This product was bought from Brooklyn, NY from a store called Little King & Queen. It is now 2 years of my child’s birth and we were trying to convert the product into what was told to us as a 3 in 1 converter bed. After calling Little King and Queen, they have directed us to Bonavita (manufacturer of the bed) stating that the product does not come with the railing to make the product into a day bed. In the manual under items included, it clearly states it comes with a guard rail. A guard rail which is for safety so my child does not fall out of his bed. This company is saying to us that we will not give it to you, this guard rail, until you send us proof that it is supposed to come with your crib.

We sent them a picture of the item number as requested, then sent 5 pictures of the manual as they requested, and now they replied with "we will need the entire instruction manual sent to us. We cannot find a manual that showed the guard rail included. The number on the manual does not match any number we have. I have spoken with upper management and this is needed to process your request. I will not send them my manual. They are a huge company and they have no manuals for their products. Do they understand that this is a safety feature?

If I send them the manual, they will say it got lost in transit or "misplaced". I have replied back to their emails with complete disgust on how they are conducting business. If you need any proof of owner’s manual pictures, I have those and I can send the pictures of their serial number as I have already sent to them. We hope to have this finalized so our son can transition from his crib into a daybed.

The reasons we are putting a claim against Bonavita is because (a) their product has missing pieces; (b) the way they are treating us; (c) the person who requested the information stated they were upper management and they were not; (d) this is a safety feature and this product should be recalled without it.