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About Bath Fitter

Bath Fitter is an acrylic bathtub, shower enclosure and tub-to-shower conversion company. The company’s bathtub refinishing products are custom molded to fit over existing fixtures for quick and clean bathroom renovations that last a lifetime. The company can complete installations in just one day.

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  • Next-day service
  • Demolition-free remodeling
  • Lifetime warranty on installation


  • Regular cleaning required
  • Design consultation needed for quote

Bottom Line

Homes and commercial bathrooms in need of a quick remodel benefit from Bath Fitter’s next-day service and fast installation. Special care is required to maintain the new bathtub or shower, but it provides an affordable upgrade.

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Original review: Feb. 5, 2008

Beware all independent women who own your own home. Bath Fitter will take an hour of your time utilizing slimy hard sell approaches wrapped in a coupon waving soft sell environment. "Oh, I'm sorry - your husband must be here for this presentation." My husband is not the one making the final decision about this remodel. It doesn't matter. They said, "Technically I cannot give this estimate unless I have both homeowners here." I said, Great since I am the ONLY homeowner. This is MY house & MY name is the only one on the mortgage. They said, Sorry, I could really get in trouble for this. When will your husband be home? I said, Listen - If I decide to go with Bath Fitter then you will be getting a check from ME. My name will be the only one on the check. Not my husband's.

Please let me note that I am a well established, professional 35 yr old who is on her 3rd home. I'm also a business owner of 10 years who is from New York City. Somehow my newly married status (of 6mo) suddenly makes me a baffling idiot! I didn't realize that I would be teleported back to the 1950's! Beware that if you have a coupon - it is only good if you agree to use their services ON THE SPOT. They may even offer you another discount if they can plant a sign in your yard. AGAIN- only if you SIGN ON THE SPOT.

As soon as I told the sales woman that I would NOT be making any final decision today - her demeanor completely changed. Sales lady went from happy, lovely & personable to pit bull salesman selling snake oil. If Bath Fitter is such a great product then why do they have to pressure the heck out of you to buy? The bath/tub replacement was 6k. Last time I checked this is a decent sum of money. Who hands over a check like that without considering options & getting other price estimates? Awful, awful & frustrating experience for this female homeowner.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2008

In November of 2006, I contracted to have a tub removed and a full-length enclosed shower installed. Included would be two shelves, a shower head and a hand held shower head. I agreed to the work after being assured by both sales reps that all the work carried a lifetime warranty. They proceeded to inform my wife and me that as long as we owned the house, the work was under warranty. The installer, Chris, did a satisfactory job.

In August of 2007, the bracket for the hand held shower came loose, and I called Bath Fitter and spoke with Mark. He said he would send someone to check it out. The installer who came to the house said that this happens frequently with this particular bracket. He said he would explain to Mark exactly what the problem was. Mark called the next day and proceeded to inform me that Bath Fitter was not responsible and that I would have to contact Moen (the manufacturer) and get a replacement part. I questioned Bath Fitters lifetime warranty and was informed that my wife and I must have misunderstood the sales reps. Bath Fitter is responsible for the acrylic products only, not the plumbing, the installation or the hardware used. The total job cost $7000, maybe $3000 of which was acrylic. As of today the shelf is about to fall off from the wall of the shower.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2008

My unpleasant experience with Bath Fitters (NJ) is not nearly as severe as the troubles others have reported. Still, my experiences with them have been sub-par. Difficulty in scheduling: I signed my contract in October 2007. They could not schedule an installation until January 2008. I purposely arranged to stay home from work on the day of the installation. That morning, BF called and canceled, as the worker did not come in. I rescheduled for the following week. About ten minutes after the installation person arrived at my home, he received a phone call from BF and had to attend to some other responsibility - and left my house. Another day that I took off work, yet no bathtub. Finally, in late January, the installation team finally came and installed my tub. They did a seemingly fine job, other than the curtain rod is the wrong size.

Lack of response to flooding: Shortly after the workers left my home, I noticed my bathroom toilet leaking. It has not leaked once in the past six years, so this must be related to the BF work. I have called BF four times already, and have not received one call back. If they had a dram of skill in the area of customer service, they would have called pack ASAP and deployed a plumber to my home. I am waiting to hear back, while pots catching water are sitting on my bathroom floor's sopping tile.

Although my complaints do not warrant a BBB investigation, it speaks to the poor level of customer service and ineffective operations at Bath Fitters. Tubs installed in a day? Perhaps their new ad campaign should say: "Tubs installed within 3 months, if we get around to it. And, have towels and a mop ready to clean up after us."

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Original review: Jan. 17, 2008

The purpose of this letter is reaffirm my dissatisfaction with the service Bath Fitter has provided to my family. We followed every step to ensure that we were making the correct decision regarding installing a Bath Fitter tub liner to our bathroom. Terry Strafford, Factory Representative, came to our apartment on December 11, 2007 to educate us on the process and procedures for installing a tub liner in our bathroom. He followed the sales pitch very closely but FAILED to alert us to the problems that could possibly occur during installation i.e. faulty installation, messy uneven caulking.

On January 9, 2008, Bath Fitter installed a bathtub and through the negligence of the installer, the drain pipe was broken causing significant damage and resulted in my having to hire a plumber to fix the damage. Upon entry to our apartment the installer immediately addressed his concern about being able to install the tub. My husband was told that the shelving units in the tub would need to be BROKEN in order to place the tub liner in the tub. I immediately called Terry Strafford to voice my concern. He called the installer to correct the problem. After prepping the tub and installing the liner, we learned that the drain pipe was broken. The installer packed his tools and left the premises (leaving a mess behind). Terry Stafford began to spin a web of lies to me. He insisted that the installer did not speak to him until after the tub had successfully been installed. He also insisted that he properly informed us about the possibility of drain pipe breakage. When Terry was in our home he did tell us that the pipe could break, BUT he also told us it is an easy fix and nothing to worry about, 1 in 30 chance of happening. He claimed the installer has a conversation with the building Superintendent confirming that the damage was due to old pipes. My husband, Leo, was present during all conversations and this was never discussed. It is obvious that he is not properly educated to answer questions regarding this possibility. He recanted his sales pitch and tried to sell me the idea of this happening because it is an old building. To the best of my knowledge, Bath Fitters are never installed on a NEW tub in a NEW Building. They are installed over tubs that are in old buildings.

We have lost a day of pay from having to stay home to wait for a plumber, we were forced to remove tile that was brand new to allow access to the pipe, we had to hire a professional to re-tile the floor and reconnect our sink and vanity. An installer was supposed to be sent to our apartment after the plumber fixed the pipe to reconnect the drain. At 4pm I was told that he would be there in an hour. 3 hours later and I was left with nothing to do but ask the plumber to reconnect the drain. The facts don't lie. The installer was not trained properly which caused the break in the pipe. Upon entering our apartment, he did not know how to install the tub with out breaking the ceramic shelving that is currently in the shower. Terry Strafford, Factory Representative, was called to remedy the solution. He offered guidance to the installer. Guidance that he later tried to tell us was never given. The job was messy, and unprofessional and we are not satisfied.

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2008

They never sealed the tub the correct way. I had a leak that totally ruined my laundry shoot and the downstairs bathroom ceiling. Bath Fitters are only repairing half of it and leaving me with the rest to repair. The workmanship is horrible, leaving me with a hole in the wall because they refuse to fix the laundry shoot. I am a single parent trying to better my home, and now I am stuck with numerous repairs and still paying for this product. I need help!

Wall damage: from the second floor to the basement. Ceiling: instead of doing the whole thing, it's half done and nothing painted. The money involved to repair it myself will be costly. And I owe $1900.00 on the tub. What a joke.

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Original review: Jan. 12, 2008

A couple of years ago we purchased an entire bathroom from Bath Fitters. I had a problem after one year where water was getting in between the original tub and the enclosure. The tub was like walking on a wet sponge. After a number of phone calls and a number of missed appointments, they finally came out and took the water out of the center of the two tubs. Now, a few months later, I am having the same problem.

I told Bath Fitters, before I purchased the enclosure, that I had a mold problem in that bathroom. They promised me that with their product I would never have to worry about that again. Well, after water getting between the two tubs I am seriously worried.

I wish I could rip out the whole thing.

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Original review: Dec. 12, 2007

I received the BathFitter flier that boasted of bathroon remodeling in one day. I contracted with them on 6/26/07 for that service and of course it took longer because of a missing tub shoe that was not ordered. At the completion of the project, the shower doors were somehow not available and that was in August of 2007. I spoke with the sales and mangement people. No resolution, no follow-up calls. Finally I received a call on 12/12/07 about payment.

They contracted to do a job in 24hrs. They left me without a shower door for months and I receive a phone saying we noticed a folder with an incomplete job. They delayed other busy contracters in completing their work and cost me time off from work. Still unable to reschedule with the other contractors for this small job. My apartment was supposed to be sold and the delays cost me my asking price.

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Original review: Dec. 9, 2007

I had a bathfitter liner and tub installed on 10/23/2007, and the job has yet to be completed along with many other problems. First, the measurements that were taken of my original tub were incorrect; therefore, the tub that was forcably installed does not fit well. There were air pockets in between the new tub and the original, and now those pockets have filled up with water which gives the floor of my tub/ shower a spongy feel.

Secondly the end cap was not placed on my tub, so I have a hole at the end in which the original tub can be seen. Thirdly, right below my bathtub is my kitchen and now I have started to notice that when the tub is being used water leaks down into my kitchen.

I have called numerous times to confirm a date for someone to come a fix these problems. However, when I am given a date for repair, no one arrives, nor do they call to explain. I have been strung along since October. My parents had a Bathfitter installed when the company first came out, and their bathroom looked nice with no problems, so I thought I would try it for my only bathroom. It is obvious from my experience and reading the negative experiences of others that the company has gone downhill.

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Original review: Dec. 9, 2007

In Sept 2007 notified Bath Fitter of water between the layers of my tub. I was told to wait till water reaches the drain. I notified them in October that the water was leaking into cellar. A tech came out to repair the problem but did not have a shop vac or other tools to repair it. The tech damaged the liner by prying the liner from tub.

We keep chalking the tub but the chalking never seems to set. My sub flooring is damaged and my cellar ceiling has falling down.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2007

I am writing this on behalf of my mother-in law. In Jan/Feb 2007 she had Bath Fitters install a new liner in her bath tub because she did not want to replace the tile to install a new tub. This is the second bathroom used by her mother (who is 90yrs old) and a guest. In November 2007, it was noted that water was collecting in between layers creating an unsafe surface for my mother to be standing on, very spongy. We notified Bath Fitters of the issue and they sent a person out to extract and restick the liner. In trying to remove the liner several of the tiles and a portion of the wall was broken. He then stopped work and contacted his supervisor. We were informed that Tim would be out in a few days to speak with us. Tim showed up on Nov 14th and informed us that to repair this with his materials and suggested that the shower valve be replaced and also that shower grab bars and soap dish would cost $ 2,210.00. He was not willing to bear the entire cost and would split the cost with her. This was written up on an formal estimate. The price for a new shower valve was $500.00, shower grab bars (2) for $180.00, wall cover $1,200.00, window trim $250.00, and double shelf for shower $80.00. The point of putting the liner in was to save the tile, since this is no longer a good reason, there is no reason to keep the bath tub. She no longer needs the liner. We have requested a refund for the liner and cost for repairing the wall, and putting up new tile. I sent an email requesting a refund of $2,700.00, Again, she no longer needs the liner to save the tile. The liner was $1,300.00, proper repair of the wall $600.00 and new tile $600.00. The fact that he would even suggest that she pay anything concerns me with regards to other retired seniors that may not understand what options they have.

I took the opportunity to research the repair by other contractors, and replacement cost againest Bathfitter's costs. To repair the wall properly the labor is $450-$600, plus tile for $600 for a suitable replacement. This is the price for Bathfitters walls alone, with no extra cost for the window. I found direct replacement shower valves for $70.00, shower grab bars for less than $25.00. To replace the bath tub, since the tile will have to be removed and to repair the wall will cost $1,400.00, The liner cost $1,300.00. Tim has called and informed me that they will repair the wall with tile, and restick the liner. The fact that he tried to have my mother in law pay for anything, and the fact that he was gouging his prices gives me no comfort in his offer. It is not our fault that the liner was not installed correctly and ruined the tile. Now the tile is ruined, and the walls must be repaired. So she wants to install a new tub. I have a copy of the estimate, and the email requesting refund.

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2007

Their one day service has turned into almost three months, and the job is still not completed.

We had a tub installed that does not have the proper end cap. They promised to call numerous times for a completion date but have not done so. We made several trips to their office and spoke to the salesman and manager .

We paid for the job that was never completed.

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Original review: Nov. 23, 2007

I believe I have been overcharged for the work I want done to my bathroom. Everyone I have talked to that used Bath Fitter told me that the price that was quoted to them was much less than my quote and my bathroom is extra small. I have paid $4,600 already to Bath Fitter and an additional payment is needed when they finish the work. They haven't even started yet. I need help on finding out if I'm being overchanged. I am a senior citizen who lives by myself and want to know before they come in to do the work.

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Original review: Nov. 21, 2007

I am a former employee. I am writing this not out of bitterness, I actually left on good terms. The hours were great and so were the benefits. I managed a branch office in the mid-west region, but was not considered to be a branch manager. I gave over a year in good faith and service to this company and have an excellent, educated and informed perspective on Bath Fitter as a company. It is surprisingly and unfortunately negative.

All employees, including installers and office staff are grossly underpaid with expectations from management to take on extreme work loads. I was the unofficial manager of the office, even recognized in those terms by the branch manager, but was not rewarded in any manner for my skills or services. (Customers would call and ask for me, 'the manager' by name!). Installers are paid a measly 7.8% commission rate on installations, which usually average around $1,000.00 but keep them working on the job until around 7-9 pm. You do the math.

It was common for the local branches to hold Help Wanted Open Houses that are advertised in the newspaper every 2-3 months, in which they hire off-the-street installers and salesmen. The reason behind hiring people with little to no experience is so that Bath Fitter can train them with Bath Fitter's guidelines... A recipe for disaster.

Not only is the turnover rate absolutely outrageous but installers are only required to complete 6-8 weeks of training - only 3-4 of which are used in a hands-on training facility! When our location was desperate for installers, our branch manager approved new hire installers to work after only completing the written course training portion of 4 weeks. Desperate times call for treading a thin legal line, apparently. When questioned by me and other staff regarding the decision to allow this the branch manager responded by saying 'who's going to know besides us?'

The people who knew ended up being the angry, disatisfied customers who's bathrooms were left in damaged, leaking, shoddy condition for WEEKS waiting for resolutions. Sometimes these were customers only bathrooms with children or grandparents residing in the home. The manager would instruct me to handle all complaint calls and 'use my best judgement' to resolve them. I dealt with a laundry list of complaints on a daily basis and it only kept growing as I made my exit from this company.

Just so you have an idea, I can recall installers breaking 50 year old porcelain antique bathroom floor tiles and our company never reimbursing, replacing, or repairing them because they were 'too old.' (So what? Does that mean these customers are not entitled to compensation?) That complaint still had not been resolved by the time I left the company.

It's an everyday occurence to have a liner installed crookedly. Of course it is usually the 'fault of the homeowners floor tiles for not being straight.' Yes, that unfortunate excuse was actually given. Never the fault of poor craftsmanship - OR Bath Fitter. This, not to mention the terrible caulking jobs with large gaps, leaking walls, liners with bubbles behind them...these bubbles must be due to the fact that the walls are not perfectly level, right? Laughable.

There was an ongoing issue with a customers home in which the plumber that BATH FITTER provides (not one the consumer choses) actually broke a water pipe behind a wall and did not say anything and just left it that way. A few hours after the installer completed the job, the homeowner's kitchen ceiling light directly below this bathroom was flooding with water and his entire kitchen ceiling needed repair. This went on for WEEKS and WEEKS with Bath Fitter trying to escape responsibility. 'Oh, it's the plumber's fault, not ours...' The branch manager finally agreed to send out an installer to repair the drywall and ceiling of his kitchen - an 18 year old, fresh out of high school, green handed kid with NO experience in the realm of home repair.

Branches rarely made good on promises to compensate customers for bills they incurred from repairing damages our company made to their property - like the steam cleaning bill from blood on white carpet and not removing shoes leaving scuffed and scratched floor tile despite being 'required' to lay down a drop cloth.

Some customers file complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and as soon as Bath Fitter hears of these complaints they are immediately addressed and the situations rectified. Most of the time Bath Fitter attempts to settle issues before complaints are filed, but that only strings trusting consumers along for a waiting period of up to months before the office makes good on their promises.

The salesmen, or 'estimators,' are paid only an 8% commission rate on sales. The are not given an hourly rate and usually have around 6-9 calls a week. Of those calls, approximately 30% will sell. Most of the salesmen estimate on a part time basis because of this and therefore it is not their primary means of income. They are instructed by every level of management to make each sale a high pressure sale wrapped in a low pressure atmosphere. They are told to hike the price to an outrageous level and then charm the price down. For example: 'Well, Mrs. Mathers, this package is normally around $7,000 (completely made up) but if you decide to purchase your liner system from me tonight I can lower the price to about $3,000.' Most estimators that I've met could care less about Bath Fitter as a company and even less about their 8% commission rate. There are absolutely no incentives for salesmen, excuse me, 'Estimators' to go out and make sales.

If you haven't picked up the trend yet, my main point is that a company's only as successful as the management and employees it hires. And from my experience Bath Fitter fails in both aspects. That's why I left. I wanted no more ties with a company of this negligence. They have unhappy employees and hidden, cowardly management. I have spoken with many Bath Fitter employees who complain of the very same things I've written here, which is so unfortunate because this company has the potential to be more lucrative and successful than it is. I'm shocked that they have been in business this long.

Of course there are those 'couple thousand satisfied' customers that they keep telling me about...hmm. From my experience these customers are satisfied - only after Bath Fitter takes responsibility for their managerial and costly in-home blunders. Do you have the time, money and patience to do business with a company like this? You'd be better off doing the project yourself. Bath Fitter is a total scam.

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Original review: Sept. 24, 2007

I was working with the estimator and decided to go ahead with the installation of a new tub, wall and ceiling. The downpayment was $850.00. However I wished to wait 6 or so weeks before having the work done in my home. She asked me for a small deposit to hold the date. SO on 8/16/07 I signed the contract and gave her $250.00 to hold the date of 9/25/07. She assured me products do not get ordered until the full deposit is paid. I called the estimator on 8/28/07 (7 business days after I gave her my check) to ask for my deposit back and that I had to cancel the installation for an undetermined time due to unforeseen circumstances that had occured.

SInce I had only paid a small deposit to hold the date, I did not think that would be a problem. She said she had to talk to admin. Two days later she called to say they had ordered my tub and I could not get my deposit back. I demanded to talk to the owner. Sue Leonard called me back the next day. She said my tub was ordered weeks ago, which was not possible since they only had my check for 7 business days. I explained the small deposit to hold the date only, but she did not want to hear that. I asked for the purchase order and date it was ordered and delivered. She refused to give me that. Had the estimator not asked for the small deposit to hold the date, I would not have given her a deposit or signed the contract until the first week of September, and would have avoided all this.

I was mislead by the estimator regarding this small deposit and I requested my deposit back from Ms Leonard. She was rude and not willing to discuss the situation or negotiate returning some of my money. I am a single person and that $250.00 is alot of money to me.

The company responds:

In order to maintain our customer's good will, we returned her $250 deposit to her on September 29, 2007.

We believe that there was an unfortunate misunderstanding between Ms. L and our staff. While we will occasionally take a less than full deposit to reserve an installation date and give our customers time to move funds around to complete the payment of a full deposit, our contract clearly states that it may be cancelled only within three days of signing. Ms. L signed the back of her contract that carries the Terms and Conditions of the sale of which #1 is the cancellation clause. However, Ms. Loper didn't inform us that she wished to cancel until 10 days after signing. By that time, we considered the job sold and her custom-made goods had been ordered.

Because the matter was not clear to Ms. Loper, we decided to refund her deposit and we trust that this has brought the matter to a satisfactory close.

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Original review: Sept. 15, 2007

Placed on order with Bathfitter on
7-9-07 for tub/wall installation with
a $500 deposit. Finally received a call
in late August and set up an appointment for 9-11-07. I came home from work on 9-10-07 to find a call
from Bathfitter that they had to cancel
the installation(this was less than 24
hrs) I had already taken a personal day
from(not something that can be taken
back). I was told there was no back
up installer. I asked to speak to the
manager-she claimed that he was out of
town. So no installation as promised-no
manager to speak to..Asked for someone
beside her to call on Tuesday. I sat
around til noon-no call until my wife
called around 4 o'clock and got the
same run around as I did on Monday.
After she called, message then left
on the machine from Bathfitter. I called Wednesday morning and left a message. It's Saturday and no return
call has been received. I called this
morning and left a message and again
no return call has been received. They
claim one day istallation- they had
their one day chance and blew it. Now
I'm sitting & waiting til when? And it will cost me a second day off of work.

Where does one turn- Better Business?

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Original review: Jan. 12, 2006

On 9/28/05 Bath Fitter installed material over my existing main shower area located above my kitchen. On 11/22/05, I reported to them that the shower drain was leaking through my kitchen ceiling. They sent a repariman on 11/23/05 who patched the drain. On 1/3/06 I reported that the drain was again leaking through the kitchen ceiling. On 1/4/06 a Bath Fitter repairman came & again patched the drain. He also told us not to use the shower for 24 hours. On 1/9/06 I used the shower for the first time since the 2nd repair & I noticed that the shower basin was filling up with water & it was not draining properly. I immediately proceeded down to my kitchen to find water leaking from the ceiling & the light fixture.

On 1/11/06 Dave (Asst Mgr from Bath Fitter) came to my home and told my wife that the shower basin had to be removed, drain repaired, kitchen ceiling replaced & possibly the flouresant ceiling fixture which also may have water damage. He also stated that he would call my wife later in the day to set the date & time repairs were to be made. He did not call therfore I went to their store on 1/12/06. I was told that Dave had an emergency & was referred to Antoine. I explained what Dave had said & I told Antoine that I did not want anymore patchwork. He advised me that he will come to my home with a repairman at 8:30 am on 1/13/06 to review the problem.

I also told him that because the shower basin was raised to accommodate the shower doors they also installed, the material appears to be disintregrating under the basin & going down the drain causing it to clog. It also clogged the bathroom sink therefore neither the shower or sink is useable.

The initial cost was $4,000.00 charged by Bath Fitter but now after being repaired twice, I have a ruined kitchen ceiling, possibly ruined kitchen light fixture & extreme inconvenience not having a usable main shower & bathroom sink.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2003

We had bathfitters franchise Bath Solutions LLC remodel our tub+shower. They did a great job -- nice tempered glass, fameless shower doors. On 01-15-2003 after we all had taken showers my wife was brushing her hair at the sink when she heard a cracking noise. She turned to find the shower door spontaneously shattering and spraying broken glass everywhere. She threw her hands over her face and ran out of the bathroom. She only received minor defense lacerations on her hands.

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