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Last updated: April 13, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 13, 2017

We remodeled a trailer and purchased the rounded shower unit that fits into the corner of a bathroom. In 2008 we rented out the trailer. When tenant moved out 1 year later. The shower base was cracked and leaking. Company replaced the shower free of charge as it was still under warranty. Replaced shower in 2010 and by 2015 base was again cracked and leaking. Of course, this time the warranty has run out. New tenant is very handy and taped up the cracks which held for almost 2 years, but now it's cracking around the drain area and can no longer be repaired. We are now installing our 3rd shower in 10 years. Who wants to replace their shower every 2-5 years?!! I can't believe this company is still in business.

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Original review: March 7, 2015

I had professional contractors install one of their shower units. All went well until the installers came to grout the unit. The grout color was absorbed and/or stained into the tile surface and will not come out even after repeated scrubbing and cleaning. I contacted the company and they referred me to their web site where, on a separate page they recommend you purchase tubes of special grout from them (at an extra cost) and only use this grout. They blame this staining on the grout I had used. This "special grout" is not mentioned anywhere in the installation instructions, in their You Tube installation video's or any other place of their web site. My installers had never heard of tiles that change color due to the grout used. The person I spoke with was quite rude (I recorded the conversation if anyone would like to listen). I have included photos.

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Original review: Jan. 19, 2015

In 2014 we remodeled our bathroom. We put in a beautiful round Corner shower! Unfortunately that shower had a faulty shower pan and had been leaking all along. Now it has two big cracks in it and the entire bathroom floor is compromised and can no longer be used. There is rot and probably mold in the floor and walls of this bathroom. We have contacted both Home Depot and Delta (after going through ASB and Peerless). There needs to be a class action suit against these companies, because many people have had similar problems with their products!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2014

I have not yet contacted the company, but I have the Eleganza tub, and it is cracking just like every one else's. Even if the company sends me a new tub, I can't afford to tear out and replace this tub, and it is in the only bathroom I have.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2014

I just received a phone solicitation. (I am on the do not call registry). Megan at ** began speaking and I told her I did not appreciate at home phone solicitation calls. I stated, "would you please remove me from you list" - her response was, "NO WAY" and hung up on me. I tried to return the call but of course my call "could not be completed".

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Original review: Nov. 5, 2014

No one uses the shower and the shower doors explodes at 5am. Home Depot refers me to the company. No one takes responsibilities. I have a shower that is a corner stall with tiles specifically built for this shower stall.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 23, 2014

I had an American Standard shower with a built-in seat installed. My old tub was too deep and I was concerned with falling. The new shower has caused me to fall over a dozen times because it is so slippery. I have used non-slip mats but they slip as well. The company first referred me to Lowe's - not sure why. Now when they respond they say there's nothing that can be done. $1200 wasted in addition to numerous falls. Apparently an attorney is my only option.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 31, 2014

We purchased this tub back in the end of July 2011 to remodel one of our bathrooms. There was nothing wrong with the 25 plus year old tub that was in there other than it was smaller than we wanted. While I was pregnant with our now 2.5 year old daughter, this was our task to get done before her birth. 90% of the use this tub gets is by giving her a bath. We have our own bathroom (Not that I feel I need to defend wear over 2.5 years! But to give an idea on the little wear on it.) One night while giving her a bath, my husband leaned to pick her up and the tub cracked! This huge crack is along the top part of the tub!

We went to Home Depot where we purchased it and one person had the guts to ask if I had the receipt? Really? Who keeps a receipt for a bath tub they purchased almost 3 years ago???? But fortunately for us, we purchased it on our Home Depot card and I had my statement! They directed me to this site and after reading everyone else's very similar experiences, I am blown away! I went and looked again (as the tub is white and a little more difficult to see cracks) and I have since discovered 4 more cracks in the bottom of the tub! I will NOT accept another tub! Why would I chance bathing my child in such a product as defective as this? I am expecting a refund to help compensate for the replacement of this. So we can replace it with something of much better quality.

Just an FYI, go look at Consumer Reports on this company. It's mind blowing and they do not respond to any of the complaints there either! I am hoping and praying that you, ASB, handle this appropriately. Too many homes are being damaged and a ton of money being wasted on replacement of your defective products! This is not an easy repair or replacement! I pray there have not been any injuries as a result of this defective product! This needs to be addressed immediately!!!! Can someone scream RECALL?????

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Original review: May 10, 2014

Remodeled my bathroom - new tile, new floor, new walls, new vanity, new everything. After two years, the tub developed about 8 inch cracks on both sides. Called Aqua Glass and they said they would replaced the tub but I would have to have it reinstalled. First it caused a water leak in the below living room ceiling and I have not been able to take a bath. I put acrylic tape over the cracks so I can take showers. I do not want the same tub and second I was told the tub could not be repaired. Contractors told me I would have to replace the tile around tub - almost a $3,000 job for a $200.00 tub. Unbelievable. Still taking showers.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 15, 2014

I had my contractor purchase and install this tub from Lowe's about 3 years ago when I had my bathroom totally remodeled. It was installed in my guest bathroom where it did not get much use until recently. I now have cracks below the faucet lever area. I called in a specialist to see if it could be repaired and he said absolutely not. If he tried it would just crack again and I would be wasting my money. I now have to take out all of the tile at least 1 or 2 feet to get the tub out. It will cost me a lot to do this job and all Aqua Glass said they would do is to send me a new tub. I don't want a new one. They said they would not cover any labor cost but would reimburse me for the tub.

This tub was displayed as acrylic but I found out from research that it is styrene (plastic). When I went to their website, the Aqua Glass products are no longer available... really!! This company (Delta subsidiary I believe) needs to make this right with the customer. Lowe's and Home Depot needs to stop selling this product to it's customers. Not sure if the water is leaking under the tub. I guess I will find out when this tub is replaced by my contractor. I would say I am disappointed, angry and dissatisfied all wrapped up in one. This needs to be a "Class Action Lawsuit".

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2014

I purchased an Eleganza tub with surrounding walls on August 26, 2010. Just three years from date of purchase, the base of the bathtub, near the side wall, started cracking. I contacted Lowe's right away. Lowe's simple response, "It is only guaranteed for one year." He did not offer to help in any way. I did not receive an "I'm sorry" or "Here's a number to call." I'm shocked that Lowe's would carry such a flimsy product. I now have to pay to have it ripped out and another one installed; and this is not a cheap fix! As I try to find a replacement, I am forced to use a temporary patch over the large crack to prevent water from leaking out and causing further damage. When I had this product installed, I also put down a new tile floor and new drywall. I am now worried that there might be water damage, and possibly rotting, under the tile and behind the drywall. I would like to be part of the class action lawsuit. Companies need to stand behind their products!

Original review: Jan. 12, 2014

Tub install was very easy. Not a contractor but quite capable. Year and a half later micro cracks developed. Had a professional tub repair completed. They would not warranty work because they said tubs are an issue. No leaks anymore but cracks are popping up again. Need a second repair. $200 repair cost. Tub was a little over $200. Thought if I had to repair every so often no big deal, but not every other year and not at $200. Foam was pumped in under the cracks for support and will stop leaks. Then filler epoxy and paint for appearance. Looked great but not now. Home Depot plays dumb. Proper fix is new better quality tub but now have to take out very nice surround and do some flooring work. Wish I read here first. All for class action!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2013

I received a call from American Shower and Bath. When I told the individual I wasn't interested and asked not to call back, he was just plain rude. And I mean rude to the point of me wanting to file legal charges. Now I will NEVER do business with American Shower and Bath even if I need to use a hose and bucket to bathe.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 27, 2013

In 2012, I bought a tub from Masco tubs, through Home Depot. Had it installed, along with a new vanity and toilet. After a few months, I noticed a few small cracks in the bottom of my tub. Today, I was cleaning the tub and removed the shampoo from the edge of the tub and there was this big long crack from the top, almost to the bottom of the tub. I couldn't believe it. I contacted Masco and they were very nice and did say they would refund me my money. They sent me a contract releasing them from any future problems, and they are actually offering me 200.00 more than I paid. But I do not know if I should sign it or not. We don't know if there is damage under the tub or if we can get it installed for two hundred since we aren't able to install it ourselves. We just really don't know if we should sign it or not.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 25, 2013

We purchased the Firenze soaking tub from Home Depot around 2.5 years ago. My husband is a building contractor so together we installed the tub. He then tiled the floor and shower surround. Yesterday, I contacted Home Depot, and got sent on and on until I ended up with a manager to discuss my severe displeasure of finding cracks ALL OF THE WAY THROUGH this tub. After one whole lot of talking, the manager said that when it came time, come in to him and give him my name. He will then give me a credit card for the amount of the tub. I am very angry like the rest of you are. This tub started showing stress cracks, and then the big ones just occurred. We now have to gut the bathroom and start over. What a load of hooey. Made in America, huh? Why buy products made in America if this is what we get?! They do not stand by their product, and Home Depot is still selling their junk product. Where is the class action suit?? I am past ready to sign on!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 18, 2013

I purchased an Eleganza tub, shower base and surround in 2009. Recently, I noticed a large crack in the tub, where the bottom meets the side. Also, a crack appeared in the bottom of the shower base. I didn't know why this was happening until I started looking online. I can't believe a company can get by with selling faulty products and will not work with customers to remedy the problem! If they cannot replace them with quality merchandise, then they should refund the money spent so we can buy something from a reputable company! I will have to buy all new materials and pay someone to install it! This is totally ridiculous!

Original review: May 14, 2013

Eleganza shower base - We installed this shower base and surround in 2007. It developed a crack and we contacted Debbie at ASB. After many questions like, "Did I use scrubbing bubbles, cleaners that could cause damage?" Really? She also said improper installation could cause the problem. After six years, it should have developed sooner. She offered to send a new tub. I said I didn't want to install the same product if it will crack again. She said it had been improved. When we got the tub, it looked the same. When I asked her how it had been improved, she said the base had been strengthened by an inch. I didn't see it and actually took off the cheap styrofoam support base to see. It wasn't any different. I then went and bought a Kohler base with solid support, no styrofoam. It works great. The aqua glass Eleganza shower uses cheap styrofoam that compresses and cracks the base. We are also stuck with water damage, installation and the cost of a new floor. I will be glad to join a class action lawsuit.

Original review: May 8, 2013

A contractor and I purchased a tub and surround ASB Firenze in 03/2012. When we brought it home and unpacked, both the tub and the surround were cracked. Keep in mind that the external packaging had no signs of damage. We immediately returned it to Home Depot and picked up a second tub with the same results when we brought it home. The third tub we unpacked at the store and checked for damage. There was no visible damage. After 10 months of use, a noticeable crack was visible and I contacted ASB to file a labor and warranty claim. The representative agreed to replace the product free of charge, but refused to pay the labor insisting that the tub was installed incorrectly. They did not even want to send an inspector to check for any quality/product defects.

I contacted 2 different plumber/contractors to inquire of the installation and they both agreed that the tub was installed correctly. The ASB rep said that the contractor needed to stand in the tub during installation instead of leaning over the side. That is why it cracked. I explained that that had no bearing on the damage. The contractor weighed 135 lbs and I weigh 390 lbs plus water. Tell me now how this would have made a difference. We deserve every bit of our labor dollars or ASB can send a contractor on their expense to replace the tub and surround.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 27, 2013

Within 2 years of installing the Eleganza soaking tub, it had a long crack all along the intersection of the back and bottom, plus a long crack up the side in the middle. We are professional remodeling contractors, so this was not an installation problem. Masco is saying they'll only reimburse us for the cost of the tub, but we're stuck with repairing structural and ceiling damage caused by the leak below the tub (which is on the second floor) in addition to demolition of tile work to take the tub out, purchase and installation of new tile. This is a major ordeal and cost. Now Masco is sending us a responsibility release form to sign in order for us to get a refund for the tub! I think they've had so many problems with this tub that they're afraid of a class action suit now. And there should be one!

Original review: March 25, 2013

We remodeled our bathroom in April 2010 and as part of the remodel, we replaced our bathtub with the Eleganza 60X32X18 deep soaker tub. Less than a year after we replaced the tub, the back wall of the tub cracked all the way through. We had to rip out the tub and, at great expense, replace it with another tub. The Eleganza had cracks all over the tub walls so there was no fixing the problem. This company put a faulty product out, which I have now had to pay remodeling costs twice. Not a happy customer with either this manufacturer or with Lowe's which sells this piece of junk.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2012

We purchased this tub kit (Masco/Aqua Seal Eleganza) when we gutted our bathroom for a remodel. Less than 4 months after installing, we noticed cracks. Now there is a crack completely around the bottom rear of the tub. It is now cracking up the entire side. Upon calling Masco, Debbie asked questions like what type of cleaner we use, what type flooring. The flooring was the same that has been in the home for 25 plus years. We use average everyday cleaners. I did not see any warning of using certain brands of cleaners when purchasing the unit. I feel that they are trying to blame poor craftsmanship and quality on anything they can. A fiberglass tub should last for many, many years. 4 months? What a joke. Buyer beware. They will replace the tub with one of the same. Read reviews to see how that works out. Lowe's should be ashamed for carrying this type of junk!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2012

The Mascobath Firenze tub developed numerous cracks after two to two and a half years of being installed. Yes, they replaced the tub with their supposedly premium model, but I had to eat the cost for having it reinstalled. I’m not at all happy with this and would or will look into taking legal stance against this company for recouping installation labor costs. Unreal - Home Depot still carries their products.

Original review: Aug. 18, 2012

I installed aqua glass tub. The tub developed a crack after 2 and half years. To replace it, I will have to remove the surroundings, tile, and so on. It's a major repair. It looks like this is very common with this product; easy to find many similar complaints online. I hope diligent, ambitious attorneys “class action” this hacks. The tub costs $200; the repair, $3,000. I am sticking w/ cast iron tubs since there is no accountability. They will give you a new tub but won’t pay for the installation. Who would take another tub after such poor performance? The problem is that I have 3 of these tubs installed. And from what I read, it’s a matter of time until foam base deforms, leaving the bottom unsupported. The cracks will show up soon after.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2012

Defective Firenze Bathtub from ABS - Like many of the other complaints, within 2 years of purchase, I had developed cracks on the side of my tub unit that has caused serious water damage to my floor boards, drywall, and hardwood flooring on level below where the water leaked. Not to mention that I'm concerned about possible mold and injury. I had a professional contractor install in December 2010. Then cracks started to develop in Spring 2012. My insurance company sent a claims adjuster out to inspect, but said they do not cover water damages caused by a defective part and said the installation was fine. I also had two plumbers inspect plumbing to see if there were any leaks, to which there were none. However, they did see where the cracks were causing the leakage.

After contacting Deborah at Masco, she stated to send pictures/receipt and answer a dozen questions, which required me to touch base with my contractor to get answered. I did all of that, to which Deborah replied that they will send me a new tub, but are not liable for damages incurred by their defective part. She also said that the contractor said he "may" have placed putty near the drain seal and that was not advised. I responded that the cracks were nowhere near the drain and that had nothing to do with the leak. I told them it's not my responsibility to pay for damages incurred by their defective parts and believe that they are liable, and would look into filing a lawsuit to recover my damages.

I am in the process of doing that right now, so if anyone has had success/experience with this versus Masco, please let me know! Their product is junk. It's not worth trying to save a few extra dollars. You'll pay thousands more in the long run!

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Original review: July 16, 2012

I have a customer who bought a Masco tub. I installed it in 2009. After 9 months, the tub cracked. The customers are small people, not overweight at 135lbs. Lowe's worked with us and supplied a new tub. Customer service at Masco was totally worthless and of no help. They denied any responsibility for producing a junk tub. Now fast forward to today, the replacement tub is now cracking. The reason we stayed with the replacement Masco tub is because the ceramic tile floor follows the profile of the tip. Looks like we will be jackhammering the floor and going with a totally different tub profile because Masco has no idea how to manufacture a tub.

Original review: Jan. 5, 2012

I purchased a Masco Bath Cerise Round Shower (model number 422031) at Home Depot, on July 27, 2011. It was installed by a licensed contractor. Within 2 weeks, I took notice that it leaked from a yet, undetermined source. Upon contacting Masco Bath customer service (by email), I was instructed that "the area where the metal frame sits on the base, should not be sealed (caulked, since this was a channel for water flow) or else, it would leak out the sides of the door. My contractor was called back to check the situation, and found that there was no such channel. Still withholding judgement whether my contractor might be right or wrong, I contacted Masco Bath again. This time, I was told by the same customer technical assistance agent, that that same area should be sealed (caulked).

I pointed out, that prior, I had been told the exact opposite! Nevertheless, now, the instruction says to "do caulk the area where the frame sits on the base" was repeated. The contractor came back, made sure that it was entirely sealed, as he had assessed, and done to begin with! Now, the shower still leaks onto the floor. It is a slip and fall accident waiting to happen, and the wall in the next room is water-damaged.

I am stuck with a close to $3,000 expense, with damage to my home interior, and threat of possible injury, while I have been doing everything right:

a) taking directions from Mascobath
a) I am still paying Home Depot regularly, on this close to $800 loan (Home Depot claims on the back of the monthly statements that, defective merchandise is being replaced),

b) I had hired a competent contractor.

What's next? I have the correspondence with Masco Bath in writing.

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Original review: Dec. 13, 2011

I am a general contractor that installed Elaganza bathtubs and shower walls in 2 different rental houses in California. I found out this summer that both bathtubs developed serious cracks that leak at the base/wall where the stryrofoam pad is located. When I informed Masco Bath for a warranty claim, they said it was incorrectly installed. That is not true! The floors were level, and walls plumb and square. I made sure of this myself.

This a defective product! The problem is obvious. The styrofoam pad compresses so putting stress on the cheap fiberglass walls and so it cracks. It looks nice but is junk! I went to Lowe's to see the tub and it is changed. No longer do they have a styrofoam pad that compresses!

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Original review: Dec. 12, 2011

I had purchased an Aqua Glass Eleganza bath tub in 2008. About a year or so later, I noticed a crack on the side of the tub. I contacted Masco Bath and they sent me a new tub. I again paid to have the tub installed. Less than a year later, I now have a crack around the drain. I contacted Masco Bath, who sent a new tub but will not help me with the installation or anything else. I cannot afford to keep paying for installation. Has anyone ever filed a lawsuit against the company?

Original review: Dec. 4, 2011

I have a faulty shower consumer complain and financial claim I am submitting against Masco Bath. I spoke directly to Kathy ** and she gave me the email address to contact her as **. My email was returned and the domain is undeliverable. I see many complaints about this supervisor. If anyone has her email, would you please send it along?

Original review: May 18, 2011

Less than 18 months ago, I had my entire bathroom remodeled including a new bath tub "Eleganza", purchased at Lowe's. Last month, I noticed that there's a 1-inch crack on the tub floor. I went to Lowe's and they provided me MASCO's phone number. I called them and they asked me to email them a picture of the tub. They replied that a replacement tub would be delivered.

I asked if they would cover the cost to install but they would not. I advised that the cost for installation would be 3 to 4 times the cost of the tub itself. Besides, why install a tub that I have discovered has had many of the same complaints. Buyers beware. Do not buy this product because it is garbage!

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