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I purchased a full set mattress and box spring which was delivered to my house on 9/10/11. My child has been getting bitten but we thought it was mosquitoes, until we looked under the box spring and noticed a bunch of bed bugs coming out of the seam of the box spring. I contacted Better Bedding to remove the bedding immediately due to the severity of the situation. I have young kids. They reported that they are unable to do anything and cannot remove it immediately. I am disgusted and annoyed for a company to swear by their product and deliver me bugs. I received no resolution to the situation when I contacted the Better Bedding Assistance office. I took pictures and I will be reporting them to the Attorney General's Office.

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We purchased a King Beauty Rest Black on 9/4/2010. It was quite comfortable when we first purchased it, but several months later, we it felt as though the mattress started breaking down. We literally "sink" deep into the mattress. It has affected the support of our bodies and is extremely difficult to adjust positions in the bed. We contacted the Warranty Service Department via fax on 2/2/11.

A representative came and inspected the bed on 2/24/11. I spoke with a rep on 3/8/11 and the results of the test concluded that the bed did not meet their criteria of a 3" sag in the mattress. There was no mention of our discomfort over the lack of support and difficulty adjusting positions in the bed. They said that they would be happy to meet with us in the store to buy a different mattress at our own expense. They just don't care that we are very dissatisfied.

We were told that we could have another inspection within 60 days. That time ends May 7th, 2011. What can we do to get Better Bedding to respond to our complaint and truly give us the service we deserve to resolve this problem?

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