Bathroom remodeling trends to avoid

These trendy ideas may not bring a return on your investment

by Rosemary Avance, Ph.D. ConsumerAffairs Research Team
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So you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom. Whether you’re sprucing up your home to put it on the market or updating your bathroom for your family’s use, you’ll want to get the most out of your investment.

While bathroom updates tend to bring a solid return on investment (ROI), it’s important to keep design trends in mind when making improvements. Outdated bathrooms can deter would-be buyers and make it more difficult to sell your home, whether you do that now or sometime in the future.

“For some buyers, the bathroom is a deal breaker,” the experts at explain. “So if your listing includes these fading bathroom trends, you might have a harder time selling it.”

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Resale-friendly bathroom updates

You don’t have to flush money down the drain to improve your bathroom; you can complete some projects on a relatively modest budget.

"For resale, focus on the visuals: nice tile, nice colors, nice fixtures -- and don't spend a lot on the high-end utilities because most people can't tell the difference," Cameron Snyder, president of Roomscapes Luxury Design Center told

A quick change of hardware, for example, can instantly make your bathroom appear more fresh and modern. For cabinets, opt for simple knobs and handles to ensure your space doesn’t feel too crowded. If you’re upgrading light fixtures, consider adding task lighting around your vanity. Two wall-mounted lights on either side of your vanity can enhance the look of your space and help eliminate unflattering shadows. Consider swapping outdated faucet handles, towel racks, and light fixtures for new ones that are in line with current trends. A hand-held shower head is also an affordable upgrade.

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Think about your home’s overall resale value and buyer appeal before you make pricey updates to your bathroom. Remember that some bathroom trends don’t age well, especially if you’re renovating to sell your home.

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by Rosemary Avance, Ph.D. ConsumerAffairs Research Team

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