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Never had such an experience: Lowes sold B&D cordless mower which has so weak power. On & off, & on & off, run at only nude ground, not on grass. Lowes sells this product, and does not allow to return. So you have to keep this garbage product at $400. What a shame of this Lowes store in Canada to distribute such a poor quality product.

Have 2 GH600 trimmers - garbage. Black and Decker auto feeds crash after about 4 months. Now you have a manual feed!!! Same with the battery powered one I purchased last year. After Stanley purchased B&D they became the same shitty company Stanley is. B&D used to be the shining star in tools. I WON'T buy another B&D tool.

The Dual-Line Automatic Feed Spool (Model # DF-080) the divider piece on the spool is very thin and does not hold up for very many rewinds. I would like to see this beefed up a little so it will last for more than 3 or 4 rewinds. I am an employee in a TRUE VALUE HARDWARE STORE and recommend your products on a regular basis. Overall I am happy with the trimmer that I own. Thank you.

I had a problem with my Stanley Black & Decker lawnmower and I just want to personally give and provide a Five Star Commendation to Stephen ** who took care of ME! He went out of his way to please me as his loyal, long term standing Stanley Black & Decker customer. You are the Best! No wonder why Stanley Black & Decker has been such a Successful Company! It is because of people like Stephen ** who Really Care about Stanley Black & Decker's Customers! Thank you for All Of your Help!

I won't buy other B&D tools either - the batteries are terrible. I've used the trimmer several years (buying numerous new batteries) but the shaft has now broken in 1/2 - still works but has orthopedic issues. B&D expects me to say "what the heck" and go buy another one - - - ain't happenin'.

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I'm a 63 yr old male who spent 40 plus yrs in manufacturing sector and lifelong DIYS. Always relied on your products until now. Purchased a 18v weedwacker 3 seasons ago. I'm totally disgusted with batt life to the point I purchased another charger to no avail. They do not hold a charge, actually seem to lose charge. It's the most useless and annoying tool I've ever purchased. Everybody in my circle rolls the same. Please tell me you can rectify my situation or I have to spread the word. PARDON, I'm vision impaired, computer illiterate.

I just purchased a new Black & Decker cordless weed eater. I bought it Mon. I tried to weed eat a few areas and the battery soon went dead as a door nail. I figured because it was new I would charge it fully to be able to do the rest of my weed eating. It charged for the remainder of the day and up till the next afternoon. I thought well now that it is fully charged I can start my job again. I ran this thing 15 no more than 17 minutes and dead again. I charged it again overnight, ran it again for 15 minutes, dead. I have never had such a piece of crap in my life. I will NEVER EVER buy another Black & Decker product. Pure junk. I tossed the box but I'm still going to try and take it back to Lowe's. If they don't take it back it will be in my garbage. I'm done!

I purchased a cordless drill on eBay, with a warranty. It went bad in a few weeks after purchase. I called Black and Decker, the person/woman I spoke to was very helpful and a replacement was at my door within a week. All my tools are Black and Decker, or Stanley. Have been all my life. Other than age, I haven't had a reason to complain. My tools have grown old with me.

Received a B&D 36v lithium hedger as a gift. It's probably 3 yrs. old now. Loved it cause it was lightweight & could do all my work w/out charging it in the time frame I was working outside. All of a sudden, on a full charge, it just stopped working. I had to get the ole gas powered Maruyama out to finish the job. I then figured I will try charging it again since I couldn't figure out why it just stopped. It already was charged, but did it anyway. Still wouldn't work. Tried it daily... then 2 weeks later, seemed to work. Went out & it lasted about 2 mins. This is on a full charge.

B&D says it's out of warranty & claims they've never heard of this before. I said, "Really? Cause I am viewing a lot of complaints about your lithium products online." They just want to put their heads in the sand about this. Very disappointed because I preferred to use this vs the ole gas powered due to weight. Never buy B&D anything! Plus, do extensive research on products that last.

3.6 Vold Cordless Screwdriver - I was very happy with this device for about a year, but then the expensive, dangerous Lithium Ion battery died unexpectedly. In B&D's defense, the fine print in the manual warns that leaving it on the charger for too long can shorten the battery life, so it's possible that I could have prevented this loss. But who wants to babysit every rechargeable appliance they own; most of the other such devices I own (including a Sears cordless drill) have smart chargers that don't need such babying. The fact that B&D chose to add a number of conspicuous features to this device, while leaving out an inconspicuous, but more important one confirms the reason for my reluctance to buy from them in the first place. I'll look elsewhere next time, and make a point of looking at the fine print to confirm that any rechargeable appliances I buy in the future automatically protect themselves from overcharging.

The mower works quite well except for the fact that the grass catcher does not fit snugly, and consequently clippings blow out through the top and into the indentations in the machine. I am familiar with Black & Decker cordless mowers having owned one for at least 30 years and never had this problem.

I bought a Black & Decker Cord Grass Trimmer GH 1000 Type 2 a few years ago, but my old trimmer still working until last week. I started use the "New" B&K trimmer. 2 minutes into operation the driving belt broke. I ordered and replaced the driving belt. After another 2 minutes of operation, the new driving belt broke again. I gave up. The B&D products have very poor quality. I sent a message to B&D from their website, asked my money back, but no response from B&D. Black & Decker has such a poor management, and customer service team. Never, never buy anything from Black & Decker. Don't waste your money.

Like all the other reviews I have seen recently in looking into this, don't buy Black & Decker. I have a 36v battery string trimmer with a XR360 battery. Well like everyone said, it began short cycling and taking longer to charge. I wanted to buy a replacement battery and guess what? Black and Decker has discontinued the 36V battery thereby making my string trimmer worthless. I will NEVER buy Black and Decker again. Pass the word.

Dewalt cordless batteries - I have purchased 4, 1 combo, then one nailer and all batteries do not last. Then purchased another drill gun for none are AVAILABLE IN OUR STORES. Replacement parts are unreasonable and this is just a battery scam. I have said what I know.

I bought a power drill and used it maybe a few times and it stopped working, so I sent it back to the company and never heard from them. It was past the warranty period by a few months.

I bought your battery powered mower and sadly it worked great the first year. Then the second year the battery said it was charged but the mower would not start. I went online to try and get help from the company, and no I mean absolutely no customer service. I finally found out I could buy another expensive battery at Canadian tire, so I forked out a big cost but loved the convenience of the mower so I bought it. Sadly here I am another year later and the battery is not working again. I will never buy from Black & Decker/Worx products every again.

Tried to use my B&D Electric (corded) leaf blower for I think the 3rd time ever. Dead as a doornail. Second one in 3 years to do the exact same thing. Considering that there are virtually ZERO critical parts to the FAN that is essentially the heart of a blower, I can only assume that the power cords have a critical flaw. Bottom line -- B&D products are dead to me. I'll buy Chinese, Russian, hell I'd buy a North Korean year tool before I'd give another penny to Black and Decker. They make crap.

Two years ago I purchased a cordless 18" hedge trimmer with 2 rechargeable batteries and battery charger. Cordless feature is a great in any power tool. After 1 season the batteries drained of power rapidly. At first one battery would maintain power for my trimming time of about an hour. Now takes both batteries. Batteries must be recharged before use. I priced replacement for one rechargeable battery. The cost for one battery is about the same for entire pkg. Its no longer usable and looking for a replacement. I will read reviews closely this time before buying.

NOTE: I worked in Baltimore MD area years ago. Black and Decker employed thousands. That factory has since closed. Production now outsourced to overseas. B&D made a great product many years ago in the USA. Now production goes to lowest buyer. In my opinion the overall quality of B&D products today are poor. Mgmt cited high cost of wages for workers made it difficult to compete. I would suggest to look at the salaried component of payroll. Reduce million dollar plus compensation for the CEO, CFO and down. During any cut back or layoff, I have never heard that top heavy layers of mgmt had a salary & benefits reduction. Or even sharing office personnel and office space. I suggest that be fair when cutting expenses. Share any payroll and waste reduction program among All employees. Make it in the USA again.

GH3000 String Trimmer - The string feeder feeds too much string, even when using it on continual use (which is a ridiculous work-around that was suggested on a website I saw). I wrapped the string as recommended in the manual, but it still consumes too much. I've only used it about 5 times, and now it doesn't feed at all. I've read reviews on Amazon, and other places on the web that seem to indicate this is definitely a design flaw. I can't understand why string trimmers, a product that has been around for decades, has a design flaw as bad as this. Do they not test their own products?

I am currently working with Black and Decker Service Center to see what they will do or say about the product. I spoke with a B&D customer service representative on the phone today, and she stated there have been no recalls as of yet on this product. Prior to this I had purchased a B&D electric lawn mower that couldn't cut and bag the grass. I would say at this point, I am through with B&D products. Too bad, because this used to be a great brand name. Now, it's just cheap products made in overseas that don't work like they need to.

I purchased a weed whacker a year ago Double string. Worked fine in beginning. After two times cutting grass the spool ran out. So I went to store, picked up another reel to put in. Again two times cutting grass, spool ran out.. At 19.99 a pop I decided to re-thread line myself. So I know how to thread new line because I did it with my last one. So when I use it, it lets out too much line automatically and gets stuck in the motor. So now when I use it, I have to carry a cutter on me to cut the excess line that automatically come out. Very dissatisfied with product. Don't think I am buying another one.

After 2 years the first 2 batteries that came with the trimmer will not even charge anymore. I bought a 3rd battery last year and it charges but doesn't run very long. The batteries cost almost as much as the trimmer and if I have to buy new batteries every 2 years this can get expensive. The trimmer works good except in high grass or weeds. But I think I will go back to a gas trimmer.

B&D 18V lawn trimmer - The unit is a replacement for an earlier model that lasted for years and years until my son ran over it with a bicycle, breaking the handle. My new trimmer advances the string so much that I can only use it for half an hour before I have to replace the cartridge. Since the pieces are so large, I also have to wear jeans and boots to cut grass. Grrr! Remember when Black and Decker meant something good?

The auto-line advance "feature" on this thing is an absolute piece of crap. Either it doesn't feed at all, or it feeds too much. It advances even when you don't need it to, and sends little 2" piece of line flying out, which leave cuts on your shins. I've used string trimmers for years and this is the first one I have to wear long pants to use.

Many stories similar to mine can be found on the internet, and many fixes and hacks are available on YouTube, so my situation seems to be the norm for this machine. Trying to find a universal bump head or simple clamp head to use with pre-cut pieces of line, but it really irks me that I have to re-engineer their product because their design sucks. B&D used to have good product. In fact, I've got B&D tools from thirty years ago that still work great. I guess there's nothing available anymore except cheap-** Chinese crap, of which the GH3000 GrassHog is a prime example.

The dragster belt requires constant adjusting to keep the belt on track. I spent more time trying to keep the belt from hitting the edges of the sander than I did sanding. If the belt is not kept on track, the sander eats (destroys) the belts. I went through 10 belts trying to sand the steps to my deck! Not sure what the function of the bag is. I did not get any sawdust in the bag. Since the bag port is not a standard size (it is not even round) it cannot be hooked up to a vacuum.

Power tool set: c. saw, f. light, stud finder and drill - I used flashlight less than five times and it failed. Circular saw does not have enough power to get the job done. Battery charger has failed. All tools have been used for less than six months. I have to wonder if it isn't Black and Decker's business plan to sell this Chinese trash to customers who will avoid the hassle of a return and/or not complain.

I have had a series of B&D products over the years and have an old drill, circular saw and jigsaw that I used and abused through almost three decades. Having had a generally positive experience in the past, I thought I would repeat the experience by slowly renewing my collection of powered hand tools which would probably take me to the end of my days. Wrong, very wrong. I bought a BD drill with a removable vise fitting. Once removed, it exposed a sprung quick fit setup for hex-ended bits and so on. After one year, the entire assembly fell apart. I tried fixing it to no avail and finally went out and bought a DeWalt which is an excellent drill which I would recommend. Next, I decided to replace my jigsaw which was tired.

The new BD jigsaw could not be firmly fixed in position and the result was that, after squaring the base plate, the plate would wander from square as I was cutting and I ended cutting an angle. This was also replaced with a DeWalt which is excellent. Having learned my lesson, I replaced my circular saw with a Makita. Excellent saw. Deciding to give BD a reprieve, I bought a leaf blower, which I have had for about four years. I doggedly continue to operate this machine which fundamentally does the job but I have to fix the blower and vacuum attachments together with duct tape because they will not stay together during operation, as well as the collector bag which will not stay connected during vacuum operation. To be replaced, but not by BD.

Finally, I bought a telescoping garden cultivator with tine and hoe on the end. The tool refuses to stay in the telescoped position and consistently comes loose during use. In conclusion, I have come to detest this brand name and will never purchase another of their products. There seems to be absolutely no quality control and they seem to operate solely on the basis of best price point and on searching for the cheapest manufacturer in China. I could not in good conscience recommend any product from this company to any individual unless I really disliked them.

My 7-year old son was using a Black & Decker paper shredder (BD-10P) to shred a CD. He put his finger in the hole of the CD to begin shredding it. The shredder began to take in the CD and it cut off part (3/4 in) of my son's finger off. They doctors were not able sew his finger part back on.

BD12PS drill: I purchased the Black and Decker drill, but the battery charger was not in the box. I complained to the store. They said to tell the customer complaint people and that they will send you the missing charger.

I bought a B&D hammer drill (DR601) 2 years ago to finish drilling 12 holes in my concrete pad for anchors for pool cover. Not used it for anything else until this week to drill new holes on re-poured half of pool deck that was repaired. This drill worked for only 2 holes and then the trigger malfunctioned and drill will not work in right twist direction. It works in reverse direction. Malfunction is in direction lever - bad contact. It only drilled 2 inch deep holes - no abuse. Drill is now worthless after using for total of 14 holes. I own several B&D tools; miter saw, cordless drill, regular electric drill, hand sander and flex cordless drill! So I am a regular consumer. Do they want to make it good or lose repeat customer?

I purchased a Black and Decker dual line edger/trimmer, model number GH 710, on 09-26-11 from Lowe's. Today, I started edging my small ΒΌ-acre lawn. The cutting line consumption is excessive. The cutting line was completely used before the edging was completed. I am an unhappy customer!

The cutting line feed mechanism is a design failure on the GH 710 Edger/Trimmer. I have used their GH600 Edger/Trimmer for many years and was completely satisfied with the product. I will not buy any edger/trimmer with the dual line feeder mechanism. Black and Decker should eliminate the GH710 dual line feeder mechanism from their product line.

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