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About ADT

ADT provides home security and alarm systems with features like entry sensors, motion detection, smoke alarms and leak detectors to help ensure your home, family and belongings are protected from intruders and environmental disasters. The company offers professionally installed systems available with top-of-the-line equipment for intrusion detection, video monitoring and smart-home automation.

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  • Variety of products
  • Reliable service
  • Smart-home connectivity
  • Six-month money-back guarantee


  • Limited video capabilities
  • Installation cost

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ADT offers customized alarm and security systems with smart-home automation features and 24/7 monitoring. With ADT Pulse, the system can be connected to Amazon Alexa and your smart-home devices.

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2008

I cancelled this commercial account (which had not been operational since November 2007) in March 2008 by fax as requested. I had confirmation of their receipt. My visa account continued to pay until July 2008. I have written and faxed multiple letters and continued requests for discontinuing the service. I am still being harassed by phone calls and billings for additional months with no service. How do we make these people stop their fraudulent billing and operational practices???

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2008

The alarm never works. Monitoring has failed to respond to break-ins. I have had 4 since I've had ADT. They say the system is working but half the time I spend waiting for service calls. They are losing my payments also.

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2008

After contacting ADT in sept 10th 2008, a ADT customer service to install a system in my 83-yr old elderly mother's home. Installer did not notify me sept 12th 2008 when they came to install it so my mom's never called me. Instead, I found out 3-4 days later a ADT installer did come over 9-12-08. The ADT installer instead went to Walmart and got a phone. I contacted ADT about this. They overlooked it and stated they would refund my money back to my account. They never did. Another ADT installer came out several days later and billed me again, this time causing an overdraft on an account I opened up for my mother. I eventually cancelled ADT before the 3 days was up after discovering this. My account was overdrafted 29.12, I cancelled ADT 189.12 total.

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2008

The motion detector monitor in my house needs the flashing red light replaced. It has not operated in quite some time. The numbers on my keypad stick when I attempt to disable the alarm causing the alarm to activate. I called ADT to notify them of these problems and I was told that since I do not have a maintenance contract, it would be costly for a tech to come out.

I added the maintenance service to my contract (at an additional cost of course). I asked for a tech to come out to repair the detector as well as replace my keypad. My first appointment was scheduled from 8 a.m. - noon. I had to take off work for that visit. No one showed. I received a 2 p.m. call stating that the tech was unable to come and I would have to reschedule the appointment. So, I rescheduled for an evening appointment. Again, no one showed and I received another 2 p.m. call stating that the tech had an emergency. I called to complain and was told that a tech would come out the following week from 5 - 8 p.m. Today, I received a call stating that the tech could not come out as scheduled and was given the option of choosing an evening appointment next week. I voiced my displeasure in the quality of service I have received and hung up. I have had enough.

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2008

Back in June I called to cancel my services, because I wasn't using my system (there was always something wrong with it.)

They said it would be $150 to end my contract early, or they could offer me a lower rate of $34.99/month (I have been paying $50/month.)

I checked my bank account today and noticed the old rate was still being taken out. I called and the man told me that the department that approves such things said the lowest they could go is $39.99.

1) Don't promise me a price, THEN check to see if you can offer it to me.

2) Why didn't you change the amount being deducted from my account to $39.99 then?

I asked him to please set my rate at $39.99 and that I should be reimbursed for the money that I paid over that amount since June.

I was asked to call back in a few business days to check on the progress of that happening.

I am out $45 dollars at worst, and $30 dollars at best. I've lost my trust in the company.

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2008

We opened a business Knoxville, TN in March of 2006. The space we rented had existing ADT hardware and we activated the security monitoring. They didnt tell us that we signed a 3 year contract in doing so. After 1 year at the location we moved to a better location and we didnt need the service in the new building, so we discontinued it. At that time we were notified of the contract requirement, that we had 2 more years on the contract.

In July of 2007, I contacted Mark Taylor, a business salesperson for ADT about transferring the service to our home which had recently been broken into. He said if we left it in the businesses name we could carry out the remainder of the contract at the house without renewing the contract. We did however have to spend $600 to install the hardware into our house. He finally came out to sign us up on August 16th, 2007.

Mark gave us a rider that said that we could cancel the agreement anytime after the 3 years is up. After writing a check for Mark in August 16th, 2007, we waited until the end of September to have the service installed. By early September, we had a collector from Sko, Brenner, American out of New York calling us. Once he found out that they still hadnt installed the service and hadnt cashed my check, he took care of the account. However, it still took some time for ADT to come out and install it. Then once they installed it they had to come back a week later because it wasnt working properly.

In January of 2008 I took a job in MI and we moved out of state, selling our house in May of 2008. We maintained the service while the house was empty. The new owners, however, have not activated the service to our knowledge. Once we moved up here ADTs collections department called about once a month. Each time I gave them the new billing address to send the bill to. They finally update our address so we received bills in June of 2008.

We sold the business, which actually dissolved because it was taken over by a company with a different name, and the house and no longer have a place to have the service and would like to terminate our contract. ADT wants the remaining $1500 it says we owe as a cancelation fee.

We would like to terminate our contract. We currently have a collector calling from Sko, Brenner, American for the cancelation fee and cannont pay it.

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2008

I had a 6-day power outage due to Hurricane Ike which made my alarm stop working. Repairs were scheduled 5 days later between 12:00 and 5:00. Repairman arrived well after 4:00. He determined my system needed to be reset but it was too late and he didn't want to do it then. I called a supervisor and he had a non-chalant attitude about the whole situtation. It was unfair for the technician not to finish my work so he could go to another service call. I am just as important as the next customer and want my sytem fixed promptly also. When I scheduled the appointment, I was told the system needed to be reset, so it's not like the repairman didn't know what he going to do. He should have been prepared. Whenever the repairman returns to reset the system, it would take the same amount of time. The next availabe appointment was 8 days away.

I explained to the supervisor that I was afraid to stay in my home without an alarm system, but he had a do-not care attitude. when I said I would change to Brinks, he in asmuch said he didn't care. I have been a good customer with ADT every since they bought out Securitylink. The Supervisor did not try to offer any solutions. All this occured on 9/25/08. I would prefer not to change companies, but I will if I have to.

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Original review: Sept. 18, 2008

We asked ADT SECURITY for a quote for our home. The sales person came back with a large cost proposal and an overloaded security system. We told him that it was too high and too much security. There were a series of telephone conversations with the salesman in order to bring down the cost ( which he agreed this happened an I have it in writing ). He said that it would be no problem and assured us that he would clarify the reduction of scope with his installation team at the time of the installation.

The team installed the original overloaded quote and not what we had agreed with the salesman . We contacted ADT and let them know that they need it to remove the part of the installation that we thought was not agreed on. ADT have refused to do so, even though I have in writing the salesman agreeing that the reduced scope and that the installation should have been reduced as he had suggested. ADT has refused to address this issue. We have contacted and have spoken to their consumer dept. ADT's position has been for us to pay in full the installation. that we have to actually show a quote with the reduction of scope signed by the salesman. We do not have this paper since all negotiations were done over the phone. What are my resources? how do I settled this issue with ADT? I feel they performed a bait and switch. economic hardship since I do not have the $2666 . they are asking for. and other issues related fo not paying the bill.

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2008

After reading numerous complaints, I realized ADT has become just another scam company. I have had their service for 11 years and moved to a new house. I asked them to continue service at the old house and add the new until the old house sold. They have messed up the accounts so bad by setting one up in my wife's name, one in mine and applying the payments to the wrong accounts that I told them to cancel service after August 31, 08.

Now they say I have signed a 2 yr agreement, which I was unaware of. Is there a class action lawsuit currently in the works? Thank you. They are attempting to bill me for 75% of a 2 year contract, minus 3 months, or $358.15.

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2008

After reading numerous complaints, I realized ADT has become just another scam company. I have had there service for 11 years and moved to a new house. I asked them to continue service at the old house and add the new until the old house sold.

They have messed up the accounts so bad by setting one up in my wife's name, one in mine and applying the payments to the wrong accounts that I told them to cancel service after August 31, 08. Now they say I have signed a 2 yr agreement, which I was unaware of. Is there a class action lawsuit currently in the works? Thank you.

They are attempting to bill me for 75% of a 2 year contract, minus 3 months, or $358.15.

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Original review: Sept. 11, 2008

Because I was moving, I called ADT billing office to inform them that I was moving. They told me that I had to write a letter to discontinue service and that someone will come to pick up the equiptment. Well they did pick up the equiptment but I just found out by my bank that they have still been billing me since September of 2007.

It's now September 2008. Because we have moved. I had some friends there at the house to wait for ADT. They will testify to this. All ADT said that they could do is go back to June of 08 to reimburse us. This was a manager Mrs Herndon that I spoke with. Thank you

When they pulled the Box from the wall, they damaged the wall and some of the celling.

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Original review: Sept. 11, 2008

I will never again in my life be an ADT Customer. Here is so why ADT sold us a Survelliance system for our Gas Station for $7000.00. This included a monitor, a dvr and 4 cameras with some other acceroies and labor to install. In about 6 months the monitor died, they could not repair tech came and told it is dead and charged us for the visit. We decided not to go again with ADT and shopped around for the monitor. We soon learnt that the only compatible monitor we could get was from ADT. So we had to go back to them. Then the DVR stopped working, the tech came and told that it was bad. I tried a bunch of things and got it to work,

This again worked for about 6 months and then stopped working, I tried all my efforts but could not get it started. This time again we called them, they told that the DVR is bad and took it for repair, after which they dis-appeared. not sure if they still have it or they resold it else where, when we call they keep transferring us to different depts and we cannot get thru for a good answer. Its been six months now and we still don't have the DVR they took for repair nor do we have any status. I am disgusted with their service.

1. ADT systems are priced outrageously high. You can get good survellance system from costco etc. Also, ADT systems are made differently so you have to replace anything you want to only thru them for high prices. 2. ADT charges outrageously high prices for sending techs out. These techs are also not trained properly, you will know more than them. 3. If you call for a trouble, you spend a lot of time on the phone with CS with no goood answer.

We did not have any recording when there was a robbery. Lots of time wasted with customer service who never calls back even if you tell that you will be making consumer compplaints. They just don't care. The $9000.00 we spent for the system and tech time was all of a waste since it worked only 40% of the time.

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Original review: Sept. 5, 2008

I have requested over and over that my name and number be placed on their Do Not Call list. I inquired about their services and all they wanted to do is sign me up on the phone. They refused to do a site visit. For a security company, I could not believe it and said, I am no longer interested. But, they continue to call over and over again from every call center in the country. Just now, I called them again requesting that this be resolved. We shall see. ADT should not be allowed to agressively ignore and continue to solicit someone over and over again. There has to be some protection. They continue to assure me that I am off their list. We shall only hope. Just want to know what I can do next.

Loss of time.

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2008

Had ADT installed, the glass breakage detector goes off when we open our kitchen cabinets or use our ice maker. So, the glass breakage detector has to be bypassed constantly. The installation staff came out and adjusted the frequency of the glass breakage detector and it is still not working correctly. I called the sales rep and left messages to no avail. Next, I called the 800 number and was told to call back during business hours. Then, I called during business hours and asked to speak to the district manager, the operator connected me and I left a voice mail.

Still, I haven't heard from anyone. I am paying for a service that is not working properly and have not been able to contact anyone to help me resolve this issue. My next action after this will be to send everyone I know an email regarding this poor customer service. Perhaps, if enough people boycott this company maybe they will be forced to improve their customer service.

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2008

They put in an ADT security system in my home last Wednesday. The technician who installed it broke a phone wire. The second technician who activated the system last night fixed the wire and the system works, but now our computer won't turn on. It just beeps. It's a 1200.00 computer.

I just called ADT and spoke with a Charles. A new technician comes out each time something needs to be done. He said he would call me back today, but as far as I'm concerned, this situation should never have happened. It should have been installed and activated correctly without breaking anything in my household with one technician visit. I also found out that they are not with the BBB and the rating they have with them is unsatisfactory. What do I do now!!!!!!!!!!

Our computer doesn't work.

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Original review: Sept. 3, 2008

My initial experience getting the system set up was not good, but we got past that. Some months later we changed from a land phone line to Vonage. ADT is not compatible with Vonage. My choices were to spend more money on a different phone vendor, or spend more money on a piece of equipment that uses cell phone technology. I opted for the cell phone. We've had two tech out to the house and the system is still not back on line. It happens, not a problem.

My complaint is with Customer Service, which is almost non existant. When I called the toll free number I have for ADT I got the National Monitoring Center. They explained that my problem is with the local sub-contractor office in Pasadena. Apparently National and Local Pasadena don't get along very well because each says the problem I'm experiencing is with the other.

The Manager I talked to at National said I needed to talk to the local office, and if I'm unhappy with ADT and want to cancel, then I need to talk to yet another department. In other words, he was not at all helpful. I called the local vendor three times. Their solution to customer service is simply to not answer the phone or return calls.

The bottom line is that I paid for a system that doesn't work, I'm paying for monitoring that doesn't work, and I can't get anyone at ADT to take responsibility to get it fixed.

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2008

My daughter has had ADT for 8 years in OK. She wanted us to have them we were not to keen on it at first.I checked the computer and called Mr. B he was pleasant and informative and said if I had problems I could call him. Victor came out installed ADT on 08/11/08 between 12:00 and 1:00 in the afternoon. He did not have the two ADT signs said someone had stolen his signs! that we were promised as part of package but said they would be sent!!

I called Mr.B on 08/18/08 @1:58 he said we would get signs to us by Thur or Fri. I called Mr. B on 08/22/08 @4:35 left message he never called me back. I called Mr B on 08/26/08 @ 2:31 no return call and it is TWO weeks today since we had system installed and still NO SIGNS I could have gone with another security company that would have been more reliable. Those signs are to be placed in ones yard to show you have a system.

We don't want to have to go to out local TV station and I will write a letter to the BBB they accepted my check and cashed it but we have not gotten what we were promised and we are very, very upset about it!!! this is why people are going out of business because you cannot depend on them to follow through. We will not renew our contract and will not recommend ADT to anyone but we certainly expect to get our two ADT signs that we paid for!!!!

Aggravation because ADT did not do what they promised!!!! Did not follow through as we did when we gave them our check in good faith and expected the same from what we thought was a reliable company!! Now they are avoiding our calls!!

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Original review: Aug. 18, 2008

A year ago had alarm system installed. For some reason the piggybacked it onto the company next door. When I set my alarm it disturbed their phones and vice versa. When they set their alarm it set MY alarm! Worse, when they disarmed their alarm it disarmed my alarm.

Then ADT called and said they could pull a license form City hall for the system as my store addressed wasn't on their books. Over a year ago I asked them to cancel the service. Very long story short, after approx 15 phone unreturned calls to them and a year later they had a lawyer call and string arm me threatening courts, credit rating etc unless I paid a $1,000 bill for a system that never worked.

I gave in and paid. Not once did anyone from ADT EVER return my calls. Not once did they send anyone out. Spent over $1,000 on a system that never worked.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2008

Have had service with them for many years (including the maintenance contract). The techs are very professional. However the service contract is useless if the system develops a major problem. they pick and choose what will be covered. I had the main panle fail and since the system was no longer made I was told I would have to purchase an entire new sytem at my cost, plus sign a multi-year contract. Buyer Beware!

Fortunately I did not have a multi year contract, so I was able to cancel without a major financial penalty.

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Original review: Aug. 5, 2008

I canceled a ADT Home Security a while ago it was either installed in 2001 or 2008 also I had a few problems with my checking account so I closed it and now today 08/05/08. I receive a call from a Company name SOS never heard of them telling me. I owe ADT like $1000 and something from a broken contract which I told them back then to release me from the contract and the person that came to my house at the time told me. I could do that if. I so wished

but the problem I'm having with the situation is that it is now 2008 and you waited over 7 years and now you're asking me for some money and a month ago got mail from ADT wanting me to get ADT again and I know this isn't right no letter no nothing and now 2008 requesting money and I'm not forsure if that is even what I owe them I also ask this man from SOS not to call me again at work and wanted me to send him something stating where. I guess I will need to call Cumo's office to see if they can do this why now ? I want to know what my choices are with this situation and another thing I thought they couldnt bother with you after 7 or 8 years it should be written off

Only thing I was told they could work something out with me or they will handle it there way

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2008

I own ADT equipment and no longer need montly service. I now have equipment problems have tried to fined service and unable to do so. Local ADT vendor will only send equip for repair if I pay $100.00 to them to pick it up. Repair company will not except any exuipment from other indivuals except ADT. I ask if I could drop it off, ADT said yes and still charge $100.00.

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Original review: July 31, 2008

I had a surge from PG&E go thru my aunt's home that I was living in and fried every electronic appliance... Including the ADT alarm system. So, finally I called them to get a quotation for a new system so that I can claim PG&E.. The guy came out and told me the system would be $518 and gave me a quotation, which I stupidly signed, never read the back where it states that it was a 2 year contract.. I was also informed that service won't be activated until after the system is installed and if I call in to activate the service.. After they installed the system and I was charged the $518. I just never ever heard anything, never saw a bill and just assumed I haven't had service.

7 months later, new tenants who bought the house 4 months ago inform me that the system is still under my name and that I need to call in to cancel it. I was surprised, I called and I have spoken to 5 different representatives.. the last was a manager that informed me, this is a business we can't waive the $450 termination fee since u signed the contract. I was so inflamed and mad. Finally I got a hold of the contract from the real estate agent and sure enough, nothing was stated on the front portion, but all the fine print filling up a full page about a 2 year contract and how there would be this $450 termination fee if I cancel within the first year. I'm so SHOCKED at this situation.

The new tenants don't even want service from them and I'm sure every person that reads this or I tell will never ever deal with such a horrible company. Also, the contract says that they are suppose to send me a bill quarterly and not auto charge my credit card. They have been charging my credit card quarterly apparently, which I never saw when I look over my statements. which I have yet to see. the recent charge. To top it all off, they first told me that the person had inputted my contract wrong and placed me as a 5 year contract. I cannot believe anyone would sign up for a 5 year contract with these people!

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Original review: July 31, 2008

My daughter leased an apartment and was told that her services could be transferred the next year when her lease was up . . . she was NOT told that each time she transfered her service a NEW contract for 3 years would have to be signed - leaving her possibly eternally indebted to ADT. We have transfered her contract to our home and yet a collectoin agency, called NAFS, is calling us to collect the cancellation fee. ADT's customer service STINKS!

What a backward company to have such a lack of customer service that they turned my daughter over to a collection agency who started calling for a cancellation fee on 7/30 when her other service only ended on 7/25 and they have an appointment to set up new service immediately but THEY could not come to our home until 8/5! WE WILL NEVER USE ADT WHEN THIS CONTRACT IS UP AND ARE CONSIDERING PAYING THE CANCELLATION FEE JUST TO AVOID PAYING ONE PENNY MORE THAN WE HAVE TO!

Mentally - this is exhausting to deal with on top of everyday life!

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Original review: July 25, 2008

Terrible company-Beware! I signed a contract 9 months in advance and paid 50% up front when I renovated my house. They botched my job so badly-wires coming out of the floor and other wires stuck in the walls and not accessible after the drywall went in. I hired another wonderful company to do the work and ADT never returned my deposit money AFTER 14 MONTHS of sending letters and calling. Finally, I got the deposit back from my credit card company and now ADT can dispute it with them.

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Original review: July 21, 2008

Security system installed 7/3/08. Had asked about a 2nd key chain remote but was told only 1 to a customer.Decided to ask again & called back 7/14 or 7/15/08. Was told yes I could have 2nd remote as long as I was willing to pay for it & was scheduled for 9 to 10a.m. 7/18/08. At 12:50 since no one had shown up or called, I called ADT & my appointment time was confirmed. The person I talked to called the tech, John Cherry, & his supervisor, Joshua Davis, but had to leave a message for both. I was told he will still be at my home on 7/18/08.

At approx. 3 p.m. no one had shown up or called so I called ADT and was told the tech would still be at my home to program another remote for me but he's taking care of another customer who as it turned out had a later appointment than I did. He never made it & I never received a call that he wouldn't be here. It is now almost 1 p.m. 7/21/08 and no one has called or come out. I called ADT earlier and left my phone no. for a call back but have still heard nothing.

No physical damage but an entire day lost waiting and how do you put a $ amount on the stress this has caused?

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Original review: July 20, 2008

Signed up for and had an ADT home security system installed on may 29th 2008... It is now July 20th and one of the zones is still not working right... They have sent tech out twice and installed parts and new equipment and the same zone is still not working... I have lost faith in this company... I asked to have a rep contact me and they give me the run-around... My opinion--- ADT was a big mistake! Use Brinks or Radio shack! You may get better equipment!

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Original review: July 19, 2008

On May 2, 2008, while I was away traveling on business, I was notified by ADT that my home alarm was activated at 11:02am. I was told by ADT that in compliance with its policies and procedures, ADT immediately notified the Los Angeles Police Department and my emergency contacts about the alarm. It was investigated and confirmed by LAPD that my home was burglarized and that the suspect had entered through the kitchen window. Apparently, they cut the glass and broke pieces of it to enter the window (as opposed to opening the window--which would have set off the alarm) therefore the window alarm was not triggered. This is confirmed by LAPD/Detective case # 08-0314473. I immediately contacted the LAPD. I also spoke to Mr. G. of ADT about what transpired and started the process of reporting and documenting the incident.

On June 2, 2008, I contacted ADT about upgrading my current system, in an attempt to have better protection in the future. On June 4, 2008, Azieb A., an ADT Residential Sales Rep arrived at my home and began showing me products to upgrade my current system inclusive of additional motion detectors. It was at this point that I asked Ms. A. if she wouldn't mind checking my current motion detectors and she immediately replied "Yes I'll check them but I can see they're working because I see the lights are on and activated." I asked her to check them anyway, which she did and discovered -- to her amazement and mine-- that they were not activated for some reason. She advised me to call ADT and speak to a customer service representative about sending a repairman. That same day (June 2) I called back to ADT made an appointment for a service person and agreed to pay the $25 service charge for the visit.

On June 4, 2008, Gonzalo C. came to my home to check the motion detectors. Upon entering he noticed that the sensor lights were on and that the devices indicated they were activated. His response was "They should be working due to the lights being on, but let me check it out."However, after investigating, Mr. C. discovered that the sensors had never worked because they had never been installed properly. Per his words, "They were tempered (open) and if they were properly installed they would be closed. One wire was misplaced which gave them power but would never sound an alarm because they were in backwards." Mr. C. knew nothing of my burglary at the time. I informed him of it after he told me what was wrong with the system.

After Mr. C. left, I called ADT and spoke to Ms. Keahna A. who advised me how to proceed with my claim and sent me a letter outlining our conversation and the claims/liability department address. I had this system installed in 2001--7 years ago-- only to find out it has NEVER been fully operative despite the substantial sum I paid for installation and the fees I've paid since then. During the past several years I have frequently, although irregularly, had the need to be out of town for business or pleasure. Each time I departed, I always knew there was the distinct possibly that my home could be invaded but felt assured that I had the best protection available because of the ADT system I had purchased and been paying to have operating. I now realize that my confidence was misplaced because my alarm was never fully engaged.

While I understand that ADT is not an insurance company (per your customer service rep), it does hold itself out as providing a service that I relied on to my detriment because I erroneously paid for the improper installation and monthly service of a system for the past 7 years that did not provide the promised service or protection. The Police believe that the ADT alarm was triggered upon the EXIT of the burglar(s) from the front door of my home. Most of the valuables taken by the burglars had to be searched for in the room of the house that is farthest from where they entered. Clearly, they would not have had time to ransack several rooms and ultimately find their way to most of my valuables --located in that furthest room -- if the alarm had triggered sooner, something that would have occurred if the motion detectors had been installed properly.

As I am sure you foresee when you make assurances to people about the "deterrent effect" of alarm systems when you are selling them, a burglary is an invasion of your privacy and creates severe emotional distress and yields the loss of personal assets that have substantial financial value. You sell your systems and services on the premise that ADT provides a high level of protection that homeowners otherwise would not have. But I did not get that high level of protection--there was no "invisible blanket around the things that value most" to me (quoted from your website). Indeed, the burglar(s) had full reign of my home until they were finally ready to depart through the front door of my house, finally sending a signal to ADT.

So here is where we are left: a. [ADT] employee, the expert in installation, determined that my system was improperly installed in 2001, and the Police have determined that the burglar(s) entered through the cut and broken kitchen window and likely exited through the front door (which is where ADT says the alarm was triggered). I paid ADT to install a system, specifically paying extra for motion detectors, and paid fees for the past 7 years only to discover when it mattered most that the system failed due to ADT's fault. I have suffered the loss of over $75,000.00 in jewelry, a few pieces of which are unique and will be difficult to replace. Others are family heirlooms that cannot be replaced.

I have suffered grievous emotional distress since this incident due to the personal violation, loss and emotional turmoil, compounded by the trauma of discovering that my security system has never been fully operative for the 7 years I have been paying for it.

I have consulted an attorney who advised that I am entitled to compensation from ADT for all of this, and in a sum beyond the insurance deductible covered by your Theft Protection Guarantee, and the reimbursement of my installation and monthly fees. Every day that this goes on unresolved adds stress and anguish in my life, so I would prefer to resolve this matter promptly and without initiating formal legal proceedings against ADT. Accordingly, I look forward to receiving your immediate response and cooperation.

Today, July 18, I received a letter from Mr. S. of Sedgwick CMS, the insurance company for ADT, that basically stated they held no liability in this matter due to a clause in the ADT contract given to all customers. This clause only made them liable for up to $250 - which is what they offered me. I read my contract prior to writing the letter to ADT and understood that in normal procedures, ADT could not be held responsible for any robberies or stolen property and that you should contact your insurance company. However, this is a totally different case because the system was NEVER installed properly and I PAID them for 7 years. Basically paying for a faulty system for 7 years! Also, had the motion detectors been working, the thief would not have had ALL the time in the world to find what they were looking for.

Lastly, it is an invasion of privacy, terrifying and insulting that a company that says they provide a "Barrier of Protection" (which is on their website) doesn't have to provide what they claim and what I've paid for, for 7 years. When I thought that the alarm was working properly I went along doing business as if I had just been robbed... Fixing the window, filing the police report, filing a claim with my insurance carrier etc. I had no intention of contacting ADT other than to upgrade my system-and pay the additional costs. It was upon the revelation that it wasn't installed properly by their employee that I realized that some of this incident could have minimized. Yes, the burglar would have still entered my property but the alarm would have sounded sooner, signaling to them that the police could be on their way. Since that didn't happen, they had free reign in my home (which is a frightening thought) and didn't activate the alarm until they opened the front door to leave. (Again, this is in the ADT report)

I am a person who is constantly traveling (I can't tell you how many times I've traveled believing that my alarm was working... S. Africa, Italy, Paris, Greece etc.) and since May 2nd - I haven't been anywhere because I'm a little afraid to leave my home overnight. So outside of the monetary items that were stolen (approx. 100k), the money that I paid for 7 years to ADT for a system that wasn't installed properly and ultimately failed when needed, I am now suffering from the outrageous chain of events that have happened to me...from the burglary, police departments, time consumed and now the audacity of ADT/Sedgwick CMS claiming that they hold no responsibility. Totally Unbelieveable To Me! Thanks for your time and cooperation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Original review: July 15, 2008

Ben works for the SKO BRENNEN AMERICAN collection agency, I don't question his motives, I believe he is just doing his job. My problem is with ADT. I had a contract with them for two years in writing from Christopher in the Henrietta, NY office. I paid out my contract in full in June of 2007. I notified ADT in writing that I was canceling their services in Feb-March 0f 2008. I received a letter from them dated March 24, 2008 responding to my request, stating that any charges outstanding would be on my final bill(which was paid a year in advance because this is not the first time I have had trouble with this company, I used to pay month to month)

I never received anything else from them, then on July 14, 2008 I receive a notice from the collection agency stating that I owe ADT $2,017.22. I called and all Ben could tell me is that was what ADT says so that is what I owe, but that he would try to look into it, and that 9 out of 10 business owners are wrong (direct quote). I don't know why no one from ADT ever contacted me.

If this has already been sent to a collection agency then my credit will have a negative mark on it which could affect my interest rates on loans I have through the business. During these difficult times I am just trying to keep my employees on the payroll, let alone pay for some fraudulent, mis-managed debt that I do not owe. I wonder how many others are out there like me.

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Original review: July 14, 2008

A technician came to the house to attach a wire-- only. I was told there was a small charge of maybe $25. After attaching the wire, a mere 10-second job, he walked around the property and the rooms of the house and then spent 15 more minutes calculating, with the obvious intent of increasing his time in the house. For this ADT wants $125. I think it's criminal and so have cancelled their service.

This amount is excessive as I work only part-time as a college adjunct. I understand a nominal charge for this minor job, but $125 is absurd.

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Original review: July 9, 2008

ADT Security Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tyco International, ... fire suppressions, security systems, communication systems I purchased an ADT Home Security system which was installed by ALERT Security Services. Eight and one-half months the fused transformer failed to stop my resister board. Speculation from ADT was an act of God or electrical surge. But, my answering machine is connected to the telephone line/electrical line and will always wipe off messages if the above occurs.

Guess what all the messages were in tack. They dismissed my findings for their own. Now every employee with a non-existing title claims at ADT claims there is nothing to do but to purchase a new panel = $250 replacement (orig. $299). And, the order of the day is no return calls should be expected. My complaint is what happens when the next panel fires. Do I keep buying panels until my contract wears off.

$250 Manatory or $500 payout of a two year contract.

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