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Jacksonville, FL

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I had new fence, two gates, and chain link fence for dog pen installed on Fri. 3/5/09. Fence was installed in dirt, no rocks or cement to hold post . Gates will not latch because they were installed incorrectly and too high off of ground. Gate for chain link fence was spaced too far from post. I had to tell workmen that the side pieces from gate were not installed. He put in a piece of wood and four nails.

I called American Fence less than 10 minutes after the workmen left to tell them of other shoddy work they had done. I was told someone would get back to me on Mon. I waited all day for a call. No one called. I called on Tuesday, stating that I wanted someone with knowledge to look at and repair the unsatisfactory workmanship. I was told owner was in therapy and foreman was not available. They would get back to me. No call back. I kept calling but no call back. I have four dogs, two large and two miniatures. One of the large dogs started digging under the gate because it was so high off the ground to get out of the yard. The miniatures could get out of the chain link fence because the post were so far apart from the fence. My dogs have not had use of the yard or pen. I have to tie them in my front yard.

I have written four letters to American Fence and have received only a warranty of a year on their fence. I have reminded them of the work that I had been trying to get repaired but no response. They mentioned I would have to pay for some repairs in the warranty. I have sent letters to Consumer Affairs in FL with my problem. I was told American Fence would not respond and suggested I take them to court. After having this problem, I now find out that many customers have had the same problem with American Fence.

Don't we, as consumers, have recourse by Consumer Affairs or Consumer Services to put these people out of business? I paid $3,180 for this job, which I had to take out of my Home Equity. I am so upset that they can get away without doing the repairs without some kind of penalty. Thank you for anything you can do to rectify this problem.

I paid $3,180 for this job, which I had to take out of my Home Equity. I am 73 years old and can't take anymore problems of this kind. Dog pen can't be used because of distance from gate to post and distance of ground to gate. I don't have the money and pressure of going to court. The rain and high winds have loosen the fence. I expect to see it lying down soon because the post were not cemented.

I purchased a chain link fence from this company back on 2.23.99 to keep my 2 dogs in the yard and the company was aware that was why I purchsed the fencing. B.J. McCormick is the owner and the sales person I initally spoke with. They came and installed the fencing and right after they left both of my dogs were out of the yard. I checked the fencing and there were 2 gaps between the fence and the house where they were getting out. I called the company back and spoke with Karen and she apoligized and said that they would be out within 2 days to place grill pieces into the gaps in which they did. At this point I was satisfied.

I came home the next day and found the dogs out again. This time I thought that maybe some kids in the neighborhood might have been letting them out, so I put loks on the gates and they were still getting out.A few days later a neighbor saw the dogs push out the bottom of the fence and scoot out. My dogs are not small-one is about the size of a dalmation and the other is the size of a chow. I live in the country and the dogs love to run in a vacant field next to where I live. I have had several warnigs from the animal control regarding my dogs running loose.

I have repeatedly called American Fence Company to get them to come out and tighten the fence and do whatever they should have done when the fencing was installed with the knowledge that the fence was being installed only for the reason to keep my dogs in the yard. Karen at the fencing company keeps making the promise to have someone come out and fix the fence, but no one ever shows. When called to see why they did not show, she always gives come excuse like they were short handed, person had a flat tire, etc. She has been rude at times and has hung up when questioned in depth as to when this is going to be taken care of.

I am a widow and a male co-worker offered to call Karen for me to see if a man would call would it make a difference. She had promised someone would be out the next day and when he did not show and karen was called as to why, she stated that he had a flat tire and would be out the next day. When again he did not show my fellow co-worker called to find out why and she said they had a state contract and will loose thousands of dollars aday if it is not completed,so the worker was sent out to that job. When asked if they ever intented to send someone out Karen stated "I don't have time for this" and hung up. I have spent hours of my time trying to get my dogs back in the yard and at times have been late for work as well as the worry of having the dogs picked up by animal control or that they may bite some one if provoked.

One other time when Karen had said someone would be out and they never showed and called back to ask why, she stated they had hired a sub-contractor to do the work. When she checked with them they told her the work had been done so she guessed they lied to her. I just want my fence fixed to where the dogs can't get out by tightening and anchoring the fence. There is also a area of chain link that has come apart where the dogs have gotten out of. They have guarantees on the fencing on their website and when you talk with B.J. he tells you about them when you talk to him when you are signing up for the installation.

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