stopped drinking from the Brita pitcher. I Googled "Brita water filter made me sick" and was met with hundreds of results from this website and many others with people reporting the same severe GI problems I was having after drinking from the Brita water filter pitcher. During this time the doctor's tests revealed I had elevated liver enzymes but was otherwise inconclusive. After stopping drinking from the Brita pitcher my horrible symptoms finally began to subside. The diarrhea stopped and after losing 23 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks, I began to get my appetite back very slowly and began feeling more and more normal again.

        The past month has been the worst nightmare of my entire life. I've literally never been sick before in 50 years. No surgeries, no hospitalizations, no nothing. Now I've lost a month of my life, all my vacation days from work and have been costed somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500 dollars for various medical tests and treatments. On top of being deathly ill for what seemed like forever. I'm highly suspicious of the Brita pitcher because my wife and I both got sick as soon as we began drinking from it and we both got well once we stopped. The hundreds of other individuals who report the same severe gastrointestinal illnesses after drinking from the Brita also bolsters our suspicions a great deal. Plus the only thing that changed at all in our diets during this time was the use of the Brita pitcher. We never eat at restaurants, we cook all our food at home and take our lunches with us to work every day.

        From what I gather, silver particles are used in the filtration process and it seems a defective filter could possibly release a toxic dose of silver (a heavy metal) into the water and cause problems like my wife's dental pain and my shoulder pain. I can't state with 100% certainty that it was the Brita that caused out trouble but it being a coincidence is just too high to believe. At this point no one could convince me it wasn't the pitcher. My hope is that no one else has to endure what I've been through. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Thanks for reading.

        127 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: April 17, 2018

        I am writing to share my story of health after drinking water processed through the Brita Water pitcher. My husband purchased the system and we immediately went from drinking plenty of daily tap water to equal amounts of water processed through the Brita water filter (pitcher). Within two days, I was struck with extreme abdominal bloating, intestinal burning, nausea, body pain, and metallic taste in mouth. I have hardware in both feet from past surgeries, and those areas were also heightened with burning and pain, not relieved with the OTC pain medication and prescription medicine (nausea and pain). I literally thought I possible had ovarian or liver cancer as the pain was so severe and I went from feeling vital with life to complete fear that my body had shifted to a serious health engulfed to a soul feeling of doom.

        After almost two weeks of confusion and complete fear, I had a lightbulb moment and asked my husband if maybe going from complete tap water to this Brita water filter might have been too abrupt and we had deprived our systems of some minerals or other essentials that may be beneficial from tap water. Without my knowledge, he went online and found sites where individuals have shared similar negative experiences with this water filter system. Of course, we immediately stopped the filtered water and are slowly recovering. I hope people reach out to search online to comments that are informative about their experiences, as I was ready to start writing my obituary.

        60 people found this review helpful
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