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4 Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2018

NEGATIVE 10 stars please - 6 months and still not completed the ductwork. Leaking on my ceiling and never showed up 5 time to repair. The work was 2 a/c units, ductwork and insulation in my attic. I was supposed to get 12" to 18" of insulation but only got 3". My units been leaking in my attic for months. Work failed inspection. Failed inspection 6 weeks ago. The city has fined them for expired permit and failure to correct issues. Every Friday they are supposed to come they are a no show without calling, they forgot or the newest - they fired our install team this morning now we cant come. I am 100% legit customer. 5th attempt is 9/28/18 the day the city violation must be satisfied. Lets see what happens. This review is well deserved.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2017

Had a blockage in my kitchen sink on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Called Art Plumbing. They scheduled someone to come to me on Tuesday between 4-6 pm. The technician arrived & took a look at the sink and asked if we had used a plunger to try to fix it to which my husband replied yes. The tech (Kevin) said you never want to use a plunger on a garbage disposal as it can break the seal. He told us this was going to be a very big job. He asked "do you have any idea how much this was going to cost?" We had no idea!!! (We thought that was a strange question!). Kevin then said "let me see if I can do a little trick here to help you" and proceeded to take the plunger & plunge when he had just informed us never to do that!!! It did not work. He told us that he was going to have to snake the drain and some other stuff which involved bringing in heavy equipment & was going to cost about $1800.00.

We were floored but what could we do with Thanksgiving 1 day away? Kevin asked if there was a door closer to the kitchen that he could get the equipment into the house. We had him pull his truck onto the driveway & come in through the garage. Imagine our surprise when he walked into the house with a small to med. size wet vac. Yes a wet vac!!! He sucked everything out of the sink and the small u pipe under the sink & told us we were very lucky. All he needed to do now was replace the garbage disposal. Kevin then said he had to go to his truck & see if he could get the price down & make this a little cheaper for us. Now at this point I should also mention that we had asked the person on the phone who makes these appointments if while the tech was here they can replace 2 flaps in 2 bathrooms. They said yes.

For the sink to fixed with a wet vac, garbage disposal replaced & 2 flaps replaced, we were charged $795.62!!! I did call the company the next day but was told I had to call back after Thanksgiving. I did. I was told they would give the message to Angela (a supervisor). I did have to call her back. Finally spoke to her & told her my story. That I felt totally ripped off!!! Angela did agree & credited me back $300. I personally did not feel that was enough. I asked to be credited another $100 & was told she would have to ask a different supervisor & call me back.

I have never heard back. Have called Angela back and left 2 messages and still have had no reply! The reason for this review is the hope that upper management will read & see how we were fully taken advantage of by Kevin. I still do not fully understand what truly happened on this house call. I still do not understand the charge of $495.62. Would love for Art Plumbing to contact me & make this right.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

I purchased a package AC unit from Art Plumbing & AC February 24, 2016 with a 2-year warranty on labor and a 10-year warranty on parts. In December of 2016, I had to call the company out to repair the AC unit. Again, on August 21, 2017, I called the company out to repair the AC unit again. The first technician told me it was a clogged drain so he flushed out the unit and advised me that the unit was repaired. Then, he suggested that I get a bronze maintenance package because my warranty had expired. I purchased the bronze maintenance package for $199.00 because I believed that my warranty had expired as he had advised me. The technician advised me that by purchasing the bronze package, my service calls would be free in the future. Unfortunately, the unit still was not fixed because I had to call the company back on August 30, 2017.

The next technician checked the entire unit and could not determine what was wrong so he had a coworker come out to make sure that it was not the ducts. His coworker inspected the ducts and determined that the ducts were fine. He then proceeded to contact the manufacturer directly (American Standard) and they advised him that the unit needed a new coil and an expansion valve. He advised me that the parts for this repair would be free because they were included in the warranty, but the labor cost would be $1192.00 because my warranty for labor had already expired. I thought that was an extremely large amount of money since the parts were supposed to be free. I opted not to complete the repairs at that time because I thought that the amount for the labor alone was rather suspicious since the parts were free.

He charged me a $36.00 service fee for this visit even though I had already purchased the bronze maintenance plan as I was advised to do by the company. On September 1, 2017, I purchased a window unit from Brandsmart for $245.97 for the apartment to try to keep it cooler for my tenant who was already 8 months pregnant at this time. During this time, we began preparing for Hurricane Irma and had to pay $200.00 for our tenant to rent a hotel on September 7, 2017 because she could not remain in the apartment with no air conditioning during a storm. We lost power during the storm and did not have our power restored until a week later.

On September 18, 2017, I contacted Art Plumbing again and asked a technician to come out to look at how our unit was installed. We believed that the unit was not installed properly because the entire unit has to be opened for them to reach the coil and as a result, we were going to be charged additional fees for labor because they would have to do so much work to get to the parts. If they had installed a "doghouse" they would not have to expose the entire unit to get to the coil. The same technician who came out the last time came out again and he advised me that the unit was installed properly and that there was no way around the $1192.00 for labor which was a standard charge. He advised me that I could finance this charge, but it would require a deposit of $500 and I could finance the remaining balance by going online and completing the necessary paperwork.

I asked how long it would take to get the parts and get the unit fixed. He stated that he would try to get the parts the following day so I gave him a deposit in the amount of $500 in cash and authorized him to begin the repairs. When I went online to apply for financing, I found out that the minimum amount that could be financed was $1000 and I only owed $692 dollars and therefore; could not finance the remaining balance. On September 19th, I contacted the office to check on the status of the parts. I was advised that the technician would contact me later that day. I never received a callback. On September 20th, I called the office to find out why I never received a callback and to check on the status of the parts. Again, I was told that the technician would call me back. When the technician called me back later that day, he told me that he would be out the following day to repair the AC unit because the parts were in.

On September 21st I called the office to find out what time I could expect the technician to be here. I was advised that the technician would call me back. He called me back that afternoon and advised me that the parts had not actually come in, but they would be there the following day. On September 22nd I received a call around 8:30 am from the technician telling me that the parts still were not in and would be there on Monday. On September 23rd, I actually reviewed my original purchase agreement and realized that the labor was still under warranty and I had been charged for services that should have been covered under my warranty agreement. On September 25th I contacted that office again and asked to speak with a manager to find out the status of the parts and to inquire why we were being charged for services that were still under warranty.

My husband and I explained that our tenant was 8 months pregnant, that she was in a hot apartment and is having to sleep at her sister's house because the apartment is too hot. We wanted to know why we were being given the runaround about the parts and she assured us several times that the parts would be in that Friday. She also advised us that she would send out 2 window units to keep the apartment cool until that parts came in. When the technician came out later that day, he only had one unit, not the two units that that manager had promised us we would receive. She also swore that she saw the technician put two window units into the truck. The one window unit the technician brought out appeared to have been battered and bruised, but it also did not have the capability of cooling an entire 2 bedroom apartment.

Additionally, the unit did not come with the side panels to secure the unit into the window. He had planned to use foam to secure the unit in the window. This would have left the apartment vulnerable to theft because all it would have taken was for someone to push in the foam without much force and they would have been able to access the contents of the apartment or even enter the apartment and assault our tenants. We considered this to be a safety hazard and asked him to remove the window unit since it could not be secured properly. On September 26th we contacted the office again and the manager assured us that the part had already been shipped out and that it would arrive late Thursday or early Friday morning. She said that she had a tracking number and was certain that it would be here and the part could be installed by Friday at the latest.

We reminded her that we had a pregnant tenant who was being forced to stay in a hot apartment because they were unable to repair the unit. She then told us that they had to make the part which was why it had not been shipped out yet. We then reminded her that she had already told us that the part was shipped out last week. When my husband threatened to contact an attorney she said, "I hope you do because maybe he can talk some sense into you." I felt as if she had crossed the line at that point and advised her that she was being disrespectful. At this time she had agreed to return the $199.00 dollars for the Bronze maintenance package and the $36.00 service fee that I had erroneously been charged. She also stated that the technician would return my $500 deposit in cash on Friday when the technician came out to install the part.

At this time, she had advised us that one of the parts came in, but it would be useless to install it without the other part so they were waiting for both parts to arrive before coming to install them. On September 29th, we were advised that they were still waiting on one part to arrive, but that they would come to install the one part and it should help to alleviate the problem. When we reminded them that they told us that one part would be ineffective without the other part, we were told that we were given incorrect information and that the installation of one part would be helpful. My husband did not want them to install one without the other because of what we had been told, but seeing how my tenant was suffering, I told them to go ahead if it would help because she was miserable.

I had also finally gotten the name of the owner by this time and left him a voicemail even though several of the people in the office refused to provide me with any of his information and refused to transfer me to his voicemail. I left the owner a voicemail and asked him to call me back concerning this situation because by this time it had been an ongoing issue for 6 weeks and it had not been resolved. Later that afternoon, the technician came in to install one of the parts, but the AC unit still did not cool. We were having the same issue as before. He also did not bring my $500 as I was informed he would. On October 2nd, I called the office again and asked to speak with the owner and was transferred to his voicemail. He called me back later that afternoon and I advised him of everything that had transpired.

He advised me that none of the parts had come in until September 29th and the technician immediately came out to install the part as soon as it arrived. I then advised him that his staff had told us that one of the parts had been then from last week and they did not install it because they were waiting on the second part to arrive. He very clearly told me that the part did not arrive until Friday, September 29th and it was installed that same day. I advised him to go back and review the recording so that he could hear for himself what we had been told. He asked me if I had dates or times when these things occurred and I advised him that I had an extensive log of everything that had occurred. I faxed him a 5 page letter the following morning outlining dates and times of all of the occurrences.

During this time we had left several voicemails and messages for the manager and we were told she was out of the office, on another line, in a meeting, not in that day, out to lunch, just left the building, etc. She had even answered that telephone when I called and she announced herself and hung up when she found out it was me. The owner returned my call on October 3rd in the afternoon after reviewing my fax and tried to make excuses that it was the manufacturer's fault, but I clearly reminded him that we were repeatedly lied to without a good reason and that his office manager lacked customer service skills. He then assured us that the other part had been ordered and that this issue would be resolved by the end of the week.

On October 4th we were told that the office manager was out for the day and that the parts manager was on vacation so I insisted on speaking to someone who could advise me about the status of my part. I was told I would receive a call back updating me on the status. After waiting 2 hours, I sent an email stating that I was still waiting on a callback and I then got a return call advising me that the technician would be there the following day with the part to install it. On October 5th, the technician came out, but it was raining and we were told that he could not install the part in the rain. He returned on October 6th and installed the second part however; the AC still was not working properly and by the next day, it was still not cooling.

On October 9th, I called the company again to complain that the unit still was not working and that I wanted to have the unit replaced. I received a callback explaining that they wanted to send out one more technician (their best technician) and if he could not fix it, then they would look into having the unit replaced. On October 10th, their "best" technician came out and he adjusted the air flow and said that the unit was fixed however; we were able to catch him before he left and let him know that the temperature on the AC was rising instead of going down.

He then called another worker out to bring him a piece to seal the vent because some hot air was getting in. He installed this piece and said that the problem should be fixed. This still did not fix the problem. The unit still is not cooling properly and the unit does not turn off at all even though it is set to automatic. I called the company again on October 12th and left messages for the owner and the office manager advising them that we want the unit replaced or we want to be refunded. We have not gotten any response from the company as of yet.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2016

They over charges us $100.00, when brought to their attention it was explained to them. After numerous phone calls and asking to speak with the owner, which never happen we were told that they would give us $50.00 refund and that was all. We then contacted the BBB who informed us that Arts Scam and Plumbing told them that they (Arts scam and plumbing) contacted us and we told them that we never filed a complaint. Another lie from them.

They then told BBB that if we came to their business with the paperwork they would refund us. We gave them the paperwork several times and nothing was done. It took numerous phone calls to get someone to come out and fix the drywall damage that was done at the time of installation. Now they have come three times for the excessive condensation leak done the handler drywall. NEVER USE ART PLUMBING AND AC

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Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning was founded in 1983. The company was originally founded in Coral Springs, where it operates today.

  • Years of experience: Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning has successfully been repairing AC systems in Miami for more than 30 years, and they have a trusted reputation.

  • Weekend service: The company provides weekend service for people who need it at no extra charge.

  • Good online presence: The company has an excellent website and social media profiles, which makes them a friendly company that is easy to get in contact with, if needed.

  • Workmanship guarantee: The company offers a lifetime workmanship guarantee, which means they will come back and repair or correct any problems due to workmanship or installation error free of charge for the life of the product.

  • Parts and labor guarantee: The company also offers a full two-year parts and labor guarantee, which means they will replace or repair any product they provided and installed for two years from the date of its installation, free of charge.

  • Best for: Homeowners and residential landlords.

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Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning Company Information

Company Name:
Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning
12438 Wiles Rd
Coral Springs
Postal Code:
United States
(888) 835-5278
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