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A guy came out and explained how water filter works. He showed us a Go Green Package (soap, shampoo, etc.) that could be ordered in addition to the water filter system which costs $7,995. He came back later in the week and said that they cut us a deal, lowering the cost of the filter to $7,500. They told us payments are deferred and the discount will come in the form of a check in the mail. I never received an email regarding ordering the Go Green Package. No one came out to hook up the water filter system to the electric and it's been almost three weeks. I called the company and get voice mail. No one calls me back.

After meeting Foster at a KY State Fair booth display, he contacted my husband for an appointment to demonstrate the LeFay water filtration system and its benefits. He came to our house on 7 Oct 10. We wrote him a check for $2,690, which he cashed on 12 Oct 10. We called and called, then began emailing him numerous times, too. We have had six different installation dates set, and he never showed up--every single time, he has an excuse why. He has kept our money and has not delivered any product. We have lost our $2,690 and cannot get a refund. I have been so upset that I can hardly sleep. It is so frustrating dealing with this lying scam artist.

I also bought this water system at a price of $ 8,000. I was tricked into believing the system would provide miracle water. I am a disabled person, aged 60 plus, with a permanent spinal nerve disability that was brought upon by the immune system, of unknown origin. I was under suspicion for cancer, and I still continue to be monitored, so when he mentioned the word cancer and all the diseases brought out by the impurities in my water, I just blanked out on all good sense of better judgment.

I had just moved to Florida from New York, and I did not have much knowledge of situations here. This man took advantage of this, by telling me that Florida water was the worst in the country. He told me that this water system would take away my fears, and instead, it would enhance my health benefits. He made many other false claims about this system that are all lies. The water is slimy, so I really don't feel clean anymore, and I am allergic to the chemicals in the water. My clothes are slimy, and I break dishes constantly, because they slip from my hands.

I have since looked for restitution with this company, but to no avail, so I am now seeking legal intervention. This company employs deceptive and fraudulent means, to make sales, since I have now discovered that they were sued by the Attorney General of Missouri and Pennsylvania for using these same tactics on their residents. I have made notifications of this matter to the state of Florida Attorney General. I have an allergic reaction to this water system, that causes breakouts to my skin. I consume more water usage, because of the slime, even though the salesman said I would save money on my water bill. Also, much mental stress was added to my health, by using my existent health issues as a weapon of fear against me, in order to make their sales.

I bought and moved into my retirement home in Port Saint Lucie, Florida in February 2010. Three days after moving in, I received a call from a gentleman who told me he wanted to make arrangements to have my water tested, me thinking he was sent from the Florida water company, I told him it was okay. I have lived in New York all my life, and this was my first out of state move. I am a novice here and do not know much about anything in this state.

He came to my house and tested my water and told me that the water had many contaminants. He stated that Florida had the worst water in the country. He went on a lengthy dialogue of health issues that scared the daylights out of me. He inflicted so much fear that I felt the desire to move back to New York. He informed me that he represented the Hague Water Systems and that this product would correct the polluted water. He also stated the water would feel much cleaner on the skin (lie). The water leaves your skin with a slimy residue and a feeling of uncleanness. He stated, I would save on my water bill (lie).

I now use more water because I can't rid my body of the slime. He stated my hair would have a salon look and feel (lie). I now have to wash it everyday due to the slime and it looks and feels like hell, not to mention the amount of money I've spent on hair products to improve it. The slime has also caused breakouts of blemishes and acne to my face, and I am 60+ not an adolescent which requires me to also purchase acne medication. He stated, I would receive 5 years of households products (lie). The products never arrived.

He stated his company was now giving a promo deal, where his company, called Advanced Environment Concepts, Inc., located in West Palm Beach, FL, were going to pay half of my monthly payments to my lender (lie). He promised to send me the check for half the amount, and it never arrived. He said, after the first year, I could refinance at a lower interest rate. He told me he would get the lender for me, which is Preferred Credit Inc., located in St. Cloud, MN but part of the promo deal was that I was not, under no circumstances, inform them that the company would be paying half of my monthly bill.

They charged me $7,995.00 for this system and I am now finding out that this system could cost less than a thousand dollars. This company used deceptive measures, scare tactics, and a shocking fear to the brain that left my better judgment paralyzed, in order to benefit profits from a new girl on the block person like me. I feel that I have been victimized by a company that preyed upon my lack of knowledge of this state, since he knew I just bought my house and came from New York to which he gave New York water excellent reviews. (I do not know where he got the information about me buying and moving.)

I called him to inform that I did not want this system and he responded by saying it was out of his hands. I have called the company, but no answer. I called my lender and gave them the details and have provided proper documentation to support my claim. Each time I speak to them for an update, they tell me they have not been successful in reaching the company. I have also filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

I have tried to reach out to anyone out there who can possibly look into this and other companies who are selling this Hague product under false fraudulent techniques to innocent consumers. I now also know there are many other consumers out there, who have experienced much grievance with this product and the method of selling this product and I am hoping and praying that someone would take some interest in bringing justice to all of us. More water consumption. More expenses on body, facial, hair, and household products. Damaged hair, body and facial breakouts, along with the mental anguish this company is putting me through.

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