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Everything bad you've ever heard about movers and brokers is this company. Undersold the bid, mover showed wanting more money, damaged belonging, lazy and took too many breaks, smoking, showed up an hour late. THE WORST.


I went through Proud American Moving, who then gave my contract to American Movers Group. They gave me an estimate of $2750.00 for 6500lbs. to move 2 small apartments (no heavy items such as refrigerators, washers, lawn mowers etc.) from Texas to Arizona. I was told I would receive 24-48 hours notice. They never called. So the night before they were supposed to arrive I called, then I was told they had put my order in wrong and weren't supposed to arrive for a week, but could arrive in 3 days. An hour later they called and said they would arrive the next day at 11am-1pm, another hour later a call came saying 1pm-3pm.

They arrived the next day at 3pm. They boxed and moved the items out of my apartment and I was told a new estimate was needed to be done using cubic feet, not weight. I refused because a large wardrobe box does not weigh as much as a refrigerator but takes up the same amount of room. Common sense says go by weight. Yet they kept telling me that just my apartment was already at 800 cubic feet which is closer to 5500lbs. When they went to the second apartment, they said they had not been told there was another full apartment and even if they boxed everything up, they did not have room to take it on the truck

The truck, since this was a long distance move I asked for the free 30 day storage. When the packers and moving truck arrived, they informed me that they were going to take the furnishings to Tucson and someone would need to be there to pick it up or store it. How can I do this when no one is in AZ and I told them this way in advance. I have spoken to Proud America only to be told we were overweight by cubic feet (even though I estimated for weight) and they weren't sure what they could do.

I have tried several times to speak to American Movers and only get sent to voice mail. So here I sit with half my order somewhere in AZ, and the other half sitting here. Never use American Movers Group.

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