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During these economic times, I must watch every cent I spend. My household uses propane for heating and hot water. I usually survive late spring and all summer without propane. I must make certain sacrifices when attempting to save money.

In late November, early December, I contacted my propane supplier, Blue Star Gas. I only order the minimum gallon amount of propane, since this amount is all I can afford. I have always been on a prepay program. I must pay for the propane before they make the delivery. I use my credit/debit bank card for these purchases. I only ordered the minimum amount of propane (100 gallons). When Blue Star made the first delivery a few days before Thanksgiving, I requested that they check my pilot light since the gas had been empty for a few months. The delivery was made, however my pilot was not lit. I immediately called Blue Star Gas. It was after hours so I left a message with the answering service. I never received a return phone call. That evening, I made several attempts to re-light the pilot, but I was unsuccessful. I called Blue Star the next morning from work and left another message.

I received a return call from the office clerk approximately one hour later. I explained that the delivery of gas was made but the pilot light was never checked and lit by the deliveryman. I explained that it was still out even though I tried lighting it myself. I was told that I would have to pay an additional $75.00 before someone would come to my home and re-light the pilot. I had no choice but to use my credit card for this extra charge. The pilot light was turned on the following evening.

I contacted Blue Star again in December because the tank was again empty. I made arrangements for my usual 100 gallon delivery then I ran out of propane approximately two weeks later. I can't imagine how I could have used 100 gallons of propane in just two weeks. I contacted Blue Star Propane in January of 2011. I advised them that my propane tank was empty.

I have never purchased more propane since I am unable to afford it. This amount usually totals approximately $350.00 to $385.00, depending on the market price for gas. During the January 2011 conversation with the office personnel, I was advised that I owed over $200.00. I reminded the clerk that I was on the prepay program, and it was impossible that I could have a balance due. The clerk faxed a copy of my account to me. This copy showed my credit card charges for the 100 gallons. However, it also showed that they delivered 169 gallons of propane, and not the 100 I ordered. They did this twice to me. They delivered 169 gallons to me when I only ordered 100 gallons. They wanted the $200.00 before they made any more deliveries.

I spoke with Dave ** the owner of this franchise. I explained to him that I was not in a position to talk about this problem now since I was at work. I told him I would email him a detailed account, and would wait for his response. He never responded, either by phone or a return email. On February 3rd 2011, I submitted a claim to the BBB. Complaint ID number ** The BBB attempted contact with Mr. Dave numerous times; he did not respond to any of these attempts. The BBB closed the case with no response from the business.

On March 5th 2011, I received a bill from Blue Star Gas for $206.00. This included a late fee of approximately $3.00. I never received the first bill. I have filed a claim with the FTC also. However, no action is taken by them. This claim is simply on file. I do not want to be responsible for these charges. I do not want a collection agency making attempts to collect, then place this information to my credit rating. I did not order 169+ gallons of propane. I have always been on the prepay program, so why would they deliver more gas than I paid for?

My son and I were forced to survive for weeks during a freeze without heat or hot water. I boiled the water on the stove for baths. I finally borrowed enough money and contacted another provider. I paid almost $600.00 to have the new company remove Blue Star's propane tank, install their own, and fill the tank. I do not want to be liable for the $206.00 charges Blue Star is trying to collect. I feel that Blue Star should pay for some of the fees I incurred when I had to set up another propane service.

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