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Last updated: Jan. 20, 2016

2 Basement Doctor Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Jan. 20, 2016

Wes the salesman for Basement Doctor came out to give us a estimate to repair our foundation. Our house is 116 years old. Upon inspection Wes was shown major issues with the foundation. To wit: crumbling block, holes in block cracks and missing mortar deterioration of the foundation... the Basement Doctor was informed of my displeasure with their estimate and business practices concerning the poor suggested repair. They are only face a limited number of block 20 to be exact no mortar repair... just installing a sump system and covering the walls with a white plastic sheet similar to what is found in gas station restrooms. I told them in a passionate way with purpose. I took a small body hammer to some areas and lightly knocked at the block while it crumbled and came apart.

The whole time Wes was attempting to make it seem as if I was wrong and everything was just fine. Being my wife's father is financing this operation... I have no ultimate control, Wes called a supposedly independent engineer to come in and look at the walls. Supposedly he agrees with Wes. They are not in imminent danger of complete failure. I suspect that engineer will say whatever the Basement Doctor wants him to. It does not take an engineer to see that the block is failing... at $46000.00 the total amount my father in law is surrendering or being swindled out of is unbelievable.

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Original review: Sept. 1, 2011

I think it's important for anyone needing repairs done in their basement that's considering J&D Basement Systems, also known as the Basement Doctor, as their contractor to read this story. My house was built in 2005. A serious construction defect caused by the basement subcontractor has left me with a major water problem in my basement. I have a poured wall foundation, which requires weep holes at the bottom of the walls to drain the outside of the foundation. My subcontractor poured my basement floor too low (right on top of the footer), blocking all of the weep holes in my walls. This prevented the drainage of any water outside my foundation. I now have 15+ cracks around the foundation and water seepage.

I hired an engineer and personally opened up the floor in three places to confirm the problem. I initiated discussions with my insurance company. After a year, they finally conceded that they were responsible for my problem. When we started the process of determining the costs involved, I contacted J&D Basement Systems/The Basement Doctor. They gave me a proposal to fix the problem in my basement. During a six-month process of negotiating a settlement amount with the insurance company, I met with Wes ** of J&D Basement Systems on a few occasions and traded several emails and phone calls. I was concerned that in order to get a settlement payment, the insurance company was asking me to sign a release, indemnifying them from further responsibility.

I spent a great deal of time making sure I had all the costs covered before I signed the release. Wes ** gave me every assurance that he had all the work I needed included in my bid. As I said, I met with him to discuss this specifically. We proceeded to sign a contract for the work and scheduled a date to start. Approximately two weeks later, I got a letter in the mail stating that J&D Basement Systems was terminating my contract. There was no explanation included. When I inquired about why they wished to terminate the agreement, I was told that the amount of work anticipated was not covered in their contract amount. Specifically, Wes Martin told me that he wasn't sure how many cracks were in my walls that would require repairs and he couldn't verify the amount of my existing drainage system under the floor that would need to be replaced. Both of these are items we specifically discussed. Not only did he assure me that any cracks they found would be repaired, but he also stated that most or all of the existing drainage system would be replaced.

These were not items that were overlooked during the process. We specifically discussed them. I was then told that the job could be completed for a possible up charge of $4,400, depending on what they will find when they started the job. Needless to say, I can no longer go back to the insurance company and ask for an additional $4,400, and J&D Basement Systems claims no responsibility in their apparent miscalculation. In my opinion, because all of their reasons for requesting additional money for this job were specifically discussed prior to them preparing the estimate, I believe this is a deceptive effort to get more money out of a client. I'm sure J&D Basement Systems and Wes ** would disagree, but either I am correct or they are incredibly incompetent.

In either case, I can't imagine why anyone would choose to hire this company for their basement repairs. This explanation is based entirely on facts. I am not an angry customer that's fabricating the truth to try and get back at my contractor. Because of the tactics of J&D Basement Systems (aka The Basement Doctor), I simply believe anyone considering them deserves to know what type of people they are dealing with and what to watch out for. Better yet, I would recommend that you look to someone else for your basement repair needs.

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Basement Doctor expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Based in Ohio, the Basement Doctor has been in business since 1987 and specializes in everything involved with basement waterproofing.

  • Free consultations: Make a call to schedule a no-obligation consultation and get a price quote.

  • Financing options: Basement waterproofing can be costly, so Basement Doctor offers payment plans. Same as cash payment periods last for 3 to 12 months and even longer payment plans with low rates are available, such as 18-month plans.

  • Mold prevention: Mold is one of the main dangers of water seepage, and Basement Doctor stops its growth by installing microbial barriers and injecting epoxy coating that contains mold inhibitors.

  • Battery backup sump pumps: Even if the home's power goes out, the sump pump will continue to run and push water out.

  • Energy saving services: After getting their basement waterproofed, homeowners can also have Basement Doctors set up their basement for maximum energy efficiency.

  • Best for: Homeowners and businesses looking to prevent water leaks and those in need of financing options.

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