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I submitted bid requests to several different moving companies. All Star came in lowest and the woman I spoke with, Monica, seemed pleasant and helpful AT FIRST. Once I had signed the contract, with an urgency from the staff that was disgraceful, everything else fell apart. The company charged me more than was appropriate as I'd deleted several items and merely added two boxes. At that point, I was stuck. The truck arrived three days later than the date I'd requested and a bank money order was offered AND REFUSED. Even though the company's contract states clearly "MONEY ORDER" the delivery personnel refused to unload. It had to be a POSTAL MONEY ORDER.

Ironically, All Star faxed me a copy of the contract and it just had "Money Order." I actually had to take one of the movers with me to the bank to get the money order cancelled and hand him cash. There was no arguing with the office staff so I attempted to speak to the owner. I got the rude comment of "What owner do you know, talks to clients?" Well, I know many owners that talk to their clients - I wasn't calling the White House or IBM or Microsoft asking to speak to the owner. It was a horrible transaction and extremely abusive. If I can save ONE PERSON from booking with All Star, I will have some solace although I would prefer no one booked with them!

My move from Maryland to Charlotte was horrific. I had to do all business via phone, fax. My furniture was being picked up from my daughter house... When they got there they demanded $750.00 extra because they said no room on the truck!!! They told her after they started loading. My daughter's husband was at work. The main guys told her "let's go sit down and talk about this." They were acting like a gang! My daughter was so nervous she stepped outside and he was still sitting there. My daughter told them to leave "we have no more money to give you. And you can just drop the furniture and leave." He told no he is taking the furniture to auction and I forfeit my $415.00 deposit and I would have to pay an additional $200.00.

I called the attorney general and they said this is a federal offense fccb dot. Seem like after I contacted them the manager calls me a whole day. Later telling me he would do me a favor. He said he would deliver my furniture at original price if I send in papers to prove I'm on disability (come again???). Well that did not happen. Once the driver got here he said he can't fit his truck in my condo lot 18 wheeler. Said I would have to hire a truck to move my furniture off his truck...(what???) oh ** no!! I have my things because I went crazy did not hurt anyone. These people are lunatics!!! Save yourself. Do your research... There was a law passed about furniture hostage takeover.

My girlfriend Laura and I mistakenly hired All Star moving company to bring our furniture and boxes from NJ to Texas based on a low estimate and false positive reviews for the company. After being tipped off by another moving company that All Star are scammers and that the reviews I read are for another company with the same name, I did more research. Once I found the actual reviews for the company I hired, I became terrified. The hundreds of people warning you about All Star Moving are so right.

The minute I was alerted to this I contacted them for a refund on the 50% deposit I gave them just a couple days earlier. They would not let me speak to management or the billing department. The woman I spoke to claimed I had to wait 3 days to be contacted by the person who gave me my quote. I had to contact her 3 days later as she made no attempt to call me. When I spoke with her she told me I could not have my deposit back because I called 9 business days before the move and not 10 business days before.

These people are without a doubt scam artists with absolutely no care for the people they are robbing. I spent $481 for a deposit and cancelled just a couple days later when I was made aware of their practices and now the money is lost if Discover can't win in the dispute I've opened up against them. Or ABC Fixer doesn't choose my story to air on the news what this company is doing to people. Please everyone who has been scammed by this company write to ABC Fixer to show them that something must be done to stop them from continually stealing from innocent people.

I am in such a terrible position trying to scrounge what money I can together in order to fund my huge move from NJ to Texas for the start of a career I was just hired for out of college. I have a family to support including a 4 year old daughter. Losing $481 to a dishonest moving company has just made it nearly impossible for my family to get to our destination with our belongings. I wish when I attempted to review the company I would have seen the reviews for the correct company instead of the other company named All Star that has good reviews. Beware of this people! All Star Moving Services in NJ is not the same as All Star Moving and Storage in NY!!! Please help have these criminals removed from service so no one else has an already stressful time (moving) turned into their biggest nightmare.

This is the worse moving experience I ever had. I spoke with Monica and gave her a list of my belongings and the dimensions. I was moving from New York to California... Monica gave me a quote of 1052.00. Moving day... The drivers get there four hours late because of traffic and they were lost. Ok. No problem. The movers began to load the truck... Lol. I'm thinking they would load the bedroom set first since it's the biggest pieces of furniture and the most important thing. I was wrong. They packed 11 boxes, a small compact refrigerator, car amp, small table and 2 chairs, 2 night stands and my mattress and box spring. Once this was all loaded on the truck, the driver says I have no room for my bed set (dresser with mirror, chest, and bed frame). So I call Monica and explained the situation. What was the point of doing inventory if your movers don't know how to load the truck??

Monica then tells me there's more room on the truck but I would have to pay an additional $700. At this point All Star Moving has 50% of my quoted price that is non-refundable. So I tell them I'm not paying another dime and they can just transport the items on the truck. The movers left with an attitude. They don't believe in customer service. The movers speak Spanish... They are basically trying to make an extra buck.

Two weeks later I call to check on a delivery date... I was put on hold for 10 minutes. Rachael finally picks up and says they'll call me back. I waited a whole day, no call back. Call the second day and I'm put on hold for 10 minutes while Rachael calls the driver. She tells me my belongings are in LA (2 hours from my house) and I will receive a call within the next two days. This company LIES, LIES, LIES. A week later and my belongings haven't shown up yet... No courtesy call or anything. Smh. So I decided to call Monica about the situation and she gets an instant attitude. Wait... Why are you mad?? Why is it taking a week plus to drive two hours?? I think it was a fair question. This company doesn't believe in saying "I apologize" or "let me see what's the hold up"... Nothing. Just a bunch of nasty **. Monica likes to argue and then hang up phones. I finally said "I'll just report my things stolen."

A week later the driver calls me and says my delivery date will be Saturday between 4-7 p.m. I asked if they can call when they are 30 minutes away because at this point I have read the reviews and I will not be extorted out of money for my own belongings. Of course the driver had an attitude. They showed up at 11 p.m. and will not unload the truck until you pay the remaining balance... Which gives you no time to make sure everything is there. One of my night stands have a big hole in it. Both chairs are broken. Boxes look as if they were being thrown around... Even the ones that said "handle with care". I would like to thank All Star Moving because of your great service. I will never use a moving company again. I'll just rent a U-haul. This company deserve 0 stars.

Terrible experience!!! They will give you a quote and ask you for another $1,000 more the day of the moving, they will threatened you with no delivering you items, and not refund of deposit. My items were completely destroyed. Please save yourself a headache. Do not use them!!!

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Called Monica/Jessica and went through the items I am moving item by item with dimensions. Was quoted a rate with extra fees for stairs and mandatory plastic cover for my mattress. The truck came late claiming they were lost. Driver "looked" at the same exact items l listed prior to Jessica, spoke Spanish to his crew and said that will be double my limit and either I pay now 1237.50 or I lose my 50% deposit ($570). They were rude and unprofessional. Called Jessica again but she hung up phone on me refusing to reason. My furniture was dragged down the stairs not carried. The boxes were delivered smashed and opened despite the word FRAGILE on a few. The estimate was no way near the actual despite providing them with dimensions.

Arranging in the truck was horizontal to take more space, they refused to stack boxes or rearrange to reduce space. Driver said he gets a percentage of the cost which is to his benefit to increase cost obviously. They were extra rude when I refused to tip the crew. You don't get to see the entire contract till you pay the deposit and then you discover the scam. Delivery was a day late with badly handled boxes.

I recently did a cross-country move from new York to California. On the phone Jessica estimated my cost at 1200 and I informed her that I did not have a delivery address at the time of pickup. She told me they offer free storage. Great. As a consumer I'm thinking when it arrives in California it will be stored. They picked it up on the 29th June. I spoke to them on the 7th July and told them my new address. At no time did she tell me that my belongings were STILL in Jersey. I spoke to them several times. Most of the calls ended with her hanging up the phone when questioned about a supervisor. Like so many others on this page I felt that I had to accept this treatment because they had my belongings and I didn't want my stuff destroyed. I waited the 14 days as TOLD. I called back on the 12th day asking for information on a delivery time. Rebecca LIED when I called back. She told me she left a message but never called!!

As for the delivery driver he was no better. He called and didn't leave a message. I just happened to turn my phone on and see a missed call. When I called back he told me I should have answered my phone. When I questioned him about not leaving a message the driver told me sometime after 12pm. I took the day off and no delivery. NOT even a courtesy call... I called him thru a 3-way because he was ignoring my calls. He then informed me tomorrow before 12. THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. LIARS AND RUDE!! Their pickup guys extorted me out of $120 for their work... most of which I had done already. Told me I had to disassemble my gym equipment and electronics. I had already boxed up my belongings prior and he still charged me. 1200 to 1680 and told me I was getting a deal! I contacted the Better Business Bureau.

DON'T USE THESE PEOPLE... THEY'RE EXTORTIONIST, RUDE & SHADY. When I questioned Rachel/Rebecca about compensation for treatment, she told me "we don't do discounts." The law states late delivery you have refund the patron. She told me they don't do that. I asked Jessica about the golden rule, customer's always right. She told me they don't do that.. Wow. MONICA the mysterious supervisor is NEVER there to speak to. ALLSTAR RELOCATIONS LLC or whatever name they go by are a bunch liars and unreliable. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

Moving company north of Atlanta Georgia calls on day and hour of move, Sunday, and states he has no truck and needs more money to get a truck or I have to find a truck. I say, "no" and he says I cancelled, so no refund of deposit. He failed to provide move service. You can't rent a truck on Sunday. I tried for my own sake.

I chose this company based on the expedited promise of 7 days and they would pick up the furniture the next day. I told them exactly what I had and the weight. I got a quote of $828 to move 6 boxes, two couches, and a queen mattress from Connecticut to Florida. Firstly, they did not listen to pickup times and made it sound like it was my fault, they cancelled pickup twice, and came three days late. I was back in Florida by this time and they were mad that no one would sign for furniture (I found out later this is when they first try extort more money out of you.) Got a call that the load was heavier than thought and with packing it had gone up to $1110. I paid it because now they had my furniture.

On the Friday the driver called "I bring your furniture tonight at 10pm, you will be ready - yes?" I said yes and foolishly removed my previous furniture from the room. Furniture delivered on Monday morning!!! Once at the door the driver tried to say he could not pull down the street and would cost $650 extra to carry in the furniture or $450 to get closer with a hire U-Haul truck. Lucky for me, after Friday night I go wise and read the complaints on this site - I hired a U-Haul truck myself ($50) and transferred the furniture to the U-Haul right there and then--driver was pretty mad and left in a hurry. :)

When I called the company during this ordeal they were rude and had zero customer service. Everything is your fault... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - CHEAP IS NOT WHAT THEY ARE... DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! They are fly-by-nights who do indeed subcontract the loads - despite what they tell you. Just a shame they work just inside the law with their estimated quotes - that continue to be estimates so they can change at their whim.

Got move estimates from 4 companies for a move from MD to GA. They were in the middle. I explained ALL furniture to them on the phone and they gave me an estimate of $1310. I gave them 50% deposit. Upon pickup, they raised price to more than double - $2900. I had no time to find another company and was down 655 (non-refundable), so I had to agree before they would load the truck. When they brought my stuff to GA, a table was broken and they didn't put the legs back on my sofa. I had to do it myself later. They are the ABSOLUTE WORST company I have ever done business with. Lying from start to finish. STAY AWAY.

I should have researched this company prior to my move, though have moved frequently over the years and never thought I could endure the nightmare that I have. In a nutshell: Company was FIRST to call me after submitting online moving request. Quoted around $800 for move from NYC to DC. Sounded too good to be true. This is just a ploy for them to get a down payment and get into your place and hold your furniture hostage. Once everything is loaded on truck, they tell you it is $25000 more than what you were quoted. Can you say no at this point, and move everything back into your home? You are held by the balls. Yet the shady ex-cons who show up tell you they will cut you a deal and only charge you $800 if you pay in cash. They refuse to give you a receipt because if management found out, you would be charged $2500.

Offer free storage for a month. DO NOT DO IT. This leaves your furniture in the arms of THIEVES who go through your stuff and take what they want. Month and a half later, furniture is delivered banged up, broken and scratched. Half of your stuff is missing. They unload stuff in 15 min and ask you to sign their sheet which they don't leave copy of. Tell you, “If anything is missing or damaged, you have 30 days to file report.” You call the main office and Jessica or Rachel answer and tell you everything has been signed that you received your stuff (forged initials) and they don't have any policy that says you can report within 30 days -- so the movers lied. You are left scammed out of money and half your possessions. Not this time con-artists -- see your scheming scoundrels in court!

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! We called and gave a detailed list of items. We were quoted $1700. When the movers arrived one sat with paperwork while the others quickly loaded the truck. Banging my furniture and scratching floors. One of them seemed menacing and wouldn't respond when spoken to. ONLY after truck was loaded and a few items remained were we told it was going to cost us almost $6000 plus $600 cash to pay movers. I knew that if we asked to unload truck they would throw it curbside. The fella lowered it to $3000 but the $600 HAD to be paid in cash immediately and refused to give us a receipt. Upon delivery the items they packed were crushed, furniture damaged and some pieces broken. Boxes we packed marked "FRAGILE" were ripped, torn and crushed. Irresponsible and unreliable.

Guys, I wish the same! I wish I read all the reviews before hiring them! It is a nightmare experience... Jessica over the phone estimated 890$ from Boston to Dallas for 15 boxes, small washing machine and bike! The only pieces of furniture we had was a table with two chairs and Ikea shelf! We made sure we explained to her what the items were. She assured us it was going to be the amount. On the day of moving it was raining cats and dogs outside and the movers came, immediately started to take boxes and later on said the new amount was $ 2200. We had no bed, no couch... What would you do at this point??

Then he said it would have taken 5-7 business days. It took way more than that. The boxes were all smashed, inside the boxes glass all over and stuff missing! Missing expensive clothes, brand new shoes, electronics, iPhone and Samsung phones, broken laptop with dirty black stains on the cover from someone touching it, worth over 5000$. I am so aggravated at this point of how someone still is in business by treating customers this way. The worst feeling is that you get robbed by wasting so much money. And the most important is that the items are missing that have very sentimental value, family passed items that no money will buy.

Rachel over the phone today told me that I signed that I received everything! But boxes are missing! And it is written that you can claim missing stuff on the agreement. She told me "good luck with that. You received all your stuff. Call the police if you like!" If you called them now to get an estimate and you like the price, believe me it will change once your boxes are inside the truck! Don't get tricked like we all did here. Run from them! Please if you have an opportunity to find a decent moving company, do it! Do not trust a single word they say. And they say they won't pay for Ikea damage. Haha Because it is just pressed wood so they didn't even bother covering it.:)

I'm currently moving, and the price that was given to me on the phone was not even close to what it is to move. It's now above $3500 and I had to pay the movers an extra $600.00 to take my kids stuff, smh. Now on delivery they say it's an additional fee for more than one flight of stairs. When I ask to speak to someone higher than them, they hang up. I'm very upset and would never go through another moving company again.

All Star Moving is the worst company we have ever had to deal with in so many ways. To complete his Boy Scout Eagle project, my son needed to ship items he had collected to a charity in Missouri that would ship them to our troops serving overseas. He had collected 39 boxes of snacks, books, personal care items, etc and determined that it would be easier and cheaper to have a moving company ship them than a parcel company. We made the terrible mistake of choosing All Star Moving. This little company was the worst bureaucracy. We must have had to fill out 10 pages of forms with twenty signatures. And we had to complete this process over and over and over for each stage of delivery, plus every time they didn't like the way we signed them. Then it was hard to schedule them, but they did finally show up one day. The movers themselves were OK, as all they had to do was carry the boxes from our foyer to the truck in twenty minutes.

They had no idea when they would deliver them, but we emphasized the boxes had to be delivered during business hours. So a week and a half later after we had left for vacation, they called up on a Sunday and said the charity wasn't open and they couldn't deliver the boxes! They said we had two options, either we could pay them $300 to store them overnight, or they would auction off our goods! They didn't care about the charity, items for the troops, the Eagle project, or that we told them it had to be delivered during business hours. They demanded immediate credit card payment (and another 10 signed forms) or auctioning off the troops' goods. I was ready to hang-up on their extortion, but my wife and son wanted to finish his Eagle project, so we found a fax machine at the hotel and paid the blackmail. If you don't want to be ripped off, stay away from this company!

Omg, I've read most of the reviews and like someone said I wish I had seen the reviews, because everything that is mentioned is true. This company contacted me via email and offered a low price. When I contacted them, they give me a size per cubic feet and told me it will cost 850.50. I give a down payment of 412 and for me to pay the balance upon delivery. When they went to pick up the items I received a call stating that I won't have enough space, they will have to charge me extra for space and for wrapping and for any loose items which were not much. I had to pay 523 over right there and then for the pack the items in the truck, mind you not all of them made it.

I told them specifically when I will be home to receive the items if course no call no show and they decide to come on a day that I'm working, threatened to put my stuff in storage and auction them off, file a lawsuit which I would have to pay attorneys fee. I had to leave work and go meet with the driver who was not even there when I arrived, and once he got there he had me drive to him to the site where the apartment is and told me he will not be able to drive the truck into the complex, mind you this is a place where people move in and out and I've seen these size trucks there. Anyway the driver told me I would have to pay for them to rent a smaller truck for 350 dollars then he showed me a paper that was initialed by the person where they originally picked up the items stating if the truck can't enter the premises the customer has to pay for shuttle services, per cubic feet from $350 up to $1000.

I contacted the office to discuss the matter and all I get is this rude, no manner, uneducated rep with whom I spoke with earlier on, she has no type of customer service. She told that it was my problem and my business, what does matter if it's not my initials on the paper when I tried to tell her that none of this was explained to me. Now I'm 1hr 1/2 on my break from work going back and forth with them and the driver who's calling them bunch of idiots and doesn't want to deal with them. I'm the 8th customer that this has happened to and they should pay for the truck rental. Finally this same woman calls me back and now told me she spoke with her manager. If I can't pay for the truck rental they can so along carry which I would have to pay $200.

I was tired of fighting. I complained to the complex manager she even called them to ask why was I being charged extra, and they've have moving truck same size in out of the premises. She went as far as telling she will have me contact a lawyer. Now the worst of it all, I ended up with a destroyed bookcase and 2 missing boxes, and a cost of $2070 in total. I'm so disappointed and so upset, they can't even tell what they going to do about my missing boxes. This company should no longer be on the market because they don't know what customer service is. They are bunch of crooks.

Sorry to say I read these reviews after I contracted with them. I have moved before. So I knew my inventory and approx cubic ft. They gave me a special deal, otherwise I was going to cancel. Sounded ok, but they asked for $500 upfront in cash. They advised me that instead of the 508 cu-ft, I had 800 cu-ft. There was another load before me that used 800 cu-ft. Did not realize that the truck they came in 26-28 ft only hold 1600 cu-ft. The truck was only half-full. Now after 6 days sleeping on the floor, hip surgery 3 month ago, I still have not heard back. I don't know what cost to expect when my stuff arrives. I advised them my complex required 48 notice to block street, else they will be in middle of road and police will be on site. Let's see how this works out. I am going to take this further because this should not be happening. This is extortion and stealing personal property. I wonder if they have any warrants out on them.

I hired All Star Moving for a move from NY to GA. They told me up to 7 days to get my items. They were 3 days late, no apologies, no updates unless I called. The receptionist was a non helpful ** that could tell me nothing except it would be arrive and conveniently so the supervisor was never available. Oh wait there's more. After arriving 3 days late they tried to charge me 150.00 dollars more because the driver refused to come into the complex where I lived after getting the okay from the property manager. DO NOT hire this moving company - they will make your already stressful move more HELL. They are a complete RIP OFF. They quote you a low price to get your business then charge you to death thereafter. WORST company ever!


Unethical employees - **, the boss whose name I don't know, the third party movers who delivered my stuff. These people don't even know that they should not violate the Binding estimate. They don't know ** about this business. They promise low prices by giving less cu.ft measurements for your items during initial estimate but then after loading the items, the size doubles for nor reason. They don't explain anything. They will come pickup during off office hours like early morning or something like that and load items and ask immediate money for the extra cu.ft. They would impose $100 waiting charge for every hour they wait, because it's their mistake to come pickup during these hours and not ours.

They send Goons to pickup and deliver stuff. So if you ask any question to them, beware, they get angry for no reason. If my guess is right, this place is the rehabilitation center for Russian mafia people. They speak weird English which is hard to understand and have real grim faces, as if if you sneeze before them they would punch you in your face. Once money is given, that's all, they would not attend any of your calls. If attended, then long wait time and rude responses.


Wish I would have seen the reviews before hiring them, I had to hire them at last minute while moving from CT to CA in APR-2015. I have a moved at least 5 times in last 5 years because of my job move across USA but my experience was never horrific as this one. Wish I would have given 0 rating if possible. Seems the plot is the same for every customer. First they gave cheap quote. After coming to home they charge for every inch. My experience is not only frustrating, irritating but most feared ones.

While loading the items into truck at the source, even though the apartment is 3rd floor equipped with lift, they said the distance is 400 ft and began to charge for excessive distance. When I measured the distance it was 175 feet. It did not stop there, they agreed to bill for 175 feet. After the items are shipped into truck they showed some label in the truck which shows as 5 which means 575 feet is what the guy told me. I did not have any clue how to measure the cubic feet, the quote they gave me is for 323 cf. They charged me with 175 cf with $5 for each feet which increased my price to $1300 in one shot. I did not any option as I moved my items.

They said that they will pack the big items like tv and bed etc. But during shipping they said they won't pack the glass doors on tv table as it is not their job and showed some clause in the agreement which says "the glass items has to be packed by the customer", how come. I remove the doors and pack the item separately when all items are moved into truck. On top of it the troop manager is a very rude guy and seems a drug addict. The way he looks at the woman in the apartment complex and my house made me uncomfortable before my neighbors. They told this guy needs to mind his business, I had to warn him on that. Most irritating was when the truck delivered the items at my destination I had to hire a U-Haul truck as the truck was not fitting my apartment complex, then I realized the measurement of my items was less than 323 cf for which they charged me 250 cf more while shipping.

They charged me for the entire shipment on credit card at my source, I requested them the new bill as the price is different and almost tripled from the quote given to me. They said they will give the documents after delivery. They gave me some shipping documents which contains the items list and some where they have written the charged price with pencil which is not clear. They gave a different receipt for long distance move which seems like a fake one. Finally after delivery I asked them the receipt. They said they have given all the documents that is final. They were not ready to give a detailed quote where I cannot use those receipts to claim the job move from my company. Those receipts look fake without any details. If I submit those receipts it looks I created them, that was the standard they maintain.

Coming to the items as they don't hold the responsibility of items delivery they are just brokers who give items to a truck. Most of the items are crushed. My dining chairs became loose and the seats are coming out of the table. 55 inches LED tv had a crack on the tv screen, I lost $800 here which I bought this one 6 months back. The tv table can only be use to put a tv, the doors of the cabinet are all broken. And after all this mess I lost my interest to see whether I received all my other items intact or not even though they gave some insurance that cannot recover my loss of items worth at least $1200 where they pay the claim by weight rather than the cost of the item.

The confidence for these kind fraudsters and rippers come from the fact that we are not aware of the moving laws and the hidden agreement terms that we may not understand or go through while signing their agreement and they use the loopholes in the law to cheat customers as we cannot a hire a attorney to fight against these guys or if the reviews go too bad they start another company with a different name. Feels like the laws of the land are not strict against these kind of rippers. I know I cannot do anything as a common man but I still made a complain to the FMCSA (Submit Complaint via FMCSA National Consumer Complaint Website). They said they would only try to get the receipt from them with full details but its almost 2 months from there is no response from them.

If it's too good to be for real, it's not real! They quoted me a way cheaper price among other movers, but they don't explain all hidden potential charges. They tripled the price on arrival. Then if you are doing a long distance move as I was, and don't understand the square footage required for your boxes, they multiply the price per square footage per the original quote. Furthermore, my expensive hardwood table was damaged in the process and then you discover that they don't reimburse you for the cost of the piece but for weight of piece at 64 cents per pound. In addition, a box was missing, and you are supposed to count each box as the men are multi-tasking to get your things out and if you don't mention it in writing on the arrival of your items to the truckers, the claims dept. does not honor it.

Don't use this unethical company. And if you do, count each box and item before committing to a price. Count your boxes and check for damages when unloading, even if it takes an entire day. And more importantly, if you have expensive furniture, get additional insurance since they don't care if they break an expensive piece and they don't mention this to you while signing the contract. Read their contract in and out before signing and ask questions since they don't go over any details but floor you with an amazing price and a quick signing process. If you can get an agent to come and price your move in your own home, even better. And make sure you don't change box quantities or items since they might triple the price per square foot. They suck!

AWFUL MOVING COMPANY! NEVER USE. Owner has the most disrespectful customer service. Way more than what we thought for moving AND they ran out of room on the TRUCK! How is that possible! And they broke a leg on my pool table. Said it was my fault they ran out. NEVER use this place.

They quoted my at $800 SOLID price and once they came to move they stated it would be a lot more. I told them to leave because it's not what I was quoted at. They refused to give me our deposit so I sent to another moving company who was honorable called NJ Transport.


All Star moving company gave me an estimate of $1154.00 for my move from MA to TX. Although I had a very detailed list, she (**) assured me that this would be close to accurate. When the movers arrived, first of all, they told me I had a lot of stuff (!!). I told "This is the same as article list in contract." They left 2 of my furniture items ON MY ESTIMATE LIST, although I told them I would pay the difference because I needed my stuff. Isn't that what they DO?? They bumped up final cost to $2365.00 after loading my stuffs in Truck. So I was helpless and only thing I can do is I had to pay them what they want. PLUS an additional $65 cash I paid for them to wrap 2 mattresses. Both mattresses came with damaged and black (oil) dots everywhere.

After insisting to me that I be in Texas by Tuesday 26th March, because that was when he said he would arrive, they didn't show up until April 4th evening 6 o'clock. I watched the driver walk on top of all the CRUSHED BOXES, labeled "Fragile". Many of the boxes were split open and stuff was hanging out or loose. Most every piece of furniture was broken. When I called and ask to spoke to ** (unprofessional lady) and they didn't replied and operator was extremely unapologetic and rude. They all are most unprofessional bunch I have EVER encountered! When I asked for a supervisor, I was hung up on. I was told that they were not responsible for any "personal items" that were lost or damaged!! Isn't everything that you move/own personal??!!? WORST COMPANY EVER.. VERY DISSATISFIED IN EVERY WAY. I give them big ZERO..

All Star moving company (**) gave me an estimate of $1607.00 for my move from NY to Florida. Although I had a very detailed list, she assured me that this would be close to accurate. When the movers arrived, first of all, they told me I had a lot of stuff(!!), I rented a small 1 bedroom bungalow. They wound up leaving most of my furniture and items ON MY ESTIMATE LIST, although I told them I would pay the difference because I needed my stuff. The movers said it "was too much". Isn't that what they DO?? The move wound up still costing me over $4000.00!! $3900. PLUS an additional $325 cash I paid for them to wrap 2 tv's in cardboard boxes and 2 wardrobe boxes!!

After insisting to me that I be in Florida by Sunday, because that was when he said he would arrive, they didn't show up until Wednesday. I watched the movers walk on top of all the CRUSHED BOXES, labeled "Fragile". As soon as they got out of the truck, they told me that they broke my antique bed. Many of the boxes were split open and stuff was hanging out or loose. Most every piece of furniture was broken, and many many boxes were missing. When I called and spoke to ** and then ** they were extremely unapologetic and rude. The absolute most unprofessional bunch I have EVER encountered! When I asked for a supervisor, I was hung up on. I was told that they were not responsible for any "personal items" that were lost or damaged!! Isn't everything that you move/own personal??!!? WORST COMPANY EVER.. total joke. VERY DISSATISFIED IN EVERY WAY.

Do not under any circumstances use these movers. Charged an extra fee at pickup bc of (normal) distance from truck to home. Then weeks passed. No word. Called. Impossible to get a delivery date, or any information from the incredibly rude and secretive dispatchers, who refused to put me in touch with the driver OR their manager. Finally almost a month after my grandmother's bedroom set was picked up in D.C., a call came at 7 am.

The driver made up some story about breaking down in Arizona, and then agreed to deliver the furniture between 5 pm and 6 pm. Then at 8 am, the horrible dispatcher called and gave me half an hour to get home in L.A. rush-hour traffic & get my furniture. And threatened to have the drivers take it with them on their next run if I wasn't. Hadn't even been notified me so that I could move the old furniture out. Of course they were late. And then, when they helped me move 2 dressers, they asked for a tip. My only recommendation: RUN from this company.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY!!!! READ REVIEWS, THEY ARE ALL VERY SIMILAR. My husband contracted with this company to move household items and furniture from Philadelphia to Atlanta. They arrived in town days later than expected, and they came to our house late afternoon. We were first told they would only accept cash and we had to give it to them before unloading the truck. So I had to find a bank, that afternoon, and get the cash for the balance of the move. Then, when they arrived, the truck driver said he was unable to drive the truck down our driveway, so we had to pay an additional $300 for them to manually bring furniture from road to house. The 2 movers they sent didn't work well together. The younger mover did most of the work while the older mover complained about how heavy our furniture is.

Well, you're a moving company, if we could lift the company we wouldn't need you! My husband ended up having to help with the larger china cabinet just so they didn't drop our very expensive china hutch! Once everything was brought inside, we saw that our china cabinet had been damaged on every corner and a box of stemware was missing. The driver looked on the truck and didn't see anything of ours. We went on his merry way! The next day, I called the company to make claims on my missing items and my damaged furniture. I got no assistance at all.

I was told that because we didn't purchase some supplemental insurance, I could not make a claim. I was given the run around during every subsequent call. I had no recourse. Damaged and missing furniture were not their problem. I would never use this company again and I advise you not to use it. Additionally, the price they quoted us almost doubled when the movers arrived to pick up our furniture. They said it was too big! What the heck. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE HORRIBLE!

This company has left me very unhappy. My so called estimate jumped an extra 500$ upon delivery and the driver wouldn't let me inspect my items or even unload the truck until I paid. I believe he knew I was angry and was told to make sure I pay cause I had full intention of not paying these clowns. I don't have anything bad to say about the movers themselves, they were quick and respectful. I moved across the country and planned my flight around the delivery date. 7 days later my belongings arrive. I called and called and they would not let me contact the driver and said he will contact you within 14 yes fourteen business days from your requested delivery date.

Why the hell would I pick a date if there is a 14 day wait. I received no updates or follow up calls. I highly recommend you choose a different company even if it cost a few dollars extra. I'm just happy my things arrived in one piece. And these 15$ mattress covers and 5$ boxes they may make you buy if you didn't pack correctly will be the movers tip. So don't be surprised after all your stuff is loaded.. ok you owe this much more and comes to this blah blah blah. ALL STAR MY ASS HOW ABOUT NO STAR MOVING SERVICE..

I wish I can give 0 stars. All Star Moving Services, LLC is THE WORST company in the world... The STUPID ** on the phone Monica or Jessica, both of them matter fact are the 2 most dumbest **. Not only they stole my money they dumped all my stuff on the side of the highway, which I have broken items that can not be replaced and they lied about the service and try to charge me extra to bring my stuff upstairs and charging to bring my stuff in the complex. They tell us one thing and didn't put nothing on the contract. Instead of putting out stuff in a small box truck which I had a small room only 20 boxes and my bed they bring a semi truck with other people stuff. My boxes are broken and crushed and when you call they put you hold. And they are rude and calling us liars...

So I'm BEGGING YOU PEOPLE DOOOOO NOT USE THIS ** company. They should shut down forever... They are liars and con artist. They out for money only, they don't respect your things...

This is in reference to my long-distance move from Garfield, NJ to Dayton, OH Saturday, 12/20/14. Unfortunately, the movers (there were 3) neglected to included 4 storage boxes during the move and left them on the loading dock. On moving day Saturday, the foreman was very unprofessional and broke the storage lock without any prior authorization and got into a verbal altercation with the safe & secure storage staff. Immediately after opening the unit, he informed me that the quote would be at least $2,000 and there was no way that $825 (original quoted price) would be accurate. Even though quote was for studio or 2,000 lbs weight. Tried to up-sell unnecessary packing supplies and services. He understood that I flew into NJ from OH specifically for the move and I told the team what items should be included and what should not. We went over this because I explicitly told him to take storage bins holding important financial information. He reassured me that everything would be loaded on the dock and we went over again at the truck what items should go. He then requested we go into the storage office to fill out the paperwork and make final payment of $790 (deposit was $410).

Once complete, he requested at least a 10% tip of the $1,200 for services rendered that day. I obliged and he reassured me that nothing would go wrong. Saturday evening at 6:00 PM, I sent a text to the foreman to double check which items to donate and which ones to keep. He confirmed and that everything else goes to OH. Sunday morning the storage company calls to inform me that 4 storage boxes were left on the loading dock. I then called the foreman and he told me to call the company. All Star Moving is closed on Sunday but I left a voice mail. They are claiming that I instructed the movers to leave them on loading dock. Why would I fly over 600 miles, pay hotel and car rental fees to have them leave important items behind on the loading dock for anyone to steal? More than likely, it was an oversight on the movers part. But the All Star Moving office (Monica) has told me that I instructed them to leave them on the loading dock even though they were not there. I'm now back in Ohio trying to figure out how to get those lost items to me and they are claiming ZERO responsibility and are unwilling to rectify this in any way. Do not do business with this corrupt and incompetent company.

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