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ADT provides home security and alarm systems with features like entry sensors, motion detection, smoke alarms and leak detectors to help ensure your home, family and belongings are protected from intruders and environmental disasters. The company offers professionally installed systems available with top-of-the-line equipment for intrusion detection, video monitoring and smart-home automation.

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  • Variety of products
  • Reliable service
  • Smart-home connectivity
  • Six-month money-back guarantee


  • Limited video capabilities
  • Installation cost

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ADT offers customized alarm and security systems with smart-home automation features and 24/7 monitoring. With ADT Pulse, the system can be connected to Amazon Alexa and your smart-home devices.

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Original review: Sept. 11, 2007

On 6/7/07, a deposit of $800 was paid to ADT for the installation of two more security cameras. ADT quickly accepted the money, but two weeks later informed us that they would not actually do the job, that it was impossible. We requested a full deposit refund and were told that it would not be a problem. In the meantime, we found a company to do the installation (which was obviously quite possible).

In August, we were finally connected to a manager who assured us that there had been a problem getting the check to us, but it was taken care of and should be coming soon. For over 3 months, ADT has held our $800.

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Original review: July 25, 2007

Bought my house a year ago with ADT already installed. Contacted other dealers but initial cost was more than I wanted to pay. Contacted ADT and asked specifically about length of contract. Was told this was month to month. Didn't see anything on the front of the contract about any length of time.

After a year of not really using the system, I decided to cancel and was told for the first time that this was a three year contract and was in the print on the back.

Since I am in the second year, I was told I would have to pay $100. These people are very deceptive and I would never sign up with them again.

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Original review: July 19, 2007

I used the ADT security system on my house for 3 years. I rented the house the last year and when the tenants left the house in June I called to suspend the service. They canceled it and I was told that I had a credit for that month because they charged me already (automatic withdrawal).

On July 5, ADT company charged me again. I called many times and they said I had a credit and that the account is canceled. What I don't understand is if they suspended the service on June, why do I owe them part of July?

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Original review: July 19, 2007

My daughter had a contract with ADT in 2004. On 1/22/07 she sent a letter of cancellation, with a check for $145.36 (the final 4 month's payments at $36.34 per month) to terminate a 3 year contract. The final check was cashed by ADT in February 2007.

They sent her account to a collection agency, Collect Tech System, stating that my daughter owed $77 for a contract that was never cancelled. She is now being harassed by several calls from this credit agency. They refuse to listen to any of the documented facts that she has, nor can she receive any satisfaction from ADT after trying to contact them several times.

ADT has tried repeatedly to withdraw additional funds from a closed bank account, well after the cancellation date.

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Original review: June 27, 2007

On May 21st 2007, we contacted ADT Security Services regarding an installation of Surveillance System and Burglar Alarm System. During last month we have been lied to regarding the capabilities of the surveillance system, we were also lied to that the first 4 months we will not be charged for the monthly Burglar Alarm Services. The surveillance system does not work!

We had two technicians in our house and both lied to us further more, first tech told us that the reason it does not work it is because this unit was USED. The second tech came to the house, promised us to correct the situation by installing a DVR - They lied to us initially regarding the capabilities of the surveillance system to be able record the movements of objects also that we will not need a DVR and all the info will be available on the Internet?

They charged our credit account for $800.00 without authorization and completion of work.

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Original review: June 21, 2007

Two men came to our house and were selling home security. I was not home and my husband said they would have to talk to me. After I came home from work, they showed up at my front door. I kept telling them I was not interested and then they asked if they could just tell us about it as they would be paid for it. I let them in. After quite some time of telling us we would get $1500 worth of free equipment and the service that was $39.95 would be around $25 to $28 a month because our insurance would give us a discount we finally agreed to take their monitor service of Burglary, Police, Fire, and Medical. They were to install it the following Thursday.

On Tuesday my husband called our Insurance and they said they don't give that discount. When I got home, I called Ridley and told him we didn't want it he said to let him call his boss. The owner called me and said he would give it to me for $29.95, which is the employee discount and rather keep arguing I said Ok. On Thurs when the guy came out to install the service my husband called me at work and said they wanted him to sign for $39.95 and I said no so when he got things installed and was telling my husband about everything my husband called me at work to say we don't get a smoke detector.

I called Ridley back and asked him how would they know if my house was on fire, he said I would have to push the button on the main panel. I again asked him, how would you know if I wasn't home my house was on fire and he said he would have to call his boss. I told him I was never given what I was told I would get and this was to much hassle to not even have started the service yet and I didn't want it. He told me I had a contract to keep. He started yelling and I hung up on him. He called right back and told my husband he would give him the $300 smoke detector for $50 and my husband said ok just to get this over with.

That was on Thurs 6/7/07. We had not heard from anyone by Sat. 6/9/07 so I called Ridley and he said he would get with his boss. That's the last we've heard from anyone Except for the bill be got the following week for $165.22.

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Original review: June 12, 2007

We encountered a lightning strike that caused the system to sound off. While placing my 4th call to ADT and them not be able to locate our account by phone number, we finally reached someone at ADT that could walk us through the system shut down. For days after this I tried to speak with someone regarding repair and found that, 1) even though we had been customers for 10 years and never even 1 day late with fee payment they could not bill us 30 days net for service and b) every time we called they could not locate our account .

Finally, got a supervisor who stated that yes, we could have the repair billed, but service person may refuse work - so my understanding was that this must be an independent contractor - right? ADT stated no - but he may refuse to do work. 10 years - loyal customer - never asked for any upgrade or anything - finally have an alarm go off - of which they should have seen and called us - BUT NO - guess they do not want to retain business - we are switching. Oh, by the way - they offer new system special at $ 399.00, with discount and contract - cost is $ 99.00, my service call was $ 461.00.

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Original review: May 15, 2007

I think ADT is a complete scam. My alarm didn't work properly from day 1. Yes, I had a technician come to the house and I honestly knew more about the system than he did. He did not fix the problem.

I tried to cancel the contract and was told to pay a fee of $128.50 in order to do so. I complied. However, I kept receiving bills from ADT. It turns out that it never got cancelled.

When I called to cancel, for the second time, I was told I had to pay those bills and a cancellation fee of $220.25. I wrote a letter and got one bill credited. I was still unable to cancel.

This month my contract is up and I still had to fight with two people in order to cancel the service!

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Original review: May 12, 2007

I have residential alarm service through ADT. On 03/01/07 I had a service call to replace a broken door sensor. I paid the technician by check and received a receipt. Since then I have received two invoices from ADT, for different amounts, for that date of service.

I have spoken to the Customer Service and Billing Depts several times without success. They make up stories to explain the differing amounts. Their rep also told me that it takes them 4-6 weeks to post checks to customer accounts!

I told them the check had cleared my bank and was asked to fax front/back copies of the check. This has been done twice, despite transmission verification. After the second fax was sent I spoke to a supervisor who confirmed she had received it and that she would take care of the situation. That was two weeks ago.

I am still receiving ADT computer generated phone calls telling me I need to call them again about this delinquent account.

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Original review: April 23, 2007

We had a pushy dealership sales call that promised we could get out of the contract if we moved. my family are moving to Greece and I needed to cancel. First, they refused to cancel saying that I couldn't stop the contract. I told them I was willing to pay the cancellation. They insisted that I had to get the new homeowners once our house sold to take over the contract. When I finally (hours and hours on the phone) got them to understand that I was not going to do that and I just would pay the penalty, they realized that it was my husband's name on the contract. So, I would have to have him call.

I informed them that he was out of the country but I had a full, durable power of attorney. First, they said that they did not honor power of attorney contracts. Then, again after hours and hours, they admitted that they would honor the power of attorney but I would need to fax it over with a letter from him. Again, I explained that he was in Greece and I was in Florida with the power of attorney. I could have each of us send a fax but I couldn't do both. Then, they just wanted to talk to him. I told them that I needed a direct phone number (1-800 numbers do not work internationally) and they said that they don't have any direct lines and couldn't give a number.

On a side note, the system is awful and I only used it twice in the entire 2 years! Despite their charts of the horrible crime wave, I found my new neighborhood to be quite friendly and safe and tended to keep my doors unlocked during the day.

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Original review: Oct. 25, 2006

I recently purchased and moved into a newly built home in a new sub-development. Since I moved in, ADT has been making unsolicited sales calls to my house once a week at 7:00 PM. The first few times I told the ADT Sales person I was not interested. On 10/24/2006, I told the sales person that showed up that I have repeatedly told them that I am not interested in their services and I would like them to stop bothering me. The sales person said, "You'll be sorry" as he walked away.

In the morning, I found a "secured by ADT" sticker on my car with the following written across the back of it in large green letters, "*******!" When I got to work, I called ADT and was put in touch with someone at 561-988-3600. From what I was told, the person who came to my door was not an ADT employee, but was an Authorized Dealer. Upon further questioning, I found out that ADT does not screen any of their sales people for criminal backgrounds.

This is quite scary considering these people are gaining access to neighborhoods and homes under the pretext of selling security. I have already called the Lathrop, CA police department and will be filing out a complaint directed towards ADT for harassment and threats.

I am now in fear that my house will be vandalized or broken into by someone from ADT.

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Original review: Oct. 16, 2006

My home was burglarized about a year ago. I had an ADT security system, but the thieves were able to disarm the security system within seconds--before the signal ever reached ADT's monitoring system.

When the police came to my home, they felt ADT bore some responsibility, and my insurance company thought so as well. But when I wrote to ADT about it, their response basically was 'We don't know if your home was actually burglarized, and if it was, so what--that's what you have insurance for. We will vigorously defend any lawsuit you file'.

I have a police report and pictures (which I sent them) showing the disarmed alarm system, the broken window, etc., and they insinuate that I was lying about my home being burglarized! Not only was my home burglarized, but the fact that the burglars knew exactly what to do to disarm the system tells me that this definitely was not their first time.

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2006

Less than 2 months we purchased a home security system. On 10/13/06, the home alarm system went haywire - sounded continously even as the 4 digit security code was entered. The alarm system deactivated home phone land line, as alarm continued to sound, so we contacted ADT via cell phone. We were told that for a service person to come out it would cost $200 per hour (even though system was continously malfunctioning-alarm sounding).

ADT instructed us to turn off the alarm system, which deactivated the security system, and stated they would not be responsible for any security breeches during this time.

We were also told that a service person would not be available until Tuesday (this occured early Friday evening).

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2006

An ADT rep came to my house on a referral from a co-worker that would get a $100 referal fee, if I signed up. The ADT rep, said he would give me a good rate of $45 a month, and before I could say "no" he lowered the price to $34.99. I thought that was reasonable and I would try them out. BUT no where did he mention that I would be stuck in a 3 year contract.

When I called ADT to cancel I found out that I would have to pay 75% of 3 yr contract. News to me, that would add up to $473.

ADT customer service, said they could not do anything for me, either pay each month or eat the cost of 473. Very Shady Company!!!

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2006

On numerous occassions we have tried to contact ADT Security Service (as late as 7-31-2006) with no response in regard to our residential home alarm system because we have NOT received a bill or statement since April, 06.

On July, 06 we attempted to make a payment via phone to ADT, but their system would not take the payment.

We have received a penality citation notice from the City of Dallas, because we have not been able to prove we have alarm coverage.

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Original review: Aug. 18, 2006

In November 2004, I had an ADT rep install an alarm with cell phone uplink, 5 door alarms for $650 with monthly monitoring for 3 years. Intially monitoring was $39.95 now it's $46.00. Grand total about $2200 after 3 years-A very bad deal. There are many wireless systems that monitor call themselves for < $400 Total. Be wise shop around.

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2006

I tried to stop services with ADT 2-3 times but learned my contract was over June 30,2006. Sent letter June 2006 to end services. Didn't send it timely this time, 30 days prior. I notified two prior times I wanted to stop, they wouldn't accept my request. Wasn't told I needed a thirty day notice in May 06, was told to read it on contract. However, I tried to stop service two previous times oral and written, before June 06. Surpervisor asked did I get a confirmation number for earlier request. No, I waited until contract was due to expire. ADT turned off service as requested but still billed me $326.93

I spoke to three different people who gave me three different options. One operator told me she'd write on my request that I had requested termination previously and that there should not be a problem. However, the super (Tylanda) said read contract. I understood notice was needed, but I gave an early notice by several months and was told to wait til end of June. Not told, send a letter again in May 06. Although the contract says 30 days, I gave more than two notices, each in writing months earlier. They just refuse to accept my earlier request without a confirmation number. I paid on time and completed terms of contract. The first operation never said a confirmation number was even available.

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Original review: July 31, 2006

Our contract ran out and we were on a month-to-month plan. We cancelled and they charged us for the next quarter anyway.

I called them and asked if they had the date I canceled. They said March 26th. I asked if they bill for services in advance, and they said yes. So I asked, "then why I was being billed for april, may and june when their system says I cancelled in March?" All of a sudden he says "... well... uh, I mean with YOUR account we bill RETRO, meaning the charge on your card is for Jan-Mar".

I don't think so! I've done 3 chargebacks on my amex and each time ADT tells a different story. The last one saying that we didn't cancel until May 26th.

Amex credited my account and said that they would seek retribution from them as it was obvious they were changing the story each time.

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Original review: May 17, 2006

Terrible service! Only recieved $100 rebate after constantly calling and asking for it. Actually never got it, ADT just decided not to charge me for 3 months.

I tried to cancel service and was charged pro-rated amount for the next month because of so called 30-day notice. Never was told it was a 3-year contract, was told by ADT representative that it was a 2-year contract with cancellation fee of $200.

Overall sorry service and poor communication.

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Original review: Jan. 20, 2006

So what good is the do-not-call list if alleged non-profits can team up with commercial enterprises? And then the commercial enterprise can call you (even if you're on the list) and tell you non-profits are exempt from the DNC list regulations? This totally astounded me.

The gentleman calls to say he's with the Children's Relief Fund, and don't worry, we're not looking for donations. The sigh of relief is short-lived as he proceeds to tell me they're working with ADT home security. When I said I was on the DNC list, he tells me non-profits are exempt from it.

While I fear this is legal -- it's not right! Until someone steps up and makes non-profits accountable to the DNC list, this is the kind of garbage we can expect. I'm writing my congressman next!

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Original review: Dec. 14, 2005

In July of 2005 I moved into a rental townhome and looked into getting the security system in the home activited (ADT). The ADT rep came out and told me that I needed a new system, because the old system wasn't compatible with their current monitoring equipment. I explained I was renting but he said I could get the wireless system and that way when I moved I could take the system with me.

I agreed and paid $500 for the wireless system and signed a service agreement that I thought was a one year (but it turned out to be a three year agreement).

Now it is Decmember and I am moving (again) for my job. ADT has informed me that I cannot take the system with me, unless I have one of their techs uninstall it and reinstall it (at a cost of about $600 - 2 hours to take it out and two hours to put it in at $150 an hour). I have to buy another $500 system for my new house. I can cancel, but it will cost me 75% of the remaining balance of my contract.

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Original review: Nov. 4, 2005

The day after I was robbed, ADT came to my rental house and installed a system. A year later, I was relocated due to my work so I contacted ADT to inform that I did not need service in the rental house and the new location already had an alarm system provided. That is when I found out that I had to continue to pay for the security system.

When I explained that I DID NOT OWN THE HOME AND I WAS NOT INFORMED THAT I HAD TO BE OR SHOULD BE the home owner, ADT representative said there was nothing they could do. ADT told me the only way to get out of the contract was to have the homeowner agree to take over the contract or the new renter.

The homowner said she would take over the contract, but she didn't. Two months after I moved out, the new renter called me to find out what my access code was because the alarm was going off. Without my knowledge, ADT continued to charge my credit card while providing service to the new renters. The home phone that was used for the alarm system was NOT in my name so I could not have the phone disconnected when I moved.

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Original review: Oct. 23, 2005

My alarm system went off at least 6-7 times. No one has even bothered to call to check on me and my family. I don't feel safe with the system.

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Original review: Oct. 3, 2005

We signed an agreement with ADT for a one year contract and we bought our equipment outright so we wouldn’t have to deal with any issues if we left. Well 4 years later we left and were hit with 90% fees and penalties for leaving them. They force people to try to stay with them. We moved to a place that had its own security. The paperwork says it but the rep that sold it said something entirely different. We were supposed to be able to cancel at any time with out fees. I called the main office they told me I have to talk to the local office.

I called them 5 times and no return calls. So I assumed they were taken care of. Then I get a letter 6 months later from a law office. And they were very threatening but right… it is cheaper to pay them then a lawyer and the paperwork does state that we have to pay 90% cancellation fees.

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Original review: May 16, 2005

August, 2004 a representative of ADT Security Services came directly to our home to ask if we were interested in having security set-up, after we talked about it it was decided we would. Going forward, we have used the service daily with no plans of cancelling the service. However, our situation has totally changed as far as housing is oncerned. Although we have signed a (3) year contract and would not have had a problem fulfilling the contract but now we're moving! The situation is that, we are relocating to Florida to move into an apartment until we possibly have a home built. We have asked a manager to please allow us to cancel this contract based on out of control circumstances.

We are being forced to try and sell it to the buyers of our home or pay $830.05 which is 75% of the remaining amount. Nowhere in the contract does it rule out a scenario like ours. Our problem is the lack of consideration of the situation and the seemingly greedy desire to charge us unfairly.

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Original review: May 9, 2005

I changed my phone service to Voice Over IP and ADT can no longer service my house for security. They have asked me to pay 75% of the remaining balance for next 2 1/2 years without providing me security. I think they are fleecing me. I should be able to get out by paying a small penalty and not 75% of the service fee for 2 1/2 years.

I am looking to shell out $650 for services that I will not and can not receive.

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Original review: Feb. 17, 2005

On Tuesday, February 15 I encountered a frightening experience with my 4 yr old son who has special needs. He left my home and almost got hit by a car and ADT did not alert that a door opened so I had no idea he left the home. A bus driver witnessed this and I was able to grab him and bring him to safety. I called ADT to fix the problem and they said they only had an opening on the 17th, 2 days after my incident. I tried getting an earlier date and they could not accomodate me.

I took the feb 17th appt. with a 12-5 window. I was home the whole time, I called at 3pm to assure that thet they were still coming and they said they were en route. 5:30, still nothing, no courtesy call. I called spoke to angela she gave me to tech, tech handed me to kurt and he said they will have to reschedule. I said absolutely not, I was going to leave early next morning for a week and I need this corrected. Also, they never gave me a call -- I had to call them.

I than spoke to Demitre who assured me someone will come. 7,8 -- Nothing heard. 8:30, Bob calls said he is running late, I said o.k. He said can you reschedule to tomorrow? I explained it was impossible. At this point I had also stressed to this company the danger my son faces without this alarm working. He assured me that he will be in my home 9:00-9:30. 9:11pm Missy calls and tells me tech will not show and I have to reschedule.

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Original review: Dec. 13, 2004

During 2003 and 2004, my home alarm had misled for many times. I have pay Union City Police $180 with 30 days. I am forced to terminate the 2 more years contact with the following reasons:

1. The alarm was misled when my security system is on or off.

2. The alarm is fixed six times and ADT Technicians couldn't any solutions.

3. Having a misleading alarm costs me time and money. There was a police officer broke my front door during one of the misleading alarm's alerts and cost me to get repair.

4. The false alarm drives me insane. The alarm set's on by itself. The alarm went on from my bedroom window. Since the condo where I stay is located on the 2nd floor, it is a very remote chance that any intruder will come from the bedroom window.

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Original review: April 22, 2004

I am a federal military civilian employee. On september 11th we were sent home as our military installation was being "locked down" for the rest of the week due to the WTC attacks. Yep, you guessed it the next day ADT had a subcontractor in our neighborhood called SOS Security selling door to door ADT security systems with the "no obligation cancel at any time home security systems. All we want to do is place a sign in front of your house for advertising".

We repeatedly asked and were told that we could cancel at any time. After about a year of monthly payments and calming down like the rest of the country I decided to cancel the monthly service. I was told that to read the fine print in the contract and I was liable for two years at 75%. Currently a collection agency has contacted me and ADT want the two years at 75%. I am more than willing to go to court as these bloodsuckers should not be allowed to capitalize on my personal fear for profit. Their timing was by no means accidental.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2004

I have tried to cancel service with ADT since January, 2003 because Cox Cable cut the ADT wires and ADT was no longer able to monitor my home. I called and wrote letter trying to get them to stop drafting my account to no avail. In September, 2003 I filed Bankruptcy listing ADT as a creditor. Even after receiving the First Meeting of Creditors, ADT refused to stop drafting my checking account.

Finally, after exhausting my checking account, ADT's drafts bounced in November and December of 2003. They sent me a bill for two months services plus $40.00 overdraft charges. I wrote them, sending them copies of my Bankruptcy Final Discharge, asking them to prove that they were providing me services as I no longer lived at that address and the power had been turned off since September, 2003. I informed them that their services were discharged in the Bankruptcy and that they had broken the law by drafting my account after the First Meeting of Creditors. I just received another bill for 4 months services and $80.00 in overdraft charges. I give up! There seems to be no way to stop these people. Not even through Bankruptcy.

Because of ADT continually drafting my account after being told not to, the bank closed my account because of overdrafts (from ADT) in the amount of $101.00. After the Bankruptcy was discharged, I now have $101.00 from the bank in collections, and outstanding bills from ADT that I can not get off my credit report because I've already filed bankruptcy. This has all be due to ADT's incompetence and lack of obeying the law.

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